In the interface file to proxy key field in the sender file adapter

Hi all
i do have a FLAT FILE ,
where 1820000000 is my PO number and 0010|ACK
i dont what to use key field for this case in my sender adapter configuration please help me
thanking you

Read the file without using key field. Just define the FCC parameters Header and Items PI will pick the file.
     Header 0..1
       PO_Number String 0..1
     Items  0..unbounded
       Items String 0..1
Do the FCC
Header.fieldnames PO_Number
other config for Header
Items.fieldnames Items
other config for items
Edited by: Gaurav Bhargava on Nov 12, 2008 10:27 AM
Edited by: Gaurav Bhargava on Nov 12, 2008 10:27 AM

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  • Key field from content - Sender file adapter content conversion

    I am reading a source CSV file that has this structure. All rows in the source file are the same structure: line items of a PO. But there will be multiple POs in a single file, identified by the PO number as one column in the file.
    Goal is to generate 3 messages, one for each PO:
              ... 3 line items for PO # 001 ...
              ... 2 line items for PO # 002 ...
              ... 1 line item for PO # 003 ...
    Is there any way to use the Content Conversion Key Field Name to group the line items into the correct 3 messages? "Key Field Name" expects a static identifier for each type of row; but mine varies by the PO number in the content.
    Or do I need to do this in the mapping? If so, what is the easiest way to split 1 large message of all line items into multiple target messages based on the PO number? (I assume this is better than sending individual line item messages and aggregating them later, as long as the file size is OK.)
    Thanks in advance!
    Edited by: Robert Burfoot-Lobo on Apr 8, 2009 11:43 AM

    Hi Robert,
    If ur goal is to split into 3 messages one for each PO, you can go for message split and using graphical mapping you can achieve that.
    Within the message mapping go to the tab Messages.
    Change the occurrence of the target message to 0..unbounded.
    Also this link may help you.

  • Key Field Value in Sender File Adapter

    I am having a File>XI>File scenerio.
    The incoming file is having a fixed length content and is coming in as a single Header and multiple Line Item records. The single header is the first record and the rest are line item.
    The problem is that we do not have a keyfield, for the header as well as the Item records.
    Is there any possible configuration that I can do to still read the file; without specifying the parameters, xml.header.keyFieldName & xml.Header.keyFieldValue for the header and xml.Item.keyFieldName & xml.Item.keyFieldValue for the Item structures in which I would like to read my data.
    I am curretly using SP12.

    Hi Mohan,
    The Source File is coming like below:
    121000248      xyz      20051215120158
    9600193091        1000000      1000000      JEN'S TEST 9600193091        1000001      1000001     
    9600193091        1000002      1000002      HSI METAL 9600193091        1000003      1000003     
    First record will always be a header and the rest of the records will be Item records.
    Note: There will always be one header in the File.
    The problem is that we do not have a keyfield, for the header as well as the Item records
    Is there any possible configuration that I can do to still read the file; without specifying the parameters, xml.header.keyFieldName & xml.Header.keyFieldValue for the header and xml.Item.keyFieldName & xml.Item.keyFieldValue for the Item structures in which I would like to read my data.
    Data type Structure is like :
    If you need further clarification please do let me know.

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    Hi Gurus,
    My scenario is File to File
    My Source structure is as below
    My File looks like
    My file looks like below
    570774          11/26/2008 8:12     6296     xxxxxxx     985-399-5157     1153 Teche Road     Morgan City     United States     Lori Eisenman     Louisiana     70380     0          1153 Teche Road     Morgan City     United States     Lori Eisenman     Louisiana     70380     303     101400100000     3365440332522     ELLE YVES SAINT LAURENT Eau de Parfum Spray          2                    61     78     156     184     184     0
    570774          11/26/2008 8:12     6296     xxxxxxx     985-399-5157     1153 Teche Road     Morgan City     United States     Lori Eisenman     Louisiana     70380               1153 Teche Road     Morgan City     United States     Lori Eisenman     Louisiana     70380     376     106074700JP0     3365440347229     GOLDEN GLOSS N° 27Shimmering Lip Gloss          1                    28     28     28               0
    570775          11/26/2008 8:15     6296     xxxxxxx     985-399-5157     1153 Teche Road     Morgan City     United States     Lori Eisenman     Louisiana     70380     7          1153 Teche Road     Morgan City     United States     Lori Eisenman     Louisiana     70380     284     9000400000     3365440316546     L'HOMME  Eau de Toilette Spray          1                    53     53     53     60     60     0
    for each new order number(key field ex: 570774) a new xml file to be created , from the above example 2 xml files sholud be created(one for 570774 and the other for 570775)
    How can i acheive this functionality?
    Please help me on this, Thanks in advance

    Hi Srinivas,
                   map the key field to the parent record of the target field. Use the split by value and change the source key field level to higher one so that the all occurences of the key field are occuring. The mapping will be like this;
    Source Key Field (change to higher level) --> Spli by value --> Filename creation UDF --> Target header field.
    Try this.

  • Want to add  more than 16 key fields in the DSO?

    Dear All,
    All the 16 Key fields are being used in my DSO,i want to add  two more key fields in the same DSO.
    Can any one provide the way how to go ahead

    You can create a maximum of 16 key fields. If you have more key fields, you can merge (concatenate) fields into one key field using a routine.
    Hope it Helps...

  • Storing a file in a BLOB field in the database through forms

    Hi, I want to have a form that lets the user choose a file he has on his client side and load this file into a BLOB field in the database.
    I know how to use "GET_FILE_NAME" to get the file, the second part is what I'm having problems with. Do I use an OLE object? How do I initailize it? Or what is the best way to go? Thanks.

    Are you looking for something like this?
       l_temp  clob;
       l_text  varchar2(2000);
        l_temp := httpuritype('').getclob;
        l_text := substr(l_temp, 1, 2000);
    END;N.B.: Not Tested...
    Satyaki De.

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    is it possible?
    can anybody tell me the procedure.
    Thanks in Advance,

    It is higjly possible in case of Z-table. but in standard table you can't make any modification.
    You assign the value range to the domain of field.
    go to SE11 and open the database table.
    Select the Data Element of the fieldto which  you want assign the range.
    Click on its domain .
    click on Value Range tab.
    Set the range.

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    I’ve checked my settings- the “use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard fuction keys” is not switched on, and I have tried a suggestion of moving the file out of the library and onto the desktop and restarting and neither of those seem to make any difference whatsoever. I’ve tried to find online forums but the only suggestions I found were those two and they didn’t work.
    I’m just annoyed because I usually have the worst luck with technology but my macbook had been going strong and I got it because of the apparent lack of things that could go wrong, but of course even if there is one thing that could go wrong it will happen to me.
    Please help!

    You migh give resetting your NVRAM a try:

  • Enhancing the component ERP_H with a custom field in the web UI

    I'm facing an error when enhancing the component ERP_H with a custom field in the web UI.
    I've followed the steps mentioned in the pdf document called "Enhancement Options for the Lean Order Interface" (Note
    I´ve done a enhacement on ERP_H component.
    I added a field to the view Headerdetail called "ZZCCTYPE1", but when I set a value in UI, I haven´t read this field in abap code.
    The SET method (SET_ZZCCTYPR1) in the context node is ok, in debug I see that the method current->set_property, is working fine.
    I've tried to read the atribute with lr_entity->get_property_as_string ( 'ZZCCTYPR1' ), but doesn´t work. When I read other "standard field", the statement is ok and it has value.
    When I set the value of the field from ECC (VA01/VA02), it is kept by the system.
    Could anybody help me?
    Thanks in advance,
    Andrea Ricci

    Hi Pooja,
    When you created your custom views, did you bind the view context nodes to the corresponding context nodes of your component controller?
    From the exceptions you reported it seems that this binding is missing.
    To create this binding, you can right click on your view context node , choose "Create Binding" and bind it to the context nodes of your Component Controller.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to change the desription of a standard SAP field in the Search Help

    Hi All,
    In Table T023T there is a field WGBEZ60(Long text describing the material group) and the data element of the field is WGBEZ60.
    Requirement is to change the description of the field WGBEZ60.The desription of the  field is - Description 2 for the material group.
    But the user want as - Description for the material group. He dont want 2 in the description.
    we are using this field in the search help of Material group for the transaction ME21N and ME51N.
    So please tell me how can we change the description of the field in the Search help.

    As search help uses data element , it shows its keyword. So you have to do modification to that keyword.
    - Go to CMOD
    - from top menu GOTO -> Text enhancements -> Keywords -> Change -> type WGBEZ60 -> change the description -> Save and add it to transport
    - now use that data element either on the screen or search help. It will have the descripiton modified.

  • How do I send a file that is 2 mb via adobe send file now. I have the student version of cs 6

    How do I send a file that is 2 mb via adobe send file now. I have the student version of cs 6. Does this cost money, or can I send a certain size for free. I just want to send a file so I can access it on my ipad. It's a PDF that is too large to email.

    Adobe Send can certainly do that.
    Or you can do it manually:
    upload the file to
    check the file on the site and click Send
    use Create Anonymous Link and click the Create Link button
    copy the created download link and send it by email

  • Which are the Key fields in the iTunes Music Database

    I assume that the iTunes Music folder is really a database for all the music. I further assume that this database has a Key Field (1 or more) which are necessary for it to function.
    Which fields are these and what are their names??
    I am still hunting for the songs that are missing in iTunes but are in the library.

    Ignore the question. I found the missing files. Had nothing to do with "key fields". Thanks

  • Sender File adapter File Conversion with key fields

    Please help me guys, I already spent way too much time on this!
    I checked a couple of BLOGs and I think I'm doing the right thing except I'm not getting the result I would expect.
    I'm trying to create an IDoc using the from a flat file.
    I get the following error:
    During the application mapping com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_TEST_ a was thrown: RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformatio~
    The Source file is this:
    The file adapter does create the XML below (looks fine):
      <ns:MT_SINGLE xmlns:ns="http://PPSC_TO_BO_INVOICE">
    When I test the map in IR, with the XML that this file adapter created (above) it works fine!
    Also if I take away the HEADER from the source structure everything works fine and I can create the IDoc, therefore I think something must be wrong in the file conversion, the mapping is so simple there is nothing to fail there.
    The file conversion parameters that I have:
    Document Name: MT_SINGLE
    Document Namespace: http://PPSC_TO_BO_INVOICE
    Document Offset:
    Recordset Name: 
    Recordset Namespace:
    Recordset Structure: HEADER,1,LINE,*
    Recordset Sequence: Ascending
    Recordset per Message:
    Key Field name: ID
    Key Field Type: String (Case-Sensitive)
    LINE.fieldNames: ID,SITE
    LINE.fieldFixedLengths: 1,4
    LINE.keyFieldValue: L
    HEADER.fieldNames: ID
    HEADER.fieldFixedLengths: 1
    HEADER.keyFieldValue: H
    What am I doing wrong???
    Any help is much appreciated.
    Viktor Varga

    Hi Viktor,
    Basic rules:
    1. Down load XML payload(output From Adapter) and test it in IR mapping program. If it is working there is no reason why it will fail in Runtime. Also Check Cache is up to date.
    Generally the problem lies with namespace.
    Hope this helps

  • File Content Conversion - Key Field Value

    Hi Experts,
    I am using File to Idoc scenario for my mapping. In the receiver Communication channel, I am using File Content Conversion. My scenario is as follows :
    I have a recordset with Header and Line items with Key Field Indicator as 'H' and 'L'. In some cases, the value for this Key Field is coming in as something other than 'H' and 'L'. I need to throw an exception when this Key Field is not 'H' or 'L'.
    In the 'Content Conversion' tab, my attributes are as:
    Header_Structure.keyFieldValue = 'H' and Line_Structure.keyFieldValue = 'L'. Is there any more attributes that I need to add ?
    Please advise. Thanks a lot.

    >>multiple key field values in FCC configuration i.e Line_Structure.keyFieldValue = H or L
    AFAIK it is not possible but lets wait for other experts to comment on this...
    >>Can keyFieldInStructure (add, ignore) parameter help me in this case ?
    No. this parameter is only used when you want to include key filed in ur XML structure(add) or not (ignore)...
    Chk this:

  • For the Primary Key Field with the combination of other fields

    I Have a problem in creating trigger for the following
    the problem goes like this..
    i have a table with the fields
    fld1 (varchar2(6) fld2(varchar2(20)) fld3 (number)
    the fld1 is a primary key.
    here in this table i am inserting the values ..
    At the time of inserting the fld1 should get the part value of fld2
    say if new value for fld2 is "SAM & CO" then
    it should take the first letter and then followed by the sequence..
    i.e., the fld1 is the combination of a
    letter + firt letter of the fld2 + sequence
    fld1 fld2 fld3
    CS001 SSSSS 324234
    CP001 PPPPP 5345435
    CS002 SSSS 53543543
    Here the Sequence should vary depending on the alphabet of the fld1
    if P the the Sequence should be the next number of fld1 to P
    if i add the value like this
    insert into tname(fld2,fld3) values('PQQQQ',34343)
    then it should be inserted as
    CP002 PQQQQ 34343
    I need the solution for this..

    There are not enough details to be sure since you have not provided the mappings. From just the error, it looks like you are using the tableC.tableA_ID field as the foreign key in the ManyToOne relationship to A, but have marked it as insertable=false, writeable=false, meaning that it cannot be updated or used for inserts.
    Either make it writable (set the settings to true), or add another basic mapping/attribute in the entity for TableC that maps to the field which you can use to set when you insert a new tableC entity. A simple example is available at
    Best Regards,

Maybe you are looking for

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