Incorrect access restriction in Drag & Relate

I am encountering an access issue in Drag & Relate function. I have created two numbering series for Purchase Orders. PO and YPO. "User 1" can access the Purchase Orders with the series PO and "User 2" can access the ones with "YPO". I have set the authorisations for Series for the mentioned users.
When "User 1" tries to view the Purchase Order for an item in Drag & Relate, the system displays the list of Purchase Orders for this item regardless of the Series. If the "User 1" tries to drill down the Purchase Orders with series "YPO", the system correctly blocked the user from accessing the details as he has no rights to view the series "YPO".
However, if there is one Purchase Order for the searched item, in Drag & Relate the system does not block the user to drill down and view the details.
How can I restrict access if there is one Purchase Order for an item and user is not supposed to see the mentioned Series?
Thank you.

Hi Yadana,
You may refer to the following thread first:
Re: Data Ownership
Hope this helps
Kind Regards

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    in SBO 2007A I added a large amount of UDF fields to marketing documents title section. Then I tried Drag&Relate, as result i got only the error 'no matching record found ....'.
    I removed some of the UDF Fields and Drag&Relate works correct. It seems to be a length problem of the table row. But I have no information about such a restriction and the error message dont say anything about length problem.
    Does anybody know about this behavior and the maximum length of table rows, or is there any other solution to fix this problem?

    there are approximatly 170 fields and most of them are alphanumeric (internaly nvarchar(max)) - when i remove 2 fields it works.
    Best regards
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  • "access restrictions" did not work sometimes when using 3-tier DeskI.

    My customer found that "access restrictions" did not work sometimes when using 3-tier DeskI.
    But this issue can be solved by logging on from another machine, or restarting the DeskI.
    For I can reproduce this issue, so I just want to know that:
    1.What is it probably related to?
    2.If this issue happens again, what can I suggest my customer for tracking it?
      For example, get some log files from servers etc.

    Hi Sarah,
    Also you can try the following solution.
    1. Import the universe.
    2. Go to manage access restrictions
    3. Remove the restriction .
    4. Again create the rescrition and unchecked the " limit size of result set to"
    5. Now assign it to the unlimited results group ( this is the name of
    the group we have given to those users who should be able to retrieve
    more than X rows)
    6. Now we save the universe. (Dont export the universe).
    I hope this will help you.
    Sarbhjeet Kaur

  • Cisco ISE Machine Access Restrictions MAR

    I want to test out MAR.  I notice there is a tick box on the ISE for MAR under: Identity Management --> External Identity Sources --> Active Directory --> Advanced Settings --> [tick] Enable Machine Access Restrictions
    but also there is this condition that is to be used in the AuthZ Policy
    Network Access:WasMachineAuthenticated           
    What does the tick box option do?
    Are they related or refer to different things?
    Are both needed to get a MAR AuthZ to work?
    Any of clarifying or beneficial info?

    Your are correct you will have to create an authorization condition that checks if the machine authenticated successfully.
    What does the tick box option do?
    When you enable MAR globally it lets the ISE know to build a cache  for endpoints that successfully perform machine authentication.
    Are they related or refer to different things?
    They work hand in hand.
    Are both needed to get a MAR AuthZ to work?
    Yes, you will have to create another authorization policy to allow domain computers to connect.
    Any of clarifying or beneficial info?
    When MAR is enabled, you will have to enable machine and user authentication to your laptop, after MAR succeeds ISE builds an entry in its database mapping the endpoint (mac address) to a successful machine authentication, after when a user authenticates not only do they have to provide the correct credentials but the mac address they are authenticating through will have an entry in the "MAR cache", keep in mind that some supplicants only perform machine authentication when logging on and off, and on boot up. If you want to use MAR i suggest using the Anyconnect NAM client, there is a new feature in ISE 1.1.1 and the latest client that allows you to perform eap chaining.
    Tarik Admani
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  • Purpose of Drag&Relate in Portal

    Hi Experts,
    I am started learning with Drag&Relate, I noticed links. I didn't get clearly the purpose of Drag&Relate.
    What is the purpose of Drag&Relate?
    What is the Difference Between Related Links and Drag&Relate?
    And Which ServicePack need to work Drag&Relate in EP7.
    I am working in EP7 SP9, it is not showing Drag&Relate Option..
    It's very urgent, Please guide me regarding this.
    Thanks & Regards,

    For your issue this FORUm message will help
    [Re: Install Unification Server in EP7;
    Also know more about Drag & Relate from
    Related links are defined as "Links that access information which is topically related to the content currently displayed in the portal content area." they Helps users to quickly find information relevant to the context in which they are working.Automatically appears when the portal object they are linked to is part of a portal page.
    Working in the Related Links Editor of the Portal Content Studio, the content manager can assign iViews and pages as related links to other iViews or portal pages. At runtime, the related links of all the visible iViews and pages in the content area, are accumulated and inserted into the Related Links iView of the navigation panel. The end user can click these links to pursue a specific topic
    Whereas in case of Drag & Relate , relationships between iViews is based on Business objects.
    Using Drag&Relate, iViews can be started from other iViews. The iViews are related to another with Business Objects. In a Drag&Relate operation, a Business Object is transferred from one iView (Drag&Relate Source) to another iView (Drag&Relate Target) as a parameter. Transfer and starting of the iView is done using by dragging the specified DRAG  symbol with the mouse.
    A Drag&Relate Source is an iView that contains Business Objects. Drag&Relate compatible Business Objects are designated with the symbol . In SAP BW, Business Objects correspond to InfoObjects of type Characteristic. With a Drag&Relate operation, the characteristic, a characteristic value and the logical system are transferred. When you only click on the DRAG symbol in a BEx Web Application without dragging it to another iView, the master data with attributes from the InfoObject Characteristic are displayed.
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    Shailesh Nagar
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  • Could access websites even after access restriction?

    My employees could open the sites even after I have blocked them through "Linksys Router >> Access Restrictions >> Website Blocking by URL".
    I have given the URL for example as - and enabled the restriction. Simply, my employees could get other related URL, say for example," and simply they could browse the site.
    This should not happen. Tried many ways to solve it, but hopeless. Could anyone please help.

    The only way to prevent this is to setup securities in windows that prevents them from going to a specific website.  Go to internet properties and then go to restricted sites.  Here you can add in https: and http:  this will have to be done on all the windows machines unfortunatly.  There are other ways to do this but without knowing your exact network / pc setup it would be fruitless to try to explain.

  • Como alterar o título dos menus Drag & Relate? (Urgente)

    Alguém poderia me auxiliar se é possível ou não alterar o título das linhas do menu Drag & Relate?
    Uma vez que eles não são tratados como Menu, ou sejam, não possuem um MenuID, para fazer a alteração como a de um menu padrão.
    Alguém já passou por esta situação, que poderia me auxiliar?
    Francislaine M. Souza

    Depois de muito tentar posso te assegurar que até o PL 36, não existem funcionalidades para isto.

  • WRT54G2 and WRT54G locks-up (freezes) when blocking web sites using Access Restrictions

    I am convinced that a few Linksys routers such as WRT54G2 and WRT54G have a major issue when blocking web sites using Access Restrictions (Internet Access Policy). After a few hours of internet access by 15 wired users the Linksys locks-up and blocks all internet web access. The only solution is to restart the power on the router.
    We are currently using a Linksys WRT54G2 v1 (firmware 1.0.04). We upgraded the WRT54G2 v1 firmware to the latest 1.0.04 version which did not resolve the issue.  NOTE: We were previosuly using a a Linksys WRT54G v1.1 (firmware 4.21.1) until the power supply blew a week after we started blocking web sites using Access Restrictions (Internet Access Policy).  
    Basically, we have a T1 internet connection and a hub connected to the Linksys router. We are trying to block several web sites such as facebook, myspace, etc. for 15 wired users. We do not use wireless connections.
    This is the 2nd time it happened with 2 different models.
    Please help ASAP.
    Thank you,
    (Mod note: Edited post. Some parts off topic.. Thanks!)

    Also,  you have already upgrade/re-flash the firmware of your Linksys Router you need to reset and reconfigure your router from scratch. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your router...

  • How to configure CLI/DNIS based access restriction in 5.3 ?

    does anybody have an idea how the setting
    define CLI/DNIS-based access restrictions which is defined in ACS v. 4.2
    can be configured in acs 5.3 ?
    in v. 4 for every user in a group with 40 members  a different CLI is defined for each. How can I configure that in version 5.3 ?
    any help as always much appreciated!

    The equivalebt to NAR functionality can be found at:
    Policy Elements > Session Conditions > Network Conditions > End Station Filters
    Can then define an object with a set of CLI values
    These objects can then be used in policy conditions. So can create a condition with a set of CLI values and then match in authorization policy for values that are included in this set and set authorizations accoridngly
    Not sure if this is your use case but hopefully may be a start

  • Access restrictions timing off by 1 hour

    I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem.  I have set access restrictions on my WRT610N router and they execute an hour earlier than set.
    I checked the time zone settings, the system clock and all seem correct. I have a rule that is supposed to turn off access to the Internet at 11:55pm. However, the rule gets executed at 10:55pm.
    This was happening on my first WRT610N which was also dropping network connections. So, I returned that unit and got a replacement.
    The new unit does not drop connections but has the same timing problem.  The only solution I have found is to change the time zone to the next one that is 1 hour behind my time zone.
    Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this same situation.

    My ISP is on the same town as I am. The information they are supplying appears to be correct as my WRT54G uses the same information and its rules execute properly.
    I think there is a problem with the WRT610N. My solution is temporary I hope that Linksys will fix this problem. 

  • SAP B1 Drag & Relate causes DMP Error

    SBO Version: 8.82 PL09
    We have noticed for windows 7 / windows 8.1 machines that when we come to use the 'Drag & Relate' facility, it is causing those SAP clients to crash with the following error:
    I have found on this forum a thread which indicates this may be a bug, fixed in 8.82 PL10. Is anyone able to provide me with the SAP Note number?

    Please attach found thread here to check. Also check SAP note:
    1755387 - Overview Note for SAP Business One 8.82 PL09
    Thanks & Regards,

  • WRTU54G-TM Slow Setup Page and HTML Error on Access Restrictions Page

    I have a WRTU54G-TM Wireless Router.  It has v1.00.21 firmware and I have done a reset with no solution.  Everything seems to work, except the setup pages load very, very, very slow.  Also in Internet explorer I get an HTML error on the access restrictions page. Resets don't help.  The router did not have this issue until about a month ago that I recall.  I can see on the access restrictions page the gray shading is all lined up except at the bottom on the page, like ther is some sort of issue in the html within the router.
    One more problem, after I reset the router the saved config file I made would not change the default settings back, I had an older saved config file also, it would not work either.
    Is this an issue with this firmware version?   Any one else see this?
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    Message Edited by johnsonle9 on 01-24-2010 01:24 PM

    Are you getting the same problem with another computer...?
    Try using different computer and check if you are getting the same problem or not...If yes then,I would suggest you to re-flash/upgrade the router's firmware,reset the router and re-configure it from scratch..Do not use the save config file.

  • Access Restrictions bug of firmware 1.01.1 for WRT54G V5 V6

    I am using WRT54G V5.
    The Access Restrictions function won't work properly when using firmwares 1.01.1 and 1.01.0. Ports can't be blocked by using the "Blocked Services" in this function.
    Now I have to switch back to 1.00.9 to make the port blocking work, but there is a DHCP server issue which could only be fixed in 1.01.0 or above.... Could someone fix this BIG BUG and roll out a new firmware????
    Thanks a bunch.
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    What is your Fragmentation and RTS threshold value? I'm not sure if I'm reading your message right, but it says as far as I can understand 30. The value should be 2304 instead for both.
    Ty changing the wireless channel also to either 1, 6 or 11.

  • Access restriction error? not sure how to fix it....

    I am trying to use JPEGImageEncoder and i imported import com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.*; fine but i get the following error on my code:
    JPEGImageEncoder encoder =JPEGCodec.createJPEGEncoder(outImage);
    Access restriction: The type JPEGImageEncoder is not accessible due to restriction on required library /usr/local/java/jdk1.6.0_07/jre/lib/rt.jar
    I am not sure how to fix this... anyone know what needs to be done? I am using eclipse and i see the rt.jar in my library....

    MikeTheBorg wrote:
    OK, I agree it's simpler for simple cases, but how do I do something like this:
              JPEGImageEncoder jie = JPEGCodec.createJPEGEncoder(os);
              JPEGEncodeParam jep = jie.getDefaultJPEGEncodeParam(bi);
              jep.setQuality(1, false);
    using ImageIO?
    "Stupid" Eclipse+Maven refuse to compile this legacy code.It's an Eclipse error, not a Java/compiler error as such. To fix it, I believe you have to check your plug-in configuration -- imported packages here or exported packages there. Try adding "com.sun.image.codec.jpeg" to the imported packages. Something along those lines. Anyway, bottom line: this is not an issue with the code.
    Furthermore, lookee here: GIAD

  • WRT160Nv3 problem with blocking traffic using Access Restrictions

    I want something quite simple. Block Youtube. I go into "Access Restrictions", choose a name for policy 1, enable it, choose the pc from the pc list, but then...
    if a click Deny, all other options will be disabled (greyed out, can't click nor write on them).
    Therefore, I can't put the urls I want (youtube).
    I tried writing the url with "allow" and then change it to "deny" but it will block ALL traffic.
    No good.
    So, how do I make a new policy just to block this one URL?
    Is it normal that when I click and choose "Deny" everything gets disabled afterwards?
    Thanks in advance.
    Go to Solution.

    for internet access policy DENY means to restrict internet access during specified days and hours. this will block ALL internet traffic for the said schedule. website blocking by URL, blocking by means of keyword and blocking applications would then be NOT AVAILABLE as the computers would not have internet access to begin with if you have such a policy disabled.
    for your case, you may want to try to set restriction to ALLOW internet access then specify under Website Blocking by URL. this would allow computers to have access to the internet all the time (if you have the schedule set to EVERYDAY) or during specific days and hours but NOT have access to youtube.

Maybe you are looking for