Infotypes special characters are not displayed correctly

hi experts,
              While entering names with special characters in infotypes it happens that some of them are not correctly displayed .
can you please help me out as soon as possible

Thank you for your fast reply :)
The site is not online available unfortunately.
The character encoding used by Firefox is UTF-8 (automatically detected) which is correct. I even tried manually switching to other Chinese standards, but none of them brought a satisfieable result.
The site itself does not specify a font (the css only contains "font-family: Arial,Tahoma,Verdana;"), and the site does not provide a custom font either.
I noticed that if i copy and paste the text into word, the characters are wrongly displayed too using the font MS Mincho (so I assume Firefox automatically selects this font to display the characters which would explain why they are displayed incorrectly)
Ah, I now included the font "SimSun" in the css (which is installed on in windows and using this font the characters are displayed correctly in word) - and this solved he problem!
Thanks for your help!!

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    We a currently trying to translate our software into Chinese and we noted that some of the chinese characters are displayed incorrectly (it seems the Taiwanese/Hongkong version is displayed instead of the modern simple character)
    The problem exists in both Firefox 3.6 as well as 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 (we did not try with other versions yet)
    The characters are displayed correctly in IE 9.x and Google Chrome 13.0.782.220 m and we are positive it is not a problem with the website itself.
    I copied part of a screenshot on:
    The bottom part is the character from the input scheme (correctly displayed) but once it is entered in firefox (top part), the left character is displayed in incorrectly.

    Thank you for your fast reply :)
    The site is not online available unfortunately.
    The character encoding used by Firefox is UTF-8 (automatically detected) which is correct. I even tried manually switching to other Chinese standards, but none of them brought a satisfieable result.
    The site itself does not specify a font (the css only contains "font-family: Arial,Tahoma,Verdana;"), and the site does not provide a custom font either.
    I noticed that if i copy and paste the text into word, the characters are wrongly displayed too using the font MS Mincho (so I assume Firefox automatically selects this font to display the characters which would explain why they are displayed incorrectly)
    Ah, I now included the font "SimSun" in the css (which is installed on in windows and using this font the characters are displayed correctly in word) - and this solved he problem!
    Thanks for your help!!

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    Certain special characters which display correctly in Explorer do not display correctly in Firefox. Example: <font COLOR="#1f1a17" FACE="Symbol" SIZE="3">¬</font>
    Is there a fix?

    The symbol font usually doesn't work in Firefox, a website needs to use an Unicode replacement or an HTML entity to specify such a character.
    *[ Why aren’t symbol/dingbat fonts working? - MDC FAQ]

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    Hi All,
    By using ADF view controller,I am getting the data from database table but when I display the data in jsp page after special character < what ever the data is there it is not displaced.Provide any suggestions.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Mani,
    < is a special HTML character and obviously it may not me displayed correctly.
    Here is a reference of all HTML special characters:
    In your case you can replace < with its special symbol representation - *&amp;#60; or &amp;lt;*
    I also advice you to do so for all special HTML characters.
    You can use this Java library for that purpose :

  • Chinese characters are not displayed in the Firefox bookmarks

    Chinese characters are not displayed in the Firefox bookmarks. The name looks like e.g. "??????? ????"
    Chinese character of the site name is displayed ok in the head of the browser window and there is no problem reading chinese web content. I use Firefox Portable 11 /English from in Windows XP.
    I googled and got some tips:
    1) Set your browser to recognise Chinese language internet sites.
    Windows users: Under "Tools - Options" on your browser's menu-bar add Chinese to the languages list.
    - I did this.
    2) Set your browser's "Character Set" or "Encoding" to UTF-8 (sometimes also called Universal Alphabet or Unicode).
    Encoding settings can be changed under the "View" option in your browser's menu-bar.
    - It was already set to UTF-8.
    3) Windows users: If Chinese text still does not display correctly, East Asian language support may need to be enabled.
    - This has been done when I installed Windows.
    I still don't get any Chinese fonts in the bookmark names. I can edit the bookmark name with chinese characters and then save the bookmark, it works fine. But why does not Firefox recognize the characters when saving bookmarks? Help is appreciated.

    No I didn't change anything deep beneath the hood. My problem didn't apply to the URL, but to the name of the link or bookmark header or whatever you would like to call it. (When hitting Ctrl + D there is a Name field). I only got ???????? instead of chinese characters in the name. Also for e.g. ...but maybe all China is not in the whitelist either. ;-) But anyway, this was not the real problem for me.
    Apparently I was wrong as after a reboot of the computer it worked. The solution seemed to be to add Chinese to the language list. I don't know why it was not enough to restart Firefox?
    Now I only have problems to show chinese characters in the name field of my external link manager... But I guess it is not an issue for Mozilla.

  • CJK characters are not converted correctly to PDF

    We are developing layout using SMARTFORMS. We are using standard function module 'CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF'  to convert the SMARTFORM to PDF. Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters are not displayed/Converted correctly in PDF documents. But in Spool these characters are showing correctly.
    Whereas German, Italian, French are displaying and printing correctly and converting properly to PDF.Please suggest a suitable
    note/correction for the above.

    Hello dear,
    Did you got a solution for this? Even i am facing the smae problem.
    Warm regards,

  • Special characters are not shown in compare document report in Acrobat X

    Hi All,
    I have a pdf document which is having some special characters like üὄ. Now I have updated the document with few corrections and while compare document in Acrobat X special characters are not shown in the report.
    Can any one please look into this and give suggestion.

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Platform - PC
    Application - 3B2 and Acrobat 9
    So far we have seen this kind of issue in only one document. In the below screenshot you can see 2 pdf files, the right side one is my MS pdf and the left side one is the exported pdf from 3B2 application both the files having the special characters such as . I just did the text comparison however both   and  is missing in the exported pdf but the reports shown the changes for  characters only wherever the  charactes is missing the report not shown the changes properly(See highlighted in yellow).
    Please let me know if you need more deatails.

  • Reg:special characters are not priniting while selecting the CS language

    Hi All,
    When I am trying to print in CS language some special characters are not printing.
    Even when I was trying to create the entries in TTDGT table ,these special characters are not created
    ( příkazu) here r & i are the special characters. instead of special characters simply r and i were created .
    Could you please advice me on this how to resolve this .

    Hello Chaitu,
    I think you are working on scripts and trying to create the Script in different language?
    However, try to copy the text in CS and paste it in STandard Text. If it is not displaying properly then Try to log in to the same language and try to paste that Text in the STanard text So10. If it appears properly then your issue is fixed.
    Please let me know if the issue is while printing the Script form, i mean are you able to view it properly in the Print preview...?
    If this is the issue then it is not an issue at your end user needs to check whether his printer is supporting their langauge or not.
    Also check with the related language package . for ex I had worked on the Script form and tried to convert it into chinese i faced the same issue so when i checked with the System Admin he installed Asian Langauge Package in my system. After that I was able to convert the script into Chinese properly.
    Hope this will be helpful..

  • Umlauts are not displayed correctly in different programs

    I live in germany, but my locale is set to "en_US.UTF8" because I like to have everything in english.
    I do not have any problems with umlauts on the machine, but when I connect with sFTP oder Samba to it, the umlauts in files are not displayed correctly.
    Look at this example
    The upper word is how it looks in "ssh putty" (=locally on the machine), the bottom one is from "filezilla" (from my windows host)
    This is my locale
    When I create a file "asd_aöü" locally on the machine (with the help of ssh - putty), it looks fine, but when I connect by samba or filezilla again the umlauts are not displayed correctly.
    Do you understand my problem? What can I do?
    Last edited by cyberius (2011-02-19 10:12:19)

    Did you check the locale settings on your Windows machine?

  • Search for member activities - points are not displayed correctly

    Hi experts,
    I have a question concerning the search for member activities. I personalized my result list and added the field points (STRUCT.Product_ID), but there the amount of the points is always displayed as zero. When going into the details of the member activity I can see that there are points booked.
    Can anyone tell me why the points in the result list are not displayed correctly?
    Thanks and best regards

    Sometimes threads are deleted if they violate the Rules of Engagement.  If that happens, you'll lose points that were allocated to you.  Othertimes, if you broke the rules, then it's possible that points that had been awarded could have been removed - but you should check your emails (of your registered address) to verify this.  I'd guess, it's more likely you'd responded to a post that broke the rules.
    Really important
    1. Don't reply to posts that break the rules - you risk losing any points awarded and you risk wasting your time responding (which is probably more valuable). 
    2. Don't ignore rejection emails or other communications from moderators.  They are followed up, and, if warnings are ignored, then accounts will be deleted.  Recently, one poor soul's account was deleted, and they'd accrued over a 1000 points... they'd been copy and pasting from other sites and ignored moderator warnings.

  • Entity Descriptions are not displayed correctly in Combo box dropdown list

    In Web Analysis, Entity Descriptions are not displayed correctly in Combo box dropdown list when entity descriptions from HFM contains a dot(.)
    'Entity A. LTD' becomes 'LTD'
    'Entity B Inc.' becomes blank
    It seems that everything before the dot is not displayed when opening the combobox.
    It looks like it is acting like the option to show short description for entities in HR where the parent-child relation is not shown. This behaviour I don't expect for descriptions. And in my opinion is not an option in Web Analysis.
    Does anybody knows the sollution or have seen this issue before?

    This is a known issue with combo box list of values.
    Please follow this workaround:
    - Remove ComboboxLOV on Deptno
    - Create an updateable transient attribute(Say Dname) of type String
    - Define combobox lov with following values:
    List Data Source: DeptView1
    List Attribute: Dname
    List Return Values:
    Dname - Dname
    Deptno - Deptno
    UI Hints: Display Attribute - Dname
    - Edit Dname(transient attribute) and provide following groovy expression
    oracle.jbo.Key key = new oracle.jbo.Key(Deptno);
    return DeptView1.findByKey(key, 1)[0].getAttribute("Dname");- Now, you are done and observe that Dname combo box lov shows Description even on selection and change in this combo box sets the Deptno value

  • Thumbnails are not displayed correctly in Firefox, but displayed correctly in Safari and G. Chrome

    Firefox display problems regarding this customers site:
    Thumbnails are not displayed correctly in Firefox - only a tiny bit of the picture is visible, incorrect scale (displayed correctly in Safari and Google Chrome).
    Can I do anything to make it work in Firefox, too?
    Kind regards,

    This article might help you-

  • The Forms are not displaying correctly

    the Forms are not displaying correctly. Editing mode and printing mode are missing contents of notes/text field (Additional Notes, Background or Need, Project Summary). Second issue is when viewing/printing a Project Profile - Short Form, the text fields
    are shrink, they are not displayed full high to show all the text. It was working with IE9, IE10, but now IE10 and IE11 dont work.

    tested with Google Chrome and that seems to work the best in terms of viewing and printing the forms.
    Then you could try spoofing Google Chrome using a User-Agent string override and Document mode Edge.  Or open  IECompatData.xml  to see if you should have Compatibility View enabling Microsoft's list.  Or report your problem symptom and
    desired override here:
    Robert Aldwinckle

  • Permissions are not displaying correctly on Yosemite server

    My file and folder permissions are not displaying correctly on my Yosemite server when viewed from a Yosemite client.
    I have set these permissions from the server app on the server and have added local network groups for the appropriate folders on the share.  When checked from the server's finder, everything looks correct.  The server is setup for both AFP and SMB on file sharing.  I have also tried setting permissions from the server's finder and seemed to make no difference.
    When logged into from local or VPN Yosemite clients using AFP, the permissions do not show anything but postgres user and everyone group.  Even though they should have network groups such as skoogfinancial, skoogmarketing, etc.
    The server does seem to enforce the permissions correctly though a user cannot get into folders he does not have permissions for.
    Therefore, it seems the server is enforcing correctly, but a user may not understand what is going on as the permissions list doesn't list anything meaningful.

    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It’s unlikely to solve your problem. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    The purpose of this exercise is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party system modifications that load automatically at startup or login. Disconnect all wired peripherals except those needed for the test, and remove all aftermarket expansion cards. Boot in safe mode* and log in to the account with the problem. The instructions provided by Apple are as follows:
    Be sure your Mac is shut down.
    Press the power button.
    Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone, but not before the tone.
    Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator (looks like a spinning gear).
    *Note: If FileVault is enabled under OS X 10.7 or later, or if a firmware password is set, you can’t boot in safe mode.
    Safe mode is much slower to boot and run than normal, and some things won’t work at all, including wireless networking on certain Macs.
    The login screen appears even if you usually log in automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin.
    Test while in safe mode. Same problem(s)?
    After testing, reboot as usual (i.e., not in safe mode) and verify that you still have the problem. Post the results of the test.

  • Foreign characters are not printed correctly in Analyzer 6.5.0 and java 1.3.0_02

    Hi,I am using Essbase at 6.5.3 level and Analyzer Enterprice edition at 6.5.0 level. The java plug-in is at level 1.3.0_02.Foreign characters are corectly dispalyed in Analyzer java web client, but when I try to print the report the foreign characters are not printed correctly.I have changed the contents of the file all code pages from 1252 to 1250. The characters are still not printed correctly.How to "force" the Analyzer print the foreign characters to print?Thanks,Grofaty

    * "Clear the Cache": Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    * "Remove the Cookies" from sites that cause problems: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of your add-ons is causing your problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]] and [[Troubleshooting plugins]]

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    I Can't find adobe script in creative cloud as part of my student subscription. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.

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