Inventory posting List report

I have an A/R invoice posted of an item as its Quantity is 2 in the SAP Business one system. when i go to the Inventory posting list report, this same report only displays the Qty as 1 instead of 2. what could be the reason why this is happening? This problem  is specific to this one invoice. The rest of the invoices have correct Quantities displayed in the Inventory posting list report.
Thank you.

Hi Peter,
please see these screen shoot for this specific item and the corresponding inventory posting list and also see another invoice of the same item.
pic 1, invoice  90001017
pic 2. its corresponding inventory posting list.90001017
pic 3 the same item , different invoice
pic 4 corresponding inventory posting List for invoice above
note of the differences on the Quantity it displays.
thank you.
kind regards,

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  • Inventory posting list report not shown transaction data

    Dear Viewer,
    As my english is not good inspite of this i am trying to give you detail where i have stucked in SAP.
    As you know there is some standred report in SAP .inventory report is one of them.
    when i am going to see inventory posting report in inventory report i am unable to see all transaction .
    Like recv qty,issue qty,daily sub total so on somthig like taht.
    When i login to other super user id i am able to see all these data.This is happen only one super user id dont know why.
    Please help me out regard this.

    Hi Divya,
    Do this,
    ->> Login SAP(which user id did not show the issue Qty, rec qty & total) in normal user id.
    ->> Goto Inventory module.
    ->> Inventory reports.
    ->> Inventory Posting List.
    -> Run the Inventory Posting List report.
    ->> Goto Form setting on Menu bar.
    -> put the Tick mark in Visible button on Form setting window.

  • Inventory Monitoring Query Like 'Inventory Posting List ' Report

    I like to ask how to monitor/Track my Items in the Inventory. Inventory Posting List is a good Report but I want to customize it into my query. I have found a table OITW but the record is up date, there is no date i can refer to which I can back track the records.
    I want to create a report (query) which I can back track the previous transaction. Please guide me what tables i can refer to.
    Thank you very much.

    Hi Gordon,
    It seems I cant found any data regarding the transactions for my inventory because in the present the report is up to date.
    I want to get the previous inventory month of the item in which i will consider it as my beginning balance for my current inventory, in the the system its showing the current inventory.
    Thank you very much,

  • Like "inventory posting list" query

    In SAP B1, i found 'Inventory Posting List'  report.
    And i need modify the report, so i must create a new query.
    But now, how to find the table can show stock balance in period date?
    stock Item No: A1234
    2007-12-01  Qty : 10 (last balance)
    2007-12-02  Qty : 13 (in 3)
    2007-12-03  Qty : 9 (out 4)
    How to show stock in only between dec 02 - dec 03, :
    2007-12-02 Qty : 13 (last balance)
    2007-12-03 Qty : 9 (out 4)
    Anyone can help me? I confused searching, i wasted about 1 day to search stock history table?

    Hi Suda,
    thanks for your respond.
    But i cant found the last quantity (balance qty), but i found Onhand in OITM.
    So i must doing a manual calculation.
    i assume i get last stock from OITM.Onhand = 10, then i query OINM day by day, and i SUM(Onhand-(Dec02+Dec03))
    Or you have another solution? Thanks
    but i think OnHand in OITM is not actually qty, because i use inventory posting list, i have all open balance is bigger than OITM.Onhand
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  • Difference Between Inventory Audit Report & Inventory Positing List Report

    Dear all,
    Please tell me the difference  between these twoInventory Audit Report & Inventory Positing List Report, Because I find difference , when observe Closing and Opening Stock Quantity on 1.4.10 audit report showing 610 units but on 1.4.10 posting list showing 973 units of opening stock
    Why so happen ? can anybody explain............
    Thank you

    Please read below.....
    Inventory Audit:
    This report provides an audit trail for the posted inventory transactions in the chart of accounts.
    You use this report to make comparisons between the accounting view (inventory balance accounts)
    and the logistics view (inventory value displayed by the audit report). The report explains the value changes in inventory accounts.
    Inventory Posting List:
    The inventory posting list provides an overview of all postings in the system, based on various selection criteria and sort options. You can generate a report for specified warehouses based on one of the following selection criteria:
    Business partner
    Other: Enables you to specify a selection criterion such as warehouse or sales employee.
    Inventory Transfer:
    You use this function to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another. An inventory transfer can also be carried out as a consignment for a customer. The items are then stored in the customeru2019s warehouse and are sold from here.
    You cannot change the table after it has been added. If you display an existing inventory transfer later on, none of the fields in the table are active.
    You can, therefore, only correct an inventory transfer table that has not been entered correctly by entering a compensatory goods movement later.
    For more detail please refer help file in SAP.....

  • Inventry Posting List Report PLD

    Hi Experts,
    I am using SAP 2007 B Pl 13 . I am running the report Inventry Posting List. The data comes dailywise total , monthwise total yearly total but in PLD it does not show in this manner. I need the PLD in this format. Please help me.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Rahul,
    Thanks for reply but what the problem  creating is that what i am choosing the option on this report is not showing in PLD as that way.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Price showing in -  sign in inventory posting report

    Hi Expertise,
    i create one A/r Credit Memo.while we are seing inventory posting list report for particular item,that time item price showing in -.
    What is reason.

    The reason can be more than one. Is this  A/R Credit Memo based on A/R Invoice?

  • Stock Posting List from Item Master Data

    We just encounter a strange problem. In SAP we could go to an Item record and right click to choose Stock Posting List which will bring out the stock posting report that list all the in and out records for this particular item. The report can be generated shortly.
    Over the weekend we enter into a new fiscal year and suddenly the Stock Posting List from item master does not contain any entries from previous fiscal year and it takes very long to show the list.
    We could however run the Stock Posting List as normal from Stock Reports which will show all the records.
    The problem if the Stocking Posting List from the item master only shows entries in the current fiscal year why suddenly the performance degraded when there is actually less data to be displayed.
    Any one encountered such situation as well?
    We are on PL44

    Hi Jimmy,
    This is the System behaviour in SAP 2007 A. Due to the changes in posting period functionality, it is not possible to choose posting period. That is the reason why if you right click on an Item Master Data, Inventory posting list only for the current year appears. If user wish to see transaction for the other years, he needs to open Inventory Posting List report and set dates in the Selection criteria window.
    SAP Business One Forum Team
    Edited by: Varun Kumar on Mar 3, 2009 9:36 PM

  • Inventory Posting where Document = OB

    Dear All,
    When I ran Inventory Posting report some item show me like below
    Itm Name                  Document                          warehousecode      Rec. Qty   Issue Qty
    HP0001      (not showing me orange arrow)OB       02                           4
    HP0001      (not showing me orange arrow)OB       02                                          2
    My question how this entry exists without any link....and it show me date as 1-april-2009.
    Edited by: Kevin Shah on Feb 10, 2010 3:17 PM

    I ran that query
    Select * from OJDT where createdby=0 and transtype=58 but it output is nothing.
    I also ran yr query
    Select * from OJDT where createdby=0 and transtype=-2 but it output is nothing.
    I study on same part I came to know in Inventory Tab it show IN STOCK but it no effect on GL part.
    1 ) When I go with Invenotry Warehouse report it shoe me prices and IN STock value, which give me wrong information.
    2) Inventory posting List all OB(without Orange Link) date are 1/4/2009, which give me wrong information.
    now how to resolved it because if  I use  Initial Quantities with minus(-)value then it will make stock balance but it will reflect to my GL which maintain STOCK in Asset bucket.
    I am not getting why it not showing me orange link before OB ?

  • Item  - Inventroy posting list

    Since I upgraded to 8.81 PL08 the inventory posting list called by right mouse menu in item master shows entries of the current year only. Before (PL05), it showed all the entries in history.
    Can I change some setting somewhere to get back to show all the history as before in PL05?

    > Are you sure that in the earlier version/patch the working was different from that in the PL08?
    Yes, as I wrote, I am absolute 100% sure! I am that sure because we have discussed that many times internally and after upgrading to 8.81 PL05 and seeing the complete list we looked at it as a bug fix to the limited fiscal year behavior. In our opinion, this should be the normal default behavior. Someone who is working with the items - not financial dept - is absolutely not interested in a report respecting the fiscal year only.
    > If yes, you can report the test results with the detailed steps in both the version, explaining the working in the earlier patch
    and new patch.
    There is not much to describe here. Opening item maser data and selecting an item. right click and select Inventory posting list or fire the Inventory posting list from the menu.
    > Make sure that you have gone through the Notes on the issue before reporting to SAP.
    I did read it throughly, of course.

  • Stock Posting List - Negative Value when Different Currency in PO

    Hi experts,
    We would like your help on the following scenario.
    A Purchase Goods Receipt PO and a Purchase Invoice are added in SAP 9.0, on the same date, in a different currency from the system's currency; system's is Euro and Purchase documents are added in JPY (Japanese xen), i.e. 300 JPY. When checking the "Stock Posting List" report for a number of goods that were purchased with the above documents, the report presents the line of the Goods Receipt PO with the value of 270 JPY, and the line of the Purchase Invoice with  a negative value, i.e.-15 Euro.
    Has anyone faced the same issue?
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind Regards,
    Vassilis Korolis

    Both queries have the default value of  "Only Posted Values for Navigation".
    As I was looking at this, I did realize the following though.
    Remember, I mentioned that my zcurrency_mand field has a Reference Characteristic of 0currency.
    Query 1:  The key figure that is being converted is tied to 0currency in the back end. (this is the query that works).
    Query 2:  The key figure that is being converted is tied to 0inv_curr in the back end.
    Both of the currency conversions are using zcurrency_mand.  Should query 2 be using a new variable similar to zcurrency_mand, but with a Reference Characteristic of 0inv_curr?
    If the answer is yes, I tried creating ZINV_CURR_MAND with Reference Characteristic of 0inv_curr, but am getting the following error when I try to save the changes to Query 2
    [E117(BRAIN)] Errors: Variable ZINV_CURR_MAND2 is not permitted for the target currency. 

  • Physcial inventory and varience report.

    DEAR Sir,
    Please advise me abt physcial inventory and varience report.

    Comparing the company's book keeping quntity of material with sap material quantity and if any differencesbetween book keeping  quantity and sap quantity used to post them in sap.
    Steps in Physical inventory;
    Create the Physical inventory document(MI01)
    Enter the count (MI04)
    Post the difference(MI07)
    The inventory procedures are...
    THEVariance report:
    The variance needs to be analyzed for the difference in the qty at book and physical level. Once it is analyzed the changes can be done in the count sheet for Qty and UoM.
    The Finance department to check and reconcile the difference between the physical and book count runs this report.
    If required based on the variance, recount is initiated and the physical count checked before investigating and clearing the difference.
    To run the variance report in WM level : Logistics-Logistics execution-Information system--warehousePhysical InventoryWith Bin Inventory Management-Different list of open Inventory Documents
    Transaction Code LX17
    The Finance department to check and reconcile the difference between the physical and book count runs this report.
    If required based on the variance, recount is initiated and the physical count checked before investigating and clearing the difference.
    To execute LX17, Enter
    Warehouse number and Inventory record.
    I hope this will give more clarity to you. Thanking you.

  • Item cost not found for one or more items - Inventory Posting

    Good Day Mentors,
    My user has encountered an error during Inventory Posting and its "Item cost not found for one or more items".
    The specific Message ID from SAP's System Message Log is 10001287.
    I found a similar post which addresses this error here.
    But unfortunately it did not help me solve my user's problem.
    I already checked if the items had a defined "Item Cost" in the Item Master Data Inventory Tab, and they all have "Item Cost" defined.
    I'm not sure if this will help, but below is the Inventory Audit Report of one of the items that is throwing the "Item cost not found" error.
    I am not a business consultant neither am I literate in accounting, so thanks for the patience.
    SAP Version: 9.0 PL5
    Valuation Method: Moving Average
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Augusto and Raviraj,
    I've already verified in our production database the points you made:
    - Is the "Manage Item cost per warehouse" selected in the Basic Initialization Screen?
    - Is the "Manage Inventory by Warehouse" ticked/checked in the "Inventory Data" tab of the "Item Master Data" screen?
    * I apologize for not have been able to give this information upfront.
    Anyway, the database only has one warehouse at the moment.
    I've checked the items, like the item in the screen shot above, and it does have an item cost.
    Below is the screenshot of the sample item from my original post,
    Thanks in advance!

  • Error when opening open item list report

    Hi Experts,
    I was trying to open inventory open item list but I'm getting error. The user is a "super user".

    It is an application error. Check SAP note:
    2008925 - You cannot run the Open Item List report for Purchase
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Task list Report Generation

    Hi ,
    Please let me know if the following are feasible while generating the tasklist report.
    1. Can we Generate the tasklist report from the system by scenario . Is there any workaround to get this reoport from backend tables ?
    2. Task list report shows stats for every user who belong to the selected group. Can we limit this view so the report summarizes by the group instead of individual user.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vijaya Koppolu

    I think you posted in wrong place. Please post in Planning and Budgeting forum to get a better answer.
    To answer your question, I was trying to genarate Workflow reports from Backend. But I could not get the usernames from Backend tables as it is not saved for MSAD users. For MSAD users planning schema saves a URL instead of username.

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