IPhone 3rd party apps won't launch anymore!

After updating the iPhone software to 3.1, a host of 3rd-party apps won't launch anymore (appear for 1 second, then revert back to the apps icons page).
I've tried upgrading to iTunes 9, uninstalling then reinstalling ALL apps on the iPhone via iTunes, hard rebooting my iPhone, restarting my iMac, etc etc, but nothing works.
On a iPhone 3Gs page on the Forums, I saw many others having similar difficulties and blaming it on the XX upgrade. One solution proposed there was to download a free app from the App Store and install it. Tried that, and it didn't work for me.
I hope Apple will give this attention, because it's basically disabled my iPhone's business-sensitive functionalities (like 1Password) on the eve of a 2week business trip ... and on business trips, I don't have my iMac with me! >:-(
In case it helps the OS is showing as 3.1 (7C144) on my device.

I may have a solution to your problem. I updated to Firmware 3.1 today and couldn´t open any application i downloaded. I seems the updated version of iTunes handles apps a little different from before. When you connect your iPhone and it pops up in iTunes, right click on it to enter your configuration area (for the iPhone). At the top bar you have a row of options like music, pictures, podcast and somewhere in the middle you have the option "Programs". Click on that and you will see a list of all the programs you have downloaded in iTunes. Unfortunatly you have to recheck all the boxes at the left side of the program you want to be synched to your iPhone. Check these boxes and click "Apply" at the bottom right and iTunes will now transfer them to your iPhone. Easy breasy when you know how to do.
Best of luck, Cheers!

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  • All my 3rd party apps won't open on my iPhone 4.

    Recently all my apps won't open on my iPhone. All the stock Apple apps work though. All the 3rd party apps don't work. What can I do? I tried resetting, and restoring. What else should i try?

    I'm also going through this problem and the only way to fix it (as far as I know) is go to App Store in your iPhone and download any random app (free app preferably), then make sure all your 3rd party apps work again and delete the random app you just downloaded.

  • My 3rd party apps won't open. Please Help (Ipad Mini 6.1.3)

    I have downloaded a 3rd party app, after using it for several weeks without interruption. It suddenly won't open (crashes) everytime I tried to open it. I have already tried on re installing the app, but nothing happened. Please help, I badly needed that app.

    Try deleting the app, closing all apps in the recents tray, reboot the iPad, and then download the app again.
    In order to cloase all apps - Go to the home screen first by tapping the home button. Double tap the home button and the recents tray will appear with all of your recent apps displayed at the bottom. Tap and hold down on any app icon until it begins to wiggle. Tap the minus sign in the upper left corner of the app that you want to close. Close all of them. Tap the home button or anywhere above the task bar.
    Reboot the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.
    Download the app again.

  • 3rd Party Apps won't uninstall or display correctly in App Manager

    I've found that my Razr, like most devices, needs housecleaned every so often to perform at peak.
    I regularly (monthly-ish, or whenever the device seems bogged-down) clear the cache partition, and houseclean the App caches.  Some of them get very cumbersome, and it does seem to help app performance.
    I've noticed that sometimes some apps, randomly (not consistent cuprits, though it seems to be whatever I use most often or whatever moves a lot of data around) don't update in the app manager, and when they're like that, you can't uninstall or do anything with them, even though they run fine.  Fine, but like molasses in January.
    For this, I'm having trouble with Megapolois and Words With Friends.
    Going to the App Manager -> 'All' and going to either app yields all the fields populated by "Computing..."   and it just stays that way.
    I've tried to unistall the app from there, thinking something was just hung-up, and the "Uninstalling.." screen comes up...and the bar moves, and it does nothing.  Forever.  Same when I try to uninstall from the App Store.  App Store -> My Apps -> [App] -> Uninstall.  Circle spins, it says its uninstalling, but 90 minutes later, there we sit. 
    In both cases, I can't back-out of the action.  I can go back to the home screen, but I can't get back to "Manage Apps" or the Play store as appropriate without it going right to that stalled operation in progress.  I have to reboot the phone.
    I've tried in Safe Mode with the same result.
    There must be a way to nuke/reset these apps from the recovery menus somewhere.  How?
    I also have a bunch of apps, Maps for instanance, where I can't clear the cache.  Push the "Clear Cache" button, it lights up blue...and the cache doesn't clear. 

    You May Have to Run a Factory Reset are you running the Latest OS 4.1.2 if not I'd run the F.R. followed a System Cache Clear then Update to 4.1.2. if you haven't..

  • 2.0.1 causes 3rd party apps to crash

    I updated to 2.0.1 on my iPhone via iTunes and now all 3rd party apps crash at launch.

    installed update everything working fine. then i restart to see if it would hang at the apple logo and it didn't then i try to open aim and it crashes. i try a few more times keeps crashing so i try some more apps all crash then i try to delete and reinstall some they still crash i call iphone support they put me through to "product specialist" tells me because 2.0.1 is new he cant do any thing and gives me his contact info and tells me to call back tomorrow. so much for product specialist and bug fixes i guess

  • Possible fix for 3rd party apps crashing after 3.0

    If some or most of your 3rd party apps crash when launching them after upgrading to 3.0, I have a fix that cured my problem. Another symptom is that you can delete the App, then reinstall and it works until syncing with iTunes.
    Well my cure was to download any app, even a free one via iTunes, then sync with the iPhone. All was cured. I usually just download Apps straight from the iPhone, but the iTunes route worked.

    If some or most of your 3rd party apps crash when launching them after upgrading to 3.0, I have a fix that cured my problem. Another symptom is that you can delete the App, then reinstall and it works until syncing with iTunes.
    Well my cure was to download any app, even a free one via iTunes, then sync with the iPhone. All was cured. I usually just download Apps straight from the iPhone, but the iTunes route worked.

  • Microsoft Office X- won't launch anymore

    I have Microsoft Office X- All of a sudden my Microsoft Office Apps won't launch anymore. They report an error yet if I open a document it will launch Microsoft Word or PowerPoint just fine.
    I have tried to replace the Microsoft Office X from a Super Duper back up but it also is still failing to launch.
    I am guessing "launch services" is goofed up. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
    Thank you,

    I don't think it is an Intel based problem. I have a G5 iMac and a legal old MS office v.X upgrade on top of office 2001 version. Worked fine until a few weeks ago except for a few years needing to keep current with the latest XML free MS converter. Repaired disk/permissions. Dug out all of the app/preferences from my user/library. Reinstalled and it checked with MS mothership. However, still crashes on launch. I think perhaps the most recent OSX security update?

  • Apps won't launch... help!

    My phone was working fine this morning, but suddenly my apps won't launch anymore... I have NetNewsWire, Super Monkey Ball, and Tap Tap currently loaded. The camera seems to crash as well...
    Safari, iTunes, App Store, Ipod, mail, etc. all seem to be working fine! What's wrong?!?!

    I've had a couple of apps open, and then close. A restore sorted that. With the exception of the Mail application - so I obviously can't download that again! The bizarre thing is that if I choose a picture, and select the email option, it opens a message - I can then delete the picture from the message and type what I want. So the application isn't totally corrupt, then. It's a hassle to do that, though, and it's no help in reading received emails - which currently entails going into webmail through my ISP, which again is a bit of a faff.

  • IPhone 4s 3rd Party Apps not working

    On Wednesday I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS5 and all my 3rd party apps worked fine. Then on Friday when my iPhone 4S arrived I transferred everything over. The phone works great and all the core apps work fine, but none of the 3rd party apps work at all. They "blink" if I click on them but none of them will launch - even ones that have just been updated. I have a couple of key apps with years worth of data that I really can't afford to lose.  I have done a hard reset. I have restored the software and restored from backup and still the problem is the same.
    Any suggestions as to why this is happening and more importantly how I can resolve it?

    This is what I found out from another post and it immediately solved my problem:
    The reason this happens is because every time a downloaded app is opened it checks for your itunes password for validation that you are authorized to open that app (as it may contain personal info). From time to time the iphone “forgets” your itunes password. You can fix the missing password by syncing the iphone with itunes or downloading an app from the app store and entering your password that way.

  • ITunes Match and 3rd Party Apps - iPad/iPhone

    With the myriad of apps out there that integrate with iTunes, why is it that nearly none of them offer support for iTunes Match? (And, a seemingly cool one that claims to offer support -- "BeatBlaster" -- http://www.beatblaster.com/ -- that has all the features I'm looking for, isn't available in the App Store in the US).  I'm really surprised at the lack of information on this topic on the web... A Google search for it only pulls up articles that are 2-3 years old.   The best information I could find was that the API toolset made available to developers is either really limited, or it's just not available at all... and that's in an article from 2011.  Are you telling me that Apple is STILL -- 3+ years later -- limiting access to developer tools for iTunes Match integration (or just has never created any)?  I understand that I'm asking about something that could be considered "outside" of Apple (3rd Party apps), but I'm just really looking for someone that might be in the know on this stuff... And, I'm hoping that that person can clue the rest of us in on "what's up".
    Bottom line, I'm looking for a clock radio app that supports iTunes Match... I've got our Master Bedroom and Bath rigged up with in-ceiling speakers, attached to a bluetooth receiver, with a wall-mounted iPad serving as the "jukebox".  When my dang iPad doesn't drop the WiFi connection, it's pretty slick. I'd just like to have a single app that a) offers a large, well-visible clock, b) allows me to browse my iTunes Match library of songs and play them as I'd like, and c) have a "play my iTunes music as an alarm" option.  I know... directly d/l-ing songs to the iPad is an option, but it defeats the whole purpose of iTunes Match, which I subscribe to because my music library is WAY too big to fit on the iPad (or my iPhone).
    Anyway, any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Vernholio wrote:
    With the myriad of apps out there that integrate with iTunes, why is it that nearly none of them offer support for iTunes Match?
    You'll have to ask the software makers this question. It is up to the 3rd party vendors, not Apple, to provide the features you are asking for.

  • How do i print sms messages from my iphone without a 3rd party app?

    How do I print a complete SMS message from my iphone without using a 3rd party app?

    If you have an AirPrint compatible printer, or you have a print app, then you could take a screenshot of each page of the message and then print them. Otherwise, there is no native solution to print SMS messages on the iPhone.

  • Know of a good 3rd party app to sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone?

    Know of a good 3rd party app to sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone?

    This can not be discussed here I'm afraid.

  • I have an iPhone 5.  Which 3rd party apps work with Apple Health to record daily steps???

    I have an iPhone 5.  Which 3rd party apps work with Apple Health that sync with the daily steps data repository???

    Iran uses GSM, so the iPhone 5 will work.  It is already unlocked.  Just put local Iranian SIM in phone. 

  • Query: Selective Transferring of old data (3rd party app) from old iPhone

    Hello all.
    I am collecting my new iPhone 3GS tomorrow
    (and) I want only to add some, and not all the 3rd party apps (from App Store) that was with my old iPhone, in particular, Notes+
    I know if before I perform a software restore or upgrade, iTunes will perform a back up of the phone, and if I insert a new iPhone, and choose the same name, e.g. "howwow iPhone", it will restore all the apps and data into the new phone.
    But if I treat this new 3GS phone as a new phone, e.g. I name it "My 3GS iPhone" and add the Notes+ app, will all the data inside be copied into the new phone?
    My main 2 aims are to only add some apps I need (like Notes+) to the new phone and still able to keep the data/notes in it, without re-adding manually.
    Thanks and cheers

    There is no way to selectively restore certain data from the backup to the new iPhone - it's all or none. If you set it up as a new phone, none of the old data will be transferred. Alternatively, you could set it up from the backup, then delete all of the unwanted stuff.

  • 3rd party apps suddenly won't work

    This happened to me before but it was a long time ago and I don't remember what the fix was. Suddenly all my 3rd party apps refuse to run. They come up for a second then quit. I tried a hard reset but no luck. Anybody got any ideas. I'm still on OS 3.1

    I installed an update for one of my apps from the app store and suddenly everything's working again.

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