Is impossible to know when you print a PDF document from Workflow? how?

I am creating a workflow that prints a PDF form and send it in a WorkItem to the user's inbox, once you run the WorkItem a PDF is opened the user ... I wonder if you can capture an event if the user prints the document or cancels ... I do not speak English and translated into the google translator excuse any errors.
you might be able to use system exec to print files.

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  • How to print a PDF document from Labview?

    I am looking to create a paper copy of a PDF document.  Note: I do NOT want to create a PDF document.
    In other words I want to print a PDF document from Lab View or Visual Basic or C#.  The application is used in a production environment so I want a clean solution.
    The requirements are:
    1) Be able to specify the output printer.
    2) Set the quantity to print.
    3) Specify the file to print.
    4) Function returns when printing is complete
    5) Silent operation, that means no popup boxes.
    Any help is appreciated.
    you might be able to use system exec to print files.

  • When I open a pdf document from my dropbox to view it, the document shows up blank, even though it is filled out. This also happened with pdf documents that have been e-mailed to me.

    When I open a pdf document from my dropbox to view it, the document appears blank, even though I know the information is actually there. This also has happened with pdf documents that have been e-mailed to me, then opened to view and they are blank?? Why are they showing up blank?

    When I open emails with PDFs I click on the attachment (doing this all on my iPad) it gives me the option to "open in iBooks", I accept then after that the document is sucked into my iPad but I can't do anything with the PDF after that.  Where is the actual file on my iPad? Why can't I email or send these PDFs to my cloud (Dropbox)?
    It's like once they go into iBooks they're stuck forever.

  • How do you create a PDF document from excel???

    How do you create a PDF document from excel???

    Hi Kwasi Debra,
    You might need to sign up at "" using your Adobe ID credentials.
    Then, select 'Create PDF' tab and click on 'Select PDF files to export' option.
    Upload your excel file and it will get converted to PDF format within a couple of minutes.
    Later, you can even download the converted file onto your system.
    Please try in the same manner and check.

  • Radio buttons are always checked when I print a PDF document

    I had an existing PDF file, which I turned into a form with Adobe Acrobat. Everything works fine, except that for the radiobuttons.
    When I fill in the form the radio buttons work as expected. I can also save my completed form afterwards. The problem occurs when I try to print the completed form. All radio buttons are checked when I print out the completed form. It doens't correspond with the checked fields I saved.
    Can someone please help me, because I'm clueless and can't find an answer with Google.

    Pat Willener,
    Many thanks for the helpful suggestions. . Sean Mitchell's suggestion of
    repairing Adobe reader via the help menu did the trick. I have been able to
    print several PDF documents after following his suggestion.
    Very many thanks for the assistance
    Peter Goldsworthy

  • Problem printing scanned PDF document from iPad to HP Photosmart Plus B209a

    I'd like to report a problem printing a scanned PDF document from iPad via HP ePrint application to my HP Photosmart Plus B209a printer. The document was sent to the printer without any issue. However, the printer only prints out the
     screenshot image in the center of the PDF page, and the image is enlarged and rotated to fit in an A4 paper. The rest of the document is simply ignored by the printer. The document with the problem can be downloaded in the link below:
    Download PDF document with the problem
    What could be wrong? Thank you in advance!

    Thanks for the reply.
    I received the document from my teacher, so I don't know what program she used to scan it.
    I tried to print the document directly from my PC which works fine though, so I guess the document is OK.
    My HP printer is an old model which doesn't support eprint or air print, so I used the eprint application on iOS to print the document. I tried both color and black/white which gave me the same result: only the center screenshot image is printed out, and the image is enlarged and rotated to fit an A4 paper, the rest of the document is just ignored.
    What do you mean by saving it as a document?

  • Print a PDF document from flash

    I need to create a flash button that when I click on him its
    print a PDF document.
    Is it possibility to do that in flash

    For offline/CD-Rom work yes you can using JStart read this
    and download the example file
    FlashJester Support Team
    e. - [email protected]
    w. -
    There is a very fine line between "hobby" and
    "mental illness."

  • I am trying to print a pdf document from an electronic journal at my school, and i can only get it to print what is on the screen at the time i hit print.  How do i get it to print the whole document?

    how do i get it to print the whole article?  i don't seem to have a problem printing from my old windows laptop

    melbaby_3 wrote:
    when I clicked on your link and hit print, all pages were there!
    That suggests there's no problem with Safari or Quartz, the PDF rendering engine used by Safari, Preview, and other Mac applications.
    When I'm in the database and have the article open that I want to print, I click on the "full text in pdf" link and it opens in another safari window.
    Does the PDF in this other Safari window have all the pages? If yes, why don't you print from this window?
    It's very difficult to tell what might be going on if you don't give very specific details.
    For instance, in many reference databases, full-text articles are not free. You have to pay to view them, either article by article, or by subscription. Your school may have such a subscription, but, if it does, you probably need to access the database through the portal, web site, or facility provided by your school (your school's librarian should be able to help you with that). If you don't, the database has no way of knowing you have a right to view the full text, and may give you just a preview or the article's first page.
    Another possibility is that the database provides full-text PDFs in a format not compatible with Quartz, which may be able to render only the first page. But, in such a case, I'd expect Safari to print blank pages. If that's the case, you need to save the PDF on your hard disk and open it with Adobe Reader (Preview wouldn't work).
    There are other possibilities, but these two seem to me the most likely.
    Would I have to save it in preview first
    You should save the PDF on your hard disk from Safari. (I think you should do this anyway, just in case you need to refer to the article again later.) Instead of just clicking the  "'full text in pdf' link", press and hold Control, then click. This should give you a contextual menu; if the link points to a PDF file, you should see the commans "Save Linked File to 'Downloads'" and "Save Linked File As…". Use either, save the file, then, in Finder, double-click on it. Preview should open it.
    It is possible that the link is not to a PDF file, but to a script which fetches that PDF file for you. In that case, it's pointless to download it. Click on it, and then, if the PDF viewing window opens in Safari, move the cursor towards the centre of the bottom of the window. A bar with commands should appear; one of them will download the file to your Downloads folder.

  • Printing a PDF document from a network printer hosted on Windows Print Server

    We have a use case where a XFA form needs to be merged with the XML file and later be printed on a printer hosted on Windows Print Server.
    While I know the first part of merging the template with the data file, I am stuggling to get my document printed.
    Here are the options that I have already tried -
    1) Used the generatePrintedOutput to render a flat PDF and convert it into a PS format.
    2) The output of the above service was input to the "sendToPrinter" service with following configuration settings
        Input document     : <Document variable referencing to the output of the GeneratePrintedOutput service>
        Printer Protocol     : DirectIP
        Server URI            : \\ <IP address of the Print Server>     NOTE: The Print Server is hosted on a different domain & is a Windows Server
        Printer Name        : \\ <IP address of the Print Server>\<name of the printer>
    Some more information about our LC servers -
    OS -> Unix
    Application Server -> JBoss
    When I used these settings and invoked the process, I got the following exception -
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,047 ERROR [com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException] ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>.
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,067 ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException message:com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException: ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>. while invoking service OutputService and operation sendToPrinter and no fault routes were found to be configured.
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,069 ERROR [com.adobe.idp.workflow.dsc.invoker.WorkflowDSCInvoker] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException message:com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException: ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>. while invoking service OutputService and operation sendToPrinter and no fault routes were found to be configured.
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,079 ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException message:com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException: ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>. while invoking service OutputService and operation sendToPrinter and no fault routes were found to be configured.
    Therefore I tried to check if I am able to Ping the Printer Server from my Livecycle Server and found that the ping was successful.
    Next - I changed the Printer Protocol from DirectIP to SharedPrinter keeping the rest of the settings same. In this case - when I invoke the process, it did not throw any error , but it did not print any document as well.
    Any suggestion where I have gone wrong? Pls let me know if you would need more information to help me resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Well I found the answer......
    I had to do the two steps below -
    1) Go to Admin UI, "Trust Store Management -> User & Password Credentials" and add a profile for my Printer server with login ID and password which can access the printer.
    So in the "User & Password Crendentails" page, I click on "add" and fill the following values
    Profile : \\ <IP address of the print server> ....... (It is important that you write the name correctly..for example " \\"
    USername : <user id who has access to the printer>
    Password  : <password for that user Id>
    2) In the sendToPrinter service, I used CIFS as the protocol and I have the proper Server URI as below
    And it worked ! .....

  • Getting and Printing A PDF Document From R/3 Using Web Dynpro

    I would like specific information on getting and printing a document residing R/3 using web dynpro.  My environment is Netweaver 04s SR2, an it will not include ITS or the ABAP stack. It connects to remote R/3.  I will not be using Adobe Interactive Forms.       I only need get/render/print the doc.  My question is in 3 parts.
    1) Getting the PDF from R/3
         a) In terms of the RFC ABAP module, how should it return the pdf (a table?)
         b) How should the document be stored within the Component Controller context
             for display.
    2) Converting the R/3 returned binary into a form that is renderable within
        Web Dynpro.  (Does the Form UI Element Require it to be converting and if so
                              what is the best way to do this)
    3) Printing the PDF from the corresponding iView in the portal. (If I am using the
        form ui element to display it, how can printing be initiated in the portal)

    In webdynpro there s a fecility to convert the general data to PDF by uisng th InterativeForm UI Element.
    This for u need to do the following things.
    1. Need to configure the ADS(Adobe document services) in your VA(Visual Admin).
    2. Once ADS is configured we  can utilize the UI element Interactiveform It has contain the Adobedesigner by using this we can design the PDF and binding with the model nodes.
    3. Develop the Function module in the r/3 side and import into WD side and those are created as Model nodes and we canutilize in the 2 step.
    4.When u run the application u can display the pdf with how u design ur PDF form.
    This is generally doing the PDF by using PDF.
    Or do u think any other way post ur issues.

  • Printing of pdf document from java application

    I want to print out a pdf document which I get from a server as a byte-stream. I don't want to display or preview it on the client but print it out right away. Is there a way to do this?
    Thank you very much!

    Hi Matthias,
    If you have got solution for this can u suggest me.
    I'm using following code
              PrintRequestAttributeSet pras = new HashPrintRequestAttributeSet();
              DocFlavor flavor = javax.print.DocFlavor.INPUT_STREAM.AUTOSENSE;
              PrintService printService[] = PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices(flavor, pras);
              PrintService defaultService = PrintServiceLookup.lookupDefaultPrintService();
              PrintService service = ServiceUI.printDialog(null, 200, 200,printService, defaultService, flavor, pras);
              if (service != null)
                        javax.print.attribute.standard.Copies obj=new javax.print.attribute.standard.Copies(1);
                        Attribute at=(Attribute)pras.get(obj.getClass());
                        int noOfCopies=1;
                             }catch(Exception err){noOfCopies=1;}
                        for(int i=0;i<noOfCopies;i++)
                             URL url = null;
                                  url = new URL(urlToPDF);
                                  fis = url.openStream();
                             }catch(Exception err){}
                             DocPrintJob job = service.createPrintJob();
                             DocAttributeSet das = new HashDocAttributeSet();
                             Doc doc = new SimpleDoc(fis, flavor, null);
                             job.print(doc, pras);
                   }catch(Exception err){System.out.println("=========>"+err);}
    some times i'm getting garbage values in the printout.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Firefox crashes when opening any Adobe pdf document from internet. This only seems to happens with firefox 6.0.2. Pls assist how to solve problem

    Good day,
    Please note Firefox is crashing every time I tried to open a pdf document I find in any internet webside. This is happening since I have installed Firefox 6.0.2. I temporarily solved the issue going back to Firefox 5. The problem is that my Mac installs automatically all the updates that might come from Firefox, including new or greater versions.... So, here I am again with Firefox 6.0.2 and not able to open Adobe pdf documents.....
    Would you please kindly assist to fix this issue...? Please note I have systematically sent a report every time Firefox has crashed, so you might have quite a few by now!
    Many thanks in advance for all your help and assistance.

    * Preferences that have been modified are shown as '''bold (user set)'''.
    * Preferences can be '''Reset to the default''' or changed via the right-click context menu.
    The preferences on which Reset is greyed (not available), are they appearing in Bold Text or Normal ??

  • 1014:1014: error I keep getting when trying to open PDF document from online source.

    need help trying to resolve 1014:1014 error when I open online PDF documents

    Hi Christoph,
    The problem is elsewhere, I asked the user to log in at a different workstation and she is able to display documents from SAP at another PC. So the problem is not in SAP but either with the SAPGUI or in Windows...
    I requested a SAPGUI reinstall, we'll see whether that solves the problem.
    But it is certainly not related to DMS.

  • What happens when you "Move" a PDF document  to iCloud? I can't find it anywhere...

    I'm easily baffled, but, being a user of Google Drive, I find it odd that Apple makes it a bit confusing to give you a choice to Move something to the Cloud...where you can"t even see a list of files...

    Open Preview and then choose Open... from Preview's File menu. Select iCloud from the top:
    "List" vs. "icon" view options are selected using the buttons at that window's lower left.
    You can create folders in the same manner as you would with iOS - drag one icon onto another.

  • Printing a PDF document within a postscript file

    I know it is possible to print a PDF document from within a postscript file using Document Structuring Comments and Document Comment Extensions.  Is is possible to print a single page PDF document multiple times as a booklet?  For example I have a PDF document that is a page of graph paper.  I want to print this PDF file 8 times in the form of a booklet.  Is this possible and if it is how would I code the postscript to do this?
    Thank you  in advance

    Where do you know that “it is possible to print a PDF document from withint a PostScript file using Document Structuring Comments and Document Comment Extensions” from?
    PDF is absolutely not part of the PostScript language itself. Nor is there anything in the DSC specifications that provides for printing a PDF document from within a PostScript file.
    Attached to this posting are the two existing pieces of documentation of DSC from Adobe. Neither references such a capability.
    DSC are simply “comments” within a PostScript program file which may be used by preprocessing software or external applications for various puposes, especially associated with prepress actions and placing of EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) in other graphic arts documents.
    Conceivably some implementor of some PostScript product may have provided some capability to embed a PDF file or to invoke the printing of a PDF file from within a PostScript file using custom DSC. However, this is certainly not part of the official PostScript language. I have also attached those specifications as well!
              - Dov

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    I used the script below to generate mail messages. Under 10.4 it would just send the message, now under 10.5 it puts it in the *Out Box* and that is it. Anybody knows how to fix this so it sends it immediately? set theBody to "abc" set theSubject to

  • KPIC problem when creating so with Forte C++

    Hi, I am trying to create a shared object library using Forte C++. The project contains about 80 files, all of which are compiled separately with the -KPIC option set. Whe I try to create the library (using the -G) option I get an error that says som

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    Hi I am Running extractor 0CA_TS_IS_2  to extract timesheets released for approval. On CATSDB I do have entries wit status = 20, but when running the extractor through RSA3 I am not extracting any information. When running extractor 0CA_TS_IS_1 for a

  • How to send sales orders through XI  to non sap system

    Hello Experts, i need to send Sales order details from ECC to non sap system. anybody can help me to proceed with this in detailed way. i know how to send idoc through xi between sap systems. But i need between sap to non sap system. Thanks & Regards