Is it possible to stream a video to an appletv and it's audio to an airport express?

i have a hi-def tv with an apple tv connected to it. i also have an old (but good) receiver with 2 big speakers, they are connected to an airport express and i stream my music to them. does anybody know if i can use them as the speakers for the apple tv over airplay? or maybe, can a mac stream a video to apple tv but the audio to airport express?

Nickonor wrote:
i have a hi-def tv with an apple tv connected to it. i also have an old (but good) receiver with 2 big speakers, they are connected to an airport express and i stream my music to them. does anybody know if i can use them as the speakers for the apple tv over airplay?
If you had an AppleTV 1 this function was available - you could play a movie or music and send the audio to any available Airport 'speaker'.
AppleTV2 lost this useful function.

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    only "live" thing one can do is to airplay mirror the screen of a ios device or a newer mac with mtn lion

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    You can't stream a movie to more than one device at a time from iTunes. You can however stream the same (or indeed a different) movie from multiple Apple TVs although they won't necessarily be in sync.

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    No. sorry.

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    Hi Life93,
    What you describe would be possible by recording your video, then removing the audio from it and adding audio from GarageBand once the video is in iMovie (I presume here that you are using iMovie for your video production. Other applications may need different methods.)
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    To add audio from GarageBand use this article -
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    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L

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    I know you can play music over multiple speakers but is it possible to play video on an apple tv and the audio that goes with that video on an airport express  at the same time? It would be nice to have some better sound then my tv speakers while watching movies.

    i haven't used Airfoil (or Airfoil Video Player for that matter) to stream movies but it ought to work with TV - at least that's what the developers claim. and you are able to select multiple remote speakers so the audio can be sent to TV and AX simultaneously (mute TV to have sound via AX only).
    the only problem is content from the iTS:
    Because it is impossible to control playback of DRMed iTunes Store videos, they can't be played with Airfoil Video Player
    anyways, there is a (albeit limited) trial version available so it won't hurt giving the app a go.

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    Yes, It's can do but There is a problem on IOS 8 when Switch Camera, Microphone is muted and Sound return when I press home button from my iphone out and press app again for few second
    You can use as same as flash desktop video streaming for coding in mobile.
    Good luck

  • Stream content from iTunes to AppleTV and Airport Express

    I have an Apple TV in family room which is wirelessly connected to my home network. I also have a PC connected via Ethernet to my network. All my music is stored on an external drive connected to my PC (I don’t store any media on the ATV, as my music is well over 400GB). This setup works great, and allows me to stream content from the external drive to my ATV which is connected to a stereo.
    Next, I purchased an Airport Express, connected it to a second stereo in my basement. After spending 3 hours trying to get it connected to my network, (I had to disable all wireless encryption, and use MAC filtering to keep network secure), I am now able to stream media from iTunes on the PC, to the stereo connected to the Airport Express.
    What I would like to do now, is be able to select a song from the Apple TV (using ATV remote, or iPhone Remote), and have it play in both places. Since the media itself is coming from iTunes running on the PC with the external drive, and it gets streamed from there to Apple TV, how can I also stream the same content to the Airport Express?
    The folks at the Apple store say this is a feature, but no one seems to know how to make it work. I have also read hundreds of posts online, and some say you can do this, others say you cannot. All of those who say it is not possible, state you cannot stream from ATV to AE, but in my case, the media is not on the ATV, it is on the PC, and I just want to use ATV to select the song. From there, it would be iTunes that would send the content to both the ATV and the AE.
    Can someone help myself and many others put this question to rest - can it be done, or not?

    Thanks for the reply. Just as you indicated, I figured out how to use iPhone remote to tell iTunes on PC to output to Express, Apple TV and PC, and that works great - I can even turn on/off any of the speakers from the iPhone - this is so COOL!
    While you answered the question, I am curious about the architecture of all this...If the media is actually on the PC and is controlled by iTunes, isn't the Apple TV doing the same thing as the iPhone Remote - just telling iTunes what to play, and iTunes sends the content to whatever speakers are defined? Keeping that thought, if you can control iTunes via iPhone Remote, and the content will play on any speakers you select, then it would make sense that you could do the same thing with the Apple TV menu - tell iTunes what to play, and let iTunes send to whatever speakers you have selected.

  • AppleTV2 can't stream audio to my airport express

    Dear Apple Support,
    I just bought a brand new AppleTV2 (2nd generation) today and wanted to get my Apple setup just perfect - but AppleTV2 second generation dissapointed REALLY! You should definitely stick with AppleTV 1st generation.
    AppleTV2 can't stream audio wirelessly from to for example you hifi-system. This is REALLY a downgrade!
    I really hope that Apple's amazing development team will fix this as soon as possible via a software update.
    The baseline of this comment is:
    AppleTV 1st Generation can stream wireless audio to Airport Express.
    AppleTV 2nd Generation can not stream wireless audio to Airport Express - which is a MAJOR DOWNGRADE!
    Best regards,
    Poul Rói Mohr

    poulroi wrote:
    This is REALLY a downgrade!
    some would think so, but it is what it is

  • Encoding home videos for IPhone, AppleTV and IPod Touch

    Hi Folks,
    I'm on latest version of Compressor and FCP.
    Objective: to encode home video transfers to a format that is suitable for AppleTV, IPhone and Ipod Touch - in an efficient manner (this is key)
    99% of the videos would be VHS and camcorder tapes in SD format.
    I mentioned efficient manner b/c I tried running and Iphone encode through the presets in Compressor for a 2 hour VHS transfer - nothing fancy, just 12 chapters. I'm on my 2009 quad mac pro with 8 GBs RAM.
    The estimator through the 'share' feature said it was going to take over 3 hours before I quit. The other reason I quit is b/c it won't be compatible with AppleTV.
    I created DVDs for my client so I tried handbrake using the video_Ts folder and it created an IPhone/IPod Touch file no problem - only 40 minutes. Not bad. I tried the Universal preset and QT gives me an error that the finalized file isn't compatible.
    I guess my question is: does it matter quality wise, if I run through Handbrake vs compressor? For this particular client, there are 12 hours worth of videos to compress.
    I know about setting up a cluster on my mac pro, but everytime I try more than 1 file in a batch, the subsequent files fail. I can't even set a cluster up with my 2006 mac pro either - yes, I've had discussions with FCP support staff and have tickets. It's a bug
    So, any thoughts? 3 hours (at a minimum) seems awfully long to compress.
    Of course, I would be charging my client for these videos, but at that length of time, I'm not sure what a feasible cost would be for both sides.

    If you are send out self contained movies to be processed in Compressor with Standard Presets (no adjustment to frame controls) you should be getting decent speed. If you want I can try encoding a two hour DV clip. How far did the encoding get before you stopped it? The estimates are not necessarily accurate at the beginning.
    Also if you can get the Clusters working (disregarding the size of the batches for a moment) should help with speed. I run into limits of around 20 per batch so make multiple batches. Not the most optimal way, but could be worth it to get them all going. Set them up for overnight and it should be done in the AM.
    Creating off the Video_TS folder is compressing compressed material, so it could (should) reduce quality when compared to encoding original source material, though based on the quality of the source it may be more academic...
    I would try to get the Compressor end working myself. (Ignore using share, just open Compressor and put movies into it.)

  • Converting video files for AppleTV and Ipod

    So I have an Appletv AND and 80 GB Ipod classic.
    I have some home videos that I would love to be able to play on both my apple tv and Ipod. I currently use ISync, but I have to create a separate file for the AppleTV and the IPOD as using the ipod file on an Appletv is grainy and low quality. Any ideas how I can convert my video file to a file that can be viewed on both my AppleTV and my Ipod?

    Totally agree with Jolly Giant. Get Handbrake and use the Universal setting under the Apple presets in Handbrake. I feel it will get the best quality to have one file that works on both.

  • Fix streaming audio dropouts with Airport Express (811g)?

    Every time I try playing streaming audio with just an external audio system connected via Airport Express (811g) I get frequent dropouts no matter what kbps setting of the source. Looks like it is not being buffered properly. However, if I choose Multiple Speakers and include Computer, everything is fine. Actually, if I choose Multiple Speakers, include Computer and let it run this way for 5-10 minutes, I can then turn off Computer and everything is fine. Obviously I have a work-around, but is there a better solution?

    I experience a similar drop - only w/streaming audio URLs I've opened in the "Advanced" option of iTunes' Menu; I don't experience drops when audio is streamed from iTunes Radio listings. Just want to thank you for the work-around info: it works and until reading your post if I wanted streaming audio sound from remote speakersI had to disconnect the mac w/my music from Airport and connect it directly to modem!
    Thanks (sorry don't have insight for dismissing "work-around")!

  • How can I stream photos/videos to an AppleTV on someone elses network from my laptop?

    I want to bring my MacBook over my parents house and display pictures from it onto the TV.  My parents have an AppleTV.
    How do i do this?  Is there an easy way, or do i have to go to the trouble of adding it to the network, authenticating it, etc?

    If you change your homesharing settings in iTunes (advanced menu) to use their homesharing settings, you can share your photos via iTunes by adding your library to their list under the computer section on the Apple TV. you would need to add your videos from iPhoto to iTunes in order to stream them.

  • Is it possible to remove a video from a window and play it separately?

    I'm trying to watch a live stream from a website. Unfortunately all the other information on the website is useless to me. Is there a way that I could remove the video player from the browser and play it on its own? If not, is there a way that I can make the video larger without sending the video into full screen? I disable the other boxes from showing on screen, but still the video is too small.
    Please note that the stream is completely legal and paid for.

    Okay, that's what I figured. I had zoomed in on the browser before, but I was just curious if there was a more elegant way to enlarge the player. Thanik you for your help!
    Maybe this is something Adobe can look into (popping the player out). It'd be very useful for those of us in the corporate world who need to watch the news or tickers without having to be stuck on the browser. Yes tabs are available, but then it obscures the video. A stay on top tool option would be useful as well.

Maybe you are looking for

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