Is it possible to upgrade internal HD on 2nd Gen Blackbook??

Is it possible to upgrade internal HD on 2nd Gen Blackbook?? I spoke to an apple reseller & he told me that 160 is as big as u can go on the macbook. is this true?

This is the drive
The 250 GB drives were like this when they first came out and they are better priced and easy to find now. You can check here OWC MacBook Ram and Hard drives for ideas of what can be bought easily. You may have comparable stores in australia. One other thing is size restraints. Below are the sizes you need to watch for. There are some drives that are 13mm high. They won't fit. It has to be 9.5 mm.
Height: 0.374 ±0.008 inch
Length: 3.94 ±0.010 inch
Width: 2.75 ±0.010 inch
Weight: 0.26 Pounds (±0.10 lb)
Height: 9.5 ±0.20 mm
Length: 100.2 ±0.25 mm
Width: 69.85 ±0.25 mm
Weight: 0.117 kg (± 0.082 kg)
I figure 2 to 4 months and they will be easier to get. Right now they are very hard to find. Thanks for the it is appreciated.

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    ok I tried this the other day on XP 64 and got a massive failure. Lovely.
    I been reading this forum for the last 2 days, and I now my pc well enough to know there is nothing wrong with it.
    You'll need a PC with XP 32 on it. ( I can not verify any other OS, Sorry) next make sure iTunes is installed and upto date.
    I read you need to open ports for the update to work, I went BEYOND this, and DMZ the XP 32 PC, Then restarted it(DEP is off, Firewall is disabled, ALL spyware/virus programs shut down).
    Here we go:
    hook up the iPod touch and let iTunes back it up, do the software update, ok for me it said a 1602 error after it suppsibly alsmost tried to install the 3.0 software. Shut down iTunes, MOVE the USB cord to ANOTHER USB port, restart iTunes, at this point it told me the iPod touch was in recovery mode and would recover it and install the latest software. DO this. At this point I thought Whatever, Back to 2.2.1 in 15 minutes, Well the recovery worked.
    I'm not gonna say this is gonna work for EVERYONE but it's a possible solution. I hope this helps some of you, Good luck.
    This sounds like to me a firewall/iTunes problem.

    possible answer.

  • Is there any other way to upgrade my ipod touch 2nd gen to ios 4.3? even a simple facebook app and twitter is not on my itouch. :(

    please do answer my concern. i know apple wont let this kind of crap.

    The bad news is that all new apps created with Apple's latest iOS SDK require devices to be running iOS 4.3 or greater. This means that all first and second generatio iOS devices will not get any new app updates. I'm afraid you're going to see less and less available apps on the App Store for your device as developers update their apps for iPhone 5 screen (which will drop compatibility for iOS 4.2)
    Your only option really is to sell that iPod touch and get a newer one.

  • HT4972 Upgrade iPod touch 2nd gen with ios5

    I am trying to upgrade an older iPod touch with iOS5.1.
    When i connect to iTunes it says current version of software (4.2.1) is currently installed.
    Can I upgrade my iPod touch 2nd gen with ios5?

    No, that model cannot run iOS 5 normally without resorting to hacks.

  • After upgrading iPod Touch 2nd gen some apps sync over and others do not

    After upgrading my iPod Touch 2nd Gen to OS 3, skype and TextFree Unlimited sync over, but 9-Toolbox, Gas Cubby Lite, fring and TooDoo do not. They show up as installed in iTunes, but do not sync onto my iPod Touch. Is this because the apps themselves have not been updated to work on OS 3, or could there be a syncing problem?

    OK..last post on this item. I found this post by ipodtouchuder1517 that explains how to move your icons around, ie page 2 to 3, etc
    All is well again and I shall now resume checking out the new features my $10 purchased!
    Page 18 of the manual:
    "Customizing the Home Screen
    You can customize the layout of icons on the Home screen—including the Dock
    icons along the bottom of the screen. If you want, arrange them over multiple Home
    Rearrange icons:
    1 Touch and hold any Home screen icon until the icons begin to wiggle.
    2 Arrange the icons by dragging them.
    3 Press the Home button to save your arrangement. "

  • Is it possible to upgrade the internal Hard disk drive on the iMac

    Is it possible to upgrade the internal Hard disk drive on the iMac?

    Yes but it's definitely not advised. If you have a machine newer than 2009 Apple uses drives that have integrated heat sensors. This makes upgrading much more difficult but not impossible. If you have a machine still under warranty then definitely DO NOT do this yourself as you may void the warranty not to mention it isn't for the faint of heart. Take the machine to an AASP to have the work done, you will need to find one in your area willing to do so.
    If you are considering a new machine then simply buy the configuation you need.

  • Hi , is it possible to upgrade the internal flash storage capacity of mac book air ?

    hi , is it possible to upgrade the internal flash storage capacity of mac book air ?

    Yes, it is , however its very costly, and you should consider storing static media files on an external HD.
    OWC sells SSD upgrades for your Air.

  • Is it yet possible to upgrade the internal hard drive on a 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display?

    Hi all,
    I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) with a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, a 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory and a 128GB built in flash storage drive.
    I do a lot of video and sound work requiring a lot of space however 128GB is just not enough. When purchasing the MacBook I was hopeful that the built in drive could possibly be upgraded to at least 512GB of storage. I have read many blogs and forums suggesting that there is work being made on a replaceable drive however I have not seen any evidence of this being confirmed. Could someone possibly let me know if this is yet possible as I would urgently like to upgrade if so.
    Many thanks

    For direction on how to upgrade SSD, read lacement/27849

  • Mac Pro's (early 2008) Back up plan towards a possible OS upgrade to Yosemite

    Hello All. Here’re some of the details/background info…hopefully all this won’t be so annoying. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
    I have 2 Mac Pro’s (Early 2008) 3,1 both running SL (10.6.8). One I have been using non-stop throughout these years, I’d call it MP 2008 (A). The other one once belong to a friend who actually bought it around the same time I purchased mine, only that he didn’t use it much and just recently decided to sell it to me. I’d call it MP 2008 (B). Both MP’s are very light on data on the main, boot HD, just applications,… as everything I work on is kept in external hard drives and backups. I do not usually download any third party stuff (only when strictly necessary for my work) and essentially it’s all about the software and applications (Adobe CS3 and LR 0.2) I need to do my pretty basic work.
    All pretty old stuff by now, I know.
    Following a couple of mishaps and lots of good advice in these forums, (thanks to the hatter, etc.) I went ahead and bought 16GB of RAM for both, and an NVidia Graphics Card (all from for my MP 2008 (A) to replace it after it went bad, and everything has been working just fine. As you can tell, I have not tried to upgrade much, but rather keep everything stock and running as smoothly as possible.
    I am afraid the next big, important thing I MUST do is back up my almost 6 years-old HD (I know, it should’ve been done long ago). Frankly, I have never done it before because I didn’t even know that could be possible…I learned about it right here, in this forum. In this sense, much I have also read (here) about the SSD option, and about how great of an upgrade that could be too, but I have decided to stick to the regular 3.5” for now. (I just recently found out those SSD even existed!). Hopefully, once I gain a bit of confidence on how this works I’ll jump into the SSD option, cards, etc. So, I purchased 2X 3.5” SATA III HD’s to try cloning my MP 2008 (A) boot, main HD and get this process over with.
    QUESTION #1: After installing the internal hard drives in bays 2 and 3: Do I have to specifically format them in order to turn them into bootable copies? If so, how do I do that? I have read about using ‘Disk Utility’ to format external hard drives for this purpose but I don’t know if that would apply for internal hard drives as well.
    QUESTION #2: What are the settings/features you all recommend I should select/or deselect on CCC so I can have exact, bootable copies of my original HD? No fancy stuff, advanced options, etc…just what I need to have good enough copies that just work.
    QUESTION #3: How do I test them?
    I noticed that under “System Preferences/System/Startup Disk” I can select the drive/system I want to use to start up my computer from. My question is:
    QUESTION #4: Can I permanently choose any of the Mac Pro four (4) bays/bootable hard drives as the main drive/system for startup? I always thought I could only be done from the original, ‘main’ bootable drive in bay 1.
    QUESTION #5: What if the copy fails? How do I go back to the HD that works or to the next copy, for that matter?
    About my MP 2008 (B): In an effort to sell me his MP, my friend (as knowledgeable as I am) messed up something that delays the start up a lot. I noticed that in the finder, the applications appear double, etc., so I am not so happy with it. Even though the little house icon has his name in the finder, he was able to make me the Administrator for the machine (I don’t know how). But again, it starts up to the typical chime, then a gray screen for quite a loooong while, then the apple logo, then the loading animation…and theeennnn it starts…and no known issues from there. In other words, I am sure he messed something up there while transferring this machine to me and now its startup is so delayed.
    QUESTION #6: Let’s say that both the bootable HD copies I created on my MP 2008 (A) work fine: Can I take one out and install it in my MP 2008 (B) and eventually turn it into my startup drive and work from there too? Will this eventually lead to conflicting stuff? (Two machines, same identical cloned start up drive??).
    Eventually, the plan is that I learn how to do all this so I can move on and upgrade with a clean install of Yosemite pretty soon.
    Hopefully, both my Mac Pro’s 2008 A and B will last me a bit more and I can get to squeeze a few more seasons from them. They are awesome machines!
    As you can tell, in theory I might have a little bit of a clue, but all is in the details. If you don’t mind, please shed some light on this process I am about to begin…thanks a bunch!

    Thank you!
    Kappy     Nov 24, 2014 3:01 PM 
      Re: Mac Pro's (early 2008) Back up plan towards a possible OS upgrade to Yosemite  in response to Juan Huerta      
    All new drives need to be partitioned GUID and formatted Mac OS Extended, Journaled before they can be used.
    OK, is that an option I'll be prompted to by the OS or do I have to "tell" that to...Disk Utilities (?)
    If cloning is your purpose then use Disk Utility's Restore option. It will clone the drives and their Recovery HD partitions automatically.
    I didn't know that Disk Utility had an option for cloning a bootable it better than CCC? (I have used neither one) I really would like to save $40 and avoid downloading additional software/applications...please if you don't mind...what option would that be once I click on "Disk Utility"? If you know of a good link or reliable article on the topic that will work for me too.
    Test a clone be trying to boot the computer from it.
    Any bootable drive in any bay can be used to boot the computer. Use Startup Drive preferences to set the desired boot volume.
    Erase the target and try again.
    But if the computer fails to start because I didn't create a good copy, how do I go back? Keyboard shortcuts? I keep reading that a wired keyboard must be used...and that's scary. If that's true, could I hook up any of my Windows based keyboards via USB?
    Erase the drive and install OS X. You cannot use any software installed by the prior owner that was purchased via the App Store including OS X. You must start from scratch. (this actually is 5B rather than item 6.)
    Well, he created an Admin account for me and I have been handling updates and everything with the new password he created for me. I wonder if I could access the Apple Store with my ID's all under my name in that computer though, so I figure that at the Apple Store I'd just enter my ID...I guess, I have not tried that yet

  • Is it possible to upgrade an old PB G4 to support a new iTouch?

    Is it possible to upgrade an old PB G4 to support a new iTouch? 
    I understand I can upgrade the RAM and upgrade the internal drive.  But I don't know if that is sufficient to run a newer version OS...which ever that might be.  I think the newer ones need a dual core intel chip to run?  I plan to give my daughter a new iTouch but since I already have maxed out devices on my laptop, I thought I would just update my old PowerBook G4.

    No. The current iPod touch models require Mac OS X 10.6.8, which requires an Intel Mac.

  • Possible to upgrade?

    I love my laptop, but it's gotten to the point where my ipod has as much memory as my powerbook. Though I have an external hard drive, portability is an issue. Is is possible to upgrade the internal hard drive on the powerbook?

    The last of the Ti G4 can be upgraded to a 250GB drive, but earlier ones are limited to a 120GB drive.

  • I got a mid 2011 macbook air 13 with 128gb ssd is it possible to upgrade my storage?

    i got a mid 2011 macbook air 13 with 128gb ssd is it possible to upgrade my storage?

    It is entirely possible, as many have known from day one (as ifixit's first teardown revealed). Unlike the unupgradeable memory, the SSD is a discrete expansion card that is removeable with just one screw, after removing the case cover. It is however debateable as to whether such an expansion is worth the possible risk of making demonstrable changes to the MBA whilst still under warranty. So you may want to stave off consideration for a while.
    I made the upgrade recently on my older 2010 MBA, and it was easier than upgrading the HDD on my old MacBook Pro.
    Here OWC/Mac Sales has kits and instruction videos.

  • I have a mid 2007 MacBook Pro with 2GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 8600M graphics. Is it possible to upgrade the RAM and the graphics card?

    I have a mid 2007 MacBook Pro with 2GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 8600M graphics card. Is it possible to upgrade the RAM and the graphics card?

    The RAM can be upgraded as indicated below. The Graphics card can not be upgraded.
    Maximum Memory
    6.0 GB (Actual) 4.0 GB (Apple)
    Memory Slots
    2 - 200-pin PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SO-DIMM

  • Is it possible to upgrade the 10.5.8 OS on  a MacBook Pro with a 2.4 GHz/Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB of RAm to the latest OS?

    Is it possible to upgrade the 10.5.8 OS on  a MacBook Pro with a 2.4 GHz/Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB of RAm to the latest OS?

    The first step in Upgrading... is to Snow Leopard = OS X 10.6.x
    It is Not available as a download... It is a Paid Upgrade.
    Do this first...
    Check that your Mac meets the System Requirements for Snow Leopard...
    Snow Leopard Tech Specs
    If so... Purchase a Snow Leopard Install Disc...
    Other countries...
    After the Successful Install, run Software Update to get the latest updates for Snow Leopard.
    Be sure to make a Backup of your Current System Before Upgrading...
    Next... Check that your Mac meets the Requirements for Mountain Lion.
    Upgrade to Mountain Lion
    With Regard to ML...  Check here for compatibility of 3rd party Software you may be using... Also note that Rosetta is no longer supported in Lion and Mountain Lion...
    You should also consider more RAM... Get the Maximum you can for your Mac...
    It is important to get the Correct and Matching RAM
    See Here  >  OWC RAM  >
    The above site also has videos on how to Install RAM should you need it...

  • Qosmio E10: Is it possible to upgrade the graphic adapter?

    Hello there,
    I have a question regarding a Qosimio E10. Is it possible to upgrade the graphics Adapter to a more recent one. (Now : Geforce FX 5200 Go 64 Mb) Because the one i use now is ot of date and I dont want to buy a new notebook just because of a Graphics Card !
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    No, its not possible because the graphic card is a little small chip which was fixed on the mainboard. The graphic card design is not the same like on the PC desktop.

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