Is there a printed manual for Photoshop Touch?

I'd like a printed manual for Photoshop Touch for Tablet.

I think there was a PDF quick start but that was for version 1.3; we're now on 1.5.1, which is a little different.
My advice for people who just picked up PS Touch is to have a rudimentary understanding of Photoshop's main paradigm: Layers. From there, it's a matter of understanding the similarities and differences between the two.
e.g., Photoshop & Photoshop Elements have adjustment and layer masks but PS Touch lets you "paint" an effect onto a layer, even though it's destructive. (You can, however, mimic something like an adjustment mask by simply inserting a blank layer, filling it with neutral gray, setting the blend mode to Overlay, and then paint with the brush tool using various levels of black or white.)
Effects and adjustments like Curves and Levels work very similarly.

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  • Where do I find manuals for photoshop touch for ipad (not video tutorial)?

    Where do I find manuals for photoshop touch for ipad (not video tutorials)?

    The best way to get quickly acquainted with PS Touch is to do the built-in tutorials. There was a "quick start guide" of sorts, but as far as I know, they haven't updated it to reflect the latest version as of yet.

  • Manual for photoshop touch?

    I work best with a printed manual, but I can't find one. Any suggestions?

    We have a great set of online tutorials listed here ...
    The other thing you can do is to run through the in-app tutorials to get a first idea what's possible with PS Touch
    Other than that you can just ask questions and we answer:)
    Hope that helps

  • User manual for photoshop touch

    With a wireless Internet connection limited to 10 GB per month, I can't afford to access online tutorials....I need a user manual to download (at the library, as I am now) or a paper copy.
    I cannot find an email address that would allow me to urge Adobe to create such a manual.
    Can anyone help me on either issue?

    There's a few tutorials in PS Touch itself. There's the quick start guide too but that was a few versions back. (Some things have changed some since then, mostly UI streamlining.)
    Other than that, the best advice I can give is to set aside some time and experiment on test images. If you have a grasp of what desktop Photoshop does, you have a head start.

  • How can I ge a printed user manual for Photoshop Elements 12

    Is a printed user manual for photoshop elements 12 available?

    Hi venice50,
    I've moved your discussion to the Photoshop Elements forum. Please see this page: Photoshop Elements Learn & Support.
    Click the Previous versions links at the bottom of the Help and Tutorials list to find links to PDF versions of Photoshop Elements 12 Help. I don't know whether there are printed versions available, but the smart folks who visit this forum regularly should be able to point you to them, if they exist.

  • Is there a PDF User Manual for Photoshop Elements 10

    is there a pdf user manual for photoshop elements10 to download
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    Right click on the following page where it says View Help PDF and Save Link As (or similar wording)

  • Where can i find a dutch manual for photoshop cs6

    I'm trying to find the dutch manual for Photoshop CS6.
    There is a hyperlink available on this page Help bij Photoshop | Archief called Help bij Adobe Photoshop CS5 (PDF), but if I follow this I end up on an "error page" in English telling me that the requested page isn't available.
    Can someone provide me with this PDF-file please?
    I can download this PDF in English, but it would be so much easier for me to read and understand the subject matter in Dutch.
    So, is there anybody out there who can send it to me?

    You should ask in Photoshop General Discussion
    This forum is about the Cloud as a delivery process, not about using individual programs
    If you start at the Forums Index
    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use
    Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says All communities) to open the drop down list and scroll

  • Can one develop plug-ins for Photoshop Touch?

    I have a few Plug-ins for Photoshop CS, can I develop plug-ins for Photoshop Touch for Tablets?

    I would love for there to be a way of using my favorite plug-ins within PS Touch but I imagine that's a little more complicated than using the standard 8BF plug-in standby.

  • Where can I get a manual for Photoshop Elements 10? Am I eligible for an upgrade to 11?

    I bought my Photoshop Elements 10 last September 6th of this year and I was wondering where I could get a printed manual for the program or PDF that I could print. It is hard watching a video and then doing what they did. I would like a printed manual so I just look at the instruction and then do it. Also am I eligible for an upgrade to 11? If so, how much is the cost?
    Thanks for any response to this.

    This may help:
    I recommend the book by Barabara Brundage to you: arbara

  • Users Guide and Users Manual for iPod Touch 4?

    Has anyone located the PDFs for the "Users Guide" and "Users Manual" for iPod Touch 4? I can't seem to find them.

    In addition to the "User's Guide" there has also been a PDF "Features Guide" for each version of the iPod touch. (The one iwell provided a link for is not for the 4th generation iPod touch. (The 'at a glance' sketch shows the on/off button on the left. It's on the right on the 4th generation iPod touch.) It's possible Apple hasn't posted it yet. But I appreciate you both for trying. Thank you.

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    I wrote up my issue and then it never posted since it sent me to a different page. 
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    [posting modified to help get attention]

    Hi sharonmin,
    Please let us know the OS you are using.
    Romit Sinha

  • Why is there no download link for photoshop cs6

    why is there no download link for photoshop cs6

    And what exactly? what are you trying to download from where? Anyway, perhaps check this:
    Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant

  • User Manual for Photoshop CS6

    Can someone please send me a link where I can download the user manual for Photoshop CS6.  I'm not looking for individual help topics but an actual user manual.  I couldn't find it in the online documentation.  Thanks.

  • Paid for Photoshop Touch for iPad but it will not download and install

    I paid for Photoshop Touch for iPad2 but it will not download and install

    I tried to download from App Store directly to iPad2. I and I have an icon on the desk top but it is greyed out. When I go back to the install page the box saya "installing" but that is also greyed  out. Pushing the U[date button brings up a message "Photoshop TOUCH CANNOT BE INSTALLED AT THIS TIME.RETRY' how ever many time I retry I get the same message. Harry2320468

  • I pay for Photoshop Touch on my phone why do I have to pay again for my tablet?

    I pay for Photoshop Touch on my phone why do I have to pay again for my tablet?

    The tablet version came out some months before the phone version, if I recall.
    Not sure why the decision was made to make them two separate apps. I can say that they're practically the same app, just that one's UI is designed for tablets while the other is designed for phones. You can't use the tablet version in portrait orientation on a tablet. Likewise, you can't use the phone version in landscape orientation. This all may change. Autodesk's SketchBook tablet app could only work in one orientation (landscape) until a few versions later where it could finally change to either landscape or portrait.

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