Is there any tool to check whether the proper data is inserting or not?

We have different products A,B and C.
whenever user crates an account under these products some X,Y,Z table gets updated.
If user1 creates an account under A then X, Y, Z tables update with some data along with some ID
If user2 creates an account under A then X, Y, Z tables update with SAME DATA along with some other ID
Is there any tool to check whether the proper data is inserting (same data is inserting every time) or not?
p.s : if this thread is not related to this forum .. where can I post?

Is there any tool to check whether the proper data is inserting (same data is inserting every time) or not?You need to check the code to see that. Is the update or insert on the table has from different places? In that case it would be better to have them moved to a centralized place may be a package.
If you want to restrict the columns to specific values then you can use constraints.

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    Hi Pradeep,
    As far as I could search, there is no built-in feature to batch updating InfoPath forms, I’d suggest you consider script or third party tool. Here are the links that might help:
    Note: Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. The sites are not controlled by Microsoft. Microsoft cannot make any representations regarding the quality, safety,
    or suitability of any software or information found there. Please make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any suggestions from the above link.
    Rebecca Tu
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    On what basis you're doing the lookup? Are you using correct column for the lookup? It should be based on common columns based on which tables are related (mostly primary key column)
    Can you also show the column tab to see how you've done the mapping  ?
    Please Mark This As Answer if it helps to solve the issue Visakh ----------------------------

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    Undeleted (EKPO-LOEKZ = space) and Delivery completion Indicator not set (EKPO-ELIKZ = space).

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    Edit: sorry, I forgot to post some tech details. We're using Struts 1.2 on a Tomcat 5 app server.
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    I am not sure how Tomcat handles this, but you need to use two-way (mutual authentication) request but not enforce SSL between Tomcat and the client browser. This will make the browser prompt the user for the cert they want to send. Then you'll need to tackle the other part of your problem, getting the correct content displayed depending on whether the user sent a cert or not. I'm even less help there than I was on the first part of your question.
    So, yeah - good luck with that

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    Old versions of Photoshop are not marketed by Adobe. Only CS5 can be upgraded to CS6.  There are many scams on the web if you find a cheap copy of Photoshop out there its most likely a scam... Be careful.....

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    check the table AUFM (Goods movements for order)
    pass inputs to all the key fields.
    and another table AFPO
    try to use these tables.

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    Then you'll open a connection and then do a Select from table to retrieve information. (and close afterwards)
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    I have a selection screen in which I give the Application server file name(UNIX file) as input. Here, I would like to check whether the Server directory exists or not.
    Let us say, the path I gave in the selection screen is /usr/sap/tmp/testfile.txt . Here, the file name is testfile.txt and the server directory is /usr/sap/tmp . I would like to check whether this directory /usr/sap/tmp exists in the server or not. I am not bothered about the file name as I am going to write data into the file. I am mainly concerned about whether the directory exists in the server or not. and one more thing... this is the Application Server path not the Local path.
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    Also you can use the FM EPS_GET_DIRECTORY_LISTING for this purpose.
      Store the directory name
        l_dpath = p_file+0(l_no).
      Validate the directory of the application server
            dir_name               = l_dpath
            dir_list               = l_i_dlist
            invalid_eps_subdir     = 1
            sapgparam_failed       = 2
            build_directory_failed = 3
            no_authorization       = 4
            read_directory_failed  = 5
            too_many_read_errors   = 6
            empty_directory_list   = 7
            OTHERS                 = 8.
      If any problem occurs with the directory then display proper
      error message
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        Display error message
          MESSAGE e018 WITH 'Problem with directory entered'(008).
        ENDIF. " sy-subrc <> 0

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    I have a 3GS phone that can no longer be upgraded on my Powerbook because it is ancient and the os will only run 10.4.11, consequently iTunes will only upgrade to 9.2.1(4). Please don't answer that i need to upgrade the computer os because that has been a past nightmare i have been through too many times.
    Is there any way i can upgrade the phone w/o going to an apple store so hereafter w/ the upgrade to the new os (whenever that gets squared away), i will not need a computer to do it?
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    Solved my issue by setting up a new account on my daughter's computer. Not 100% solved, but i was able to get the update on my 3GS.

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    try to check it in C:\Reports6i\Bin
    C:\Reports6i\Bin <-- this may varry depending on the location of your reports.
    btw, are you generating a pdf file?

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    If you have the test kit installed i.e. the CTK , then you will find it under the corresponding test folder. For example , i have it under C:\Program Files (x86)\WindowsEmbeddedCompact7TestKit\tests\target\
    The test harness files , tux and kato can be found under 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\WindowsEmbeddedCompact7TestKit\harnesses\target\
    The above two files tux and kato would be required for running any tests on Windows embedded compact platforms.
    Depending on your platform , you may choose to use the corresponding binaries in the sub directory.

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