Issue with Query on a virtual infoprovider

I am getting the following error message while executing a query on a virtual infoprovider. We have recently gone through upgrade from BI 3.5 to BI 7.0 EHP1 (SP5) and from SEM BCS 4.0 to BCS 6.0.
EVersion not specified or not unique                                                             UCR0                006                   
EError reading the data of InfoProvider ZBCS_CV11                                    DBMAN             305ZBCS_CV11          
EError while reading data; navigation is possible                                          BRAIN               289                   
this query has been running fine before the upgrade. In the selection screen there are two fields - version1 and version2, if I am specifying same value in both the fields then the query runs fine and if I am providing different values then the above stated error message appears.
I have tried different settings with properties - Read mode: H,A,X and also different combination from the properties of the virtual infoprovider - with and w/o hierarchies; with and w/o navigation attributes but it did not workout.
the only thing which has changed on this virtual provider is that I had enabled delta caching as this was supposed to be used in a multiprovider.
Has anyone experienced similar issue or have an idea as to what is going wrong here. Please advice.

Hi Manish,
I have exactly the same issue with a query on a virtual infoprovider after upgrading from BI 3.5 to BI 7.0 EHP1 (SP5) and from SEM BCS 4.0 to BCS 6.0.
Would you be so kind to tell me how you fixed this. (other queries seem to be working)
Kind regards,
Jamie Flaxman

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  • Performance issues with query input variable selection in ODS

    Hi everyone
    We've upgraded from BW 3.0B to NW04s BI using SP12.
    There is a problem encountered with input variable selection. This happens regardless of using BEx (new or old 3.x) or using RSRT. When using the F4 search help (or "Select from list" in BEx context) to list possible values, this takes forever for large ODS (containing millions of records).
    Using ST01 and SM50 to trace the code in the same query, we see a difference here:
    <u>NW04s BI SQL command</u>
    "P0000"."COMP_CODE" AS "0000000032" ,"T0000"."TXTMD" AS "0000000032_TXTMD"                             
    ( "/BI0/PCOMP_CODE" "P0000" ) LEFT OUTER JOIN "/BI0/TCOMP_CODE" "T0000" ON  "P0000"."COMP_CODE" = "T0000
    "P0000"."OBJVERS" = 'A' AND "P0000"."COMP_CODE" IN ( SELECT "O"."COMP_CODE" AS "KEY" FROM              
      "/BI0/APY_PP_C100" "O" )                                                                               
    ORDER BY                                                                               
    "P0000"."COMP_CODE" ASC#                                                                               
    <u>BW 3.0B SQL command:</u>
    SELECT ROWNUM < 500 ....
    In 3.0B, rownum is limited to 500 and this results in a speedy, though limited query. In the new NW04s BI, this renders the selection screen unusable as ABAP dumps for timing out will occur first due to the large data volume searched using sequential read.
    It will not be feasible to create indexes for every single query selection parameter (issues with oerformance when loading, space required etc.). Is there a reason why SAP seems have fallen back on a less effective code for this?
    I have tried to change the number of selected rows to <500 in BEx settings but one must reach a responsive screen in order to get to that setting and it is not always possible or saved for the next run.
    Anyone with similar experience or can provide help on this?

    here is a reason why the F4 help on ODS was faster in BW 3.x.
    In BW 3.x the ODS did not support the read mode "Only values in
    InfoProvider". So If I compare the different SQL statements I propose
    to change the F4 mode in the InfoProvider specific properties to
    "About master data". This is the fastest F4 mode.
    As an alternative you can define indexes on your ODS to speed up F4.
    So would need a non-unique index on InfoObject 0COMP_CODE in your ODS
    Check below for insights
    Hope it Helps

  • Issues with Query Caching in MII

    Hi All,
    I am facing a strange problem with Query caching in MII query. Have created one xacute query and set cache duration 30 sec. The associated BLS with the query retrieves data from SAP system. In the web page this value is populated by executing an iCommand. Followings are the steps I followed -
    Query executed for first time, it retrives data from SAP correctly. Lets say value is val1
    At 10th sec Value in SAP changed to val2 from val1.
    Query excuted at 15th sec, it gives value as val1. Which is expected as it gives from cache.
    Query is executed 1t 35th sec, it gives value as val2 retriving from SAP system. Which is correct.
    Query executed at 40th sec, it gives value as val1 from cache. Which is not expected.
    I have tried with java cache clear in browser and JCo cache of the server.
    Same problem I have seen for tag query also..
    MII Version - 12.0.6 Build(12)
    Any thoughts on this.

    Soumen Mondal,
    If you are facing this problem from the same client PC and in the same session, it's very strange.. but if there are two sessions running on the same PC this kind of issue may come..
    Something about caching:
    To decide whether to cache a query or not, consider the number of times you intend to run the query in a minute. For data changing in seconds, and queried in minutes, I would recommend not to cache query at all.
    I may give a typical example for query caching in a query on material master cached for 24 hours, where we know that after creating material master, we are not creating a PO on the same day.

  • Issue with query output

    hi there,
    I have an issue with the display of hours 00:00:00 in the query output in BW.
    The system assumes it as 0 or blank and therefore display it under unassigned hour.
    I am using the reference of 0TIME for this hourly display.
    When I checked the 0TIME i could not find the corresponding SID value for 00:00:00 hours.
    Can anybody please advise what needs to be done?
    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regard,

    Hi Kate,
    I am experiencing the same problem as you: an InfoObject, created referencing 0TIME,  represented in the BEX Query as "#" when the Value is "00:00:00".
    How did you work it out?
    The Formula Variable strategy is not applicable in this case because 0TIME is not a key figure !

  • Performance issue with Query

    Hi there experts,
      I have an issue with performance with a simple SQL which I thought cannot be tuned but just wanted to check with the experts here. We are running a query to get a persons ID based on his logged in email address from a Parties table which is huge (Millions of records). The query takes about 30 seconds to return a value. Was wondering is there a way to optimize this
    The query is
    select par.party_id
    from parties party, users users
    lower(party.email_address) = lower(:USER_EMAIL)
    and party.system_reference = to_char(users.person_id)
    and users.active_flag ='Yes';
    The emails are stored in upper and lower, hence the lower functions
    IS creating a function based index the only way?

    Hi Everyone.
    Thanks and apologies, first post on tuning as such. Here is the explain plan generated through SQL DEVELOPER. IT showed the output in XML
    By the way, looks like the {code} tag does not work?
         HASH JOIN
         Access Predicates
         Access Predicates
         Filter Predicates
         Access Predicates
         LOWER(PARTY.EMAIL_ADDRESS)='[email protected]'
         Filter Predicates
         LOWER(PARTY.EMAIL_ADDRESS)='[email protected]'
    Purvesh, around 50% are 'Yes'

  • Sling mapping issue with Query String

    For a button component, URL behaves differently with query string. Please let me know the sling mapping example for query string.
    Button component behavior across env:-
    Working Scenario:-
    - In Author edit mode, URL pointing to "/content/<websitelink>"
    - In Author preview mode shows URL "<host>:<port>/content/<websitelink>.html"
    - In Publisher mode shows URL, "<host>:<port>/<websitelink>", we do not want "/content" before website link so it is fine.
    Failure Scenario with query string:-
    - In Author edit mode URL pointing to "/content/<websitelink>?username=han"
    - In Author preview mode with URL "<host>:<port>/content/<websitelink>?username=han"
    - In Publisher mode, <host>:<port>/content/<websitelink>?username=han - Here we see the content, which is not acceptable in our scenario.
    Please let me know the mapping changes when we have a URL with query string.

    1) I assume you configure as per the rules mentioned in --> 'Mapping Entry Specification' under /etc/map. Based on the configuration in /etc/map and the website that we publish, it translates and shows all the applicable combination in the Felix console http://<host>:<port>/system/console/jcrresolver.
    2) How does Adobe CQ 5.4 resolve the right mapping, if we have multiple map folder like below in /etc directory with the same website with different rules.
    etc/map --> http --> <website> with property sling:match, sling:internalRedirect
    etc/map.publish --> http --> <website> with property sling:match, sling:internalRedirect
    etc/map.publish-stag --> http --> <website> with property sling:match, sling:internalRedirect
    Kindly clarify.

  • Issue with query for AR transactions posted to GL

    Hi all,
    I'm using Oracle R12.1.3.
    I have a report similar to Account Analysis Report which displays Transactions posted to GL.
    I have the following issue:
    In the result of the report if an AR transaction has 2 lines or more I get multiplication of them. So my question is how can I identify which AR transaction line is linked to GL line number?
    Here is my query:
      SUBSTR(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(SUBSTR(CTL.DESCRIPTION, 1, 2000), CHR(13), ''), CHR(10), ''), CHR(9), ''), CHR(11), ''), CHR(12), ''), 1, 100) DESCRIPTION,
      NVL(xal.entered_dr, 0) - NVL(xal.entered_cr, 0) amount,
    WHERE 1              = 1
      --      AND GJL.STATUS || '' = 'P'
    AND ctld.customer_trx_id      = RCT.CUSTOMER_TRX_ID
    AND GJH.JE_SOURCE           = 'Receivables'
    AND XAH.EVENT_ID            = XE.EVENT_ID
    AND CA.PARTY_ID             = PARTY.PARTY_ID
    AND CTL.LINE_TYPE           = 'LINE'
    AND RCT.CUSTOMER_TRX_ID                              = 8857929
    AND GJL.JE_LINE_NUM                                  = 8866
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Stoyanov,
    Please try using the table xla_distribution_links to join with ra_cust_trx_line_gl_dist_all by using
    xla_distribution_links.source_distribution_id_num_1 = ra_cust_trx_line_gl_dist_all.cust_trx_line_gl_dist_id
    The below link gives the join conditions for various sub ledger types :
    Techincal: R12 SLA Tables connection to AP, AR, INV,Payments, Receiving
    Hope this helps.

  • Issues with query using joins in 3 tables

    I am trying to fetch data from 3 tables (Project,RIsk and Issues) using join. There are Risks associated with some projects and Issues associated with some projects.
    ProjectID is primary key in Project table.
    RiskID is primary key in risk table. ProjectID is foreign key.
    IssueID is primary key in Issue table.ProjectID is foreign Key.
    I need the projectname, count of risks for projects, count of issues for projects. I am using joins in all the 3 tables. Issue here is, its giving me double of count of risks and issues for each project.
    Please advise how can I get the correct number. I have used the below query,
    select p.projectname,count(r.riskid),count(i.issueid) from project as p
    left outer join risk as r on p.projectid=r.projecctid
    left outer join issue as i on p.projectid=i.projectid
    group by

    Hi All,
    I got a new requirement to count, the number of high priority risks as well as high priority issues along with the other details. I modified the below table to include the changes, but I am not getting the desired result. Could you please help?
    Original query:
    select p.projectname,count(distinct r.riskid), count(distinct i.issueid) from project as p
    left outer join risk as r on p.projectid=r.projecctid
    left outer join issue as i on p.projectid=i.projectid
    group by p.projectname
    Modified query:
    select p.projectname,count(distinct r.riskid),sum(case when r.riskpriority='high' then 1 else 0 end), sum(case when i.issuepriority='high' then 1 else 0 end),count(distinct i.issueid) from project as p
    left outer join risk as r on p.projectid=r.projecctid
    left outer join issue as i on p.projectid=i.projectid
    group by p.projectnameI should get the desired result as:XYZ,8,1,4,4But I am getting:XYZ,8,4,4,32thanks for the reply.

  • QueryString issues with Query Builder and Search Box

    Hi Guys,
    I've got the following scenario (Issues are bolded for quicker reading):
    I have a search results pages named results.aspx
    I have a page, named messages.aspx, with a webpart that display messages from a specific folder (which can be changed in the webpart properties). On that page, there's a search box which will lead to results.aspx, and will do search only on the specific
    On the other hand, when I'm using Content Search Web Part, I can use the query builder to do the following:
    So all I have left to do is to send the folder as a query string parameter from messages.aspx to results.aspx.
    (1) The search box doesn't support sending other QueryString parameters,
    which is also known to happen in previous SP versions, so I fixed the onclick events and voila, the folder parameter is transferred to results.aspx.
    But something weird happens in results.aspx:
    When I'm first redirected from messagses.aspx to results.aspx I get the follwing URL:
    /Pages/results.aspx?k=Washington&folder=Home - I've got results
    When another query is issued from the search box of results.aspx I'm getting the folliwing URL:
    /Pages/results.aspx?k=Washington&folder=Home#k=Indiana - I've got NO results.
    Same with paging:
    (2) When a QueryString parameter is present in the results.aspx page, and than another query (different keywords, paging or anything) is issued using AJAX and hashtags  - no results are returned.
    My guess is a client side issue: When the a new query is issued, adding a hashtag (#) to the URL, it ignores the QueryString parameter currently present in the URL, and thus the server doesn't recieve it in the query packet/http post xml, which creates a
    valid query with no results, in my case: ParentLink:"", which I manually checked and does yield no results.
    I've also tried the following with no help:
    /Pages/results.aspx#k=Washington#folder=Home - no results. my guess is that folder is now not a QueryString
    /Pages/results.aspx?folder=Home#k=Washington - No results.
    /Pages/results.aspx#k=Washington&folder=Home - The query text issued was "Washington&folder=Home" - no results of course.
    Any ideas any one?

    Hi Amir,
    after some months I found a workaround that solves this issue: just add & after your query string value, it will separate your parameter value from other strings that may be added by sharepoint controls.
    if your page is http://spsite/page.aspx?param=value
    just call it like this http://spsite/page.aspx?param=value&
    It works!

  • Issue with Query Region

    Hi All,
    I have a query region with result table, it results the data upon search creteria. each row have a update icon where user can navigates to update page to edit the information. So when user gets back to search page and clicks on clear button of query region and clicks 'GO' the page gets error out. There is nothing written for 'GO' or 'Clear' they are query region components.
    And I have question, when user click on clear and than enters some criteria it works fine , if user navigates to update page and comes back clicks 'clear' without entering search criteria and hits 'GO' its erroring out and error message displays the query appended with cleared search criteria's in where clause, saying missing parametrs in or out at index 1
    Error Message:
    Exception Details.
    oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: oracle.jbo.SQLStmtException: JBO-27122: SQL error during statement preparation
    SELECT * FROM (SELECT EO.col1, EO.col2....) .. QRSLT WHERE ((( UPPER(STATUS) = :1 AND (STATUS like :2 OR STATUS like :3 OR STATUS like :4 OR STATUS like :5))))
    Actually when I clear and click 'GO' it is trying to construct with cleared search criteria. Any explanation for this?
    and why its trying to append 'or' clause 4 times. I have 4 other LOVs in search criteria in the region with Status message choice.
    Thanks in Advance.

    can you try this? don't navigate to update page enter some crieteria and then click on GO and then again press clear button and then again click on GO and check, is it working fine?
    This works fine, the issue when I navigate back from update page. please find the below code in processFormRequest
    , null, (byte)0, null, null, true, "Y", (byte)99);
    if(pageContext.getParameter("Cancel") != null)
    , null, (byte)0, null, null, true, "N");
    public void rollback()
    Transaction txn = getTransaction();
    Anyway Thanks for reply.
    Nooker Satya

  • Issue with query involving remote tables

    Hi I have a query inside a procedure that has 4 union all statements ,2 of which are based on tables at a remote database.
    The query is something like
    Select col1, col2, col3…..col n from Table_a, table_b, table c where join condition and certain hard-coded conditions based on run time parameters
    Union all
    Select col1, col2, col3…..col n from Table_a, table_b , table c where some join condition and certain hard-coded conditions based on run time parameters
    Union all
    Select col1, col2, col3…..col n from [email protected]_db, [email protected]_db, table [email protected]_db where join condition and certain hard-coded conditions based on run time parameters
    Union all
    Select col1, col2, col3…..col n from Table_a @remote_db, table_b @remote_db, table [email protected] remote_db where some join condition and certain hard-coded conditions based on run time parameters
    The join conditions on the tables are quite good and when executed individually bring data in good time.The queries on the remote database also run fine when I execute them in the remote database.
    However when I run this query, it doesn’t get data at all and after hours of running I have to cancel or kill it.I don’t get anything in the long-ops and in the wait class it just shows “SQL*Net message from dblink” or “SQL*Net more data to dblink”.
    I thought that there could be some latency issues AND the data retreival over the dblink could be slow, so I tried the /*+driving_site(rmote table alias)*/ hint , after which it comes up in the long ops as its reading from Table a/ table b from my current database but the wait time is something like millions of seconds and it runs forever.
    The issue is Table A and Table B both in the remote and the current database are huge tables with at least 40-50 million records in them.
    Can anyone suggest an easy way out in this scenario, other than the hard way of re-designing the entire program(which I am afraid I might have to in the end).

    @metzquar I Put the hint in the unions where I am accessing the remote tables
    @blushadow .. i was thinking about that but as these remote tables are in a sort of archived database, I dont think I will be allowed to create a mview.But thats a good suggestion.
    @Earth.. I tried that , but the table population itself gets very time consuming

  • Sap bi authorizations issue with query designer..

    i am using bw 3.x and bi 7 query designer with different kind of probs?...
    i am able to see the info provider  in query desinger 3.x. but i can see only cubes .i am not able to find dso or infosets or multiprovider.. can anyone suggest is there any authorizations issues..please suggest.
    and with BI 7 query designer i am not able to see info providers in info areas folder to design a query..
    please suggest if any authorizations should be added or not

    hi suman chakravar,
    thanks for replying,
    can u be little bit clear about the steps.
    i went to tcode su01 and entered profile doesnt work.
    and executed tcode su56.there i can find list of BI related authorization profiles
    i added s_rs_all profile to my user. even then i face the same problem.
    i can see only queries in query designer of bi 7 format and i can not view info providers.
    i can view only cube and infosets and i can not view dso and multiproviders in bw 3.x type query designer
    Edited by: satishchow on Dec 14, 2011 3:23 PM

  • Issue with query performance

    I have a multi provider with 2 cubes & 3 ODS & 1 info object.
    On top of this MP queries are built. All the queries are in 3.5
    It takes more then 30 min to execute each query.
    Now we are planning to replace all 3.5 queries in 7.
    We will build cube on top of 3 ODS. New MP will have 3 cubes & 1 Info object.
    My issue is, the other 2 cubes are too large. We have around 4 million records in each.
    And i need only few fields from these cubes.
    Is there any way I can have less load on MP?
    What would be the best approach to improve query performance?

    Hello Gowri,
    I think you should take the help of Aggregates.
    You may create aggregates on the 2 large cube, using the characteristics
    that you are using in the Query.
    Since that cubes are having large amount of data, the use of aggregates will consideraly
    reduce the Data manager time i.e. time spent by the query in retriving data from info-provider.
    for more details on aggregates please refer the following link:
    Thanx and regards

  • Issue with Query and its Bookmark

    Hi All,
    I have query which after execution shows Kf1 along with Ch1. Basically it has Kf 1,2,3 (2,3 are in hide can be shown).
    It was working fine, suddenly today I'm able to see a error message displaying as "Could not find any data to display. This might be due to the current selection of variable or filter values " by seeing this message intially i thought there was no data but after further investigation i found that data was there for Kf1.
    Then I cleared all Columns (i mean to say displayed all KF1,2,3) then i was able to see data for Kf1 which is fine and then i bookmarked it and tried to execute the bookmark but unfortunately it was again showing the same error message.
    Now I have 2 questions:
    1. Even though there is data for Kf1 which is by default in Display why the error message is shown?
    2. Why the bookmark is not working which is saved with correct values?
    Would be waiting for the responses.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Nazeer,
    I just couldn't get what you mean by clearing all columns. If you have only made the other key figures visible, the result wouldn't change (You may see data for KF2 and 3 but 0 for KF1, possibly you are suppressing zero values) I think the two runs you have made has some differences in filter or variable selections if KF1 is not 0 in the second run. Please start from beginning, check the definition of KF1 (is it a RKF having some filters), does the query have any other restriction so that there is no data for KF1.
    About  your second question there may be some problem reading cache, you may clean the buffer and add the bookmark again. But I strongly suggest that you do the first checks I mention. Make sure that there is data for KF1, then we will search what is wrong with the bookmark.

  • Issue With Query In SQ01

    Hi All,
      We are Using SQ01 query to Generate On report, But the Problem is when iam Trying to Retrive Large amount of data, Few Commercial Contracts are not printing on the query out put, But if i execute to retrive small amount of Data That time iam Getting proper out put with out missing any commercial contract numbers..... Could any body suggest us what could be the problem,
    Thank you very much

    There is no reason for the query to miss any record but nothing happens by chance and it must be our program which is causing this.
    Just to help me understand, when you debug possibly put a breakpoint on select <main table> and check if the commercial contract which is not appearing in the list is being selected. if it is being selected in select then is it being dropped before Endselect or it is not being selected by select query.

Maybe you are looking for