ITunes Using Up 100% of CPU

For some reason iTunes was using 100% of my CPU, for some reason I thought the iTunes library may have been corrupt, making iTuunes use 100% of my CPU when I started it. So I deleted my .itl file and imported all of my music again, so now all my songs are in iTunes and it seemed to work. Then, as part of my settings, I turned on the souncd check, now iTunes uses 100% of my CPU and doesn't respond when I open it, how can I fix this?

Sorry. I did a search, and a lot of threads came up. The one I chose, I thought, explained WHY it happened.
Maybe you'd get answers more helpful to you, if you went throught the search results.
Sorry I wasn't of any assistance.

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  • ITunes uses almost 100% of CPU and slows PC down

    Recently I decided to start using my iPod touch 4G again and downloaded the latest version of iTunes.
    Upon launch, iTunes acts normally until about 4-5 minutes of being open (just in idle). It then happily proceeds to use up 100% of my CPU load and slows my entire PC down to a halt, even once I've closed it (iTunes).
    I've tried re-installing it, downloading a different version, disconnecting from the internet, practically everything and yet the problem persists.
    My PC specs are as follows:
    Amd FX Piledriver 8-Core FX-8350 @ 4.0GHz
    Powercolour HD7990 Devil 13
    G-Skill 1866Mhz 16Gb memory
    OCZ Vector 128Gb HDD / WD Caviar Green 3TB
    So I can assure you, this is NOT hardware related.
    I've tried the following method with no results.
    1) Click Start and type "cmd" (without the quotes) DO NOT press enter or Ok yet.
    2) Right click "cmd" in the search results at the top of the start menu and select "Run as Administrator".
    3) In the command window, type "netsh" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    4) In the next prompt, type "winsock" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    5) In the next prompt, type "reset" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    6) Reboot the PC. (Do not skip this step)
    I've also been through the list of conflicting software and have none of the mentioned.
    I'm running Windows 7 with the latest updates.
    I'm getting extremely frustrated now. ANY help would be appreciated.

    Sorry. I did a search, and a lot of threads came up. The one I chose, I thought, explained WHY it happened.
    Maybe you'd get answers more helpful to you, if you went throught the search results.
    Sorry I wasn't of any assistance.

  • ITunes is hogging 100% of CPU. Tried "netsh winsock reset" fix already

    I recently upgraded to 10.5 and iOS5. I had a similar problem to many in the community related to the sync getting stuck in the "back up" portion, so I tried the solution proposed by a bunch of people re: "netsh winsock reset" and I can now sync, but I still have the issue of iTunes and APSDaemon hogging nearly 100% of CPU. Anyone else having the same problem? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

    I'm having similar problems after the 10.5 upgrade on Vista. Tried the repair option in Control Panel, then uninstalled and did a fresh installation thinking it might have been due to the Apple upgrade installer but I'm still having the same problems. I've got 3gb of RAM but I can't even do something like writing an email at the same time as using iTunes without it beeping at me.

  • Quicktime desktop recording use almost 100% of cpu!

    When the video recording of the desktop is on, my Macbook pro (2.4 GHz, 8 Go ram, mid-2010) become really slow. Quicktime then use near 100% of the CPU. So I can't do the task I whant to record (someting like a tutorial).
    Is there a solution for this? I tried Voila app and IT WORK PERFECTLY. So, what's the deal with quicktime?

    Thanks for the reply,
    Turned flash off but it made no difference, Facebook home page still shoots Firefox cpu up to 100%.

  • ITunes using a lot of CPU

    I had been using iTunes for a few hours on my Powerbook and noticed it was using a lot of cpu (about 30-40%) for just playing a song.
    I quit the application, and then noticed the following message in my console at around that time:
    Jan 19 17:23:16 My-Powerbook mDNSResponder: -1: DNSServiceResolve("My Music", "daap.tcp.", "local.") failed: Client id -1 invalid (-65549)
    This looks like it was doing some DNS operation that couldn't be completed?
    The application now is working fine after restarting it with the usual sub-10% activity level.
    This is iTunes 6.0.2 and the ministore is disabled. Playing was just to local speakers from the local library.
    Thanks for any help

    ..Step by Step to fix your Mac
    They will just say it's a software problem you need to fix most likely.
    However if you have exhausted your software fixes and/or Hardware Test gives something, it could be a hardware problem, but likely it's software for what your mentioning.

  • Tasks using over 100% of CPU?

    There are a few Root tasks that occasionally use more than 100% of my CPU according to my Activity Monitor. One of them was at 148% at one point.
    There is usually just one Root task that uses that much CPU whenever I open my Macbook from sleep or it just happens at random times. And the only way to stop it is to force quit the task that is making it do that. It all started after I was ripping a DVD using iSkySoft and it froze so I had to force quit. Once it quit, the CPU problem came up.
    Why does it do this? Do I just have to check the Activity Monitor every now and then to delete the Root tasks that use a lot of CPU? Is there a way to permanently make it stop?

    Well the root task problem stopped but now I just turned on the computer and Finder was using about 80% CPU for some reason but it seems to be working now after I quit it in Activity Monitor and brought it back up again.

  • AppleMobileDevice using upto 100% of CPU, pls help

    I have recently downloaded itunes and since then I'm having major problems.
    When i start up the computer the AppleMobileDevice is using 100% of the CPU and won't allow me to do anything until the process is stopped.  When i do finally get on to itunes i cannot connect to ITunes store.
    I have tried removing all of the Itunes, apple software and quicktime and reloading it but the same problem still occurs.
    Any advice please?

    ssls6 wrote:
    4) I would remove finder plist files ( from ~/Library/Preferences)
    This is less effective than it once was because Mavericks caches plist files, so even if you trash the plist file(s) it will continue to use the cached versions, & if anything in one of them is updated, the cached version gets written back to the Preferences folders, making it harder than it used to be to get rid of corrupted ones.
    Supposedly, you can force the cached version to be flushed with a "defaults read" Terminal command, but you need to know which domain name to use with the command for this to work. (See the man page for defaults for the appropriate syntax.)
    For some plist files an immediate restart does the same thing, but unfortunately many Finder plist files are updated at shutdown or log out time, so this is sort of hit or miss.

  • Premiere cc & media encoder update and it doesn't use anymore 100% of cpu,why?

    i don't like always to update programs
    but yesterday i update premiere to version 7.2.2 and adobe media encoder and others , in short i updated everything
    well i started to render a video and i noticed that adobe media encoder (during the rendering) did not use all my cpu
    in the prev , i used the 90% of my cpu
    my cpu it's the last intel 4 core (8 vitual) 4Ghz
    but the new verstion uses not more then 50% , don't know how much gpu does it use , can't find a program to monitor under w8.1 pro 64bit
    what's wrong?
    is there a way (option) to let media encoder to use all my 100% cpu?
    is there a way to check how much gpu does it use?

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for your reply.
    It doesn't appear to be the problem though. The encode I have running at the moment has been going for the last 13 hours and in the last two hasn't once got any further along!
    Current elapsed time for a 30 minute film going to MPG2 is 13 hours and 18 minutes! Seems a touch excessive for just muxing!
    Any other ideas? Would be really grateful for any advice as Adobe Media Encoder is becoming very unreliable and I have tonnes of encoding to do!
    Many thanks

  • 2 GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, , iTunes running at 100% of CPU

    Is there any logical reason why my CPU is being completely (100%) dominated by iTunes? I've read a lot about people being upset with 60% usage when downloading songs and listening to music. I can't even watch a movie, with nothing running but iTunes, and without being connected to the internet. What can I do to make it a at least a little bit better? Please help!!

    Yes, it is. I would be happy just to get it down to 60% CPU usage instead of 100% when watching videos.

  • Problem with oracle using up 100% of CPU

    Could anyone tell me what cause oracle to use up all the clock cycle?
    This problem occured when I tried to load a jar file to the server and it paused at the resolving stage for a really long time without any errors.
    I checked under task manager and found that the cpu is taking up 97-99% by Oracle.exe.

    Originally posted by Peter Duong ([email protected]):
    Could anyone tell me what cause oracle to Hi,
    In order to confirm whether resolving is taking much time during loading,can you load it without the resolve option of loadjava and find out how much time does it take.

  • Why does iTunes use 100% CPU all the time, hogging my Macbook Air?

    Decided to post this here instead of the iTunes forum, since it might be related to hardware too.
    New owner of a 2011 13" Macbook Air, core i5 based.
    My problem started about 1 week ago, after it had run out of power completely one day. At the first boot after that it was incredibly sluggish, totally unusable. After waiting for 5 minutes and still being unresponsive, I turned it off and then back on. Then it booted fine. HOWEVER, ever since that time I noticed the following behavior:
    - iTunes stays at 100% + CPU all the time, mostly between 100-120%. Even if it's not playing. Even when I deleted the entire library and left it empty.
    - iStats reports CPU idle between 50-65%. However, CPU temperature is still about 55 degrees C (which, I think, is far less than what it should have been with 50% idle cpu). I can confirm the low temperature by touching the chasis.
    - the cursor freezes and jumps every few seconds, making the mac kind of unusable with iTunes open.
    This has been going on for 2 weeks now. The problem goes away every now and then (iTunes sometimes goes back to regular CPU usage of 3-5%), but most of the time it's there.
    Mac OX X 10.7.2
    iTunes 10.5.2

    Cee Pee You, is a OS modification. Apple recommends that you un-install these prior to a OS update because Apple makes changes to the OS all the time which breaks programs like these.
    I avoid Unsanity LLC products like the plague. Notice the company is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), which makes it difficult to sue the company in case of a defective or malicious product. So the risk using their products is all yours. Their APE framework modules have been used for malicious purposes because anyone can write a module that uses the APE framework.
    I also avoid installing anything that requires a administrative password unless I completely trust the source, like Apple mostly. That admin password is the key to the security of our machines, not to be given out lightly or carelessly.
    You'll have to contact Unsanity's [email protected] because what I'm reading online is it's very difficult to remove as it doesn't "exist".

  • Itunes uses 100% of CPU

    Hi, I've got Itunes 10.0.2 on a MacBook witch Mac OS X 10.7.5
    My problem is that Itunes process after few minutes starts to use the 100% of the CPU, and the program doesn't exit if I try to; the only solution is to force the closing of the program.
    What can I do?

    Sorry Itunes 11.0.2

  • Itunes uses 100% cpu

    There has been a great deal of discussion and comment about Itunes consuming 100% of CPU on my windows laptop. I have seen various solutions but have to say none of them actually work for me. I have disabled the Apple exe for itunes startup but of course this is not a solution its just sticking plaster. Does anyone know of a certain way of resolving this please.

    Close your iTunes,
    Go to command Prompt -
    (Win 7/Vista) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES, right mouse click "Command Prompt", choose "Run as Administrator".
    (Win XP SP2 & above) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/Command Prompt
    In the "Command Prompt" screen, type in
    netsh winsock reset
    Hit "ENTER" key
    Restart your computer.
    If you do get a prompt after restart windows to remap LSP, just click NO.
    Now launch your iTunes and see if it is working now.
    If you are still having these type of problems after trying the winsock reset, refer to this article to identify which software in your system is inserting LSP:
    iTunes 10.5 for Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store

  • Itunes uses 100% of cpu, Whats the deal?

    Is there any solution to this problem out there?

    Same problem on XP system.
    iTunes 10.5 installed. AppleMobileService.exe and iTunes now hogging 100% (50% each) of CPU.
    Tried complete de-install of apple software as per previous guidance for same problem with 10.4.
    This does not solve the problem with 10.5.
    Apple - anwers / software bug fix required please!

  • Itunes consumes 100% of CPU 15 seconds after startup

    I was using iTunes 8, and experienced the following very annoying problem : 15 seconds after startup, the itunes application starts to consume 100% of CPU, and the application is not responding anymore. If I started to play a file within those 15 seconds, the file continues to play normally, but I cannot stop it anymore, and I cannot work on my PC (as 100% of CPU is taken by iTunes).
    I tried to upgrade to iTunes 9.2, but the problem persists.
    Any idea what can be the cause of this problem ? It prevents me to use iTunes on my PC.
    Config of the PC :
    - Windows XP
    - 1 Gbyte RAM
    - AMD 1.14 GHz

    Sorry Itunes 11.0.2

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