Key Figure units in Fact Table - Error

All -
When a run a report off of a cube, some row display 0 when there are corresponding values in my cube.  The report doesn't agree with LISTCUBE.  I have ran transaction RSRV on my cube and tested the "Key figure units in fact tables of Infocube" and I get an error saying that 1380 units are missing from fact table.
In the fact table /BIC/FEU_FRCTS records have been found that contain values other than zero for key figures that have units, but that have no value for the unit of the key figure. Since the value of the unit has to correspond to the value of the key figure, this inidicates an error when the data was loaded. The values of the units have not been loaded into BW correctly. Choose Details to display the incorrect records.</b>
Does anyone know what this error means? How do I solve this problem?

hi Nyrvole,
as the message said, you have keyfigures with unit but the unit value not filled, click 'detail' as suggested to check which keyfigure(s) involved, that go to rsd2 type in that keyfigure and see which infoobject unit is used, then check transfer/update rules how this unit infoobject mapped, try correct the values and upload again.
there is option 'repair' in rsrv but think in this case it can't fix the error, just try.
hope this helps.

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  • Key figure units in fact tables of InfoCube are blank

    I run RSRV - Key figure units in fact tables for my cube and found the following error message. I found one SAP note 941895 - RSRV test fails with unknown error, but our system status is SAPKW70020, so this note is not useful to our case. Pls advise!
    System message:
    The test Unit of key figures in fact tables for InfoCube XXX initial had to be terminated due to an unknown error (RSRV320).
    Many thanks!

    Hi Raja,
    Check that in your transformation you have mapped Unit from source system to this key figure. If not then you will have to do the mapping and reload the data. If you are not able to get unit from source system then atleast you will have to assign some constant Unit if possible.

  • Trying to create a fact table,error:unable to extend temp segement

    Using Oracle 10.2g
    create materialized view facts_table
    (     s_id
    ,     g_id
    ,     sb_id
    ,     sc_id
    ,     y_id)
    refresh with rowid
    as      select s.s_id
    ,     g.g_id
    ,     sb.sb_id
    ,     sc.sc_id
    ,     y.academicyear
    from      student s
    ,     grade g
    ,     subject sb
    ,     school sc
    ,     comqdhb.teachinggroup y;
    ERROR at line 3:
    ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 1024 in tablespace POSTGRADSI am creating the fact table as materialized view because its specified for us.
    I am trying to create a fact table from the dimension tables and its giving this error
    what is the mistake kindly help.
    Also when creating the fact table do all the columns need to be foreign keys compulsorily.
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    Edited by: Trooper on Jan 10, 2009 6:37 AM

    Well basically what your saying is absolutely right
    I realized what i am doing right now is stupendous blunder.
    Basically my aim is there are 5 dimensional tables that are created
    Student->s_id primary key,upn(unique pupil no),name
    Grade->g_id primary key,grade,exam_level,values
    Subject->sb_id primary key,subjectid,subname
    School->sc_id primary key,schoolno,school_name
    year->y_id primary key,year(like 2008)
    s_id,g_id,sb_id,sc_id,y_id are sequences
    select * from student;
    9062 1027 MELISSA ANNE       f  13-OCT-81
    9000 rows selected
    select * from grade;
          G_ID GRADE      E_LEVEL         VALUE
            73 A          a                 120
            74 B          a                 100
            75 C          a                  80
            76 D          a                  60
            77 E          a                  40
            78 F          a                  20
            79 U          a                   0
            80 X          a                   0
    18 rows selectedThese are basically the dimensional views
    Now according to the specification given, need to create a fact table as facts_table which contains all the dim tables primary keys as foreign keys in it.
    The problem is when i say,I am going to consider a smaller example than the actual no of dimension tables 5 lets say there are 2 dim tables student,grade with s_id,g_id as p key.
    create materialized view facts_table(s_id,g_id)
    select  s.s_id,g.g_id
    from   (select distinct s_id from student)s
    ,         (select distinct g_id from grade)gThis results in massive duplication as there is no join between the two tables.But basically there are no common things between the two tables to join,how to solve it?
    Consider it when i do it for 5 tables the amount of duplication being involved, thats why there is not enough tablespace.
    I was hoping if there is no other way then create a fact table with just one column initially
    create materialized view facts_table(s_id)
    select s_id
    from student;then
    alter materialized view facts_table add column g_id number;Then populate this g_id column by fetching all the g_id values from the grade table using some sort of loop even though we should not use pl/sql i dont know if this works?
    Any suggestions.
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  • Key figure definition in BEx gives "Error loading template 0QUERY_TEMPLATE"

    On a BI 7.0 system I try to run a query in the BEx Analyzer and after I have the result in Excel. I wants to see the key figure definition by right clicking in a data cell.
    Then I get this error message after the browser has started up.
    Error loading template 0QUERY_TEMPLATE
    Notification Number BRAIN 276  
    Any ideas how this can be?
    Kind regards, Bjarne

    Please check the below path in BI and set the template "0ANALYSIS_PATTERN" there:
    SPRO ->SAP Netweaver -> BI ->Settings for reporting and analysis ->BEX Web -> Set Standard Web Templates -> Ad-hoc analysis -> set the above template and save it.
    check wether it works afterwords or not.
    This is the standard web template called every time when we execute our query's.

  • How to create unique key column in ROLAP fact table?

    Hi all,
    Is there a way to create a single column primary key (or unique index) on my ROLAP cube (and fact tables) in OWB? if so, what I should do in my mappings?
    - Andrew

    Have you all conformed dimensions between the two facts?

  • No Fact table error on every report after upgrading frm11.1.1.5 to

    All the dashboard reports were working fine on version After upgrading to i am getting below error
    I have followed all the In-place upgrade steps and all were finished without any errors.
    [2013-03-17T21:44:08.000+00:00] [OracleBIServerComponent] [TRACE:3] [USER-34] [] [ecid: 62a0baeaae7f41bf:-31b079a9:13d6cea7626:-8000-0000000000004616] [tid: 12d8] [requestid: 68fd0001] [sessionid: 68fd0000] [username: Administrator] -------------------- Query Status: [nQSError: 14025] No fact table exists at the requested level of detail:
    Any help is appreciated

    After applying patch to make it everything worked. All reports working without any issues.

  • APO key figures - units of measure

    I am using APO V5.1.
    Via RSA1 I have created a key figure of data type Quantity and unit = 0UNIT.
    I have assigned this key figure to my planning area and planning book.
    The planning area has unit of measure = CAS, and this is the unit of measure shown for my new key figure in interactive planning.
    How can I change the unit of measure for my new key figure to D(ays)?
    Thanks for any advice...

    Thanks for this reply.
    I have followed your advice...
    I have a key figure with data type 'Number'.
    In interactive planning, this key figure is appearing with a blank uom.
    In the planning book design, on the 'key figure attributes' tab, I cannot however make any changes to the key figure attributes including uom, as they are greyed out.
    Any ideas on this?

  • Calculated key figures are returning the word "ERROR"

    Hi All,
    the calculated key figures which i used in one query are displaying the word  "ERROR" at the end of the results as part of each cells formatting.But when i copied the same query to my system then its not showing the word error and even i created one more query which is a replica of the first one and then also iam not getting the error .
    what might be the cause of this issue . kindly suggest me how to control the word error in the out put

    you can control the way BW displays exceptions with customizing (SPRO) transaction RSCUSTV4.
    identify differences of these settings in your systems and apply them accordingly.
    hope this helps...

  • How map to my particular table to the fact table in obiee 11g...

    Hi friends,
    I did this simple report in obiee 11g(i.e)
    For that i used the following tables:
    per_all_assignments_f----->fact table
    hr_all_organization_units----->dim table(containing departments)
    per_all_people_f---------------->dim table(containing nationality)
    I made all the mappings in the physical diagram, as also viewed my report in BI answers
    It shows the following results like
    The problem is for me it is showing the above results, but the nationality column is of various codes of the country.
    Since i doesnt want the code of the nationalitian to display in the results..i need the meaning of each and every nationality..
    Since i know that the meaning for the nationalitian is available in "FND_LOOKUP_VALUES"...okay..
    I can import "FND_LOOKUP_VALUES" table to the physical layer...but how i can able to give the mapping to the fact table in my physical diagram...
    In my report the fact table is "per_all_assignments_f"
    As my fact table doesnt contains any matching column corresponding to the dimension table "FND_LOOKUP_VALUES".....
    Then how i can give mappings to the fact column???? for viewing the full meaning of the nationalitian in my report.....Help me friends...

    Hi bifact,
    I followed the step that U asked me to go but im stuck with later.....
    *) I saved the query that i executed in toad with the columns showing country codes and country meaning to the excel sheet...
    This is the query that i executed in toad and copied data s in excel sheet..
    select z.lookup_code, z.meaning
    from per_all_people_f e, per_all_assignments_f f, hr_all_organization_units h, fnd_lookup_values z where
    e.person_id = f.person_id and f.organization_id = h.organization_id and e.business_group_id = f.business_group_id
    and f.business_group_id = h.business_group_id and f.location_id = h.location_id
    AND z.lookup_type(+) = 'NATIONALITY'AND z.lookup_code(+) = e.nationality and sysdate between
    e.effective_start_date and e.effective_end_date and e.nationality is not null
    *) After that i created a system DSN for the excel drive..
    *) After that when i tried to import metadata of the excel data that is saved, it showed me connection failed...
    For importing this excel data
    what connection details i need to give:--------------------
    as well as user name and also password...
    Soon after importing this excel you said that to give key connection only to fnd_lookup_tables(dim) and that excel data..
    if so, again im not giving key connection to my fact table..
    I think again the same error will occur that no logical mapping is not made to fact so again repository is inconsistent...
    Hi bifact sorry to ask you, but can you see the steps that i followed is correct and after that wat more steps i need to proceed..Can you tell me in breif manner...Thanks for your help...

  • Report Painter - Characteristic cannot be combined with key figures

    I have added a new field (ZZABTEI) to the report structure CCSS and using that field as a characteristic in the report. But when I execute the report, it is giving the error "Characteristic ZZABTEI cannot be combined with key figures". Can anyone help me to solve this issue.
    Thank you,

    There no code for this. I had to add the new field to CCSS structure. Then there were some configuration to be done. Then this message is got when the report in the report painter is executed. The details of this error message is as follows :
    Characteristic ZZABTEI cannot be combined with key figures
    Message no. GR410
    Characteristic ZZABTEI is being used in a report with a key figure that does not match this characteristic.
    System Response
    The system cancels generation.
    Check the report definition: the key figures used must be compatible with characteristic ZZABTEI. For examples of useful combinations of characteristics and key figures, see the SAP standard reports.
    Technical explanation: The Report Writer table assigned to the report is defined as a view with multiple database tables (somewhat similar to Report Writer table CCSS) and a key figure used in the report refers to a database table which does not contain characteristic ZZABTEI.
    Example 1 for table CCSS: If the 'cost' or 'quantity' key figures are used in a report (referring to tables COSP and COSS), you cannot use the 'Statistical key figure' (only occurs in table COSR) characteristic in the rows. On the contrary, using the 'Cost element' (tables COSP and COSS) characteristic is not permitted for the 'Statistical quantity' (table COSR) key figure.
    Example 2 for table CCSS: If a report only displays line item data (key figures IE... or PE...), you cannot use the 'PERBL' characteristic, because it is only valid for summary data. You have to use the 'PERIO' characteristic for line item data.
    Thank you,

  • Making fact table

    im having a relationship in the physical layer:
    T1--< T2 --< T3 --< FactTable >-- T4
    The fact table also has many to 1 relationship to another table which has its own relationships to other tables but the problematic area is here.
    I wanted to change this relationship in the business model to be fact table will have many to one relationship to all the table (including T1 and T2) to resemblance a star schema, removing the relationship between T1 to T2 and T2 to T3 (the complete design is much more complicated so im trying to do some muscling to reduce the complexity).
    In the business model and mapping layer, i do:
    1. Created 2 new column in factTable T1key and T2 key. (obviously no T3 key column needed since fact table already contains that)
    2. In the logical source table of the factTable, i added T2 and T3, making the relationship there such as:
    factTable - T3: inner join
    T3 - T2 : inner join
    3. Navigate to the column mapping tab:
    - map T1key to t1key (foreign key of T1 table that T2 table contains) in T2 table
    - map T2key to t2key (foreign key of T2 table that T3 table contains) in T3 table
    4. Navigate to the foreign key tab:
    - adding foreign key from factTable to T2 on factTable.T2Key = T2.t2Key
    - adding foreign key from factTable to T3 on factTable.T3Key = T3.t3Key
    I already has the "flag allow logical foreign key join creation" checked
    => when i try to create new analysis with a column from t1,t2,t3,t4 => error: No fact table exists at the requested level of detail.
    This has happened to me before when i dont create the foreign key in the physical layer and doing it on the business model layer..... Im thinking the foreign key i created at step 4 also somehow ignored by BI thus the problem... What am i missing??

    I found it very difficult to understand your problem.
    Based on what i understood
    T1 < T2 = 1:M
    T2 < T3 = 1:M
    T3 < Fact = 1:M
    T4< Fact = 1:M
    simplest way to represent this as Star in BMM is
    Create a Logical Table T3 with T3, T1 and T2 in the LTS
    Create logicla table T4 and Fact
    So you will have a perfect star in BMM T3< Fact> T4.
    In physical layer it is still going to snowflake T1< T2< T3<Fact>T4 whatever you do.
    So I think you are complicating things too much by adding T2 and T3 in Fact logical table.
    Hope it helps.

  • Problems with 2 fact tables

    I use cmw2_ procedures to create dimensions and cubes.
    My cube has three dimensions.
    I have 2 fact views - one includes 3 dimensions,
    another - 2 dimensions.
    I tried to map measures to these fact tables - error: exact fetch return more than requested number of rows.
    How can i solve these problem?
    Sorry for my english.

    A time dimension (or date dimension for that matter) are quite independent and you can find N good generic time/date dim structures out there (with proper Y/M/DAGO keys, calendar vs fiscal rollups etc etc).
    But if you only want to create a single common time/date dim based on what you have in your facts, you can just follow (as a quick win before thinking about how to structure a physical time/date dim) Stewarts basic example here:
    "Building a Date Dimension" a bit further down the page.

  • SSIS Fact table load

    Hi Experts,
    Need you valuable suggestion.
    I am loading a fact table which is having 16 look ups to get the surrogate keys from dimensions.Volume is around 3million.
    It is taking lot of time to load the table (around 3-4 hours). Is it because of large number of lookup in a single package?
    can you please give some design tips to reduce my load time? Also I am having 6 date fields to lookup with Date dim. Is there any way to get connection once and use it ? I came to know about cache manager for that. Can anyone please help me to understand

    hi, I am now doing the same action with you,
    loading a fact table which is having 14 look ups to get the surrogate keys from dimensions, while I encounter tough errors when executing fact table, errors are here:
    [FactoryLookup [352]] Error: Row yielded no match during lookup. 
    [FactoryLookup [352]] Error: The "component "FactoryLookup" (352)" failed because error code 0xC020901E occurred, and the error row disposition on "output "Lookup Output" (354)" specifies failure on error. An error occurred on the specified object of the
    specified component. 
    [DTS.Pipeline] Error: The ProcessInput method on component "FactoryLookup" (352) failed with error code 0xC0209029. The identified component returned an error from the ProcessInput method. The error is specific to the component, but the error is fatal and
    will cause the Data Flow task to stop running. 
    [DTS.Pipeline] Error: Thread "WorkThread0" has exited with error code 0xC0209029. 
    I have no idea where goes wrong, Could you please help me?
    Thanks a lot.

  • How to set db schema in fact tables

    I have one mapping with one table(table1) pointing to one fact table (fact1).
    This fact table has two dimensions located in two different schemas. I already deployed those dimensions and tables and its ok.
    My problem is: when I open the mapping editor and ask to generate the mapping to create the package to populate the fact table,
    I can see why I can not deploy it (PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist).
    My query is: SELECT (fields) FROM schema.table1, table2 ,table3 WHERE....
    I cant set the schema property from my table (table1), but I cant´t do the same with the table2 and table3 (both tables related to dimensions). i don´t have this option!
    I don´t understand why this happen because both dimensions are ok. They are in two different modules and the locations are ok too.
    I understand that the mapping needs the dimension keys to populated the fact table, but I really don´t know how to set this schema property. If i can´t do that,
    i don´t know how to "fix" this problem. If a can´t set this schema property, how can I deploy this mapping whitout this???!!!!
    I´m using the 10.2 version.
    Thanks o lot!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is what really happens in my example.
    Look the "Generation Results" :
    "TEMP_TABLE"."Value1" "Value1",
    "TEMP_TABLE"."Value2" "Value2",
    "DIMENSION1"."ID" "ID",
    "DIMENSION2"."ID" "ID"
    "DIMENSION1" "DIMENSION1", -> i can´t do the same here
    "DIMENSION2" "DIMENSION2" -> i can´t do the same here
    ( "DIMENSION1"."key" = "TEMP_TABLE"."key" ) AND
    ( "DIMENSION2"."key" = "TEMP_TABLE"."key" )
    I already tried to use 3 DB-Modules but I have the same problem. :o(
    I don´t know what to do!!!!!!!

  • Self join with fact table in Obie 10G

    I am a newbie to obiee.I have a development requirement as follows-
    I need to find supervisors designation with the existing star RPD design. explanation is below
    3 dimension is joined to fact to get employee, his supervisor and designation of employee. now i want to get the supervisor's designation? how is it possible? already employee and supervisor dimension is same W_employee_d table joined with fact as alias DIM_EMPLOYEE and DIM_SUPERVISOR. how to do self join with fact to get supervisor's designation. i do not have any supervisor_desig_wid in fact table. any help is deeply appreciated.

    Yes,Duplicate the fact table create a primary key on the newly fact table alias dimension table.So you can ur data modelling as usual.

Maybe you are looking for

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