Know steps names of called sequence file using sequence call step type in TestStand

    I have a problem in accessing step names in called sequence file using "Sequence call"step type in TestStand 4.0.
I would list out all step names of called sequence file. Is it possible to do through C#.NET? If, yes, Please explain to me in detail with possible example.
Thank you,

Hey RKK,
I want to first set your expectations for the forums.  This is not a place for people to review and rewrite your code for you; this is a place for specific and general questions.  I am not saying your question in this thread is inappropriate, because it is a good questions.  We should just not post code and ask others to fix it here.  If you are looking for this type of service we have alliance members that can help you write your TestStand Operator Interface (
As for you question about getting the sequence names for a sequence file that is not the currently running sequence file, you will need to open a reference to that sequence files and then use the API calls that I mentioned in my previous posts.  You can use the Enigine.GetSequenceFileEx function to open a reference to sequence file, and you will need to close the reference with the Engine.ReleaseSequenceFile function when you are done using it.  After you have a reference to this external Sequence File, you can use the example dll and sequence I previously sent you.  I also attach a new sequence file (SeqFile2.seq) plus an updated GetNames.seq to illustrate how to use the above mentioned functions.  I hope this helps.  Have a great day!
Best Regards,
Software Engineer
Jett R
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    It appears I have figured it out. This was on another computer so I was unaware of how they used their computer. I like you got it to work in the temp directory and in fact got the program.bat file to work as long as I put it under the temp directory, but when I switched out to my TestWin directory it wouldn't work, so I removed everything from the directory except the batch file it self and it work. What I found out after adding files in one at a time is that the person had a file called "Test" with no file extension in there "c:\TestWin\" directory. Removing this file made it work. Putting the file back broke it. So it appeares that when teststand was running it followed the path saw a space and attempted to grab the "Test" file instead of bro
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    Ok. Bravo
    Please mark this as 'Answered' - it will help others on the forum -

  • How to Run teststand sequence file using the LabVIEW

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    TestStand comes with loads of Operator Interface examples some simple, some full fledged. You can find it in teststand public folder win7 path here:C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 2010 SP1\UserInterfaces
    You can take these examples or use ideas from here, also read the teststand reference manual. It has a section about Operator Interfaces.
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  • Can I open the (.squ) sequence files using NI test stand 4.0 version?

    I have the sequence files created using ATETool Kit test Executive. But I have NI 4.0 test stand. I want to open the sequence files using NI 4.0 test stand. Can i do that?

    I am not familiar with ATETool kit Test Executive, but I doubt NI TestStand will open this. As you have both, have you tried it?
    TestStand does have a conversion tool for converting NI TestExecutive sequence files into TestStand sequence files.
    Maybe you could write a conversion tool to make the conversion for you if you have many ATETool kit Test Executive files.
    Ray Farmer
    Ray Farmer

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  • Get handle of sequence file using file name

    in example it is described how to access the comment of a sequence file.
    During report generation I only have the file name of the sequence file not some sequence file struct which is needed.
    How do I get that using the sequence file name?

    Hi mbrost,
    Try this TS2.01f1 example.
    I have put in an override TestResult Callback sequence and added some code to obtain the comment of the Sequence File. I have also added a Comment to the Sequence File.
    Using RunState.SequenceFile as the ActiveX Reference I get a reference to PropertyObjectFile.Data which return a reference. Using this reference I then call the PropertyObject.Comment() API to obtain the comment string.
    Then I display this Comment string in a MessageBox.
    Hope this helps
    Ray Farmer
    (PS. ignore the name markp01 as NI site is getting people mixed up)
    Access_SequenceFile_Comment.seq ‏59 KB

  • How do I find the path to a TestStand sequence file using LabVIEW

    My LabVIEW application launches a bunch of teststand sequences, provided it has the complete path to each of them. I want to make it more flexible by providing it just the name of the TestStand sequence so that it will go and find the path to the sequence by searching a directory structure. TestStand has a neat FindFile() function that can do this, but I need to do this from within LabVIEW. Is there a way to do it?

    There are a few ways to do this depending on how you are getting the sequence files.  If you are calling the GetSequenceFileEx method, you can just pass the GetSeqFile_FindFile (0x20) flag in the SequenceFileFlags property.  If you are using the ApplicationMgr.OpenSequenceFile method, this is automatically done for you.
    If you want to use the FindFile function in general, you can use the Engine.FindFile method.
    Allen P.

  • What is the promper format of files using the Document step in UCCX 8

    Hello all,
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    in the old verison of the script editor you put in the full windows path where the document is stored.
    How is this done in the linux version?
    I have tried the following
    none seem to work.  when i do a debug on the script it says the file does not exist.
    how do i need to list the filename in the create and write document steps.
    if anyone has a script i could use that is version 8 that would be great as well!

    I assume you're referring to the Write Document step?
    That step writes directly to the filesystem, in the appliance version (8.x+) you can only write to a specific directory on the file system, which you can get from:
    However, I believe these are deleted after some time and are not really suitable for long term storage. If you have a HA cluster this is certainly not going to work.
    Assuming so, your next option is to use the Documents subsystem which works something like this:
    User authUser
    authUser = Get User (User ID: myUsersName)
    - Success:
         Authenticate User Password (User: authUser, Password: myUsersPassword)
         - Success:
              Upload Document (Language: en_US, Name: fileName, Document: dataToWrite, User: authUser)
              - Success:
                   /* document uploaded without issue */
    You can then read from that file via
    Document doc = DOC["en_US\" + fileName]
    Something like that should work.

  • How to call text file using Script in Data Integrator

    Dear All,
    Can any one assit me in how to call a text file using script with the help of Data Integrator.
    and one question ?
    M having 32 csv files i want to club thos 32 csv files into one table with the help of Data Integrator, can
    any one assist me.

    since you knew the file name ,when clicked in name send to server,read the file and write to servlet outputstream.
    I think this would help you.
    If anything wrong in mycode ..forums will help you further
    BufferedInputStream bis=null;
    BufferedOutputStream bos=null;
    int bytesRead=0;
    byte buff[]=new byte[1024];
    File f=new File(test.txt);
         bis= new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(f));,0,buff.length);
              // create a BufferedOutputStream from ServletOutputStream
              bos=new BufferedInputStream(response.getOutputStream());
    }catch(Exception e){
         ////error handling

  • How to get all step names within a group or a sequence?

    I'd like to show all the names of the steps within a sequence or a group.
    I wonder if there is a simple function which can be used directly, such as RunState.PreviousStep.Name.
    I tried via a foolish way to append each step name, though it shows all the step names but I still think there is a simple function can access all the step names.
    Can anyone give me some suggestion, thanks a lot!!!
    Go to Solution.
    ShowAllStepName.seq ‏8 KB

    I've doctored up your sequence a little.  But yes you have to loop.
    Also, what format do you want the names in?
    Hope this helps,
    CTA, CLA
    ~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
    ShowAllStepName.seq ‏8 KB

  • Sequence File Hierarchy Sequence Name Resize

    Is there a way to resize the sequence name in the Sequence File Hierarchy Call Graph? I have a need to make the sequence names long and it does not fit in the file hierarchy.

    There is not a way.  The objects that hold the sequence names are a default size.  The best way to be able to view the whole name is just to scroll over top of the object.
    Jesse S.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

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    i have created a schedule, program and a Job to using the DBMS_SCHEDULER. creates all those fine but when i try to run i get errors.
    here is the code:
    schedule_name => 'dailyjob',
    repeat_interval => 'FREQ=DAILY; INTERVAL=1;
    comments => 'schedule to run daily');
    ( program_name => 'runord',
    program_type => 'EXECUTABLE',
    program_action => 'd:\oracle\product\admin\scripts\ord.bat >nul',
    enabled => TRUE,
    comments => 'ORDERS.'
    dbms_scheduler.create_job (
    program_name =>'runord',
    schedule_name=> 'DAILYjob',
    enabled => true,
    comments => 'TESTING the Orders Job.'
    exec dbms_scherduler.run_job('TEST');
    gives me the errors.
    in the batch file i am calling connecting to the database and calling the sql file. is there any way that i can connect to the database directly from scheduler itself? i dont like to save username and passwords in a file to connect and invoke sqlplus?
    could any one help.....

    Pass them to the external command line as parameters? That exposes the name and password even more.
    We use a tightly controlled directory with this information in it and access to the directory is controlled. The scripts are also in a controlled directory and have read privileges where the credentials are stored.
    That way the scripts don't have the data exposed and don't use it until they run.

  • How to call DOC file using web.show_documents

    Hi friends ,
    If I use the built-ins web.show_documents for open the *.doc file
    I am getting the following error
    ORA-06550: line 5, column 2:
    PLS-00201: identifier 'README.DOC' must be declared
    ORA-06550: line 5, column 2:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    DAD name: WebDB
    PROCEDURE : readme.doc
    URL :
    SERVER_SOFTWARE=Oracle WebDb Listener 2.1
    HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING=gzip, deflate
    HTTP_USER_AGENT=Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows NT)
    Please advice How to call Doc file in web.

    The syntax to execute web.show_document:
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