List of EXS24 sampled instruments

Hi, does anyone know where I can get a list of the EXS24 sampler instruments (more than 1000) for LE 9 ? Also, is the EXS24 GM compatible yet for easy identification and selection of instruments for imported midi files? Thanks.

As far as the Jam Packs go, you can download the manuals from the support area. There are thousands of sounds and loops with Logic Studio. Many are searchable by Spotlight. Just have fun exploring.

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  • 9.0.1 EXS24 Sampler Instruments issue

    After the 9.0.1 update, about half of my EXS24 instruments are now named "sampler instrument" or just "instrument." The presets in the subfolders still have their correct names. None of the factory instruments have this problem, but many 3rd party instruments do. I tried replacing my entire sampler instruments folder with a backup, but the problemis still there. Tried disk permissions, still no go. Any ideas? Trash prefs (I haven't tried that yet, not sure if there are EXS prefs or not...

    I noticed the same issue after installing the Logic 9.01 update. Thankfully, the 3rd party instruments still work with EXS24. They still sound as they should (for me, anyway). Unfortunately, the main folder names of the 3rd party instruments are different (as described in the original post) than what I originally created. So, to clarify, "just" the display names to the 3rd party instrumental libraries are at fault. This was not the case for Logic 8.02 (or even Logic 9.0, for that matter). So, it appears that this is a new bug in the latest version of Logic.
    All of my instrumental libraries are stored on a separate audio drive. I created "Alias" folders/files that pointed to the audio drive and placed them as originally directed (2+ years ago) in the Macintosh HD drive. In an attempt to figure out a work around to this possible bug, I renamed the "Alias" folders to the 3rd party instruments. It wasn't helpful.
    Any suggestions??

  • EXS24 sampler Instrument Editor Help, Logic pro X

    When i open the EXS24 sampler in Logic pro X, the instrument edit tab is completely missing and won't open or respond at all. Can anyone offer assistance?

    Make sure Preferences:Advanced:Show Advanced Tools is checked, and Additional Options:Audio

  • I just upgraded to Lion and can't find my EXS24 sampler instruments

    The instruments that came with Logic are still in their place, but can't find user sampler instruments.  It used to be (user / library / application support / logic / sampler instruments, but there is no "library" folder in the user folder anymore.  Any suggestions?

    The User/Library folder is now hidden in Lion. To get to the "user" Library folder you now have to access it from Finder>Go>Go To Folder.
    Once there, type this: /users/(your administrator name here)/Library/
    Hope this helps...
    I've been working in Lion just fine until tonight! I lost my EXS24II sampler Instruments too... but probably for another reason?  -- Andy

  • Default location of EXS24 sample files (not Sample Instruments)

    I'm trying to copy a few selected EXS24 Sample Instruments (orchestral strings) from one Mac to another.
    I know where the Sample Instruments are, but can't find the associated sample files.
    Any idea where they are?

    You can move them from teh default location to wherever you want.
    Drag the iTunes folder from C:\Users\<username>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music to
    C:\Users\<username>\iTunes\iTunes Music.
    Hold Shift and laucch iTunes then select *Choose existing library* and select the *iTunes library file* in the iTunes folder.

  • Where to drop EXS24 samples and corresponding instrument files?

    Forgive the ultra-noobness of this question. Searching has given no answers.
    I want to install third party EXS samples of trumpet sounds. I understand that the EXS instrument file has a corresponding .wav or .aiff sample file.
    Where should they be stored so EXS can play them?

    Found it.
    EXS Instrument files-> User/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments
    Samples folder -> User/Library/Application Support/Logic/Samples

  • EXS' Sampler Instrument Count Limitation

    Hello everyone,
    Does anyone happen to know of a workaround/ solution to EXS' sampler instrument count limitation? I find myself constantly shuffling instruments and libraries in and out of the Sampler Instruments folder, a process which, given my 1TB library, is tedious and extremely time consuming.
    Any "magic fixes" or insights would be highly appreciated..

    Some clarifications:
    I have been running EXS Manager, Pro Ed from the get-go.
    Once again, my complaint is NOT regarding slow load times (which, believe me, is grounds for a whole separate post); rather the inability to access instruments altogether. In other words: past a certain, specific instrument down the list, others would simply no longer load. They are visible in the EXS menu, but are flat out "ignored" by the sampler.
    Additionally, I have tried re arranging them using sub-folders, but to no avail: The Sampler Instruments folder seems to only be able to handle so many instruments.
    Anyone else..?

  • Where can i find more information about factory sampler instruments? such as what synth was sampled, what chord has been sampled etc.

    im looking for more information about what chords have been sampled for use in the exs24 "chords" sampler instruments and more specifically wether they're major/minor and with 7ths,9ths,11ths etc.  i know this could be worked out with someone with the skill to do it but unforunately that's not me. It'd be convienient if information like this was included somewhere in the documentation like it is with most other commercial sample packs.

    Don't post order information or other personal information here. We're all just fellow users here - you are not communicating with Apple when you post here - and so posting such information just risks your privacy. I've asked the Hosts to remove all the private information from your post.
    The serial number was included in the box ARD came in; the Apple Store will not have a record of it. If you've lost the serial number, you'll need to purchase a new copy of ARD, probably a good idea anyway since 2.2 won't run on any version of Mac OS X since, if memory serves, 10.4. It's a lot cheaper through the Mac App Store than it was back when you first purchased.

  • Garageband unable to locate sampler instruments?

    EXS24 instrument (ect ect ect)
    Audiofile not found. I see the files in the sampler library in /library/application support/garageband/instrument library/sampler/sampler instruments
    All the files are there. I tried the spotlight thingy too and it still doesn't work. HELP! ;'(

    Empty the Trash is not necessary - just putting it into the Trash should suffice.
    the "Logic Pro & Mainstage Additional Content"
    A week ago MainStage 3 and LogicPro X have been released. I sincerely hope, that this has not removed the support for the download of MainStage 2 files.
    Send a bug report to Apple: Apple - GarageBand - Feedback
    If your Mainstage 2 is a recent aquisition, I'd contact Apple Support and request help with downloading those files.
    Is there any other solutions I could try?
    Try, if you can download additional contents with the software update tool from the Terminal, see mteeps post here:  I never tried, if that will work for MainStage loops:
    Re: GarageBand '11 won't download additional loops

  • Logic X won't locate my EXS24 Samples.

    Hey everyone,
    I just got an iMac 10.8.5 and got Logic Pro X on it. Before I was using Logic Pro on my Macbook Pro. I took all my projects on my macbook pro and brought it to the iMac via external harddrive. I then dropped all the samples into HD > Library > Application Support > Logic > Sampler Instruments. I then arranged all the samples within the Sampler Instruments folder under a new folder called "samples".
    When I opened Logic Pro X, the EXS24 recognized samples, but not all of them. Sessions will be able to locate only some of my samples.
    A msg will say from the EXS24 instrument  Audio file "name of sample" not found!
    Why are some samples found and the others aren't. The sample that it can't locate is in the right spot.
    Then I tried System Pref - Spotlight - Privacy - Adding the HD - then taking it away - that never did anything.
    I then used Onyx to reindex spotlight. When I restarted the computer I had the same problem. (Now as I type this I went to the search bar and realized my iMac is being indexed)
    I'll wait to see if this time it works when I finish, but I'have had no luck at all using the solutions that appear to work for a few others.
    Hope someone can help!
    PS. Anyone know when a new driver for Axiom 25 is going to ready for 10.8.5?
    - Jon

    If you upgrade to Mavericks, it might automagically fix the issue, but then again it might not.
    Looking again at your original post:
    are you sure that the missing samples are in your filesystem? (I.e., did you look in /Library/Application Support/Logic/etc for those specific files?)
    Just out of curiosity, why did you put them in the Sampler Instruments folder? Don't they usually live in the EXS Factory Samples folder? If user samples, I think they would normally go in your user home folder, e.g. ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/EXS User Samples, or whatever you'd want to call it.
    If none of those help, try reindexing Spotlight again via Terminal (credit to Christian L on MacProVideo for this step-by-step):
    1. Quit Logic and restart your computer... just to be safe!
    2. Launch the Terminal (Under Applications > Utilities)
    3. Type the following command (exactly) :
    sudo mdutil -E /
    4. Enter your password... and the rebuild process will begin
    5. Go take a (long) walk
    6. Come back home
    7. Click on Spotlight in the menu bar - Still indexing? Go back to step 5. Done? Go to step 8.
    8. Follow this link : and press the button (optional, but fun)
    9. Launch Logic
    10. Keep fingers crossed
    11. Try to load an EXS24 instruments
    I hope this helps!

  • Why do some of my wav sample cd's not import into EXS24 sampler?

    I read that you import sounds into the EXS24 sampler by dropping them into the sampler instruments folder located through the library>application support>logic> folders in the finder,anyway I have done this then opened logic created a EXS24 sampler and clicked the field where you load the sounds and I see the folder that I dropped into sampler instruments folder along with the standard factory sounds included with logic I open my samples folder to find a good few missing even though they are wav file which the EXS supports,Also some cds will have multiple files on them like rex aiff acid refill etc and the sampler will bring up the rex files which I cant use instead of the wavs Im really confused any help or solutions please!

    Hi Fatal
    I've got a video on my site showing how to build an exs instrument from raw samples. This video focuses on drums, so creating pitched instruments is slightly different but it may give you a start. cs
    Hope that helps a little.

  • EXS24 Sampler

    Just a quick question, i was wondering how do i add a bunch of samples i have in a folder to the exs24 sample list where it says 'Factory'.
    many thanks for any help.

    Open EXS - press the edit button - zone editor opens - open the sample folder in your finder - grab all the samples you want to import - drop them into the edit window in EXS - you will be asked which type of mapping you want - done!

  • Can't load EXS24 Samples

    After wiping my drive I reinstalled Logic 7.1 (Install Disk and Content Disc). Since then I haven't been able to load my EXS24 instruments while in Logic. All the sample files show up in my project manager and in the finder (the default location: LIbrary/Application Support/Sampler Instruments) but whenever I try to load, say "Yamaha Grand Piano" in the EXS24 it tells me it can't find it. Any advice? Thanks so much!

    When you say you are loading a sample, I presume you are not trying to load a sample using the EXS24?
    If you are, you should read the EXS24 manual, because that is not how it works - the EXS24 directly loads "sampler instrument" files only, and it's those that contain references to all the sample files.
    So you open the EXS editor, create a new instrument, load your samples into that, save it, and then select your instrument in the EXS24. Long-winded, but that's how it works.
    Or did you mean something else?

  • 1300 xs sampled instruments?

    I'm clearly not the computer genius that many of the people are in these forums as I asked if Logic came with like 1500 sounds and was told no and it doesn't come with a coffee maker either. My question is I know the jampacks are instruments so this must be all the instruments you use. What doew 1300 xs sampled instruments mean? I was thinking that this was another 1300 instruments and almost jumped out of my clothes with excitement. But I was quickly told no they are not so what exactly are they? Sorry for being so computer and hardware illiterate I really am trying to learn as I try to build my own home studio. An answer on this would close a great mystery in my life. Thanks ahead of time for the help!

    Can't believe no one has answered this... I'm sure others will chime in, quick explanations.
    Logic comes with many built in "Instruments" in this case, Virtual Instruments.
    A virtual (or software) instrument is similar to a synthesizer keyboard or module except it's runs in the computers RAM and uses the CPU for power.
    These are loaded into the Instrument tracks and played from a MIDI controller keyboard. Each of the built in instruments comes with patches or sounds that program that particular synth.
    There is one particular Instrument, the EXS24 that is different, it's a sampler, it loads a bundle of audio files that represent recorded sounds of... well, anything... from a Steinway piano to the bleating of goats in heat and allows you to play them back from a keyboard.
    Now... the OTHER kind of sounds the Jampacks are mainly comprised of are:
    Sampled Loops, (Apple Loops). These are usually musical phrases 1, 2, 4, 8 bars long of many different music styles. You don't really play these as much as you "assemble" them into a musical decoupage. They have the ability to be time stretched (borrowed from ACID Loops) to the tempo you wish to compose at.
    Apple loops can be a single sampled instrument (a guitar lick) all the way up to a full band playing a section. There are many hundreds of Apple loops available.

  • Why does L8 not distinguish between sample instruments of the same name????

    I just installed Logic 8. My problem is, that I have a good deal of other EXS24 instruments with generic names, such as "Mark II", or "Vibraphone". That shouldn't actually be a problem, but it is with Logic 8 because every time I open one of my existing projects, it replaces one of those sample instruments with one of its new (or even one of its Legacy) instruments if it bears the same name. That stinks. Can't it figure out which sample it originally was with? It is a real pain in the bum having to reopen the original sample, and than match every single parameter to the original setting, manually, one by one. This whole thing wouldn't be so bad if you could just copy the parameter settings WITHOUT including the actual selected sample. Than I could just paste the intended parameter settings back onto the intended sample (that just so happens to bear the same name as one of Logic's factory sample instruments). I didnt have this problem with Logic 7. What gives? Is there a way around this? It is getting old going through all my projects to fix this. Thanks!

    Hello, man with the spoof hobbitname,
    Try doing it the other way around: put your legacy instruments in the main folder, after you've removed the new ones with the same names - including their samples folders.
    *Like so:*
    +(the folders are empty - I don't actually have them)+
    It should work this way...
    regards, Erik.

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