Looking for someone who has DPS Pro.

I'm looking for someone who has DPS Professional version.
I would like to publish just one project for Android devices, but I really can't afford Pro version.
So maybe someone could do it for me.
I'll prepare all indd files in InDesign.

Guessing from your first name that you are in Poland.
You may contact Mr Łukasz Kawęcki at Optizen Labs – tel. +48 226170101

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    If you have already configured the iCloud Find My iPhone service on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac you can use it to locate your missing device, display a message on its screen, make it play a sound at full volume (even if on mute), remotely lock it, or remotely wipe (erase) it to protect your privacy. Requries iOS 6 to be trackable.
    You can use the Find My iPhone app on a different iOS device (running iOS 5 or better)
    You can use the Find My iPhone app on icloud.com
    You device may NOT be tracked if:
    Offline or Disconnectd
    Location Service Turned Off
    Restored by person who stolen it.
    Battery Dead
    Running below iOS 6 (ei. iOS 5.1.1)
    Change passwords used on that iDevice. Report to the police.
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    Oh, I'm not looking for free-lance work at all.  Some people come here with the expectation of freeloading in a forum populated by professionals, so it's good to hear you have no such expectations.
    However, "a few quid" doesn't sound too interesting, really, does it?  Just saying…

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    I am trying to be a responsbile parent by trying to see if my son is being sneaky.  I can not find the message through our provider and don't know where to look. 

    iMessage does not go through the cellular provider.
    Either get physical possession of the device and look or if you have the Apple ID and password, set it up on another iOS device and snoop on your child.  Just be aware they unlikely to ever trust you again.

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    Personal Domain replaces the web.me.com/username part of the URL with the domain name, with the subsequent folder and filenames on the end, so that to take your example of
    people entering http://domainname.com
    would be taken to the welcome page and the URL showing will be
    However note that when you do this the original web.me.com URL still works and is searchable by Google. Though casual visitors to your domain won't see the real URL, it's not difficult to find it.

  • Looking for someone to do paid scripting work

    I'm in a bit of a bind with InDesign scripting - I've got a huge amount of it to do in very little time. I've hired someone on Elance who claims to know about Extendscript etc to help me, but I am slightly dubious. I thought coming to the Adobe forums might be a good idea, as you guys will probably know what you are talking about!
    Is there anyone around here offering scripting services for pay? It's quite an interesting project, automating the production of a certain type of book. I am fairly proficient in scripting myself after having written a script to do a similar thing last year, but simply can't deal with the amount of work I have.
    I'm looking for someone who really knows InDesign and scripting inside out and who would be able to advise me on best practice, rather than the current situation where I'm instructing someone fairly unskilled how to do things the way I've just sort of 'worked them out'.
    Apologies if this is in the wrong place; I'm pretty desperate!

    There's a lot of very qualified folks here on this forum.
    The big question is what's the scope of the project as well as time restrains.
    I, for example would not be able to look at any sizeable project for at least a month.
    Give some more details on what's involved, and someone will probably be able to help...

  • I think pesimo customer service three days, I'm looking for someone I can ayudr activation problem with my CC and can not find anyone who can help me.

    I think pesimo customer service three days, I'm looking for someone I can ayudr activation problem with my CC and can not find anyone who can help me.

    Online Chat Now button near the bottom for Activation and Deactivation problems may help

  • Is there a way to increase the icon size (and the text below) without using zoom?  I am trying to help out someone who has moderate visual impairment that does not want to use zoom just to see the icons and their labels.

    Is there a way to increase the icon size (and the text below) without using zoom in iOS 7?  I am trying to help out someone who has moderate visual impairment that does not want to use zoom just to see the icons and their labels.

    Hello Apple.
    It seems you have gone to great lengths to improve accessibility in many areas of the iPad. Why was this obvious problem with icon text size missed?  (It's not with the Mac.). And for so long too.
    Do you employ people with actual accessibility problems to help you do UI design?
    I think too, that some buttons are too close for people who might have motor control problems.
    I love my iPad but I fear as I age, the iPad might not keep up with me.

  • I have an I pad can I chat with someone who has an Apple Mac computer

    I have an I pad can I chat with someone who has an Apple Mac computer, if so what do I need to do ??

    In Messages on the iPad you need to be using an Apple ID (which you probably are)
    You can then iMessage (the form of Apple Chat Messaging that is used) to other Apple IDs or iPhone numbers.
    They have to be using iOS 5.5 or higher or OS X 10.8 on a Mac.  ( A Mac could be up to OS X 10.8.2 if updated iOS devices could be up to iOS 6.0.1)
    You then needs either WiFi access or a Data contract and an iPad that can do at least 3G (some have SIM cards)
    10:54 PM      Tuesday; November 20, 2012
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Mountain Lion 10.8.2)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • If I'm overseas, and I use iMessage not connected to wifi, and I'm messaging someone who has an iPhone as well with ios 7, will get charged SMS/mms fees?

    if I'm overseas, and I use iMessage not connected to wifi, and I'm messaging someone who has an iPhone as well with ios 7, will get charged SMS/mms fees?

    No, but cellular data will be used at whatever international roaming rate you carrier charges for data in whatever country.
    Exchanging iMessages requires the same thing as email - an available internet connection. SMS/MMS is completely separate from iMessage.

  • For Anyone who has Blackberry Connect WITH OTA Con...

    I've tried with an E61i, E90, and now E51, all with the latest firmware and latest Blackberry Connect software, and nothing I do on the device allows me to be able to do OTA sync of our corporate Exchange, (Outlook), Contacts. I only have the standard 3 options for sync in my Blackberry Connect client on my phone, Email Settings, Email Filters, and Calendar.
    For anyone who has this working, can you confirm whether or not there is a BES server side setting that must be enabled to allow this OTA Contact sync, and what it is? If this is the case I'm not sure our corporate BES admin will go for it, but I can at least stop pulling my hair out on the client side..

    Hi Rod,
    Thanks for the link. I did went there and had a look.
    First, as the article pointed out, there is a difference between Mac users and PC users. Mac users are Mac FANs, PC user are mostly just PC users. So if I look at the numbers, the number for Macs is less objective to me.
    Second, the data was collected on pre-Intel units, especially iBooks, which has been around how many years? more than 5 I believe, correct me if I am wrong. Any product having that kind of life span should have a nearly perfect quality. Apple just simply had much more time to correct defect than other PC manufaturers, so no mistery here.
    Third, Apple charges a premium price for its products, so it shoule choose the coponent vendors carefully and it owns its customers/fans a solid system. On the other hand, the other PC vendors are constantly going through fierce competition to lower their price, so it is inevitable to have some component vendors providing crapy parts, such as some LCD screens and keyboards from Dell.
    Finally, lets look at MB and MBP, if they are as good as old Macs, then we should see similar amount of people complaining about MB and MBP as iBook and similar, but is it the case?
    I very much want to be a member of the Mac world, especially now it uses one chip I worked on, but my shopping and reading experience told me otherwise - the MacBook is not ready, we need time to see if it lives up to the Apple name and it would be interesting what the next report from PC Magzine will look like...
    Being a PC user almost all my life till now, want to join the Mac club, but Apple is making it supper hard for me. Is it really too much to ask for a working new MacBook upon arrival?!

  • How do you facetime w someone who has iPhone?

    how do you facetime w someone who has iPhone?
    Obviously my iPod doesn't have a phone #...  So how do they "call" me? 

    Ok - so I used my gmail address.  Will that work? 
    My friend cannot call me and I cannot call her. 
    She has iPhone 4s.  I'm calling her using her iPhone #, and she isn't receiving the invite. 
    Her iPhone wants to connect to WiFi...  I am connected to WiFi. 
    Thanks for the above answer and if you can further help, I appreciate it.

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    Hi Everyone, I was running a report of Financial Statement report using T-code F.01 for the company i have configured. My Group COA is ELEH, Operating COA is ELEO. My group company is divided into two subsidaries with Co. Code K206 and F206 respectiv

  • How to obtain the alv reports in the dilog programing.

    how to obtain the alv reports in the dialog programming, that is when the push button in the screen in clicked it must be directed to the report, where to write the code for the report.

  • Slideshow in iphoto or idvd

    I can't figure out how to have several songs in my slideshow. I can only drop one song on pictures. I have used Pro Show Gold in windows and it was so much easier. Can anyone tell me how to do this in iphoto,imovie,or idvd. Or can you suggest a progr

  • Siebel new LDAP adapter integration with BI Publisher

    Hi All!! We have configured our Siebel ( security adapter with LDAP. BI Publisher is using Siebel security model. We had to clone our AOM (fins_esn which is using the security adapter LDAP) to finsxx_esn because we are migrating the AD 2000 t

  • Ssis error: hresult e_fail has been returned from a call to a com component

    I am using VS 2013 (BIDS) to develop SSIS packages. It is running on a windows 2012 server. I have a dev server on which when i try to load an SSIS project using the solution file i get a bunch of errors, and then visual studio just closes. The error