MAC OS 10.6.8 Using Safari 5.1 Needing Help With Updating Adobe Flash

Recently Adobe Flash installed an icon in my System Preferences and when I click the icon there are several tabs.  One allows updates to check automatically.  It says it will install the latest version of Flash without having to remove the previous version, but I have never been told that a newer version is available unless I clcik "check now."  although "Check for updates automatically" is checked, I do not know where it tells me a newer version is available.  Also, there has been 5 "newer versions" available since this icon was installed in System Prefeences, I have only found out about the newer versions when I clicked "Check Now."  If I read that with this new way to install the latest Mac version of Flash does not require me to uninstall the previous version of Flash how do I install the most recent version of Flash?  Does it come in an email?
Since it is not telling me that there is a more recent version of Flash unless I click "Check Now" should I still do it the way I used to install the latest version of flash?  (The way before this icon was added to System Preferences)?
I would appreciate help with updating Flash to the most recent version.  I used to uninstall the older version, restart the browser and download the most recent version and install it.  It always worked find but this was before there was an Adobe icon in my system Preferences.

The way you used to do this (uninstall, restart the browser, etc.) is still definitely valid and probably the "safest" way to get a new version installed.  Uninstalling shouldn't be required, but it definitely doesn't hurt.  If you feel comfortable doing it the old way, please feel free to continue using that process.
As for notifications, this is a bit trickier, but in general you should be notified within 30 days (or so) after a new player is released.  This usually occurs when the browser loads swf content.  Clicking the button will, like you mention, immediately check.  Another alternative to finding out when a new player is released is to subscribe to our Flash Player Releases feed.
Is there a way to be automatically notified when a new Flash Runtime release is made?

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    All plugins are up to date. Flash version 11.7 installed.

    I assume Firefox 19 worked fine on the site?
    Some sites may be mistakenly identifying Firefox 20 as Firefox 2, which is a very old version they probably no longer support. As a test, you could "lie" to the site about your Firefox version and see whether that little deception works.
    This take a minute to set up. Here's how:
    (1) Select and copy the following preference name to the clipboard:
    (2) In a new tab or window, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
    (3) In the filter box, type '''override''' and pause while the list is filtered
    (4) Make sure '''general.useragent.site_specific_overrides''' is set to its default value of true (or right-click and choose Reset if it is not).
    (5) Right-click anywhere in the preference list area and choose
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    then paste the preference name you copied. Click OK and enter TEMP or asdf or any text as a temporary placeholder. You should see the preference added in bold. Leave about:config open and switch back to this tab.
    (6) Select and copy the following useragent string to the clipboard ''(it's all one line)'':
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:19.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/19.0
    (That's Firefox 19 on Windows 7 32-bit)
    (7) In about:config, double-click '''general.useragent.override.elance''.''com''' and paste to replace the temporary text with the new useragent string. Click OK, you're done here.
    Now try reloading a page where you need to upload (use Ctrl+Shift+r) and test that function again. Any change?

  • Ihave a mac osx 10.4.11 and use firefox and safari as browsers and have trouble loading adobe flash

    I need help loading this adobe flash player as I keep getting the failure answer

    Hi, have you reviewed and followed the Mac Troubleshooting Guide?
    You can also review this recent thread that has a lot of valuable information:
    Hope those are helpful.

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    Am I the only one to still use Mac OSX 10.4.11 using Safari 4.1.3? if so does anyone else have problems with incompatibility using certain web sites?

    Hi Brenda...
    My iBookG4 is running v10.4.11 (knock on wood) with Safari 4.1.3 and it's not an incompatibility issue so much as the 4.1.3 is such an outdated version of Safari.
    Most websites especially financial institutions require the newer versions of all browsers to for access.

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    The warranty entitles you to complimentary phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.

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    I searched my whole system and couldn't find
    So that is a mystery.  However the part about:
    Go back to System Preferences > Network
    Make sure the box is selected next to:  Show Wi-Fi status i menu bar. Solved the problem.  Somehow the box had been unchecked.  Gremlins I guess!
    Thanks so much for your help.

  • Hi, I'm new to using mac laptop, i just got one 1 month a go, i was downloading adobe flash player and it asked me for a password for the computer and i never created one, how do i over pass this situation?

    Hi, I'm new to using mac laptop, i just got one 1 month a go, i was downloading adobe flash player and it asked me for a password for the computer and i never created one, how do i over pass this situation?

    It is asking for your computer administrator account password to make system changes.  You "should" have an administrator account password.

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    What version of iPhoto did you have before upgrading to Mavericks and iPhoto 9.5?

  • Need Help with safari for Windows 8

    i am stuck with the need to have a pc due to a proprietary business software... I am a mac user and prefer to use safari... i just had to by a new pc and tried to download safari for windows 8.1 but cannot find it... any help out there?

    Apple hasn't supported Safari for Windows in quite a while (and even when they did, you wouldn't want it - total crap). IE 11 actually isn't bad, you can also try Chrome.

  • Need help with a currently "in-use" form we want to switch to Adobes hosting service

    Hi, I am in desperate need of help with some issues concerning several forms which we currently use a paid third party (not Adobe) to host and "re-distribute through email"...Somehow I got charged $14.95 for YOUR service, (signed up for a trial, but never used it)..and now I am paying for a year of use of the similar service which Adobe is in control of.  I might want to port my form distribution through Adobe in the hopes of reducing the errors, problems and hassles my customers are experiencing when some of them push our  "submit button". (and I guess I am familiar with these somewhat from reading what IS available in here, and I also know that, Adobe is working to alleviate some of these " submit"  issues, so let's don't start by going backwards, here) I need solutions now for my issues or I can leave it as is, If Adobe's solution will be no better for my end users...
    We used FormsCentral to code these forms and it works for the most part (if the end-user can co-operate, and thats iffy, sometimes), but I need help with how to make it go through your servers (and not the third party folks we use now), Not being cruel or racist here, but your over the phone "support techs" are about horrible & I cannot understand them or work with any of them, so I would definitely need someone who speaks English and can understand the nuances of programming these forms, to please contact me back. (Sorry, but both those attributes will be required to be able to help me, so, no "newbie-interns" or first week trainees are gonna cut it).... If you have anyone who fits the bill on those items and would be willing to help us, please contact me back at your earliest convenience. If we have to communicate here, I will do that & I can submit whatever we need to & to whoever we need to.
    I need to get this right and working for the majority of my users and on any platform and OS.
    You may certainly call me to talk about this, and I have given my number numerous times to your (expletive deleted) time wasting - recording message thingy. So, If it's not available look it up under [email protected]
    (and you will probably get right to me, unlike my and I'm sure most other folks',  "Adobe phone-in experiences")
    Thank You,
    Michael Corman
    Phenix City, Alabama  36869

    Well, thanks for writing back...just so you know...I started using Adobe products in 1987, ...yeah...back Illustrator 1 & 9" B&W Macs ...John Warnock's Helvetica's....stuff like that...8.5 x 11 LaserWriters...all that good stuff...I still have some of it working on a mac...much of it was stuff I bought. some stuff I did not...I'm not a big fan of this "cloud" thing Adobe has foisted upon the creatives of the world...which I'm sure you can tell...but the functionality and usefulness of your software can not be disputed, so feel free to do whatever we will continue to pay for, ...I am very impressed with CC PS on the 64 bit PC and perhaps I will end up paying you the stipend that you demand for the other services.
    So  I guess that brings us to our problem.. a few years back and at the height of the recession and near bankruptcy myself,  I was damn lucky and hit on something and began a small arts and crafts supply service to sell my products online to a very "niche market" ...I had a unique product and still sell that product (plus others) online...My website is Yes...but there is a market it seems, for everything now, and this is the market I service...Catagorically, these are 99%+ women that use these "adhesive, sticky backed vinyl products"  to make different "craft items" that are just way too various and numerous to go into... generally older women, women who are computer illiterate for the most part...and all this is irrelevant to my problem, but I want you to have every bit of background on this and especially the demographic we are dealing with, so we can get right to the meat of the problem.
    OK...So about two years ago, I decided to offer a "plain sheet" product of a plain colored "stick back" vinyl... it is available in multiple quantities of packs ( like 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 15 pieces, in a packi  & so on)...and if you are still on my site.. go to any  "GO RIGHT TO OUR ORDER PAGE"  button, scroll down a little...and then to the "PLAIN VINYL" will see the Weebly website order process.) You can back out from here, I think,..but, anyway this product is available in 63 colors + or - a few. So then the problem is,  how do they select their individual colors within that (whatever) pack?... .
    So my initial idea was to enable a "selection form" for these "colors" that would be transmitted to me via email as 'part" of the "order process".. We tried getting our customers to submit a  " a list" ( something my competitiors still do, lol, poor bastards)......but just unbelievable..I can't even begin to tell you what a freakin' nightmare that was...these people cannot even count to 10, much less any higher... figuring out what colors to list and send me... well, lets just say, it wasn't working......I had to figure out a better way...Something had to be done.
    So after thinking this all out,  and yeah...due to my total ignorance, i figured that we could make a form with Live Cycle Designer (Now Forms Central)...(back then something that was bundled with Adobe Acrobat Pro), I believe, and thats what this thing was authored in... and it would be all good...LOL!
    Well not so you well know, Adobe Acrobat would NOT LET YOU EMAIL anything from just wouldn't work (and I know why, and all that hooey), but not being one to take NO for answer,.I started looking for a way to make my little gizmo work.. So I found this company that said they can "hijack" (re-direct actually) the request to email, bypass the wah-wah, and re-transmit it to the proper parties.....for less than $100 a year,  I think...its called
    A nice gentleman named Joseph Silva helped us program the thing to go to his servers and back out. Please dont hassle them...I need them...for basically does work...try should get back a copy of the form that you filled out...good luck however,  if you're on MAC OSX or similar...
    I have included a copy of both of our forms (and feel free to fill it out and play with it)...just put test somewhere on it...(and you must include YOUR email or it will balk)..they are supposed to be mostly identical, except one seems to be twice as large....generating a 1.7 meg file upon submission, while the other one only generates a 600K file or so...thats another issue for another day or maybe you can advise on that also...
    OK so far so good......In our shop, once Grandma buys a 10 pack (or whatever), Only then she gets to the link on her receipt page ro the relevant "selection form" ,(this prevents "Filling and Sending"  with "no order" and "no payment", another early problem we had)... which they can click on and it will usually download and open up on their device if all goes well...Then our little form is supposed to be fillable and is supposed to ADD UP all the quantities, so grandma knows how many she is buying and so forth right on the fly,  and even while she changes her mind..., and IT'S LARGE so grandma can see it, and then it TOTALS it all up for them, ( cause remember, they can NOT add)..,  except there is a programming bug (mouse-click should be a mouse-up probably or something..) which makes you click in the blank spaces to get to a correct TOTAL...about 70-80% of our customers can enable all these features and usually the process completes without problems for them especially on PC's running Windows OS and Acrobat Reader X or least for most... Unfortunately it is still not the "seamless process" I would like or had envisioned for the other folks out there that do have trouble using our form....  Many folks report to us the following issues that we know of.  First of all it takes too much time to load up...We know its there anyway that you can see, to streamline this thing? I would love for it to be more compact...this really helps on the phones and pads as I'm sure you well know.
    Some just tell us,"it WON'T work"....I believe this is because they are totally out of it and dont even have Adobe Reader on their machine, & don't know how to get it ( yes, we provide the links).....or it's some ancient one can stop this one...
    It almost always generates some kind ( at least one time)  of "error message" which we do warn them about..., telling one,  basically that "Acrobat doesnt even like this happening at all, and it could be detrimental to ones computer files", blah-blah...(this freaks grandma out really bad)...& usually they end up not even trying to send it...  and then I get calls that even you wouldn't believe...& If they DO nut up and push the Red "Submit Form" button, it will usually send the thing to us (and also back to them at the "required email address" they furnished on the form, thats what the folks at the "fillable forms place" do) so, if it's performing it's functions, why it is having to complain?. What are we doing wrong?....and how can I fix it?...Will re-compiling it or saving it as a newer version of "FormsCentral" correct any of these problems ?
    Ok, so that should keep you busy for a minute and we can start out with those problems...but the next thing is, how can I take advantage of YOUR re-direct & hosting services?, And will it get rid of the error messages, and the slowness, and the iOS incompatibilities ? (amazingly,  the last iOS Reader version worked almost OK.. but the newest version doesnt seem to work with my form on my iphone4)  If it will enable any version of the iOS to send my form correctly and more transparently, then it might be worth the money...$14.95 a MONTH you say. hmmmmm...Better be good.
    Another problem is, that I really don't need 5000 forms a month submitted. I think its like 70-100 or less....Got any plans for that?  Maybe I'm just not BIG ENOUGH to use Adobe's services, however in this case, I really don't care whose I do use as long as the product works most correctly for my customers as well as us. Like I said, If I'm doing the best I can, I won't change anything, and still use the other third party, If Adobe has a better solution, then i'm all for that as well. In the meantime, Thanks for any help you can provide on this...
    Michael Corman
    (706) 326-7911

  • Hello, I need help with my macbook pro. It looks like I cannot install anything anymore. Everytime I try to install a new software, use the migration assistant or click the lock to make changes, it simply does not react.

    Hello, I need help with my macbook pro.
    It looks like I cannot install anything anymore. Everytime I try to install a new software, I simply get stuck during the installation type process. I put in my password, it does accept it, but it does not go any further.
    I tried to reset the password, put no password, repair the permissions, the disk but nothing will do. I nearly got stuck with the log in screen but finally succeeded in disabling it.
    So I thought I might try to create a new account but I cannot click the lock to make changes. It simply refuses to react.
    I am now thinking about using the migration assistant to save all my settings, data and so fourth, but again I get stuck when I have to type in my password. It accepts it but nothing happens...
    I guess it has something to do with the authorization process, but can't find anything on the internet about it... Can you help me out?
    I am running Lion 10.7.3.
    (I apologize if any grammatical/structural mistakes were to be found, english is not my mother-tongue. )

    You probably won't like this suggestion, but I suggest you reinstall Lion.
    First, backup your system. Next, reboot your system, press/hold the COMMAND-R keys to boot into the Recovery HD. Select 'Reinstall Mac OS X'. If you purchased Lion as an upgrade to Snow Leopard, the reinstall process will install Lion 10.7.3. If your system came preinstalled with Lion, you might still get Lion 10.7.2. Both installs are a total install of the OS. None of your apps or data will be impacted. Just the OS.

  • I need to use my iMac to run some Windows software and was thinking of using Parallels Desktop 9 to help with this. Do you still have to partition your drive with Parallels and does this leave you open to viruses?

    I need to use my iMac to run some Windows software not available for Mac and was thinking of obtaining Parrallels Desktop 9 to help with this. If I use Parrallels do you still have to partitian your drive and does this leave you open to viruses?

    You do not have to partition your drive - Parallels creates a disk image which contains your Windows installation. You do have to exercise anti-virus measures in the Windows partition, although such malware cannot affect the Mac filesystem.

  • NEED HELP!!! Flash Animation (MAC) play back on PowerPoint (PC)

    NEED HELP!!! Flash Animation (MAC) play back on PowerPoint
    Shockwave Flash Animation is complete.
    We want to change the Flash Animation w/video (MAC) files to
    QuickTime files.
    Then change the QuickTime files using Adobe Premiere®
    Pro CS3 to an MPG level 1 file (not level 4)
    Must be expert in:
    Shockwave Flash Animation (MAC)
    QuickTime (MAC)
    Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3 (MAC or PC)
    AdobePowerPoint (PC)
    Virtual,Telephone or inperson heip on how to make a Shockwave
    Flash Animation (MAC) play back on PowerPoint PC

    (This is the Adobe Scout forum for game developers, you should try the Flash Player forum)
    To install Flash Player, try this link:

  • Videos won't play in Safari. Notice says, "You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video." I have downloaded it, but no change. All videos play OK in firefox, but I like the controls in Safari better and want to stay with it.

    Videos won't play in Safari. Notice says, "You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video." I have downloaded it, but no change. All videos play OK in Firefox, but I like the controls in Safari better and want to stay with it.

    Try deleting Flash cookies. – Flash Cookie Removal Tool For OS X | MacHacks.TV
    If that doesn't help, UNinstall the old Flash plugin first, then reinstall new.
    Troubleshoot Flash Player | Mac OS
    Then restart your Mac.

  • I need help in Downloading Adobe Elements for my Mac & Adobe Acrobat for my laptop...I have been battling for the last day.

    I need help in Downloading Adobe Elements for my Mac & Adobe Acrobat for my laptop...I have been battling for the last day.

    ~graffiti wrote:
    PjonesCET wrote:
    I know if you attempt to download and exe file to Mac from a Mac Partition you'll get something like. Cannot not understand file format octet-stream. This means it does not recognize MS execute files.
    Not necesarily. I've done it a few times.
    PjonesCET wrote:
    I'm not sure you can download a PC copy of Acrobat 9 unless you operating from bootcamp or other such application and running the PC partition.
    Yes. You can.
    I've learned something. New. This must be recently changed. That last time I clicked on a Link I though was a dmg file and turned out it was and exe file my Macs wouldn't allow me to do so. But haven't tried recently everytime and exe file comes up I cancel. I gues I am used to the time everytime a Virus or some other nasty was downloaded it was packaged in and exe file and Macs owuldn't allow it. I suppose with the INtel guts now they can no longer refuse to download.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I am trying to connect to the adobe document services to test the configuration, but getting the following kind of error: "Adobe document service can not be started". can somebody tell me how to resolve this? Thanks, Sunita.

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    Hi Pros,       I want to present a values list in dashboard, but this list have much duplicates, so when dispalying, I want to display all distinct values without duplicates.

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    Excel Web App ribbon is missing in the browser.  Using IE8.   It shows the document in the browser but there is just white space where the ribbon should be.  Ever seen that?

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    Hi! I'm wondering - in flash, i could use Scenes or frames, to divide an application. Is there any possibility to do similar thing in flex?