Macbook can no longer "connect to server"

I have an iMac connected to the new Airport Extreme using ethernet (and wireless).
I have a macbook connecting to the new Airport Extreme using wireless.
The macbook cannot connect to the imac using 'connect to server' WHY? And the imac's itunes library no longer shows up on the macbooks itunes as a shared library? Why?
All of this used to work before my upgrade to the new Airport Extreme. Can anybody help....

OK.... the is really baffling me...
Here's my setup:
Airport Extreme - constant PPPoe connection to ISP - running 80211n only
iMac conneting to Airport Extreme via ethernet
Macbook connecting to Airport Extreme via 80211n
Airport Express connected to Extreme via ethernet
Macbook Pro and Powerbook and 2nd Express (relay) connecting to Express via 80211g
iMac also connects to Airport Express via 80211g (in addition to direct ethernet connection)
So.... here's the problems....
Macbook and iMac cannot speak to each other. Macbook can see iMac's itunes but gets an error when tyring to connect (unspecified error - make sure port 3689 is open)
Cannot do a 'connect to server' either way between macbook and iMac.
iMac can see and connect to both Powerbook and Macbook Pro. It can also see itunes library on both of thses and vice versa.

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  • MacBook can no longer connect to the Internet in anyway

    I have a 2007 MacBook which has always connected to the Internet with no problems until the other day I turned it on and could not connect to the Internet.
    I have tried Wi-fi and Ethernet and it says it is connected yet when I open my browser (I have tried safari and chrome) it says it cannot connect to the server or, with chrome, the connection attempt was rejected.
    I have tried this on my home network and also at work and it is the same.
    I've checked my settings against other discussions on the forum and tried things like flushing the cache but no luck!
    Please help!

    It is possible that your domain name servers are not functioning. Try using OpenDNS - enter the following in your System Preference > Network > DNS Servers. and
    Best of luck.

  • Windows Users can no longer connect to Server

    I have an Xserve configured to share via AFP and windows. It is running Open Directory as an Open Directory master. It is connected to a Windows Network that is worldwide, running in a specific subnet and domain. Recently, all the users I have configured on the machine have been migrated to a new Active directory server for their email accounts. I can connect and authenticate against the open directory using AFP, but can not connect using windows file sharing from a Windows computer, nor can I connect using SMB from a mac. Shouldn't the users be authenticating against the Xserve when trying to connect or is it passing off the authentication to another server? Do I need to move the Xserve to the new domain? (in other words, do I have to change its FQDN? )
    thanks in advance,
    XServe Dual 2GB G5   Mac OS X (10.3.4)   Windows Domain member

    I just had this same problem on my server. The only difference is it is an Xserve insted of a Mac Mini.
    I restarted the whole operating systems and that appeard to have fixed the problem but I do not know what I cause was.
    Did you figure anything out?

  • Can no longer connect to SMB server after upgrading to Lion

    We have a MacBook Pro that was running 10.6.8. The user upgraded to Lion, and can no longer connect to a Windows 2008 file server. (We have two offices connected through a hardware tunnel, but i do not think this is the issue.)
    We have tried to connect in the Finder (smb://[email protected]/). It asks for usr / pass, and then just hangs on "Connecting to server"
    We can ping, have tested these credentials on other computers, and tried other credentials on this computer, to no avail. Furthermore, we installed a fresh copy of Lion on another computer, and successfully connected, so I don't think the issue is with Lion itself.
    There must be something from the previous install that did not "upgrade" properly, but I don't know which file / setting it could be. It is system-wide setting, as we have also tried another user account on this same Mac.
    We've also run Onyx to fix permissions, clean out all caches, etc.
    Any idea what file i can change, modify, or delete?
    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Yes, but the issue is not with Lion directly; there seems to be something with the upgraded system, perhaps a legacy setting or pref... I've scoured the system to no avail. I'm actually about to reinstall 10.6 - wasted too much time on this issue.
    Thanks for your help.

  • My macbook pro no longer connects to my TV with the mini dvi to hdmi adapter. A while ago the computer fell down and hit the cable. How can I tell if the computer is working ok. Doesn't show mirroring any more.

    My macbook pro no longer connects to my TV with the mini dvi to hdmi adapter. A while ago the computer fell down and hit the cable. How can I tell if the computer is working ok. Doesn't show mirroring any more. Was working while watching a movie but when I pulled it out from the computer and put it back in the system would no longer mirrorr the screen on the TV.

    The best option is an appointment at an Apple store genius bar.  The evaluation will be for FREE!

  • Hello. I recently updated my ipad to ios 8.1 and i can no longer connect it to my macbook (osx 10.5.8). itunes (10.6.3) does not recognize it. how can i delete around 3000 pics i imported to my ipad from my old macbook?

    hello. I recently updated my ipad to ios 8.1 and i can no longer connect it to my macbook (osx 10.5.8). itunes (10.6.3) does not recognize it. how can i delete around 3000 pics i imported to my ipad from my old macbook?

    Click here, buy a Mac OS X 10.6 DVD, and then run the 10.6.8 combo updater.

  • 10.4.7 - can no longer connect to mail server (SSL)

    After installing 10.4.7 I can no longer connect to my mail server.
    My mail server uses SSL on port 993 - but when I look at the error message when mail tries to connect I get the following:
    "There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Check the settings for account <accountname> or try again.
    The server error encountered was: The connection to the server <servername> on port 0 timed out."
    Why is it trying to connect on port 0?

    Found the solution in MacFixIt - unchecking the SOCKS proxy fixes the problem.

  • Hi - for some reason, my IPAD3 mail client has decided it can no longer connect to my Exchange server.

    Hi - for some reason, my IPAD3 mail client has decided it can no longer connect to my Exchange server.  It's worked like a charm for weeks.  Any thoughts?
    For the record, I've got a POP mail account that is working fine on the machine and the WIFI is up and running (Safari is loading fine).

    Hi Jim,
    Your issue is the most FAQ in the forums, it is an ongoing problem with Tiger waiting to be fixed by Apple. Till then, forget your aliases and use either Command-K or from the Finder Go-->Connect to Server and enter the remote Mac's IP address to connect.
    Also, Open Utilities-->Terminal and type lookupd -flushcache (Press Return) and reboot. Do this for both macs.
    Macs running 9.x, Macs running 10.4.x, SGI workstations running Irix 6.5.x

  • Can no longer connect through Facetime on my MacBook

    I can not longer connect to other Facetime users via my MacBook Pro.  Has anyone experienced this issue?

    Hi PI Gadget,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!
    Take a look at the article below, it provides tips that should help you resolve the FaceTime connection issue.
    FaceTime for Mac: Troubleshooting FaceTime
    Troubleshooting FaceTime for Mac
    You can make FaceTime calls using the FaceTime app. You can call FaceTime users whose contact information is in Contacts. You can add contacts and edit contact information in either FaceTime or Contacts. To place a video call, you may use a phone number or email address.
    If you encounter issues making or receiving FaceTime calls, try the following:
    Verify that FaceTime is enabled in FaceTime > Preferences.If the issue persists, or if you see the message "Waiting for Activation", try toggling FaceTime off and then on.
    Verify that the Date, Time, and Time Zone are set correctly:
    From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences > Date & Time > Date & Time.
    Enable "Set Automatically".
    Click the Time Zone tab and confirm the closest city is correct.
    Verify that both parties are connected to an active broadband Internet connection.
    See Mac OS X: Troubleshooting a cable modem, DSL, or LAN Internet connection.
    Consult Using FaceTime behind a firewall for necessary ports to open in firewalls, security software and routers.
    If you encounter issues using a Wi-Fi network, use standard Wi-Fi network troubleshooting to resolve interference and other issues.
    Verify the phone number or email address being used is the correct one activated for FaceTime.You can verify that you are using a valid Apple ID at You can also create an Apple ID or reset your password from this website.
    Verify that both parties have installed the latest software updates for their Mac and/or device. See:
    Mac OS X: Updating your software
    iOS: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Can no longer connect to iTune store - "server is down" message

    Suddenly I can no longer connect to iTune Store via my AppleTV
    What should I do? Many thanks

    Wait for the server to come back.  If the server is down, then there is nothing you can do about it, and you must wait for apple to get the server back up and running.

  • Can no longer connect to remote server via VPN

    I recently installed OS 10.5.8, and have found that I can no longer connect to my server at work. The VPN itself (via PPTP) works fine, it's just that when I try to connect to the remote server (via Connect to Server) I get a dialogue saying 'A volume failed to mount.' A further dialogue says 'Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error code -6602)'
    Has anyone found a way around this, please? I'm disabled and I need to be able to work from home – without the connection I'm stuffed! Obviously I've tried rebooting the machine etc, but nothing seems to help.
    Thank you for any assistance you can give.

    For some random reason this connection has begun working again – please ignore the question!

  • Can no longer connect my MBP to a local file server

    I can no longer connect to a particular computer on my local network from my MBP(Mid 2010 running 10.6.6). I am trying to connect to a Mac G4 tower running 10.4.11. This has worked in the past but now does not.
    An older MBP(Mid 2007 running 10.6.6) has no problem connecting to the G4. My Mid 2010 MBP can connect to the older MBP. The Mid 2010 MBP can also connect via smb to a PC on my local network. All of my systems can connect as clients to the Mid 2010 MBP.
    The G4 does show up in the Mid 2010 Finder window sidebar under Shared. I can ping the G4 from the Mid 2010. I can even ssh into the G4 using the CLI from the Mid 2010. When I try to connect to the G4, either via the Shared Icon in the sidebar or via Cmd-K, I instantly get a "Connection failed" message. I have, via afp, tried both the server name and the IP, both of which work fine on the older MBP. No effect. I ran full Applejack on my Mid 2010. No effect. I reapplied the 10.6.6 Combo Updater. No effect. I deleted all references to the G4 in my keychain, but the "Connection failed"  message comes before any attempt at authentication. Grasping that straw had no effect. I do have Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner but hesitate to nuke all my caches before trying something else. Ideas anyone? Thanks.

    I forgot to add: I also tried a different user account on the Mid 2010 MBP to connect to the G4. No effect.

  • HT204076 Since I updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 8.1.2 last night, I can no longer connect to my imaps server.

    Since I updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 8.1.2 last night, I can no longer connect to my imaps server. Other clients can connect to the server. Rebooting the device is no help. Before the update (i.e. 8.1.1), it was working fine. Is this a known issue?

    No, it is not a known issue. It is a known non-issue. Try resetting your IMAP login ID and password. Both the incoming and outgoing. If that fails delete the account reboot the phone, and add it back.

  • Since the new Mevericks update my Air can no longer connect to a shared Itunes lib on Macbook Pro

    I have two mac laptops at home. My pro and my air. I have it setup so that I stream all my media from my pro to my air.
    I updated my pro to the newest Mavericks version. Since that update I can no longer connect to my library on my pro via my air.
    Please note that this problem here is with the mac book pro! I updated my air last night and i could still stream.
    All I get is the usual "loading library" (on my air's itunes) but it never connects.
    Other than restarting the application (on both computers) and restarting (both computers) what else can I do?
    Are other people having the same problem??

    Hi Bryan,
    Thanks for your input.
    Unfortunately I cannot get any of the OS X browsers I have tried to get beyond the accepting the site's certificate. All just stall waiting on the Outlook Web Access site. Safari 3.1, Camino, Flock, Firefox ( and 3 beta 4), Netscape (7.1 and 9), Microsoft's Internet Explorer (thinking that might be more integrated with its Outlook Web Access package).
    I have even deleted the certificates from my Keychain (for Safari) or within the other browsers' preferences.
    Last night I even re-applied the 10.4.11 combo updater and then checked for software updates to confirm my system was up to date, but again without success when attempting to reach the Outlook Web Access site.
    Thanks anyway.

  • I can no longer connect to my pc home sharing

    I have been using my itunes on my HTPC as my media server for my atv2 for months without issue, but after a power outage i can no longer connect to my HTPC.  It shows up under "computers" but it will not connect.  I didn't change any firewall settings or anything, so there is no reason that I can think of for it to just stop working out of the blue.
    I have tried logging out of home sharing and logging back in.
    I have tried resetting everything (routers, computers, apple tv, etc)
    I have tried the ATVs wired and wireless
    I have de-authorized and re-authorized my computer, but I still have the same problem.
    I have 2 ATV2s and I have the same issue with both.
    I have a new macbook pro and the home sharing works on it.  I can use airplay from my ipad, MBP, and the HTPC, but just can't use home sharing. 
    I have tried everything that I can think of.  if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    @puebloryan, I realize this thread is a bit old, but I have encountered a similr problem and wondered if you had found a solution. I've been using home sharing from itines on my PCs for years, but two days ago, it suddenly stopped. I can share from my Macs, but not from the ONE PC library where I keep all my tunes. I tried all the usual trouble-shooting measures.
    After turning home sharing off on the PC's iTunes, turning it back on and turning some other settings off and on, my Macs and Apple TV could briefly "see" the PC library, but as soon as I try to connect -- the wheel spins for a bit and then the connection vanishes. It's as if they try and then give up.
    Since this sounds so similar to your problem, I was hoping you finally found a solution. I am also starting a new thread. Thanks!

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