Macbook screen blacking out suddenly

Hi all,
While using my Macbook, the screen suddenly goes black.
The screen goes black apparently randomly, sometimes it does, sometimes it does not.
My Macbook is on my table, which I guess is pretty well ventilated too.
After pressing the spacebar and other keys for a while, the blacked-out screen will just go back to normal.
What is the problem? I would be glad if anyone could offer any advice.
Thank you.

Go to system preferences, go to energy saver, at the top with the scroll down menu you can change settings for power adapter or battery, and below that option there's optimization settings. And while you are there, go into options (button beside "Sleep") and see if there's any options you may want to change as well. You may have to click the little pad lock icon at bottom left corner to make changes.
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  • Macbook screen blacking out

    Hey! I have a 2008 macbook, and the screen keeps blacking out whenever I open it. Any suggestions or info on how much it is to get fixed?

    I have a 2009 MacBook and have the same problem!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was cause I needed to replace the battery and that did but nothing resolved the blackouting issue. I called tec supprt and they walked me through a process to see if it was the hardware. this is what they had me try: turn off it. remove the battery. press the power button for 5 second. replace the battery. connect the charger to the laptop. have someone ready to turn it on, because right after press down at the same time ( option, command, the letter r and p ) at the same time. hold them down until you hear the start up chime twice.
    My Mac turned on fine and i was soooo happy that it was back to normal. I even asked to speak to his supervisor and tell him how helpful the representive was..however....I walked away from it for about 15 mins...and BOOM....back to the same poop!!!!!! i was soooo mad!!!!! and the worse part is that I am taking online classes! and so I depend on this laptop like no other! I called back and basically they told me that it seems like the backlight is going out and quoted me at $400 to replace!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
    It works ok when I turn it on and once I cn see the desktop with a flash light at an angle...cause its all dark....I turn up and down the brightness buttons.
    If you find a solution let me know please!!!!

  • MacBook (March 2009) screen blacks out

    I have a white MacBook (March, 2009) running Leopard, and currently
    the screen keeps blacking out, even while the unit is fully connected to
    power, and the battery is fully recharged overnight.  I don't even have
    time to go into Settings.  I have tried closing the MacBook, and then
    opening it after a while, within 2 seconds, the MacBook screen blacks
    I have done a hard shut down and restart, but still have the same problem.
    I've even inserted the Leopard installation CD, but still it keeps happening.
    I am really worried that I will have to take it for a repair.  But is there any
    other solution?
    Thanks, Sandeep.

    I tried the battery remove and reinstall procedure, and it didn't work the first time, maybe because I didn't give the battery enough rest.
    I've done it a second time, and will try again in 2 or 3 hours, to see if it works.
    If not, I will have to take into the service centre.
    Thanks, Sandeep.

  • The built in screen in my Macbook keeps blacking out, even though the computer is on.

    The internal screen on my Macbook keeps blacking out; when this happens the computer is still on - just no screen. This happens when unplugged after a few seconds, and takes a bit longer when plugged in.
    If I close the lid and open it again the screen works again for a few seconds before the blackout returns. Obviously this is not the ideal work scenario!
    It does not appear that this is a backlight issue (I presume) as I cannot see any image on the screen when this happens from any angle.
    If I turn the brightness all the way down and then back up again the screen flicks on for a fraction of a second before anything happens again.
    Any ideas what might be causing this? If I can fix it? And/or how much an Apple repair of the problem is likely to cost.
    Many thanks for your help!
    Martin Faint

    Unfortunately it sounds like the logic board... happened on a MB I have at work. That's an Apple Store replacement, and can be expensive if your mac's out of warranty. Free if it's still covered...

  • My screen on my MacBook Pro blacks out constantly. If I press on the bottom left side of the MacBook, I can keep the screen on. I have been placing a small note pad to keep pressure on the bottom in order to keep the screen lit up.

    My screen on my MacBook Pro blacks out constantly. If I press on the bottom left side of the MacBook, I can keep the screen on. I have been placing a small note pad to keep pressure on the bottom in order to keep the screen lit up.

    You should try taking the battery out and putting it back in, but then if that doesn't work, you should take it into your Apple Retail Store and have a genius at the Genius Bar take a look. That seems like a hardware problem to me.

  • Macbook pro screen blacks out

    I just bought my first Mac.  I have noticed since I received it a couple weeks ago, that the screen blacks out occasionally.  I am pretty sure this mostly happens when I am in Safari.  Any ideas why?  This will happen with my ipad 1 every once in a while too.  It will black out and revery back to the home screen.

    You should take it into the store as it certainly could be a hardware problem.   In my case, however, i didn't notice it when I was on Lion, noticed it on ML, and then haven't seen this problem again since downgrading to Lion.
    Since your problem is intermittent, it might be hard to produce at the store.  So, you might want to try to capture it on video before you go to the store so you have something you can show them.

  • Random laptop screen Black out / Turn off .

     first of all my laptop is : HP Pavilion dv6-6160se Entertainment Notebook
    to the problem now
    A few days ago my laptops screen started  out of a sudden shutting down/turning black( no lights at all ). This was happening while using the laptop at random. The screen  had no lights, and if i use a flashlight on it there is nothing. like its turned off completelly.
    Before this happens. Ths behavior varies. Sometimes it flickers from my desktop to a black screen then back on and some times not. Most of the times screen changed to a radom color (green mostly) then becomes black/shuts down.
     NOTE: The laptop keeps runing, i can hear the videos playing so it probably isnt a gpu chip or gpu issue , music and games.
    I searched the web for all kind of reasons that this could happen and tried some of the fixes .
    Here are everything i tried and all or the details i could accumulate in past coupe of days:
    1. If the screen flickers , blacks out and then turns back on i get a message that gpu drivers have stopped working and recovered (  on both amd and intel ).
    2. If the screen blacks out, on rare ocasions if you close the laptop lid and let the laptop go to sleep , when waking up screen works again ( noticable due to screen moving)
    3. I tried installing 4 different drivers all with clear install. ( didn't work)
    4. I tried to  to recover system with restore point. ( didn't work)
    5. I tried to lower the screen brightness. ( didn't work)
    6. tried this trick: 
    Turn off laptop
    Remove battery
    Hold the power buttong for 30-45 seconds
    Plug-in the charger ( dont put the battery in )
    Turn on laptop and see if it works.
    Very Noticable details:
    7.  Since  on of the rare fixes requires to move the lid  i tried shaking the screen a bit or pushing it slightly to different directions. This actually  does the trick and turns the screen back on ( i am right now typing  this after using this "trick"
    So, with this one as a hint there are a couple of stuff i have in mind but i am not sure  and need help since i am not a technician.
    a) There is a loose LCD cable and when i type a little vibration moves it and ends up in a black screen.
    b) I read that if you use a flashlight and you cant see  your desktop it means its a bad inverter.
    c) Can the inverter have a lose cabe instead of the lcd ?
    That's all the feedback i could give you that i can recall now.
    Currecntly the screen looks ok ( maybe its the certain angle it has after i moved it  so i would aprecciate a fast reply before  it goes black again
    EDIT: Tried to play a game for a few mins and i got the black screen again. Closed the lid  so the laptop goes in sleep mode then opened it and it worked. Just for the records.
    EDIT#2: Just tried to play a game again. got the blackscreen, shaked the screen a bit and it worked but for the 1st time i get the message " Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware" , Can it be that its the GPU after all or maybe drivers? 
    EDIT#3: Tried to play a game again and it seem to trigger the issue . ( i am currently running the laptop with only the intel drivers installed)
    thanks in advance
    P.S. Please feel free to ask me any question if you need more information, i am not a laptop expert but i know   more than the average person
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    Hi @Ntas 
    I have read through your post and it seems there are a couple of possibilities, and I noted that you have already tried several of the things I would normally suggest.
    I will however post some of those links anyway for you to review, it is always possible there may be something in one of them that may have been missed or may inspire an idea of the cause. Since you mentioned that sometimes just moving the screen will cause the problem or make it disappear, that does seem like either a loose connection or maybe something like pressure on a part of the display causing the issue.  Of course that last part may just mean the display is on its last legs, but hopefully not.
    First I will give you a link to the service manual, to help you check the connections. Just be careful to read the sections on precautions, to protect yourself and to prevent any other damage.This manual is also useful in that it lists all the compatible parts, so if the display is defective you could use this guide to help order a compatible replacement if you choose to do so. HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide
    Here are some other sources, that may be helpful to you.
    Resolving Problems with Notebook Displays (Windows 7 and Windows 8)
    Diagnosing a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for Damage
    Also for your convenience here is the drivers page for your notebook.
    HP Pavilion dv6-6160se Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers
    I hope this all helps.
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • My ipod screen blacked out and wont let me see anything but it will play music

    my ipod screen blacked out and wont let me see anything but it will play music. how can i fix it or cani get a new one?

    - A reset. Nothing is lost
    Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Restore from backup
    - Restore to factory settings/new iPod
    If you still have the problem that indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.
    If not under warranty, Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished one for this price:
    Apple - Support - iPod - Repair pricing
    A third-party place might be less expensive. Here is one. Google for more.
    iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens

  • Screen blacks out after a few seconds and won't return to normal state.

    I have the 30 gig ipod photo that i got about a year and a half ago. Whenever I look at the screen to access music or anything, the screen blacks out like there's a screensaver or something and won't return back to normal. Even after I reset it, it stays normal for a few seconds and then blacks out again. The backlighting still works so it's just a bright black screen and I have function of the click wheel because it clicks everytime I move up or down. I already tried restoring it so I am all out of options. Anyone PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks

    This happens rarely but consistently! I't seems to happen about 5% of the time waking from sleep. It MAY be more prone to happen if I had been moving with it in my bag, but it can happen at any waking time after any duration of sleep.

  • Ver 10.0.1.  Entire screen blacks out for a few seconds when scrolling.

    I recently updated to Reader X 10.0.1.  Now when I scroll through a large document my entire screen blacks out for a few seconds.  So far it has recovered.  I get an error message saying that the NVidia nView driver (ver. 135.50) has stopped responding.  I am running Windows 7 Pro on an HP Laptop, feeding to a large Samsung monitor.  Never happened prior to this update.  Any fixes/ideas?

    You are still under warranty.  Call Apple Care. Make sure you get a case number as all repairs have an additional 90 days of warranty. 
    #1 - You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return your computer with no questions asked.
    #2 - You have 90 days of FREE phone tech support.
    #3 - You have the standard one year Apple warranty.
    #4 - If you've purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan, your warranty last for 3 years.   You can obtain AppleCare anytime up to the first year of the purchase of your computer.
    Take FULL advantage of your warranty.  Posting on a message board should be done as a last resort and if you are out of warranty or Apple Care has expired.

  • Screen blacks out for a few seconds occassionally

    Sometimes my screen blacks out for a few seconds, then comes back on again. I have an original Titanium powerbook. Is this a warning signal of worse to come? I know I should replace the computer soon, but it's working just fine for now. I just don't want it to die before I've moved on to a new machine.

    Hi Julie,
    Obviously no one can predict with certainty what the future will bring, but if I were in your shoes, I would certainly think there was worse to come.
    Many things could be causing this, but it sounds like a short circuit or bad connection, possibly with the display cables running through the hinges, or where they connect to the logic board. It could also be a sign of the display dying, though they usually just get dimmer and dimmer or simply die.
    Does the "blinking" correspond to any movement of the PB?

  • HT1212 my iphone 5's screen blacks out every now and then. the phone is turned on but the screen is black and i can receive calls. what is wrong with my phone

    my iphone 5's screen blacks out every now and then. the phone is turned on but the screen is black and i can receive calls. what is wrong with my phone?

    I have to believe this has something to do with iOS 7 issues. I have taken my screen blacked out 5s twice to the Genius Bar and the found a bunch of system apps had crashed.  So if this is the case, is iOS7 the problem?

  • I dropped my ipad and the screen blacked out and could not be turned on even after pressing the sleep and home button

    I dropped my ipad and the screen blacked out and could not be turned on even after pressing the sleep and home button.
    I tried connecting the device to my computer and itunes said that it could not identify my device.

    What to Do When Your iPad Won't Turn On t-Turn-On.htm
    iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    iPad Frozen? How to Force Quit an App, Reset or Restart Your iPad tart-your-ipad
    iPad: Basic troubleshooting
     Cheers, Tom

  • Screen blacking out?

    I am curious to know if anyone else has had an issue with their screen blacking out while using the number keys during a call? This has happened four times to me, and I called Verizon, but thought maybe I had put my finger on the on/off switch by accident. However, this happened Saturday again, and I was SURE I did not touch that area of the phone. Please let me know if this has happened to you so we can document this issue with Verizon/HTC.

    I am having the same issue. It blacks out or the screen flashes like it is "waking up" but doesnt fully wake up. It has happened on and off over the past two weeks. I thought it was due to a message coming through or a call but that's not the case. I will have to bring it in to see if it should be replaced. I am also experiencing ALOT of dropped calls. I have reset the phone but the issue happens as soon as I try to make the call again..... It driving me nuts.

  • G580- Screen blacks out when power supply is not plugged in to the laptop

    My laptop is just 3 months old and I am already having problems with it.
    The laptop screen blacks out when i remove the power supply from it.
    When plugged in , it starts workin again.
    Whats the point of a laptop if i am not able to use it without plugging in??
    I don kno what the probelm is. Can anyone help here pls...

    Hi Vaish,
    I’d like to help you with this issue as we can try to increase the Brightness of the screen from the power options while plugged in,
    And then please if still the same we can try to uninstall the Lenovo Energy management and reinstall it back:
    Lenovo Energy Management for Microsoft Windows 8
    Lenovo Energy Management for Microsoft Windows 7
    Hope the information helps. Let us know.
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