Mail with Microsoft exchanger servers and encryption

My campus is requiring certain e-mails to be encrypted. When I am on the Windows machines using outlook, there is a simple option to do this. But most of my time I am working on my Mac, thank goodness, and I would like to know if there is a setting somewhere that permits encryption of selected e-mails in a way compatible with the exchange server?
So far tech support has not gotten back to me yet, and searches of this subforum with 'encrypt + exchange + server' just bring up posts about using Mail with an Exchange server, and no 'encrypt'.

I am new as well. I am now getting mail from exchange, but it doesn't seem to want to use exchange as the outgoing mail server.
Also is there anything else that needs to be done in order to sync with my exchange calendar and contacts?

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    My Microsoft Exchange Server is 2003 and although I can set up email on iPhone and iPad, I cannot set it up on my MacBook Pro.  It won't accept my password - says it is not correct.

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  • How do I restore Notes through iTunes without interfering with Microsoft Exchange Calendar and email

    I recently added a Microsoft Exchange account to my iPhone and had to stop syncing my Calendar and Mail Accounts through iTunes because it was creating duplicate entries.  When I made those changes, I lost all of my Notes on my iPhone.  I backed up my phone after adding the Microsoft Exchange account, but am afraid to restore the backup (to restore the Notes) because I don't want to restore the pre-Exchange Calendar and Mail Account settings or entries.  If I select "restore backup", will it restore my Notes without interfering with my Calendar and Mail Account settings or entries?  Also, I don't know when the Notes disappeared from my iPhone, so it's possible that I synced through iTunes after I added the Exchange account, which probably means that the Notes I am trying to restore are in a prior backup, not the most recent backup.  Can you help?
    Thank you.

    move your existing me account to be a icloud account via
    icloud works only with .

  • My Account Company Mail  with Microsoft exchange doesn"t  work

    Just inform that I have succeed setting mail for YAHOO, GMAIL etc with these Indosatm2.
    I'm trying to connect my company email account with my iPad Wifi+3G with Indosatm2 broadband as a internet data provider.
    So far I've been unsuccessful.
    This is what I've done:
    Settings->mail,contacts,calendars->add account->
    STEP 1
    ** Fill email account -> Domain -> User Name --> Password -> (SSL=On)
    ** Ipad is VERIFYING and need to fill the SERVER :..... (I fill with the correct server name as I hv applied to name server for the Blackberry Setting)
    ** Result : EXCHANGE ACCOUNT Unable to verify Account
    After that didn't work I clicked "OTHER" after clicking add account and filled in the info there but again nothing happened and the account was not added.
    I have no idea if I should choose Microsoft exchange or Other when trying to add an account or what to put as the
    ** outgoing mail server as : ( As the provider server)
    ** incoming mail server as : ( my company server )
    ( Another information : Its indicate that my COMPANY CERTIFICATE is unverified)
    I hv copy and install through yahoo mail received the certificate to my personal accepted.
    I really appreciate if some body may hv a typical experienced

    Dear Dave, so far thank you for you last advised.
    Now, I have connect to my company mail account. It was I hv done :
    I choose for "Other account to my company account", due to there is no works using Microsoft exchange as provided by Ipad Setting.
    ** open the microsoft outlook
    ** tool /then/ account setting /then/ Microsoft exchange /then/ more setting / then/ connection
    ** outlook anywhere click the box /then/ click Exchange proxy setting /then/
    ** making blank on check box "connect using SSL
    ** fill on the http://. (
    Continued go to iPad to sett the account email company, choose the OTHER MAIL
    Fill the user name as the company and password mail and incoming server.
    Fill the out going mail as the user name, password, and server provided.
    BUT now my out going mail still un send..... ( I will ask to provider to give the exact SERVER NAME )
    For OUT GOING I will check against later.
    ANY BODY could give the advised as per I hv done above...

  • Mail on Microsoft Exchange Server

    It seems as though this topic has been beaten to death. I've read nearly every post about getting Mail to work on Microsoft Exchange servers, but I can't make it work on ours.
    I am fully functional on the Exchange server using Entourage. However, I simply cannot figure out how to make Mail work on the Exchange server. It seems like some have had luck using the account type IMAP and some using account type Exchange.
    I've entered nearly every possible combination of settings, but have had no luck. Is there at least an explanation as to why Entourage will work but Mail won't? I'd still love to get Mail working...any ideas?
    Any help is much appreciated!

    Hi pblakes9,
    I can try and help, I have 10 Macs running 10.4.8 and 3 running 10.4.10 all using Apple Mail with the Exchange Server and no problems.
    I have them all set up the same using the account type "Exchange".
    Before Apple added that as an option, we had them set up using IMAP.
    However it seams that even the account type called "Exchange" is using a IMAP protocal. (excuse me if that is not the right term) What I am trying to say is that our IT people said that no matter if I use the "Exchange" or "IMAP" account type, the Mac talks to the server using "IMAP".
    What this ment to us is IT needed to make sure that "IMAP" was enabled on the server.
    If you are using Microsoft Entourage version 11 (from Office 2004). This does not use IMAP. So this would still work on your Mac even if IMAP wasn't enabled on the server. However Microsft Entourage version 10 did use IMAP.
    Dual 2.0 GHz G5, Dual 1.2 GHz G4, 35o MHz G3, Old G3 Tower   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • How to change POP mail to IMAP and what's with Microsoft Exchange 2007?

    When I set up two of my email accounts I had Leopard. And I set the email accounts up as POP mail accounts. But now I want to change them to IMAP accounts because my school recommends the school email as being IMAP and I would like to change my main email to IMAP. My more recent email set up as IMAP.
    But every time I try to make a new email it tries to set up as Microsoft Exchange 2007 and I don't even know what that is. I would rather have it as IMAP because that's what I've been told to use. I have never been good at setting up email.
    So may someone please help me.
    I would just like to change these accounts that are set up as POP mail into IMAP.

    Instructions can be found in this thread - or which I found through Google search.
    every time I try to make a new email it tries to set up as Microsoft Exchange 2007 and I don't even know what that is.
    Microsoft Exchange

  • Hi i m using 4s and its updated but i cant configure with microsoft exchange for my gmail account. Anytime i tried to configure it the message comes connection to the server failed. Pls help me out.

    Hi i m using 4s and its updated but i cant configure with microsoft exchange for my gmail account. Anytime i tried to configure it the message comes connection to the server failed. Pls help me out.
    <Email Edited by Host>

    Discontinued by Google. Read here:

  • Simultaneous sync with two exchange servers - will it ever be possible?

    I fully understand that this is not possible at present (one has only to try to get a very clear pop-up message). I also understand that nobody can predict (or is willing to say) what is coming in future releases. My question is whether or not simultaneous syncing with two exchange servers is even theoretically possible. I don't undertstand exchange/ActiveSync well enough to even know if it's in the realm of possibility.
    If not, I'll try to find another way to do what I want (Gmail for calendar and contacts and work for mail, calendar and contacts) - I am open to suggestions. If it is, I'll have to figure out how important one (or the other) is to me for now and wait for the day when I can have my cake and eat it too.

    I'm not sure if this is an ActiveSync limitation, but it might be since I don't believe accessing more than one Exchange account via ActiveSync with a Windows Mobile device is supported either, and ActiveSync and Windows Mobile are Microsoft products.

  • Configure sharepoint 2013 with Microsoft exchange 2010

    I am want to configure SharePoint 2013 with Microsoft exchange 2010.
    Please let me how can I integrate these server to Send/ Receive domain E-mails.
    C Mahone

    For email integration there really isn't anything special about Exchange 2010 vs. any other mail server.  Check the links here on configuring Incoming and Outgoing mail in SharePoint:
    Paul Stork SharePoint Server MVP
    Principal Architect: Blue Chip Consulting Group
    Twitter: Follow @pstork
    Please remember to mark your question as "answered" if this solves your problem.

  • I can't connect with microsoft exchange

    Just got a new MacBook Air....trying to connect to the Microsoft Exchange system in the office.  Works fine for both my iPhone and iPad but not working for this MacBook Air...

    Hey there ovillamil,
    If you are having issues connecting with your Microsoft Exchange account, take a look at the resources below for troubleshooting steps:
    OS X Mail: Using Microsoft Exchange (EWS) accounts - Apple Support
    iCloud: Microsoft Exchange behavior with iCloud - Apple Support
    Microsoft Exchange may require additional configuration in order to allow communication with certain devices. Consult with your IT manager or Administrator of your Exchange server for further questions about your Exchange setup. 
    - Judy

  • Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers

    Is anyone using Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers with Microsoft Exchange 2010?
    We use Kaspersky for SharePoint and it is a good product.  We currently use Forefront for Exchange but that product has gone away.
    Our Exchange server is protected by McAfee/Intel's cloud SPAM and Antivirus product, but we want an AV solution that is installed on the Exchange server as well.
    I cannot find any real world reviews for Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers can any Spiceheads help me out?
    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community

    Hi Amol8k,
    Welcome to Nokia Forum!
    Have you tried contacting the developer of this application? Try contacting them first so that they can provide you right resolution for these matters. You can reach them through this link: Let us know what will be the outcome of this.

  • Treo 680 does not sync with Microsoft Exchange 2007

    My company just  upgraded to Microsoft Exchange 2007 and my teo 680 stopped syncing my mails. I checked with the plam support and they informed me that 'The Treo 680 unlocked device is not supported with the Exchange Server 2007.' 
    Has anyone faced this problem. Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance. 
    Post relates to:
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    bonzi wrote:
    i have tried this out. while this may work on Sprint, it does not work on Unlocked devices. Finally with no solution from Palm on this particular issue i had to switch to a windows based mobile. I am a Palm fan, but looks like Palm does not care about this.
    Nothing to do with Sprint: using domain\username in place of the username in VersaMail has been confirmed on the Centro on the AT&T network. I think the Centro runs a newer version of VersaMail than the 680 (the 680 was released in the Fall of 2006). Perhaps that is the difference?
    The last software update was in January 2008, to support direct push email ( I doubt you will see more, considering that this device has been discontinued.
    I'm running Windows Mobile now. I miss the PalmOS calendar, but I don't miss VersaMail.

  • At my wit's end with Microsoft Exchange! Please Help!

    Here's the scenario:
    Purchased a 3G iPhone on Sunday and I am trying to sync to my corporate outlook e-mail through Microsoft Exchange. If I don't get this working soon, I am returning it because I am running out of patience and I need my work e-mail.
    Important Fact: I previously used a Palm Treo that also used ActiveSync. Two minute easy set-up and worked FLAWLESSLY. So the issue is NOT the server from what I understand.
    I used the same exact settings for the iPhone and when I try to add the account, I get this message "Exchange account verification failed".
    I have tried:
    adding /exchange after the server name.
    adding /exchange/ after the server name.
    disabling SSL. enabling SSL.
    adding the domain name in the optional domain field.
    adding my user name as domain\username.
    I am being cap sensitive.
    NOTHING has worked. I have reset, restored, etc, etc.
    One interesting thing I noticed is that on my desktop, I can go to internet explorer and type in the server name and I get outlook web access. When I try the same with Safari through the phone, I get "Safari can not connect because it can not establish a secure connection with the server".
    Is this connected with my other issue?
    Thank you for any ideas/ input.
    - Julie

    The following steps should work if everything on your Exchange server is configured properly.
    All on your iPhone:
    Go to Settings
    Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    Choose Add Account...
    Choose Exchange
    Enter Email address
    Enter username NOTE: be sure to use domain.local\username or domain\username(be sure to use the back slash)
    Enter your password
    Press Next
    Okay, your iPhone at this point is going to attempt to connect to the mail server, but it will fail twice - after each failure, select Accept. After the 2nd failure, you will be brought back to the set up page, but you should now see the field Server
    Enter the name of your mail server (typically into the Server field and select Next
    At this point, the iphone should connect to the server, and then you will be prompted for what you would like to sync up in Exchange. You have 3 options - Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.

  • How effective does iPhone 4 sync with Microsoft Exchange

    Sorry for a possible repost but I did try to search for this topic but didn't find anything.
    I'm really into the new iPhone 4 to use as a business phone. I have a Dell PC with Windows XP. The most important thing for me regarding iPhone is that the sync with Microsoft Exchange is flawless.
    Can somebody (who has an iPhone and Microsoft Exchange) tell me how effective the sync is with iPhone and Microsoft Exchange? Does the e-mail sync quickly and how does the sync work with contacts and calendar. If I put a new calendar item in Outlook does it appear on my iPhone without me asking it to sync and etc.?
    Please do share your experience

    Can I put the sync settings on the iPhone 4 to only sync between certain time interval? Say, monday to friday from 08am to 7pm?
    If you want push sync, then, no, you can't set a time interval. The entire point of push support is that the server notifies your system whenever something new arrives or something is changed. If you want to control when your iPhone contacts the server, then you can't use push. You can have the system fetch data at a set interval, or you can set to do it manually, if you prefer, but there's no setting where you can set a time window.
    And can I put the sync settings only to store a certain amount of e-mails? Say the 100 newest?
    You can set how may days of mail to sync, and also how many emails to show.
    You might find the the user's guide helpful in learning about features and settings:

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    What component is included with Microsoft SQL Servers that can be used to perform a broad range of data migration tasks?
    a. Full Text Search service
    b. SQL Notification Server
    c. SQL Reporting Server
    d. SQL Server Integration Services

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