Mail won't receive mails once updated to 10.4.7

Since I updated to 10.4.7, Mail does not receive any mails on my work network which I did not change any settings of Mail as well as Network Settings prior to and after the update. However it works ok on my home network.
My work is using a proxy server but it works fine on Entourage (which i don't like it...)
help will be lovely.
ta ta

I too have updated recently to 10.4.7 and now mail (Version 2.1 (752/752.2) won't receive from my pop through the proxy. No settings changed.
All I get is the '!' near the inbox folder, and when clicked it shows an error window advising that 'the connection failed'
I have intel mac mini at school and need to get this sorted. I have tried renaming prefs to force newprefs but no change.
I have not deleted the account...yet. to recreate it and try again.

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    I was sending and receiving with no problems until the end of August.  Then, mac mail on the iTouch stopped sending mail.  I tried changing my password, and now it won't receive mail either. 

    Did you have a MobileMe account? Did you convert/ transition to iCloud?

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    Hi ,
    I am trying to put XIPAYLOAD with <b>USE mail package</b> option.I have gone through the blogger posted my Michal on this...
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    some one could you please explain it little clearly...what is the use of this namespace..and how do I exactly proceed to make use of this document...
    Thanks a lot.....

    There are several scenario's
    have a look at following :
    /people/prasad.ulagappan2/blog/2005/06/07/mail-adapter-scenarios-150-sap-exchange-infrastructure - Mail Adaptor options [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] - File to Mail
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    i hope this will help you.
    Pls : Reward points if helpful

  • My mail will not receive mail

    My mail will not receive mail. It seems the last mail I had was 24th Dec but I have got the mail on my ipad and iphone ok. If I connect via safari I can get mail ok. I tried deleting old mail, no change.

    Not so fast ;-)
    How many email accounts are you using with
    In the left-hand panel of the Mail window, under "Mailboxes", you can see (beneath other things) the inbox(es) of your account(s). Is there some sort of sign/logo displayed to the right of their names? Is it possibel that you have taken it/them offline by accident?

  • MAil won't receive but Outlook will

    I'm on SL. I have problem with one sender.
    I f he reply to my email I can receive his email.
    If he make a new message and send one to me, nothing come into my mail mailbox. If I transfert to outlook under Fusion I can see that the email is there. Unread.
    Problem is so far only with Him
    MAil get the message from POP. Setit up alos as Excahnge but with the same beahaviour....
    Any Idea i'm clueless

    I too have updated recently to 10.4.7 and now mail (Version 2.1 (752/752.2) won't receive from my pop through the proxy. No settings changed.
    All I get is the '!' near the inbox folder, and when clicked it shows an error window advising that 'the connection failed'
    I have intel mac mini at school and need to get this sorted. I have tried renaming prefs to force newprefs but no change.
    I have not deleted the account...yet. to recreate it and try again.

  • Mail 5.2 won't receive mail.

    In Mail Preferences I'm trying to set the default reader to Mail 5.2 but it keeps changing back to Outlook 14.1.4. How can I stop this happening. I updated to Lion yesterday and can't receive mail. Sending is OK but nothing incoming. Any suggestions?

    Repairing the permissions of a home folder in Lion is a complicated procedure. I don’t know of a simpler one that always works.
    Launch the Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the page that opens.
    Drag or copy – do not type – the following line into the Terminal window, then press return:
    chmod -R -N ~
    The command will take a noticeable amount of time to run. When a new line ending in a dollar sign ($) appears below what you entered, it’s done. You may see a few error messages about an “invalid argument” while the command is running. You can ignore those. If you get an error message with the words “Permission denied,” enter this:
    sudo !!
    You'll be prompted for your login password, which won't be displayed when you type it. You may get a one-time warning not to screw up.
    Next, boot from your recovery partition by holding down the key combination command-R at startup. Release the keys when you see a gray screen with a spinning dial.
    When the recovery desktop appears, select Utilities ▹ Terminal from the menu bar.
    In the Terminal window, enter “resetpassword” (without the quotes) and press return. A Reset Password window opens.
    Select your boot volume if not already selected.
    Select your username from the menu labeled Select the user account if not already selected.
    Under Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs, click the Reset button.
    Select  ▹ Restart from the menu bar.

  • Mail won't open after software update

    I just did a software update (I think it was itunes update) and now mail won't open. Mail is still located in the apps folder. Message says to reinstall mail. Any ideas?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities

  • Mail won't close after security update

    I just installed the recent security update (running 10.4.8) and now Mail won't close on either my Dual g% tower or on my iBook. In fact, both computers were unable to reboot after the install because the mail program needed to be force quit.
    This was never a problem prior to the install of the security update.
    Anyone have any ideas?

    Problems arising right after installing a system update are usually the result of the problem already being there, or not having installed the update properly, or ignoring Apple’s "Important: Please read before installing" warnings, etc., rather than being caused by the update itself. In order to ensure that the update is installed properly, proceed as follows.
    Verify/repair the startup disk (not just permissions), as described here:
    The Repair functions of Disk Utility: what's it all about?
    After having fixed all filesystem issues, if any, reinstall the update that appears to not have been installed properly.
    Take a look at the following articles for guidelines on how to properly install system updates:
    Troubleshooting installation and software updates
    Installing software updates
    Basically, you should verify/repair the startup disk before installing the update, no applications should be running while installing it, and you may experience unexpected results if you have third-party system software modifications (not normal applications) installed.
    The above won’t solve the problem, but will allow us to at least troubleshoot it properly. Post back with your observations when done.
    How many accounts do you have and what type are they (POP, IMAP, .Mac)?
    In Mail, open Window > Activity Viewer. What do you see there when Mail refuses to quit? Actually, you may be able to avoid having to force quit Mail by canceling whatever it’s doing (by clicking on the red stop icon of the activity).
    Do you have any Mail plug-ins or any system utilities that could interfere with Mail? In the Finder, go to each of the following folders (if they exist). What do you see there?
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. You can easily locate any of the folders referred to in this post by copying the file path here, doing Go > Go to Folder in the Finder, and pasting the file path there.

  • IPad 2 won't receive mail

    Ever since I updated the IOS to 6.1 I cannot send or receive mail, though the same .mac account works perfectly on my iMac and iPhone. Any ideas why this has happened? Any suggestions? I turned off the router but this had no effect.

    iOS: Unable to send or receive email
    Can’t Send Emails on iPad – Troubleshooting Steps
    iPad Mail
    Try this: Delete the account in Mail and then set it up again.
     Cheers, Tom

  • I dropped my 3G phone yesterday and since then it won't receive mail.  says user name or password is incorrect.  I've checked in settings and re-entered the correct (I think) information and it still doesn't work.  I removed then replaced the sim card.

    I dropped my phone yesterday and now can't receive mail.  I removed and then replaced the sim card.  I've restarted the phone.  It says the user name or password is incorrect.  I re-entered the correct information (I think) and I've also synced it with my computer.  Nothing works.  Help!

    Delete the email account and re-enter it from scratch.

  • Mac Mail won't receive new messages

    I have three devices, an iMac; an iPhone and an iPad.  I also use iCloud (but I hate...or don't want to have to go to the web and login to iCloud there to read my mail...otherwise, what's the point of having Mail on all of your devices, right?!?). 
    There are so many discrepancies between the three devices synching my Mail.  I have emails I read on my iPad and then deleted some.  They show as deleted/read on my iPhone, but they still show as unread on my iMac.  Additionally I noticed that my iMac hasn't received any new mail (including the mail I can see on my iPhone)...for an hour!  I've clicked the "send/receive" mail button a dozen times, but nothing...I can't find a place in Preferences that should correct this.  (And yes, my internet connection is working...)
    Any help is appreciated.  Thanks. 

    Thanks, Ernie... I didn't realize we could control click in the inbox. It just showed me how much space I had used up in each folder.
    On a whim, I deleted the account, ran a disk utility, then rebooted. Then I re-added the account, and so far, it SEEMS to be working alright... Got my new email, am able to send out--it seems to be working now.

  • Mail won't 'remember' mail server settings.

    Suddenly Mail won't send or receive. When I look in Preferences>accounts the mail server setting is empty. If I set up a new account and manually enter '' it is removed when I hit the button to save the account?

    I am having this same issue on an Exchange account. I keep putting in the new server details but it keeps reverting back to the old one.
    I have deleted the plist and mail folders in library but it seems to keep going back to the old one.

  • Mail Won't get mails, but does send mails.

    I just purchased a MacBook Pro. I added my Gmail account to Mail. However unlike on my iMac and iPhone, on the MacBook Pro, Sometimes Mail won't download any mail when I press get mail, even if there is new mail on the server, meanwhile it is downloaded on the iMac and iPhone. Can someone help me please,
    btw - it is set up as POP on the MacBook Pro.
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    Try repairing disk permissions.
    Quit any open applications/programs. Launch Disk Utility. (Applications/Utilities) Select MacintoshHD in the panel on the left, select the FirstAid tab. Click: Repair Disk Permissions. When it's finished from the Menu Bar, Quit Disk Utility and restart your Mac. If you see a long list of "messages" in the permissions window, it's ok. That can be ignored. As long as you see, "Permissions Repair Complete" when it's finished... you're done. Quit Disk Utility and restart your Mac.
    If that doesn't help, with the Mail application open, from the Menu Bar, click Mailbox/Rebuild.
    And... If you can’t receive messages

  • How can I set up my mail account to receive mail?

    I have a brand new imac i'sight 3.06 Ghz, 500GB etc. I have added my UK hotmail email account to the mail application and I am able to send email directly from the application from my hotmail mailbox, but when i press 'Get new mail' the bar flashes and shows that I am receiving mail but I cannot see it in the inbox.
    Can anyone help?
    I can send email, but I cannot see email in my inbox.

    I don't have Hotmail, but generally, web based email accounts need to be set up within that account (in this case Hotmail) - you need to go to your Hotmail account and check if it can be set up as an IMAP or POP account with emails automatically being forwarded to Mail. Hopefully someone with a Hotmail account will chime in with more specific info; in the meantime, check out the options in your account there.

  • Dynamic file name as mail attachment in receiver Mail Adapter?

    Can any one tell the possibility of attaching file as a mail attachment without using mail Package with dynamic filename.
    Business requirement is to send error response as mail attachment with dynamic name.
    Ex: Error_Response_20110802_13.24 where 20110802 is Date and next part represents time stamp.
    File attachment name should change dynamically in Mail receiver Adapter. Thanks
    Sreeramulu Konjeti.

    there is no standard way.
    you will have to write a module to get this in place.
    other ways are;
    XI Mail Adapter: An approach for sending emails with attachment with help of Java mapping - /people/stefan.grube/blog/2007/04/17/xi-mail-adapter-an-approach-for-sending-emails-with-attachment-with-help-of-java-mapping
    Dynamic name in the mail attachment - pseudo "variable substitution" :

Maybe you are looking for

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