Mass upload of BP into CRM

  I peform mass upload of BPs into CRM. I use FM BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA to create BP itself and BUPA_ADDRESS_ADD to save BP addresses and call these FMs in the same turn for each BP.
  So, if I do that for 1-2 BPs, it works perfectly. All BP are saved in CRM with there addresses on COMMIT. As soon as the number of uploaded BP increases(between two commits), for example, up to 100, there is an error happens:   E831(AM) in ADDR_MEMORY_SAVE.
  As well as I understood, it happens because of address saving peformed before BP saving on commit. I tried first to save BPs only (with commit) and then their addresses, and it worked on mass upload without any error.
  So, is there any idea about how to upload each BP with his address simultaneously without any error by mass upload?
    Thank you.

You can upload millions of records using these function modules.Infact I am doing the same.
Make sure that the data structures,tables which are passed to the Function modules are cleared for each time and FM's should be in the below mentioned order.

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  • Mass upload of data into Custom table

    Hello all,
                I made search in SDN and could not find the best solution to my problem and hence posting .
               What is the best way for Mass upload of data into Custom database table ?
               I think LSMW would not be a viable option as it would take longer time .
               Locking of the table also needs to be taken care.
               PLease let me know if you have a alternative to this and the best way to do this .

    Hi Sibi,
    See Lock objects are required when we enter the data through screen level, or multiple users should not enter the data at same time.
    Create one Lock object in SE11, It automatically creates FM.
    DEQUEUE_EYTEST2                Release lock on object EYTEST2
    ENQUEUE_EYTEST2                Request lock for object EYTEST2
    Call these FM in your program.
    EX: Refer this links

  • Mass upload of factors into segments of assessment cycles in CCA

    Dear experts,
    is there a way to upload or mass input of factors into the segments of assessment cycles?
    Something like KSU8 for mass data?
    Best regards

    We don;t have such a tool.
    I have worked some of the biggest projects in SAP, we never invented some thing like this
    Best Regards

  • For mass upload of documents

    Hi Everybody
    Is there any tools available for mass upload of documents into server? please provide me the information.

    Hi Prasad,
    There are several options that you can explore for mass document upload and see which best fits your requirements and constraints:
    -You can upload documents by using LSMW(Legacy System Migration Workbench). Using this, you can safely upload 1000-1100 documents at one go.
    - Ask your ABAPer to develop a BDC for mass document upload.
    - Use 'DMS Loader' solution from SEALS systems.
    Pradeepkumar Haragoldavar
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  • Mass upload of sales orders in crm

    Hi gurus,
    Could any one help me out in mass upload of sales orders in CRM
    thanks in advance
    [email protected]

    Hi Nitin,
    From which system do you want to mass upload Orders to CRM? If its from a connected R3 sysem, you can use Middleware adaptors to do it.
    If your data is in form of files, then you can use an abap program to do the same. If you want to write an ABAP program , do let me know & I could tell you the useful FMs.
    - Alin

  • How to upload data into CRM using batch job

    I got some problem and need some hints.
    I am uploading data from a flat text file (product data) into CRM using thefunction module GUI_UPLOAD. My program starts with a selection screen whereI enter the path and the filename of the program, then I click start, and
    the data is transferred in CRM. This works perfect, and I can automaticallycreate service products in CRM.
    Here comes the PROB:
    But now I want to automize this procedure using a batch job that automatically picks up the file from the server and processes it automatically without any user interaction. BUT I always get an error saying that my function module GUI_UPLOAD can't run in batch mode. So
    anyone has an idea how to do this? Any other function modules that can run in batch mode? Any other ideas?
    Thx very much for ur help on this.

    Hi Bill,
    GUI_UPLOAD, like the name says, uses the SAPGUI to upload the data to theserver.. and in a batch job, you don't have the connection to a SAPGUI.
    So you should use following kind of coding:
    DATA MSG(100).
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
    READ DATASET "FILENAM" INTO [Your internal table].
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    APPEND [Your internal table]P_DATA.
    The file should then be available on the server.

  • Uploading Data Into CRM Using a Batch Job

    How can I automate the procedure of uploading data from a flat text file (product data) into CRM using the function module GUI_UPLOAD?

    GUI_UPLOAD, like the name says, uses the SAPGUI to upload the data to the server, and in a batch job, you don't have the connection to a SAPGUI. So you should use following kind of coding:
    DATA MSG(100).
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
    READ DATASET "FILENAM" INTO [Your internal table].
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    APPEND [Your internal table]P_DATA.
    Reward points if found helpfull...

  • Mass upload into DMS

    Hi all,
            using tcode cv01n we can upload a file to a document. But the requirement is to load multiple files at a time that is mass upload.
    pls help

    Hi Kshitij,
    for uploading more than one original I would recommend you to use one of the
    Please see the SAP Note 766277 which contains a complete documentation on all existing DMS BAPIs. In the documentation you will also find sample coding for each BAPI.
    If you try to do this in the background API function modules would be more flexible. Therefore please see SAP note 504692. This note includes some samples for special checkin cases.
    I hope this information is usefull for you.
    Best regards,

  • Uploading excel files into Web UI

    We are following the blog
    to upload excel files into Web UI.
    The  problem which we are facing is that the values are not getting populated in the text are and in the
    event handler EH_ONSERVEREVENT, no values are being populated in lt_items table.
    It would be great if someone could help us with this.

    Hi Nidhi,
    I have tried the blog but due to some reason, could not get it worked out.
    But, If U are ok to use CSV input files, instead of excel, U can use the standard component "GS_FILE_UPLOAD" as a popup and upload the files into the required assignment blocks.

  • Mass upload of employee photos in OAOH

    Dear all,
    In OAOH transaction, if you type in the business object PREL, and doc type HRICOLFOTO, a small dialog box appear and you type in the employee no.  Afterwards, another window dialog box appear prompting the file name/path....
    I would like to know if there is any method to mass upload thousands of employee photos, since batch input does not work in the file/path selection screen (window's dialog box)
    Thanks a lot for your help !

    Hi Patrick,
    Generally it is not suggested to Upload Photograph using Mass Upload.... normally it is one to one ... one perer at a time.
    But if its too urgent and critical then fallow this steps.
    1) Store the Photograph of the Employee as the PERNR.JPG (PERNR = EMPLPYEES PERSONNEL NUMBER) at a predifined location.
    2) Have a text file with all the pernr for whom you want to upload the photo and the JPGs you have in the folder.
    3) Use this Function module with the loop for all the PERNR
    * Function module to update Tran OAAD
    * Create file path (Directory)-(Employee No.).JPG
        CONCATENATE 'dir where the file is stored' wa_pernr-pernr '.' 'jpg' INTO lw_path.
    * Assign Values
        lw_ar_object  = text-002.         "HRICOLFOTO
        lw_object_id  = wa_pernr-pernr.
        lw_sap_object = text-003.         "PREL
        lw_doc_type   = text-004.         "JPG
            ar_object                     = lw_ar_object
    *   DEL_DATE                      =
            object_id                     = lw_object_id
            sap_object                    = lw_sap_object
            doc_type                      = lw_doc_type
            path                          = lw_path
           error_conectiontable          = 1
           error_parameter               = 2
           error_archiv                  = 3
           error_upload                  = 4
           error_kernel                  = 5
           no_entry_possible             = 6
           error_comunicationtable       = 7
           OTHERS                        = 8
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                  WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    This will help you to create the Archive link.
    Hope this helps you.

  • FM to upload condition records into inforecord (ME12).

    Hai experts,
    Can any one let me know if there is a FM or BAPI which can be used to update/upload condition records into inforecord (Transaction ME12). I need to know it to write a program for mass change/adding of conditions for huge number of inforecords.
    A sample program would be more helpful for me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please try given below code.
            activity         = 'V'
            i_eina           = ls_eina
            i_eine           = ls_eine
            i_no_suppose     = ' '
            i_vorga          = 'A'
            e_eina           = ls_eina_new
            e_eine           = ls_eine_new
            t_head           = lt_head
            t_line           = lt_line
            textname_invalid = 1
            OTHERS           = 2.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                  WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
              i_matnr  = ls_eina-matnr
              o_matnr  = ls_eina-matnr
              t_eina_i = lt_eina.
          IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
                wait = 'X'.

  • Urgent : Mass Upload of Element Links

    Can somebody pls suggest how to load Element links when it comes to mass upload?
    If the option is API then we would like to know how to pass people group segements as our link criteria is based on that.

    This might help you
    People group is a KFF use this cursor to get the people group Id for you desired value. here we have are using just 2 segments
    SELECT people_group_id
    INTO v_people_group_id
    FROM pay_people_groups
    WHERE segment1 = TRIM (x_people_group_segment1)
    AND segment2 = TRIM (x_people_group_segment2)
    AND segment3 IS NULL;
    Pass this people group in the api hr_assignment_api.update_emp_asg_criteria
    Hope this helps
    Nitin Singh
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  • Regarding Error handling in Mass Upload of Organizational Structures Using RHALTD00

    Hi all,
    I am using standard program RHALTD00 for mass uploading of Organizational objects into SAP system. But incase if our input file has any error records, how can we track such errors? Can you please share your inputs.

    Hi Sirisha,
    Report RHALTD00 imports the records from the file and creates a batch input
    session, which you can process either directly or using batch input
    Batch input processing: When ever you will run the report in this way, error records handled in a session.
    Direct processing:
    Requirements to run this report is :-
    The dataset must contain all of the records of infotype 1000. Only then can
    other information be imported in any order that is required.
    The dataset must not contain records with workflow infotypes (infotype
    numbers from 1200 to 1299). Such records are not included in processing.

  • How to batch upload some data into SAP system?

    Hi All:
    I'm a SAP key user in our company, I want to know how to batch upload master data into SAP system? What t-code we can use for batch input?
    Thanks in advance!

    I think at least there are four methods for batch input which you can use in SAP system:
    Standard mass change t-code: for example, MM17 for mass change of material master data, you can find the mass change t-code under the relevant function module;
    T-code SCAT, you can use to record and generate the simple batch input template, it's easy to use for key user;
    T-code LSMW, it's another transaction to generate batch input template, it's often used at the beginning of SAP rollout;
    ABAP program, of course, ABAP is a universal tool for everything, you can use ABAP to generate a batch input program to upload data into SAP system as well.
    So you had better contact your SAP support department, help you to upload data!
    Good luck

  • Mass Upload of user favourites from 4.6 to ERP 6.0

    We have a client who is Upgrading from 4.6c to ERP 6.0
    All of the users use their favourites for the transactions that they use.
    We are aware of the functionality to extract and upload the favs, however this will involve users.
    Is there a way to MASS upload all of the favs into ERP 6.0?
    What tables, structures are the favs held in?
    How have you overcome this in other Upgrade projects?

    Hi Mark,
    Are you going to do an Upgrade or will you be doing a re-implementation and data migration?
    If you are upgrading the favourites will still be available to the users in the target system after the upgrade.
    If you are re-implementing I am not sure there is a standard way for mass export/import.
    What I would suggest is stepping through function Module  MENU_FAVORITES_DOWNLOAD and try to simulate this for all users.
    Kind regards,
    Ronald G. Meyer

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