Mass upload of Material

    we have to do mass upload of material master  which includes lot of classification / characteristics for a plant. could you please let me know how do we do this and which is the best method? ( BAPI or BDC)
Arun Vijay D

Use direct input method using LSMW. The details are as:
For material master data:
Object: 0020
Method: 0000
For material classification
Object: 0130
Method: 0002
Program: RCCLBI03

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  • I want to change Material Type for mass upload.(MMAM)

    hi all,
    I want to change Material Type for mass upload.(MMAM)
    Suggestion pls? or Any BAPI is availablre?
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    This may be little tough for 10000 sales orders.
    1. You have to remove the output record for the irrelevant output record using tcode VV12 for the relevant document type. So now for the document type, the old output wont be triggered.
    2. Now, create output records for hte correct output type in VV11 tcode(for the output type BA03) for the document type. Now this output will be triggered for all the document types you are creating from now onwards.
    3. To trigger the output type BA03, in all the old orders, you just have to open these sales orders in change mode (VA02), and just save it. When u open it the output type BA03 will be automatically triggered as the master data is maintained in VV11. But because just opening all the 10000 sales orders in VA02 one by one be a mechanical task, you have to think of some tool for this.
    May be a CATT procedure can do the trick. Else, you can just create a small program, where you can upload these sales orders and the program will just open these orders in change mode and just saves it (without making any changes). Then the output will be retriggered.
    Here again, if you are printing the output directly, it is advisable to trigger the output in batch mode(Date/Time field is 1 in VV11), and then you can again trigger the printing again using the program RSNAST00 after office hours for these 10k orders.
    I hope I answered ur query.
    Pls lemme know if you need some more info. (You can reward me too...)

  • Mass Creation of Material Group Purchase info record

    Dear All
    Currently we are developing a custom transaction in SAP to mass upload Purchase Info records from a flat file (excel)
    We are using the standard Function Module ME_POST_INFORECORD to create the PIR s
    We use two different number ranges for Material and Material Group PIR s. This is set up already in SPRO>MM>PIR>Define Number Ranges
    Purchasing info record for stock material (Group - IL ) have a number range X
    Purchasing info record for material group (non-stock mat.)(Grpup -IN) have number range Y
    So when we create a Material PIR manually in SAP it picks X number range and  Y number range for Material Group PIR
    But when we create Material Groups PIR via the new custom transaction it creates PIR s with Number range X.
    Upon checking understood that the standard FM ME_POST_INFORECORD is always defaulting the Number Range Group as IL internally . Seems like a harcoding done by SAP
    Wanted to know
    - Is there any another FM we should consider while creating Material Group PIR s. Any other Function module provided by SAP for that ?
    - Or what can be other way to resolve this ?
    Please let me know your views on this.

    For mass upload from flat files you can consider LSMW with different options e.g. IDoc:
    Message Type         INFREC
    Basic Type           INFRECMASS01
    or simply via recording of transaction (this should be using exactly the same NR as you have when doing this manually).

  • Mass changes of Material Master field with different values

    How to change a field in Material Master for more than thousand materials. I think MM17 can only be used for mass changes of materials with same values. I need to upload different values for different materials. Is there any other way to do this.
    K R Vishnu Kumar

    Hi Kumar.
    I think you have to use LSMW for mass updation for Material Master fields with different values.

  • Mass reversal of material documents

    Hi All,
    We have MBST for reversing/cancelling trhe material documents. But how can we reverse/cancel the material documents on a mass basis?
    In transaction MASS, there is no object created for mass reversal of material documents.
    How can we create an object for mass reversal of material documents?
    Is there any other Tcode or program for mass reversal of material documents?
    Thanks and regards,
    Ramachandra DN

    Dear Ramachandra,
    We Create
    <b>LSMW</b> for <b>T.Code MBST</b>
    I hope it is better way to use Mass reversal of Material Documents
    Otherwise depend upon the size of the data we can move to other uploading programmees.
    For better clarification you can approch ur ABAPers to resolve the issue.
    With regards,

  • MM17 (Mass upload)

    I want to upload the values to one of the fields in material master. I have 70,000 materials. Is this possible through MM17 (Mass upload) ?

    in MM17.
    you select your materials for a change.
    Then you enter the new value in the fields above and click the distribute button, this way all your selected materials will get this value as new value for the chosen field.
    alternative to a fix value in the field above your records you can click the formula button, this way you can create a small formula to calculate the new field value. E.g. you can add 1 to your maximum stock level,  means if you had 10 as maximum stock level then you will get 11, but if you had 1 then you will get 2...
    but this formula button allows you as well to add some ABAP coding.
    this way I can select on any other table and can then determine the new value based on your own  conditions.
    e.g. you lookup EORD table (source list) and if you find an entry there, then you write 111 in field X , if you dont find a source list, then you write 222 in field X.

  • Mass upload of insp type in mm01

    Hi, pls advise how to upload 09 insp type and active button in qm view of material master thru mass upload? pls note that presently same materials are already uploaded with 01 insp type, we want to add one more insp type 09. pls advise how to do the same.

    In n QA08>select material plant->go to mass upload tab->enter 09 inspection type->check with change material document * execute-->you will get the list of all material with additional screen where you can select the task list ,check char  etc.
    -->select all the materials & click on save button
    check the message after saving all.

  • Mass upload of picture in MM01

    I have nearly 2000 pictures to be uploaded for 2000 material numbers.
    Is there any tool for mass upload of images in MM01 "Services for Objects" as attachments.
    I know we can do it DMS, but i specifically need it in MM01.
    Pls advice.

    please check the note 530792.
    Only documents linked to MARA can be displayed in the material master.     
    Please go also through the SAP Customizing Implementation Guide       
    -> Cross-Application Components            
    -> Document Management                    
      -> Control Data                          
       -> Maintain Screen for Object Link      

  • Reg Mass maintenance in Material master

    Dear Gurus,
                           I have uploaded HALB material wth movng avg price by mistake....I want to change it to std price in accounting view. Kindly guide me how to change it as standard price.

    Use Tcode MASS to change data.
    Go to MASS - select object type as  BUS1001001 (material) - Execute - here select the tab FIELD and select the line with field: price control again execute then enter. input the number from and to of the materials for which you are require to change the price control and execute.
    I hope this helps

  • Mass Upload for Historical Value in Forecast

    Hi Guru,
    Is there any way by which I can do mass upload of historical values (Total Consumption) in Forecasting Tab of Material Masters?

    For more details please refer the OSS  Note 200547 - Program: Direct input for consumption values

  • List of mass upload programs in PP & QM Moduls

    Hi, Pls advise the list of mass uploud t-codes in PP & QM moduls like QA08 T-codes. is there any general mass upload t-code to upload certain field in certain t-code (screen). pls advise.
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    There are numbers of program for mass change.
    CA85 for to do mass change in work center.
    CA95 for to do mass change in Reference opn set.
    CA75 for to do mass change in PRT
    Mass Change in material master MM17
    Mass change in BOM. CS20
    CEWB is the only standard option available for you to make mass changes
    In QM QA08 for inspection type assign or chnage and Qa16 lot change.
    There a lot of transactions for specific mass changes. MASS is also one of the transactions among them also LSMW or BDC are useful.

  • Mass Upload -  ALE/IDOC or BAPI approch

    Hi Guys,
    I have to upload material master and we have options to do it by either ALE/IDOC or BAPI approach. The quantity of materials is quite huge. I tried to find some comparison about different approaches so as to know when to use what but not able to get exact information. Kindly suggest which one is usually preferred for mass upload and if possible provide some links for more references.
    Brijesh Soni

    I have never seen such recomendations or  benchmarks
    SAP has a homepage for benchmarks:
    the source is the same, then result is the same. all steps in LSMW are the same. you have to map the same fields in any method.
    BAPI may have some more structures than IDOC or batch input. so just minutes more to assign the source structure to the target structure. .
    it is a historical growth or development. It started with batch input to process SAP transactions en mass
    then the IDOCs came to exchange data between 2 SAP systems.
    and then we got the BAPIs to execute SAP transactions even from a non-sap system.
    the result is in all three methods a created material master.
    LSMW is a toolbox which gives you any of the available import methods.
    there are other aspects to be considered in a migration.
    What if you have errors? do you correct them yourself, or do you want the business people to fix them.
    if you want business people to fix wrong data, then a batch import method may be the first option, as you can process it in foreground. It is too much complicated for a Non-IT-person to edit values in IDOCs. (even the performance may be better than a batch input)

  • Problem during mass upload

    Hi experts ,
                       In MM17 during mass upload while saving I am getting following error :
    Messages have been issued: number MASS005658000023
    Message no. MK101
    During inbound processing for the IDoc, messages have arisen while checking material data.
    System Response
    The system has filed these messages in the form of an application log with the number MASS005658000023.
    View the application log.
    Please help

    Hi Sir ,
              Thanks , but this link doesnt give any solution . Can you please explain what is to be done , or am I doing something wrong ?
    I am using this T code for first time , can you give me right procedure ?
    What I am doing is
    MM17 . I entered plant , imported materials from notepad and doing change . For some mats it has done .
    For remaining materials I am selecting corresponding line and mentioning new value and trying to save and its giving error .

  • Mass upload of BP into CRM

      I peform mass upload of BPs into CRM. I use FM BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA to create BP itself and BUPA_ADDRESS_ADD to save BP addresses and call these FMs in the same turn for each BP.
      So, if I do that for 1-2 BPs, it works perfectly. All BP are saved in CRM with there addresses on COMMIT. As soon as the number of uploaded BP increases(between two commits), for example, up to 100, there is an error happens:   E831(AM) in ADDR_MEMORY_SAVE.
      As well as I understood, it happens because of address saving peformed before BP saving on commit. I tried first to save BPs only (with commit) and then their addresses, and it worked on mass upload without any error.
      So, is there any idea about how to upload each BP with his address simultaneously without any error by mass upload?
        Thank you.

    You can upload millions of records using these function modules.Infact I am doing the same.
    Make sure that the data structures,tables which are passed to the Function modules are cleared for each time and FM's should be in the below mentioned order.

  • Mass Change in Material Master

    How to do mass Change of material group (say from 1HA TO 1HB) in material master in basic data 1 tab.
    Plz explain steps.

    Hi Rohit,
    Follow the Steps  SPRO - SAP Reference IMG - Production - Material
    Requirement Planning - Planning - Define Storage location MRP per plant - Enter
    the plant - Check for which Storage locations has got the indicator 1 - Storage
    Location stock excluded from MRP - Now remove that or choose the values.
    if you give me brief i can help you out more.
    Thank you .

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