Material group in material master for different plants

Warm greetings Masters of Material Management
We have one material master for three different plants example  1000, 2000 &3000 with same material group  with different valuation class
If we change material group in plant 2000 it is reflected in 1000 & in 3000
My question is  this the standard practice that material group changed in one plant will be reflected in other plants
shamul heq

Thank u Amola  
The current situation, if user change  material group for plant 2000, it is effected in plant 1000 & in 3000
the impact of this is in purchase requisition
As the release statergy  is triggered from material group    to different department
How can we solve this issue
shamul heq

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  • How to create material group in material master.

    hi guru's
    can anybody explain me how to create a new material group in material master.
    i wantto add a material group while creating material master MM01..

    In this step you create material groups.
    You also have the option of using the same transaction to carry out the following activities:
    Creating superior hierarchy levels
    Assigning the superior hierarchy levels to a material group hierarchy
    Assigning the base material group to the material group hierarchy
    Assigning characteristics profiles below material group level
    Your R/3 System is configured as an SAP Retail System.
    1. Create superior hierarchy levels
       You create hierarchy levels using transaction WG01 (creating
       material groups) via menu options MG environment --> Hierarchy
       level --> Create
    2. Assign the superior hierarchy levels to a material group hierarchy
       You assign hierarchy levels to a hierarchy using transaction WG01
       (creating material groups) via menu options MG environment -->
       Hierarchy level --> Maint. MG hierarchy
    3. Create material groups (base material groups) and then maintain the
       pre-defined materials (reference material/material group material)
    4. Assign the base material group to the material group hierarchy
       You assign the material group to the hierarchy using transaction
       WG01 (creating material groups)
    5. Assign characteristics profiles below material group level
       You assign characteristics profiles using transaction WG01
       (creating material groups)
    Further notes
    When creating material groups and then maintaining the pre-defined materials (reference material/material group material) you should be aware of the following.
    As these materials can be created automatically using a minimum of data, you should follow this procedure with a check and possibly further maintenance, especially of plant-specific data. The material group reference material should be defined in as much detail as possible so as to keep the workload to a minimum when you have to create more materials for this material group.
    All hierarchy allocations involving a material group (base material group) and a higher or lower hierarchy level can be carried out on the initial screen (there is no need to switch to the detail screen). All further hierarchy allocations can be defined top-down when you maintain material group hierarchies.
    Only the material groups are transported automatically!
    Reward if useful.

  • Import PO for different plants having  diff. excise group

    Dear All ,
    How to capture & post the Excise Duty for an Import PO ,
    Where the PO is created for different plants .The plants have
    different excise groups.
    R B Panda

    The only way to do it is to assign a small notional value (like 0.01 USD) to the item, so that the conditions tab does not disappear.
    The only problem will be that the GR/IR clearing account will have an open entry, which can be cleared via MR11 with minimum accounting impact.

  • Change the issue quantity for different plants

    We are facing a problem in the following issue.
    A material is being used in two plants. The material is procured from vendors in packets. The pack quantity varies for each plant for the same material since it is procured from different vendor. The base unit of measure for the material in the material master is maintained as NOS and the unit of issue is PAC. The alternative unit of measure in the material master can be maintained for only one PAC. If the pack quantity varies for different plant, how to maintain in the material master.
    For example : -
    Plant I u2013 Vendor A u2013 Pack quantity u2013 200nos.
    Plant II u2013 Vendor B u2013 Pack quantity u2013 300 nos.
    While creating reservation in plant II for one pack, the stock keeping quantity is 200 nos. On issue the issue quantity is 200 nos, but our requirement is the system should issue 300 nos. Kindly give solution to the problem.

    Hy afzal,
    I don't think it is possible to maintain different Conversion factor for 2 different plant for a single material.
    Acording to me there is 3 way to comeout of this problem.
    1) Create different Material codes for both plants.
    2) Insted of using alternate unit of measure use Batch specific unit of measure.But for this Materials are Batch Managed.
    [Batch Specific Unit of measure|]
    3) Try to convince one of the vendor to change its packing qty/Packet.
    Edited by: Dhaval Choksi on Jul 31, 2008 11:25 AM
    Edited by: Dhaval Choksi on Jul 31, 2008 1:26 PM

  • Filtering R/3 Material Groups and Material Types

    I am trying to filter the Material groups and material types during master data upload from R/3 to SRM 4.0
    I am tried doing the following:
    1. In Txn R2AR2, i set up the request for DNL_CUST_PROD1 for MARA-MATKL(Material Group) & MARA-MTART(Material Type)and then run the Txn R3AR4 with DNL_CUST_PROD1. The replication was successful, but it pulled in all the R/3 backend material groups and material types.
    Now i deleted the replicated material types and Material groups in SRM using SRM Std reports and this too was successful.
    2. Now i tried another method - In Txn R3AC3, i selected the Object DNL_CUST_PROD1 and i added table MARA and set up the filter requirements for MARA-MTART(Material Types) and MARA-MATKL(Material Groups), i synchronized the filters and then when i selected the object DNL_CUST_PROD1 in Txn R3AS for initial upload, even this is pulling in all the material types and material groups from R/3 without filtering
    Can anyone please let me know the exact procedure to filter out the R/3 Material types and material groups during initial upload of this data into SRM 4.0

      Before starting the INitial load for MATERIAL,for filetr settings ,Go in tcode R3AC1.
      There select the Object name as MATERIAL and click on the "filter settings" tab.
    Enter the relevant filter criteria:
    e.g. If you wnat to filter on Material type(MARA-MTART):
    The input will be as follows:
    Table /Structure :MARA
    Field :MTART
    OP :EQ Equality (= Low)
    Low: "Material type name"
    Incl/EXcl: Inclusive defined   
    And then click on the button "FILTER SYNC".
    The filter settings are complete for the Material download.
    Pls reward points for helpful answers.

  • Very Urgent Extn.Material Group and Material Group.

    Hi Guru's,
          I was created Generic D.S Using table (AFRU) for Orders Confirmation.I was Created Info Source AND ODS.
         I nedd to maitain ODS Extn.Material Group and Material Group.but These fields are not Avilable in Data Source (AFRU Table not having).
        Data source having Field AUFNR (order number) I was mapped To BW Object 0prodorder. I was maitained master data for 0prodorder.
      0prodorder master data (0prodorder_attr) having 0material (PLNBEZ Field mapeed to 0material) as a navigational Attribute.
    i am asking to all is it possible to bring Extn.Material Group and Material Group update rule level using master data attribute option?
    Please help to me Above's very urgent.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Manju & Gopi,
        This Order Confirmations cube having data from 2 data sources.
        There is a performence issue to clubbing so many tables.
         Any way i was maitained 0material is attribute(Nav Attr) of 0proorder.i was loaded 0prodoreder master data.
       0material having master data .Extn mat group & Material group are Nav Attributes of 0material.
      Now is it possible to maitaining the data in cube Extn mat group & Material group ?
    Please Give me Suggestion with out adding another table using view.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Limit material group by material type

    Hello experts,
    When creating a material by tcode mm01 I would like to limit the material groups by material type, as it happens with valuation class.
    It is possible? How can I achieve this behaviour?
    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards,

    > When creating a material by tcode mm01 I would like to limit the material groups by material type, as it happens with valuation class.
    > It is possible? How can I achieve this behaviour?
    Hi JP,
    You cant control this, since material groups are floating entities with no dependancies. You have to either create a screen variant in SHD0 (this doesnt support for a particular material type)  or chk with your ABAPer to wrte a code to achieve this.

  • Description of material group and material type

    i want to know which are the tables for the description of material group and material type.
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 2, 2008 3:49 PM

    table name :MARA
    Field name:
    Material group:MATKL
    for Material description
    Table name :MAKT
    Rewards plz..........

  • Number range userexit same type of PR but  for different Plant

    I would like to have the same type of PR but  for different Plant, I would like to have different Number range.
    The exit  MM06E003 M06B0003 Mo=06B0004  not work for ME51N.
    Any other  exits help for this

    Put this code in  EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_009
    DATA pr_header TYPE mereq_header.
    DATA pr_items  TYPE mmpur_requisition_items.
    DATA pr_item   TYPE mmpur_requisition_item.
    DATA: l_item   TYPE mereq_item.
    DATA: l_zmm_numrange    TYPE zmm_numrange.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING eban TO l_item.
    CALL METHOD im_req_header->get_items
        re_items = pr_items.
    READ TABLE pr_items INTO pr_item INDEX 1.
    CALL METHOD pr_item-item->get_data
        re_data = l_item.
    CHECK l_item-werks = '6301'.
    CALL METHOD im_req_header->get_data
        re_data = pr_header.
    SELECT SINGLE * INTO l_zmm_numrange
       FROM zmm_numrange
       WHERE  werks EQ l_item-werks
         AND doc_type EQ 'PR'
         AND bsart EQ pr_header-bsart.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
      ex_range   =  l_zmm_numrange-numki.

  • Infoobject - Material group: Packaging material

    I want to create an infoobject Material group: Packaging material. In 0material datasource there is a field MAGRV (I have it also in COPA datasource). I want to create an IO (what's the name?) with extractors, preferably get it from Business Content.
    I searched but no success? In SAP R3 the sorce table is TVEGR.

    You can create the Infoobejct which is in the sorce table is TVEGR.
    1. Check the Object Datatype and length in TVEGR.
    2. Create the Object in BI side.
    Goto RSA1> Click on Infoobject> Create the Infoobject with the same datatype and length which are same in Source Table(TVEGR).

  • Extending material master for different sales org/plant combination

    hi ,
    1 ) a material can be sold from one plant by many sales organisations. so we map this scenario in enterprise structure by the config step "assign sales org--dist channel--
    plant ". (let's say sales org A and B  selling from plant 1 and also sales org A selling from plant 2)
    when we have defined the above config step, then why we need to have material master extended for different combination of sales org and plant as in stpe 1 ?. we can just create one material master with one plant and sales org combination and based on config as in step one, we can sell material from any sales org from a plant  ?
    2) we can extend  material master for any combination of sales org/plant it also possible to extend material master to different storage locations !
    Edited by: Pamela79 on Feb 15, 2011 11:02 AM

    There are several reasons why you should extend the materails to different sales organizations and plants.
    a. The materials are normally valuated at the plant level. So, you can have different valuations at different plants.
    b. You can have different quantity stored in different plants. How do you know which plant has what quantity.
    c. You can have materail not to be sold from one plant, but you can have the same materail sold from the other, how do you block it? at the plant and materail combination, you can do it.
    d. For different sales organizations, you may want the cost and the price to be posted to different GL accounts. You can control it at sales org level of the materail.
    e. You may just want the material to be purchased but not sold, then you may not even create a sales org view for the material. But say, in future you will like to only purchase a materail from a plant and consume it for some other purpose but not sales (which u did previously), then you can block it at sales org and dbr level.
    So, these are a few reasons. But there could be many. You can have a look at the fields in the material master at sales org level and plant level and you can find it for yourself howmany parameters are there to control...
    Hope this helps...
    Mukund S

  • MM-SRV: Adopt Material Group from Service Master instead of default in SPRO

    At my current client we are encountering a problem when creating requisitions for services.  When the system was originally configured years ago, a default value for material group was entered in the IMG under:
    Logistics > Materials Management > External Services Management > Source Determination and Default Values > For Client
    Field is "Default material group at item level" (V_T165-MATKL)
    Up to now this singular default value was fine because they only had one material group for services.  They are now wanting to further stratify their services spend, so there are now several additional values for Material Group that can (and are) used among their service master records.  Having a single default value for Material Group is resulting in incorrect reporting of spend per Material Group.
    I removed the default value in the config node stated above, but now the problem is that when creating a requisition line for services (item category D) in ME51N, no value for Material Group comes in at all, resulting in an error because Material Group is a mandatory field.  Making the field optional on the Field Selection Groups is not a valid solution, as they need Material Group for spend reporting.
    What we really need is for the Material Group to be automatically copied over from the service master data, in the same manner that this takes place for the material group contained in a material master.
    Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance,

    1) If service master is used in the PO item, then the system will take the                    
    material group from the service master (AC01). 
    2) If no service master is maintained then the system will take the                 
    material group from the table T023. To be able to change this material group on services level - if you want a different material group on services level, you must set the field ESLL-MATKL for visible in the table control settings, and the change of the service group must be carried out manually.
    Please be advised that it is the standard behaviour that the material               
    group on service level is not updated automatically after you have                  
    changed the material group on purchasing level. The material group on               
    service level must be adjusted manually.                         
    3) By default for service lines the system will consider the material              
    group which is entered at the Item level.                                                                               
    Services can have different material groups, therefore you can change               
    the material group at service level. The material group in service line             
    can be different and always takes higher priority from the material                 
    group at the item level.        

  • Material group in Material master

    Dear All Warm greetings
    How to configure display of materials through material group? For end users
    Example when my user wants to view any material, system should only show the materials which he should as per material group
    Example while create Purchase requisition/Purchase order & display of material from MM04
    I tried by using parameter id in user profile, own data
    WGR & WM1 but doesnu2019t work
    Pleas advice me how can i process, Help he out with some solutions.
    Edited by: shamulheq on Dec 22, 2009 7:52 AM

    I am a little unclear of your requirements.
    SET/GET parameters (from 'user profile own data') generally only work when the field is displayed on a selection screen for a program.  The parameter will then automatically populate the field on the selection screen. 
    As it happens, the two parms WGR and WM1 you mentioned are not used by any programs that I can see.
    MM04 does not contain material group, assigning a set/get parm to your userid wouldn't change much anyway.
    If you are talking about making it easier for your users to select a material, based on materials assigned to a material group, then you could try the F4 help on Material 'L - Material by Material group'  Here, you could enter the MatGrp and then have  displayed a list of the materials that are assigned to that group.  From this list the user could select the appropriate material.
    If you are talking about pre-populating the Material Group field in ME51 (probably other screens as well), try using parameter MKL in your user parameters.  You should log off/log on after changing a SET/GET parameter to see the effect.
    If you are talking about PREVENTING a user from displaying materials outside of a particular MatGrp, then you should consult with your authorization team to see if they can provide a solution.

  • Authorization restriction for material group field in MM02 for user role

    Dear All,
                 My client wants to restrict 'material group' field usage in MM02 for certain users.
                 How to achieve this task?
                 Kindly advice
    Thanks &Regards
    Thangavel Ganesh

    Hi all ,
    You can use authorization object advised by AKPT MM. For related transactions , you can benefit from MM Related Authorization Objects - How to Find out & Assign , thanks to Sudeep A
    M.Ozgur Unal

  • Material Groups in Material Master

    Hi Experts
    Does any SAP Standard Report Avilable to extract the Material Mater  Material Groups (1 to 5) Information.
    Edited by: rgraj2k3 on Jun 6, 2011 12:37 PM
    Note : Please search forum before posting
    Edited by: Jeyakanthan A on Jun 6, 2011 4:25 PM

    What do you mean by 1 - 5 in this case. You can use transaction MM60 to get materials, material group wise.
    Please check if this transaction suffices your requirement.
    Deepak Gupta

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