Maverick does not recognize my Phonic Firefly 302 Firewire. One year waiting for a fix.

Maverick does not recognize my Phonic Firefly 302 Firewire. One year waiting for a fix.

in September 2012, following the release of Mountain Lion, Phonic advised Firefly owners that their products’ support ended with Lion — with the possible exception of the Firefly 302 USB. Since they didn’t support the Firefly 302 FireWire under Mountain Lion, they’re not going to support it under Mavericks either. (Note that Mavericks was first released eight months ago, not one year ago.)

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    MS Office 2008 and 2011 work fine in Mavericks. What version are you using? You can always use a program such as Open Office to open the docs.

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    +1 here
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    FireWire or thunderbolt?
    FireWire and thunderbolt HD interfaces seem to be universally affected.   I've seen no exemptions yet to same
    There is no resolution to this yet, techs are working on it
    Its happening on 80% WD Raid My Book on this board and others, and happening entirely on Firewire and Thunderbolt drives and apparently all WD Mybooks
    Its seen on O Raid and 1 Raid both alike.
    also occurring on LaCie (Seagate) FW drives.
    until resolution , use external USB drives proven to work with Mavericks.

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    Epson has had a LOT of problems with drivers on MacOS 10.9.
    Contact Epson for driver updates that work correctly on MacOS 10.9.

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    Thank you. That's what I thought will need to happen.
    One more question. I tried using the Apple install disk that came with the computer. It's an OS 10.5.6 disk. It does not see my 10.6.8 system internal hard drive to repair. All it see's is itself 10.5.6 disk. Do you think I can use a 10.8+ disk utillity since that is a higher system it will see the 10.6.8. Where the 10.5.6 does not?
    I don't want to turn the computer off for fear I'll get the question mark again. P-Ram got me going last time but for how long I don't know?  It would be nice to be able to turn the computer off for the night and startup as usual to give it a rest and try to reset itself.
    Thanks for your help, I know I will eventually need to re-install. But I am in the middle of a project with tight deadlines and all I can do right now is back-up. Trying to migrate to another computer temporarily to finish the job. That's a lot of extra work in the short time also.
    Just trying to put a band-aid on it for another couple weeks.


    Last night I downloaded Windows 10--big mistake.  Now I can not print anything.  I've tried shutting down the printer--didn't work; I tried reloading my printer--didn't work; this is just one of the problems I am having with Windows 10.

    Hi there,
    Try downloading and running the print and scan doctor located here:
    It can fix a lot on its own and if not give a better idea of what is going on.
    Best of Luck!
    You can say thanks by clicking the Kudos Star in my post. If my post resolves your problem, please mark it as Accepted Solution so others can benefit too.

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    I have camera kit but unable to use with sd card from my digital camera. Anytime I plug it in nothing happens. Do I need an app? thanks for your help

    I have the same issue also...Kind of regretting upgrading to ios5... my CKK for my sd card no longer brings the pictures into the Ipad 2 ..It just gets a camera  Show on the top but no piks coming across or showing to import into the IPAD...I thought that the Sd card was shot or the CKK had dirt on the connectors...
    Also no more lyrics show in the Music App....

  • USB device (1 day old nano) has malfunctioned & windows does not recognize

    Please can someone help a non-tech savy new ipod user. I have loaded the latest itunes, but not only does itunes not see my ipod, I get the following windows error when I plug it in. "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it". It says no drivers are loaded for this device. I have followed the 5Rs including the windows updates with no luck. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

    You listed as having an IBM r40. If I'm not mistaken, that's a laptop. The usb ports on many laptops aren't USB 2.0 or are low power ones. This can cause problems with a nano being able to charge.
    One thing to try is to get a wall adapter to charge the nano separately, then connect to your computer for syncing only. You can find adapters locally and through Apple Store. 415D1&nclm=iPodPower
    You can also try buying a POWERED usb hub. Make sure it has it's own power source so that its ports have enough charge to support the nano.
    Custom PC & iMac (DV Special Edition), iPod Nano 1st, iPod Click Wheel   Windows XP Pro   Work in a variety of PC and Mac environments

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    Did you try the steps contained in the attached link?

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    When setting up BB Link for my BB Classic it does not recognize Outlook 2013 (on Windows 7) as a source for calendar and contacts.

    I know there are people who can and many who cannot, never saw a resolution yet, I hope someone who can will reply to your post so that is why I am replying this sends your post back up to the top. Here is a recent user who can but does have a issue: I wish I could do more but I do not use Outlook or BB Link.

  • Server does not recognize my username/password when trying to email photos

    I am trying to mail photo's from my Iphoto's through my email account.  However each time I try to send the pics I get a message that the server does not recognize my username/password.  I have a password for my Bell sympatico account which is the account I am trying to use, but when I enter that password I get the does not recognize message.  I then tried to use my Apple password and again same message.
    Thank you to anyone who can help me

    Hi Bob,
    The following is exactly what I do,  I go to IPHOTO and click on the photo I want to send, then I go to the Share menu and insert the email address where I want it sent.  In that message it shows my other account which is my email address that I use all the time for all my correspondance.  So I have that as the address I am sending from
    Then I hit send and a text box comes up saying there is some text related to the photo looks like you could put a description here so I just hit Send anyway.  Then I hit the send key and that is when the message box pops up with my complete email address with ;" at the end . None of those letters or characters are in my email address.  Any help you can offer I am greatly appreciative!

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    If you substute each 4GB card, do you still have the system recognizing 6GB? Since it's not recognizing all 8GB, that suggests an issue with that memory ... is that what PNY says should be used in a MBP?  While I haven't used PNY memory, they do have a line that they say is for Apple computers here. Is that what you used?  I normally use Crucial or OWC (their own branded memory or Samsung) which have worked well over a number of systems.

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    hey, apple support? would you be so kind as to answer this question?
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    Hey ecmda,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    If it is playing one song over and over it may be on repeat.
    iPod nano
    User Guide
    Repeat songs
    Tap the Now Playing screen, then tap . Tap again for more options:
    = Repeat all songs in the current album or list.
    = Repeat only the current song over and over.
    Have a nice day,

  • After OS X Maverick download my mac book air does not recognize my external hd

    after OS X Maverick download my mac book air does not recognize my external hd

    Finder > Preferences > General
    Make sure External Disks is selected.

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