MBP in lid closed mode, will the display get to hot?

i run my MBP in lid closed mode all of the time, as i have a Cinema Display hooked up. i'm not too worried about the MBP overheating, but i was wondering about the display getting extra hot from the MBP when it's closed. i do have a radtech microfibre cloth on top of the keys as protection...
should i be concerned?
17" MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

I'm interested in this issue too, as I intend to get an MBP but use it with an external screen and keyboard most of the time.
I'd also like to know about ventilation - where does the cooling air come from and go to? What parts need to be kept clear, and which bits can I have up against or close to a bookshelf or hutch or whatever?
Thanks in advance.
PS, I think the glossy screens look fantastic, but also think I'll go for matte since they are more practical.
G3 B&W   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

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  • New 2.4GHz MBP in "lid closed mode" wakes up automatically

    I got one of the new 2.4Ghz MBPs, had a first gen 2.16Ghz MBP before. I have external mouse, keyboard and display attached and use it with the lid closed. When I sent my older MBP to sleep it would take a few seconds before the display went dark. Then I turned of the power outlet and the MBP kept sleeping.
    With the new MBP I have to power off during the time the display is still on or otherwise the MBP will immediately wake up as soon as I turn off power. Then it will take a few seconds for it to "realize" that I did not intend to wake it (i.e. the lid is still closed, no external display, no power supply) and will finally go to sleep.
    2 Questions:
    - Is it bad (for the display or the MBP) to power off at the time the Cinema Display is still active?
    - Can I somehow regain the sleep behaviour of my old MBP?
    Thanks a lot!

    Try resetting your SMC.
    Resetting the System Management Controller >>
    Also, try trashing these 3 .plist preferences and reboot. Reset your Energy Saver preferences.
    HD > Library > Preferences > SystemConfiguration > com.apple.AutoWake.plist & com.apple.PowerManagement.plist
    User > Library > Preferences > com.apple.systemuiserver.plist
    BTW...do you notice much difference in performance between your old MBP and the new one?
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  • 10.4.3 update destroys portrait lid closed mode with cinema display

    The 10.4.3 update destroys the ability to use an external cinema display in closed lid mode. In particular using the rotate by 90 degrees option. Once set the external display goes nuts and can not be set back to landscape -- even in open lid mode. Zapping the PRam is not sufficient to reset the display.
    Anyone solve this problem?

    I'm interested in this issue too, as I intend to get an MBP but use it with an external screen and keyboard most of the time.
    I'd also like to know about ventilation - where does the cooling air come from and go to? What parts need to be kept clear, and which bits can I have up against or close to a bookshelf or hutch or whatever?
    Thanks in advance.
    PS, I think the glossy screens look fantastic, but also think I'll go for matte since they are more practical.
    G3 B&W   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Lid closed mode--ntsc and pal

    I used to be able to put my MBP's display onto a TV using lid-closed mode and the Apple DVI-video adapter. I was changing my TV's resolution to something slightly higher, clicked the wrong setting (set the display mode to PAL), and now whenever I use lid-closed mode (or when I use boot camp to boot into windows XP) my TV (NTSC) does not work. It only does this in lid closed mode, and I've reset the PRAM to try to fix it. I can't see the TV display in PAL mode, so I can't change it back to NTSC. Please help!!! Should I reset my PMU or use some EFI command?
    15" MBP   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   using composite video on dvi-tv adapter (ntsc)

    I recommend running both the MBP (lid open) and the TV at the same time in screen spanning mode (not mirror mode). In this way, you should have complete control over the TV's Display Preferences settings from the screen on the MBP. Make sure you have the "Show displays in menu bar" check box clicked in Display Preferences. You should be able to restore the old settings you were using for your TV with this technique.
    Once you get your old settings restored, you can go back to using just the TV with the MBP lid closed again.

  • Computer freezes in lid-closed mode when connected to external display

    I have a Sylvania SC190 CRT display connected to my Powerbook via a VGA to DVI adapter. Every time I put the computer in lid-closed mode and try to run it off of just the SC190, after a few minutes it freezes up and I have to hard restart it(hold power button down).
    Now, a few days ago, my powerbook stopped recognizing the display as an SC190, and just recognized it as a VGA Display. Don't know if this is relevant, as I have never used lid-closed mode before.
    Does anyone know what the problem is, and/or what I can do about it?
    Thank you.
    PowerBook 15" G4 1.67 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   512MB, 80GB, SD-DL

    I have the exact same problem.
    Here's my story:
    To give you some backgroud, my setup involves having the macbook on a mstand hooked up to an external monitor. I run a usb hub from my macbook, this is where my mouse transceiver is plugged in. I use am Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard (latest slim model)
    I recently purchased the 13.3' inch 2.26 MBP as I gave my older 2.0 uMB to a family member. The computer is in the stock configuration with no hardware upgrades.
    I have noticed weird behaviour when waking the computer from sleep when the lid is closed. When i wake the computer up (by tuning on bt keyboard), the keyboard light blinks like there is not bt connection and the computer will wake in an inactive state. The led light will be on, but when i flip the screen up....nothing. Screen is dark, keyboard pressing does not illicit any responses. I have to do a hard reboot by holding down the power button to restart the computer. Unfortunately any previous data or work is lost.
    I work in IT so I completed troubleshooting and also things outlined on forums in google. Reset PRAM, reset SMC and also reinstalled OSX. Still I get the same result. Fearing I purchased a defective unit, I called Apple and they told me i could exchange the computer so I dropped by the apple store and exchanged it quite easily.
    I've spent hours restoring from time machine and I am experiencing the same issue on my new laptop. I'm now assuming its not hardware but more firmware related as I had to do a bluetooth firmaware upgrade when I bought the computer when I checked for software updates.
    Is anyone else having any wake issues with their new MBPs? And what should I do next? Should I exchange for a 3rd unit? Thanks for you help everyone.

  • Thunderbolt display problems using MBP with lid closed

    I am experiencing a very reproducible problem since purchasing aThunderbolt display to use with a recent (1 month old) Macbook Pro 13"2.7GHz i7.
    I use my MBP with lid closed with myThunderbolt display. If Ithen allow the MBP to sleep and power down, on restarting it the WiFi hasstopped working- the menu bar says I am connected by WiFi but Safari will notconnect to the internet and Time Machine cannot connect to the Airport/TimeCapsule to backup. Nothing I do will fix it (shutting down all programs, turingWiFi off then on) and so I have to shutdown/reboot BUT THEN the MBP freezesduring shutdown (waiting 15, 20, 30 minutes!) and I have to hold down the powerbutton (hard reboot). Once I reboot everything works fine UNTIL I take a breakand the computer goes to sleep again.
    Doesn't seem to be a problem with the MBP lid open, but I needto test this a bit more to be sure...
    On top of this the Bluetooth trackpad now keeps going on andoff; connected, not connected despite being near or the computer. Veryirritating at best, unusable at worst. This only started to be a major problem(every 10-15 minutes or so) when I started to use the Thunderbolt display.
    These problems seems to be in some ways similar to anotherthread:
    ("Major problemswith Thunderbolt display & MBAir")
    I have applied the recent Thunderbolt Firmware update, and SMC& PRAM/NVRAM resets. Interestingly these seemed to work initially but thenafter a prolonged power-down period the problem has recurred. Back to square 1.
    Any ideas out there?

    Just to be clear, have you installed everything that you find on this page?
    I just talked to Apple Care about Thunderbolt issues in general and even though I already had the Thunderbolt Software Update installed, he had me reinstall it.  If you go to this page:
    you can read in detail about the issues I was having which have for the most part been remedied (for now at least!)
    The Thunderbolt cable definitely transfers heat for some reason even when there isn't a high CPU utilization.  The process 'kernel_task' seems to be where the API for thunderbolt is running.  But for some reason, the behavior of CPU Utilization to Fan Speed is amplified when connected to the TBD.
    Apple Care is researching it.

  • Will Logitech Wireless keyboard/mouse work in lid closed mode?

    I know you are supposed to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse to get the MacBook to work in lid closed mode.
    Is it a strict requirement to be USB wired? Or will the Logitech wireless desktop be sufficient (with radio dongle plugged into USB)?
    iMac Core Duo 2.0 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    I honestly do not have a lot of confidence in this working.
    Unless you can find someone who's done it or somehow get an answer from Logitech (good luck with that one) I don't know how you're gonna find out, short of buying the combo and returning it if it doesn't work.
    Applecare is willing to help things work properly when they should, but something like this isn't gonna get you any response or help over the phone other then a reference back to these forums or to Logitech/google.
    Hope you find an answer, but all i know is that if it says USB...then there must be a reason. Doesn't mean nothing else will work though, but might not be the easiest thing to get an "in advance" response on.

  • Simulate lid closed mode

    Do you know if is possible to use a software utility to simulate the lid closed mode for use with external display?
    I would like to use my macbook pro only with external display without close the lid, is possible?

    I have two suggestions:
    - If you close the lid and then wake up the Mac with a USB device like a mouse or a USB flash memory drive or some other USB device, then only the external screen will be active. Once the external screen comes on, you can open the lid and the internal screen will remain off. You have to have the MBP power adapter plugged in for this to work.
    - You can also use a small magnet to simulate a closed lid. Just place the magnet on the right edge of the plam rest over the area that is above the security port on the right side. This will make the MBP think the lid is closed.

  • Resuming sleep from lid-closed mode?

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but searching through the manual and 34 pages of previous posts didn't turn up anything.
    When I get to work, I connect my MBP (in sleep mode) to my external monitor and then to my usb keyboard/mouse, which triggers the computer to wake up and go into lid-closed mode. I work all day with the lid closed.
    The problem is that when I'm ready to leave at the end of the day, I cannot just disconnect everything and resume sleep mode for the transport home.
    If I go to Apple/Sleep, it'll go to sleep for 1-2 sec, then re-enter lid-closed mode. If I unplug everything, then the computer stays in lid-closed mode and won't go to sleep. The only way to get it back into sleep mode is to disconnect everything and open up the lid, wait for the display to come on, then close it again. Time consuming measures like this clash severely with my impatience at getting out of the office.
    Any tips on how to re-sleep from lid-closed mode without having to open the lid? Thanks in advance.

    My impatience was my own undoing. Upon further testing, once the magsafe is disconnected, the laptop begins the routine to go to sleep. I'm a very happy camper now...don't have to open the laptop at all, and I get to reduce the rate of dimming of my laptop screen.

  • Bezel separating? / lid closed mode

    I've been operating my MacBook in lid closed mode for a week now. This morning I noticed that the plastic bezel on the left side and at the bottom of the display are starting to display small gaps with the LCD. Is this something I should be concerned with? Thanks.
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    This is my question too, so to save a new thread I'll chime in here.
    When I used an ibook, extensive googling yielded the concensus that the ibook should definitely not be run with the lid closed as the machine is ventilated through (or partly through?) the keyboard. In contrast it was said that lid closed mode was fine for the powerbook which was ventilated through the case somewhere.
    As far as I can tell the ibook and macbook have pretty similar cases, including what I assume is a vent at the back. (Actually on the ibook it looks more obviously like a vent, as it has a grill.) I don't have access to a powerbook to compare.
    So I guess that still leaves me asking whether it can be confirmed that the macbook is definitely safe running with lid closed (which is how I've been using it). Is the rear vent on the macbook more efficient than on the ibook? Or is the thing on the back of the ibook not actually a vent at all? ???
    Can anyone shed any light?

  • MacBook Pro, Lid-Closed Mode

    Hello, I'm considering getting an Apple Cinema Display to use with my MacBook Pro. I understand that most modern MacBooks, including the Pro are lid-closed mode compatible.
    A) I understand that one must have the display, keyboard, and mouse to use the notebook in lid-closed mode. Is it true that the Apple Wireless mice and keyboards are compliant as well? If I've read this article correctly, then yes:
    B) The screen doesn't turn on, back inside the notebook does it? That would be a redundant use of power.
    C) Is lid-closed mode harmful to the longevity or otherwise well-being of my MacBook Pro?

    Is it true that the Apple Wireless mice and keyboards are compliant as well?
    Is lid-closed mode harmful to the longevity or otherwise well-being of my MacBook Pro?

  • Problem with lid closed mode

    So as far as i know, to get the computer to run in lid closed mode you press f7 until you get video mirroring, the second mode i believe, close the display, then wake the computer with the external mouse or keyboard. I've done this, but almost as soon as i wake the computer, it goes back to sleep again.
    How do i fix this??
    Is it a problem for I'm using a windows keyboard, but i wouldn't think that could be it.

    Also, if you haven't already done this, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and that you "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer" (Systpref/Bluetooth/Settings)

  • I am going to buy a mac mini i7 with 3 thunderbolt displays for forex trading. the question is if i use bootcamp and run windows on the mac mini will the displays still run the same way as if i was running it on Lion?

    I am going to buy a mac mini i7 with 3 thunderbolt displays for forex trading. the question is if i use bootcamp and run windows on the mac mini will the displays still run the same way as if i was running it on Lion?

    No idea if Windows will do it, but you can run Windows without Bootcamp & have OSX available at the same time, which should give you all the Monitors that OSX uses.
    VmWare Fusion...

  • Thunderbolt Display connected to a MacBook with retina will the display be retina as well?

    Ditching my windows desktop and laptop.  Want to use a MacBook Pro w / retina for portability and a Thunderbolt Display.  Question, will the display be a retina view?

    Thanks for the quick reply.  It made me dive deeper into resolutions and pixels.  Little did I know that distance from the screen had so much to do with the concept of retina imagining or that none of the retina displays are 100%.  Now I'm going for battery life since the with and without retina are so close in percentages.

  • Version 7.0.1 gets HUGE, the display gets skewed and then the system (XP Pro) locks up!

    Computer is a Lenovo T500, running XP Pro. Since version 7.0.0 Firefox grows HUGE to the point where the display gets skewed and the system is locked and then unlocked.
    I have to kill Firefox in order to clear up the problem -- then it starts all over again. I have seen it grow to well over 1,400,000 KB of memory usage-- and more!
    It was working fine on the Firefox 5 versions.

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.
    See "Basic Troubleshooting: Make a new profile":
    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.
    If that new profile works then you can transfer some files from the old profile to that new profile, but be careful not to copy corrupted files.

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