MDG BP(role=Customer) vs MDG Customer

Hi All,
         As I understand,using the Supplier MDG,it can  create a BP either as a Vendor or a Customer depending on the Supplier role chosen.
When EHP6 MDG comes with a Customer object,what will be the overlap between MDG-Supplier(role=Customer) vs MDG-Customer.
My questions:
(1) I am unable to understand the difference between creating a customer only and creating a customer via a BP(using BP-Customer CVI Integration)
(2) If I can create BP as a customer in the SAP provided MDG-Supplier package(ERP6 EHP5) ,why its always referred to as Supplier in SAP documentation.

Hi Premjit,
First, if you use MDG, you'll always create a business partner record (table BUT000) on your MDG hub. If CVI is active and you've chosen the appropriate BP roles for creating a customer and/or supplier, the system creates entries in the ERP specific customer (KNA1) and/or supplier (LFA1, LFB1, LFM1) tables, too. So you're right, choosing the customer role in MDG Supplier in EhP5 can create a customer record via CVI, too. But there are some impacts if you do this that you should keep in mind:
1) Checks
EhP5 does not yet support the checks for the Customer (e.g. required fields and so on). This can cause some trouble when CVI tries to save the data. Saving a customer might fail due to invalid data!
2) Data Maintenance
You cannot maintain customer specific data in EhP5. The out-of-the-box UI supports supplier specific fields (general data, company codes, purchasing organization) only. This features comes for the customer with EhP6 in a customer specific UI.
The data that a customer would receive in EhP5 is the common data that customers and suppliers share with the Business Partner (addresses, bank details, and so on). Customer specifics like general data, company codes, sales orgs, cannot be maintained in MDG EhP5 (without custom enhancements).
Best regards

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    Thanks In advance.

    Drear Rath,
    it is the problem with either role or you have not assing the target UI ,Please check on that side.

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    While creating the vendor CR  , I am able to enter the BP role ( like FLVN01 vendor or FLVN00 FI Vendor ) in the UI BP Role section.
    Following are the UI's for Customer and Vendor
    Customers BS_OVP_BP: BS_OVP_CU > OVP: BS_CU_OVP - I do not see BP role section here.
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    Please advice what I am missing here , what should I do for the successful CR creation . Should I change the UI for Customers or do I need to do anything in CVI configuration.

    Hi Abdullah,
    You were right in the first place the UIBB is missing  , the UIBB 'Role' was present in the 'Search Customer' page but not available in the 'Create Customer CR' page , so I created the 'Role' UIBB again and was able to create the CR now . Not sure how it got deleted in the first place , is there any options where we reset the UI screen to the default initial configuration
    But after approving the CR , only the Business Partner BP is getting created and the Customer is not getting created . Not sure what might be the issue now. Is there any config that tells to automatically create customer when BP is created. I was able to create Vendor using the create Vendor CR before.

  • How to find roles related to any Customer in BW.

    Hi All,
    i am working as an SAP Security analyst and i am trying to find out the roles related to some customer in BW. I have tryied to find the roles under the object Z_G8D_SALE and under the object Z_G8D_VL3 with the technical name of the report. To get the technical report name i have user tcode "RSSM". but through this i am getting a list of lots of GCRs out of which i have to find out manually that which GCR is related to which customer.
    i have also tryied to find out on the forum as well but could not get any satisfactory solution.
    I would appreciate if some could provide me the solution.

    To find out particular company code or plant related role first you have to check the authorization object for charecteristic 0PLANT and 0COUNTRY. After getting the authorization object maintained for comany code. for ex:
    Object A contain 0COUNTRY  and have value India for ex.
    Check Role having object A through SUIM and u will get the role for  that particular country.
    Hope this helps

  • Transfer customer specific Roles assigned to a customer from R/3 to CRM

    Hello dear all,
    on R/3 side there are customer specific roles defined and assigned to customers. These roles are sales area depending.
    On CRM side we plant to uses the Employee Responsible relationship to build up these customer specific roles. To differentiate these roles we want to use the partner function which is assigned to the sales area.
    Can anybody show me how to do the initial load of the CRM system and map the role to the Employee Responsible relationship?
    I assume that I have to create a own mapping function module to realize this. Where do  I register this function module so it will be used during the initial load? How do I debug these functionality?
    A similar functionality we have to build up in case of the upload to the R/3 system. There we have map the Employee Responsible relationship to the specific role and assign it to the customer. Where do I register this function module?
    Thanks for your help!
    Best regards

    In order to replicate the ECC customer to CRM customer the following steps (tips) might be helpful to you:
    First a Mapping structure should exist between business partners in SAP CRM and ERP ECC Customers in both the directions. In the ERP ECC system you can see this mapping using transaction /nPIDE
    You should create your own account group for the data transfer from SAP CRM to ERP ECC
    In SAP CRM, the roles sold-to party, ship-to party, bill-to party and payer are assigned to the classification Customer and the customer is assigned to exactly one account group in ERP ECC
    For consistent distribution of Business Partners with identical numbers in both the systems, the internal number range (ex. 1-5999) should correspond to an external number assignment in the ERP ECC system or vice versa. Thus a business partner is given the same number in both systems.
    For data exchange to be successful, you must ensure that the field control (mandatory fields) between the CRM system and the ERP system matches.
    Besides Both SAP CRM and SAP ECC can talk to each other only when there is some settings done in the middleware. And for the CRM only a small plugin is needed for the ERP/ECC Connectivity.
    Now whenever you have both the system mapped then if you create a BP in CRM it will automatically flow in the ERP System. And also the vice versa. As for the roles are concerned, the roles like ship-to-party and some few specific roles are mapped in ECC system. For a complete look at roles matching have a look at the following link.
    Once you have created a BP in CRM it will be created in some Account group in ECC. And in that AC GRP you will be not be able to create the Customer with identical ID. So if your systems are connected then even manually you also cannot create same BPs.
    And for all of these the PIDE settings in ECC needs to be maintained properly.
    Hope it serves your purpose
    best regards

  • Role prefix for XI custom composite/single roles

    We have XI custom composite roles which start with TI_XI_* and contain single SAP roles (SAP_) and single custom roles (AAW:). Are we forced to use a certain XI role naming standard at the composite and single role levels due to Java authorizations?

    Just transport it rather than upload it.  The generated profiles will be carried through with their existing convention.
    If you need to have different profile names due to the naming constraints then LSMW or SECATT will let you do this easily.  If you are not familiar with the tools then 1. Take time to learn one of them (they are very useful) or 2. Do it manually.  60 profiles can be named in 30 minutes or less if you already have created the profile names in a spreadsheet, text file etc.

  • How to use the customer types in customer master data

    how to use the customer types in customer master data?
    menu path is Extras -> account group info -> customer types

    This is an option given to you to choose (if you need to) the way you perceive this customer.Here you get options including ompetitors,Salespartner, prospect,
    default sp ,consumer.
    See it helps you to differentiate between prospect(which you may use for quotation or inquiry purpose)Sales partner and the competetor.
    I hope this clarifies your quiery.Reward points if so.
    Thanking you,
    Best regards,

  • Transfering items from one customer to another customer

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a requirement where we have to transfer the items from one customer to another customer in the same company code.
    We should also be clearing the items from the old customer as part of the transfer.
    Is there a way/transaction in ECC 6.0 to achieve this.
    This is not a one-time transfer and the business would like the option of doing it every period (on a case to case basis.) so any standard SAP (transaction) way of doing it would be preferred.
    Best Regards

    SAP provides you F-51 t code to post transaction with clearing.
    Select radio button transfer posting with clearing and press choose open item button. Give customer name whose blance is to transferred and account key as D. Press process open item and in next screen select line items which needs to be posted. Proceed further give other customer number with posting 01 and do the transfer. Hope it will help

  • How can you reassign or remove a customer in the customer hierarchy?

    hi gurus,
    can you please tell me how to remove or reassign a customer in the customer hierarchy transaction

    run tranz VDH1 (type hier.type, and sales area)
    you will see a tree-structure
    select node(s) and
    use menu buttons "create.." , "reassign...", "sub-tree.."
    use app. help as well

  • AET custom field in custom component

    The button Create New Field is disabled in AET in my custom component/view, how could i create a new field in my custom component. Do i need to assign my custom component or custom BOL anywhere ?

    Hi Lisha,
    You are right. It is maintained by SAP.
    The reason that AET does not work is because there is/are missing entries in one of DB table.
    Namely the enhance BO assignment to the UI Object Type.
    Could you please tell me, what is the UI Object Type in your current application.
    In order to figure this out, you can put mouse cursor in one of the field in the UI and then press F2.
    Then you can go to SM30 in SAP GUI open the View BSPDLCV_OBJ_TYPE and search for the UI object type.
    Select the UI object type and see whether any enhanced BO is defined.
    In your case it should be empty, otherwise you can use AET.
    And if it is empty we need to figure out which enhanced BO is relevant for the given UI Object Type.
    If the buttons are disabled, it can have two meaning.
    1. AXTREG is not completely maintained
    2. The Object you want to enhance is not supported by AET
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    We need your help on the following issue related to Oracle Apps Forms.
    We have a requirement to show a popup message (message should remain open and user should be able to continue working in the order entry form. User use this message as a reference while entering order details) when user enters a customer name or number in the order entry form . This is similar to the Stock Availability form which gets opened automatically when control enters into Order Entry Lines form, where the stock availability form remains open while entering line details.
    To fullfil the requirement, we have designed a custom form with a single text field in which the message text (some customer information) will be shown.
    We are using custom.pll to call this custom form (thru FND_FUNCTION.EXECUTE) when the control leaves customer number field. User could leave this custom form open and continue with entering order details. Till this point we could achieve what we want. i.e. we could show the popup message in the custom form after user enters a customer number.
    The problem is, after the custom form is opened, when we enter a new order for different customer, we need to close the custom form (which is opened for the previous customer) if the customer is not qualified.
    we could not achieve this. We tried using CLOSE_FORM, CLOSE_WINDOW, but did not help.
    Any body have any suggestions on achieving this... Basically, we need your help to know how we can close the custom form from CUSTOM.pll.

    I thing you haven't any (supported) option to close a form via custom.pll.
    For a long time, we have search a solution for the same problem without any result.

  • While running FBL5N (Business area wise) customer code and customer names a

    Hi Gurus,
    While running FBL5N (Business area wise) customer code and customer names are not appearing.

    Hi Raju,
    Please click on the change layout screen button on the screen of FBLN5N report. then select the fields customer code and customer name from the right hand side table and drag it to left hand side table.
    After that run the report again. it will appear. please assign points.

  • No customer found with customer number

    hello experts,
    In R/3 e-commerece when we try to create a order, we are not able to create the order, we get a message as
    No customer found with customer number
    Even the images are displayed.
    Please Help...................
    Thanks & Regards

    hello Deborah Corsi,
    Thanks for immediate reply, Our backend system version is in kernel 700, we have not upgraded 701.
    could you let us know what is  Ehp4.
    Warm Regards

  • SORT butttons on custom screen for custom fields

    Hi all,
    I have a dedveloped a custom screen in which there are 5-6 fields.Nowi need to put Sort buttons below these fields so that I can sort these fields.
    How do i do this???Is there std FM i can use to achieve the sort functionality?

    Hi Rob,
    I dont have a table control in which I have the custom fields.The custom fields are placed in a subscreen within acustom tab in standard screen in tcode VL31N. as shown below:
    Bill of lading:
    Packaging list:
    Now below these 5 fields ,I need to display the 2 SORT buttons/icons to change the display in ASCENDING OR DESCENDING  order.
    How do i do this???Is there any std FM ?

  • Reg:Table for Custom Messages and custom Messaege Classes

    Hi ,
    My requirement is to find out all custom messages . so can any one tell in which tables all custom messages and custom message classes are stored .
    Thanks & Regards,

    You can checkthese tables listed below,
      T100                             Messages
      T100A                            Message IDs for T100
      T100C                            Message Control by User
      T100O                            Assignment of message to object
      T100S                            Configurable system messages
      T100SA                           Application Areas for Configurable Messages
      T100T                            Table T100A text
      T100U                            Last person to change messages
      T100V                            Assignment of messages to tables/views
      T100W                            Assign Messages to Workflow
      T100X                            Error Messages: Supplements
      T100ARBGB                    Application Area
    But The main table for storing all the message classes and their numbers are stored in table

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