Missing address book

My address book went missing from the Doc a week or so ago so I drug icon from applications to the doc, Then several days ago before my bride & I left for a holiday I shut everything down, after returning I turned on computer & this AM found NO address book in Applications or on Doc. I have a G4 laptop and backed both up to dot mac/Mobile Me a couple of days before we left. Can I copy & burn onto CD Bring CD to desk top & Copy to both Apps folder & onto doc. More importantly what is happening & how can I prevent it from happening again. At Least I have one good copy (I think) of address book. If I were to sync w. dot mac/ Mobile ME would this bring it back to Desk Top box.

You can just connect one Mac to the other via Ethernet or use Target Disk Mode via FireWire and copy Address Book from the /HD/Applications folder on one to the same folder on the other. You can't copy a program to the Dock, because the Dock only holds aliases (links) to the actual program, and those are created by selecting the application and dragging it's icon to the Dock.
As for the cause, it could be many different things, but you should check how much free space is left on your hard drive; if it's 10 GB or less, it's time to start getting rid of things you don't need. Mac OS X requires a minimum of 10 GB of free disk space; otherwise things like this will happen.

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  • Address book data but missing Address Book application

    This is strange but after upgrading to Snow Leopard, I seem to be missing my Address Book application. I can see my address book data but I cannot launch the Address Book application.
    I have my contacts synced with Mobile Me & I'm not sure where the app went. I can still sync but just can't open up the Address Book app (obviously)
    I am not sure how to get my Address Book app back....any suggestions?

    you don't need Pacifists for this one. insert the snow leopard DVD, open it in finder and double-click on optional installs->optional installs.mpkg. follow the instructions and choose to install Address Book. then reinstall 10.6.2 combo update to bring AB to its current version.

  • Missing address book icon

    My address book icon is missing.  I have checked the "show all" and it still doesn't appear.  Any suggestions??  Thanks!
    Go to Solution.

    The Address Book can't be deleted, so it is there. Look in your folders on the homescreen... applications, etc.
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  • Missing Address Book Folder in Application Support

    I've been having problems with my Address Book for a long time, now. Ever since my friend accidentally synced his iPhone with my computer and merged all our contacts. I had gone in and deleted the contacts, but the program has been buggy. As it stands, there are 0 Cards in my Address Book.
    I loaded the BETA for Face Time for Mac to see how it worked, knowing that I had nothing in my Address Book. Or so I thought. The BETA application pulled names from way back when my friend had all his contacts on my computer, and my old ones, but they aren't around!!
    I started looking around for what could be wrong, and realised the folder for Address Book in the Application Support folder is missing (i.e. ~/Library/Application Support/Address Book/)... What do I do?
    Please help.

    Thanks for the "helpful" star feedback.
    koabehr wrote:
    Is there an option for us non-Time Machine users?
    I am getting an external hard-drive this winter, but I don't have one yet. So a solution other than that is ideal.
    (1) Instead of Time Machine, you could restore your contacts from other backups you use. Moreover, there is no requirement for the backup files to be on a hard drive.
    Even if you do not backup your entire startup disk, you will want backups of any important, expensive, or irreplaceable files plus those shown in this Apple article:
    (2) If you have no backup, the only way I know to get your Address Book contact info back is to recreate it.
    As soon as you re-enter your Address Book info, use the Address Book > File > Export... > Address Book Archive... menu command to create an archive.
    The archive can be used to restore your data should the problem occur again. Rather than recreating the entire Address Book database, you can restore the archive and will then need to recreate only the changes since the archive was created.
    Typical Address Book archives are only a few megabytes, so, in addition to keeping a copy in your Documents folder, you can save an extra copy on another computer, writable CD or DVD, or even Flash (jump) drive. To safeguard against loss due to hard disk crash, it is vital that you keep your principal backup/archive somewhere other than your startup disk. I think you can see that more than one copy on more than one media is a good idea.
    I am slow on the keyboard, so I recreate my archive monthly in addition to Time Machine and the other backups I keep.
    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz Mac OS X (10.6.4); MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.4)
    LED Cinema Display; G4 PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11); iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9); External iSight; iPod touch 4.1

  • IPhone Contacts list missing Address Book Notes

    In my Address Book app I like to put a bunch of information in the Notes field. All other fields transfer over to the Contacts app on the iPhone but the Notes field doesn't show. How can I get Notes information in Address Book to appear in iPhone Contacts.app?

    Amendment: though some entries (if they're 5 lines or less) show complete, others appear truncated, others are repeated (two notes fields appear on the phone under the one entry) and still others are missing entirely. IOS 5.0.1, syncing using MobileMe.
    Is this a limitation of iPhone Contacts?

  • Missing address book icon in e-mail banner

    New to Apple. 
    Have a mac mini with Lion and need some help.  When I created my e-mail account, the address book button does not appear in the e-mail banner at the top with the others (IE attachments and picture buttons).  I have to manually enter the e-mail address from memory.  It will autopopulate the information once I begin typing, but I know there's a way to have the button you can just "click" and then select recipients from my address book. 

    Hi, not exactly clear to me what you're looking for, but try this...
    In Mails top gray bar, Right click or Control+click, choose Customize Toolbar, drag Address Book up to where you want it on the Toolbar.

  • HT4759 Missing address book contact list

    iCloud stole the contacts out of my Outlook address book and i can't get them back. iCloud is not an option in the adddress book location menu. How can i get the address book back?

    Posted a suggestion at http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html

  • Missing Address Book Contacts

    Hi, I have somehow inadvertently lost all the contacts in my address book. Fortunately, I backed them up, oh about 15 months ago.
    I used SPOTLIGHT to search for address book, and found a file in Library/application support/address book/AddressBook.data.beforesave. It's 3.3M in size, so I think my addresses are in there. But I can't seem to import them or revert to address book backup. Anybody know how I can get the addresses out of this file back into Address book.
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    In your address book on your device, if you press the Menu Key and go to Filter. Are any of the filters selected? If so remove the checks from them then test.
    Hope this helps.

  • Missing Address Book Information

    All of the data in my address book has mysteriously disappeared. It went from around 300 entries to nothing for no apparent reason.
    If I try to insert a new address, the application seems to hang up and I have to force quit. I haven't installed anything new on my computer for some time. The address book and mail applications I use are both Apple.
    Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to recover my lost addresses? Thanks.

    Welcome to the discussions.
    Look in ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook.
    There should be a file Addressbook.data, and there
    may be another one called Addressbook.data.previous.
    If the .previous is there, drag the .data out of the
    way to the desktop and change the name of the
    .previous to Addressbook.data. Restart AddressBook
    and see what happens.
    It worked! Awesome!!
    Thank you! I owe you one.

  • ITunes' iPod preference missing Address Book Groups

    Just got an iPod Touch. When I first synced the ipod all of the contacts were from my Entourage account. I wanted them from Address Book. When I go in iTunes, under "Devices" and get the preferences for the iPod, I look under the "contacts" section. There are none of my Address book "groups" to select from. iTunes is not recognizing my Address book.
    How do I fix this?

    The Mac specialist over the phone said that my iPod was malfunctioned and needed to be sent in. It ends up that the iPod touch has a few limitations that other iPods I've owned do not have. While my 80 gig video ipod would show all my groups, the iPod touch would not. After about two days of playing around I found out that once I eliminated some of my groups they appeared in iTunes preferences. I don't have an exacts count but I think more then 15 groups is too much for iTunes.
    Problem solved.

  • When renaming an address book through properties, I can no longer see the new address book in my list. Where did it go?

    I have about 30 different address books. Some of them where old but i didn't want to delete them. I no longer wanted them at the top of my list so I went to properties and added "z-" to the folder name to have them at the bottom of the list. Now I can't see the address books that I renamed. What happened to them and how do I get them back?

    Make hidden files and folders visible:
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Show_hidden_files_and_folders
    '''First locate all address book filenames in thunderbird.'''
    * In Thunderbird:
    * Help > Troubleshooting Information
    * click on 'show folder' button
    a new window opens.
    If you were going to alter anything you would need to close Thunderbird, but on this occasion you are just looking for information.
    * organise the list by 'Type'
    * look for all files that have MAB File type
    each file will have a .mab extension and these are the address books.
    Two address books are default address books called:
    abook.mab = Personal Address Book
    history.mab = Collected Addresses.
    Other addressbooks maybe called eg: abook-1.mab
    * Make a list of all the address book.mab filenames. Careful.. as spelling is important.
    '''Now to check what filename = what desciption in config editor'''
    * In thunderbird:
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > General tab
    * click on 'config Editor' button
    it will tell you to be careful :)
    now to locate info for each address book.
    '''How to search for each address book using info gained from checking the Profile folder.'''
    In top search type: abook.mab
    you should see this line:
    ldap_2.servers.pab.filename; abook.mab
    notice the 'pab' in ldap_2.servers.'''pab'''.filename
    In top search type: pab
    you will now be able to locate:
    * ldap_2.servers.pab.description; Value = Personal Address Book
    * ldap_2.servers.pab.dirType; Value = 2
    * ldap_2.servers.pab.filename; Value = abook.mab
    * ldap_2.servers.pab.position; Value = 2
    Using the above method will identify which .mab file in profile uses what info in config Editor.
    '''You can do this same method to check to see if the 'Z addressbook name' is in the list and which .mab file is assigned to that description.'''
    In top search type the name you assigned: Z addressbook name
    it should return a line:
    * ldap_2.servers.XXXX.description; Value = Z addressbook name
    make a note of the XXXX part in description
    In top search type: XXXX - whatever the actual description XXXX said to get the 'description', 'dirType', 'filename' and 'position'
    '''Please report back on results.'''
    Did you locate:
    eg: ldap_2.servers.XXXX.description; Value = Z addressbook name
    or was this still listed as old name without the Z part?
    Did you locate all of these 'description', 'dirType', 'filename' and 'position' for each of the missing address books?
    or were only some of these shown? Tell us what you found.
    Did you find that there were .mab files in Profile folder but they were missing in Config Editor or in Config Editor but not in Profile folder?
    Please state what was found. You can copy paste from the config editor.

  • How can I import address book from thunderbird on another computer

    I just purchased a new laptop and have dowloaded Thunderbird for my e-mail as that was what I was using on desktop. I have 2 e-mail accounts, my personal e-mail addresses came thru with no difficulty however my other account the contacts in address book didn't come thru. So question is how can I get address book imported for this account too. My desktop is Windows XP and my laptop is Windows 8
    thanks for any help

    The neat thing to do would be to copy the profile from the XP machine to the W8 machine. This would have transferred your messages, your account settings and your Address Book and much else.
    Given that you have set up Thunderbird and have started using it, copying over the profile may not now be terribly attractive for you.
    So, instead, you can export and import your Address Books.
    On the XP computer, open the Address Book, select an address book (e.g. Personal Address Book), select '''Tools|Export''', select the name and location of a file to contain the exported data, choose LDIF and then Save. Repeat for each required address book. Give your LDIF files simple but meaningful names, such as PAB.ldif and CA.ldif. Don't use, for instance, ''Personal Address Book.ldif'', as this will create a second address book with the same name as one of the defaults and you won't be able to easily tell which is which.
    Put the exported LDIF files where the W8 computer can see them, e.g. a USB memory stick.
    On the W8 machine, open the address book, Tools|Import and select an exported LDIF file. It will import and create a new address book; you'll probably want to move the Contact data back to the usual address book. You can select all (ctrl+a) then drag-and-drop the imported Contacts to the preferred address book. Repeat for each LDIF file.
    Having said that, I don't understand what you mean by "my personal e-mail addresses came thru with no difficulty however my other account the contacts in address book didn't come thru"; unless you have moved the profile folder over, I don't understand why ''any'' contacts should have transferred.
    If you have in fact moved the profile folder, then I'm puzzled as to why the transfer of address books has been incomplete. However the export and import route should be able to reclaim the missing address book(s).

  • Suddendly (no external shock) Thunderbird stopped finding the address book, but it finds the right addresses when sending a mail with a name existing in the Boo

    The phrase is all what happens. If ask for the address of, say, Joe (existing in the book), it gives nothing. If I write an e-mail message to Joe, Thunderbird inserts the correct address to Joe, and if I send it, it goes correctly. The Address book looks "strange" its content (nearly empty) does not correspond to what it was. I am working in Linux Mint 17.1 with great satisfaction fo the rest.
    Thanks for helping. Giancarlo.

    Thanks for answering,
    however I miss what to send you: The address book is missing most of my contacts (they were there, before), but if I send a mail to one of those missing contacts Thunderbird attach the correct address without my intervention: funny. Mau be a virus did that, bu how can I recover the missing address book (hidden somewhere, certainly). I cannot show in a screen copy the facts I describe here. Anyway I enclose the screenshot of the opening of the actual address book. Please ask me any useful question on the above.
    Again thank and greetings,

  • Erasing OSX Address Book w/ Sync!

    I've had this problem with my iPhone twice... If I'm syncing, sometimes all of my applications will freeze. (Address Book, iChat, iCal, Mail, etc.)
    If I force quit them (after about 5 minutes) then my address book is utterly erased, and iChat runs as if it is the first time... Thus, I have to use my .mac account to restore my address book.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

    This kind of behavior can occur, though rarely, when the Address Book crashes. You need to do two things:
    • regularly use the Back up Address Book option under the Address Book File menu
    • determine why you are crashing
    Whichever process crashed—the Address Book, iCal, iChat, Mail or some other application—will have created a crash log. The log will help you determine why these crashes occur. This document will help you parse the crash log.
    It is far easier to restore your missing Address Book data from a contemporary back up created by that application, than it is to restore it from the .Mac servers.

  • Missing information with Address Book

    I've got a Centro, run Mac OS X 10.4.11, and managed to get iSync to play nice with my new Centro (palm os 5.4.9) and transfer over the years of information I have stocked up in iCal and Address Book.app. Everything seemed fine on the surface, but when I went to look at the contacts on the Centro, it only transfered some of the data. Particularly, I'm missing address from every contact that has only 1 address (which happens to be the vast majority). iSync managed to pull over the first address if there is a second one, but it has it mislabeled. For example:
    On the computer
    Contact : Me
    some phone numbers
    Home Address
    Work Address
    On the Centro
    Contact : Me
    some phone numbers
    Home Address (which is labeled as Work)
    Really quite frustrating. What am I doing wrong? I've done several searches using various keywords and 90% of the time I end up getting directed to buy more software (Missing Sync), on top of the several hundred dollars I've already shelled out on an operating system and palm hardware. Please, tell me there's a better way.
    Less important, but equally annoying, are such small things as
    -How do I file contact categories en masse from my computer?
    -How do sync contact photos from Address Book.app to the Centro?
    -How do I get locations to transfer from iCal to the Palm Calendar on the Centro?
    -How do I get the Palm Calendar's categories to match with iCal's?
    -How do I get the Palm Calendar to accept iCal's categorizations of appointments?
    I tried posting this over in the Palm help forums, but got no responses, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    You have bumped up against the substantial, long term limitations of the iSync Palm Conduit, and iSync itself, with respect to the issues you point out.
    There is no explicit support for contact and calendaring extensions introduced with later versions of the Palm personal information management applications. Categories, for example, are not supported. The conduit still does not, and—I dare say, never will—support the synchronization of any address labeled other than <home>.
    Each of the issues you raise is addressed by Mark/Space with the Missing Sync for Palm OS, and that is the only workaround available to you.

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