Missing messages after upgrading from Panther to Tiger

I have just upgraded from 10.3.9 to 10.4.11 and find that the new Mail app has imported all my old messages from one account in full but has only imported a small selection of the latest emails in my other two accounts and these have no text in them. In the Mail folder in the Library I can see two files called mbox which are of the right size (about 350mB each) to hold the missing messagesl but they cannot be read. The Inbox for the account which is working also contains a folder called Messages containing separate files for each email with the suffix .emlx
How can I get my other two accounts to be the same? I have tried 'Import' from OS X Mail app. but this says it cannot see any files to import.
Edward Mason

The conversion from Mail 1.x to Mail 2.x is broken. Mail 2.x is often simply unable to import mailboxes that worked fine in Mail 1.x. Apple hasn’t bothered to fix the incredibly weak Mail 2.x import capabilities in all this time.
The following procedure is meant to fix the incomplete conversion of a POP account’s Inbox. A similar procedure should allow you to fix other mailboxes that might also be affected:
1. Quit Mail if it’s running.
2. Make a backup copy of the ~/Library/Mail folder, just in case something goes wrong while trying to fix the problem. You can do this in the Finder by dragging the folder to the Desktop while holding the Option (Alt) key down, for example. This is where all your mail is stored.
3. Create a new folder on the Desktop and name it however you wish (e.g. Inbox Old). It doesn’t need to have an .mbox extension.
4. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Mail/[email protected]/INBOX.mbox/.
5. Move the files mbox and Incoming_Mail out of INBOX.mbox, into the Inbox Old folder just created on the Desktop. These files contain all the messages that were in the mailbox before the upgrade to Tiger, and maybe even some messages that had been deleted. mbox is the most important. Incoming_Mail may or may not be present.
6. Move any strangely-named Messages-T0x... folders to the Desktop (not into the Inbox Old folder). These folders are to be deleted after fixing the problem. They are temporary folders created during an import or an indexing process, and Mail should have deleted them when done. Their presence is a clear indication that something didn’t work as expected. If you’ve been using Mail after the conversion and have already tried to fix the problem by rebuilding the mailbox or something like that, they might contain messages that are neither in Messages proper nor in the mbox file, so keep them around until the problem is fixed.
7. Move everything else within INBOX.mbox, except the Messages folder, to the Trash.
The result of the above should be that INBOX.mbox contains the proper Messages folder only, and the Inbox Old folder on the Desktop contains the mbox and Incoming_Mail (if it exists) files only. Now, proceed as follows:
8. Open Mail.
9. The account’s Inbox should properly display in Mail as many messages as *.emlx files are in ~/Library/Mail/[email protected]/INBOX.mbox/Messages/. If that’s not the case, select the mailbox in Mail and do Mailbox > Rebuild.
10. In Mail, do File > Import Mailboxes, choose Other as the data format, and follow the instructions to import the Inbox Old folder that’s on the Desktop.
As a result of doing the above, some messages may be duplicated now. Andreas Amann’s Mail Scripts has a Remove Duplicates script that you may find useful.
Do with the imported mail whatever you wish. You may move the messages anywhere you want and get rid of the imported mailboxes afterwards.
If all is well and you don’t miss anything, the files on the Desktop can be deleted, although you may want to keep them for a while, just in case.
Take a look at the following article to learn what you might have done before upgrading to minimize the risk of this happening, and what you may do after fixing the problem to avoid similar issues from happening in the future. DON’T do now what the article suggests, though, as that would make things worse in the current situation:
Overstuffed mailbox is unexpectedly empty
Ask for any clarifications or if you need further assistance.
Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. That is, ~/Library is the Library folder within the user’s home folder, i.e. /Users/username/Library.

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  • 3 issues after upgrading from Panther to Tiger

    Hi, I finally installed Tiger on my Mac mini G4 and everything looked so fine... Until I find this issues:
    #1: iTunes shows up a message saying that it needs 10.4.9
    #2: QuickTime opens fine, but doesn't play video, only audio. Also some options of the menubar says something like "qtpSomething"
    #3: Even that FTP works fine by "Go > Connect to server... > ftp://ftp.something.here", I can't connect to my PC by "Go > Connect to server... > smb://my.lame.pc.ip"
    Actually, I think that installing the combo upgrade to 10.4.11 I could solve the #1 and #2, but #3 really worries me.
    This are my mini specs:
    • PowerPC G4 @ 1,42 Ghz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 80 GB HDD
    • Mac OS X 10.4 (by now)
    I moved from 10.3.9 to 10.4 via Tiger retail DVD and Upgrade Install. Any ideas?

    Yeah... I've been through that once, a long time ago... My Panther stopped booting and I (in a moment "loco", apparently) reinstalled the Panther with the mini's disc with the Archive and Install option, messing out with my versions of iTunes, QuickTime, Macromedia Studio and Adobe CS. All solved just by reinstalling 10.3.9 and reinstalling Macromedia Studio (which has an annoying "invisible" that if is missing the hole studio won't work at all!).
    Respecting to the main subject of the thread (?), I've downloaded the app you told me and worked perfectly. It extracted the Mac Help file and now the Help Viewer works better. Also, after I downloaded the QuickTime for Tiger the player repaired and now the menu says what it has to say.
    I would say: "+Problema resuelto+". Gracias BD, you rock! =P

  • Emac G4 runs slowly after upgrading from panther to tiger

    I have an Emac G4 with a 1.26 GHz HD and 512 MB RAM. I just bought and installed a full install (3 discs) for Tiger. Then I added the upgrade to 10.4.11. I had been running 10.3.9. Now the memory is close to maxed out and the computer runs slowly. And it occasionally freezes up on a program so I have to force quit. Is it running slowly because of the almost-full memory? Is Tiger that much bigger than Panther? I already trashed the Internet Explorer and Netscape programs to free up some memory but what else can I trash? I went into prefs to get rid or all IE and Nestscape stuff and I don't think I trashed anything else (that would cause it to run slowly or freeze up). I redid the permissions but I don't think it helped. Anything else I should be doing? Upgrading firmware? etc.?

    If you can Backup, be sure to do it of course!
    Depending what you use it for of course...
    On HD space 13GB, that's getting down to the point where it's slowing things a tat bit.
    On Memory, I'd forget the 256MB, my eMac 1.42, (uses same Memory chips), has the "2GB PC3200 PowerMac G5 Memory Upgrade (2x1GB Matched Pair) DDR 400MHz CAS 3.0", here...
    You can get 1GB here...
    "1GB PC2700 DDR 333MHz CAS 2.5 184 Pin DIMM"
    "512MB PC2700 DDR 333MHz CL2.5 184 Pin Module"
    by searching here for a bit of discount...
    If the budget is really really tight...
    I take it that you feel that Tiger IS that big...
    As an example, just the latest Keyboard update for Tiger is 35.3MB!!! ???
    The more RAM you get and the more HD Space you can free up, the Happier you'll be!

  • Problems with Canon ip4200 after upgrading from panther to tiger.

    I have recently purchased a lovely new imac 24", everything is great apart from my my printer which is now printing pictures with a lovely magenta cast over all my photos.
    From googling around I think it might something to do with having a double printer profile on? But the actually printer doesn't seem to have much options to play around with.
    If anyone has any idea of what's happening or how to sort this out I would really appreciate it as after MANY hours of googling I am now totally perplexed!

    Hello Rosie,
    For starters, please ensure you have the latest driver for the iP4200 installed. You can get this from the Canon Europa web site. The version is 4.8.3. With the new driver available, follow this procedure to remove any previous version before installing this later version.
    1. Open Printer Setup Utility, delete the iP4200 queue and then click on Printer Setup Utility and select Reset Printing System.
    2. Close the Printer Setup Utility.
    3. Go to Library > Printers > Canon and delete the contents of the BJPrinters folder.
    4. Go to Library > Receipts and delete the file Canon iP4200 xxx.pkg
    5. Empty the Trash
    6. Restart the Mac
    7. Install the latest version of the Canon driver (4.8.3)
    8. Once the driver installation is complete, go to Applications > Utilities and open Disk Utility. Run the Repair Disk Permissions option.
    9. Open Printer Setup Utility and click Add.
    10. Select the Default Browser view and select the Canon printer connected via the USB port. The Print Using menu should automatically change to Canon IJ Printer.
    11. Click Add to add the printer.
    With this latest driver installed, print your photo and check your output. If there is still a magenta tinge, open the driver settings and select Quality & Media. Try a different media type, such as Photo Paper Pro, and also set the Print Mode to the photo setting. If you are printing from iPhoto, then open Color Options and ensure you have the Color Correction set to BJStandard.
    If you are printing from PhotoShop, then open Color Options and ensure that Color Correction is set to ColorSync so that the ICC profile associated with the paper type selected above is used.
    If you want to check the gamut of the respective paper types/profiles available to the printer, you can open the ColorSync utility and expand Others > /Library/Printers/Canon/BJPrinter/...Here you will see the available profiles for the respective Canon paper stocks and their colour gamuts. The MP settings are Matt Paper, PR is Photo Paper Pro and SP is Photo Paper Plus Glossy.

  • Having problems upgrading from Panther to Tiger

    Hi there!
    I'm new to this place, but very desperate to find answers. I have been trying to upgrade from panther to tiger for the past week and have gotten a mess. I have to restore my old panther system after a panic kernal while trying to install tiger. I have tried to upgrade, install and archive and erase and install tiger and the same keeps happening: after 30-30% installation of essentials, I get a "try installing again" message and immediately goes to a blank blue screen. I have to reboot from my eDisk on the external hd and re-install my old system. I've done EVERYTHING I can find on the web and in the install suggestions. Everything has been updated (firmware, sofware, etc.), I tired disconnecting external devices except the keyboard and the external dvd I need to install and still the same thing...over and over and over!
    So, now I'm down to the fact that I need to install CDs (internal) instead of DVD off the external drive. However, when I went and downloaded the form for the exchange the Tiger versions listed (MA453Z/A, MA454Z/A) do not coincide with the version I purchased (M96397/A). So I'm trying to figure out what this version is that I purchased and if it has anything to do with my big install mess!
    So, any ideas out there? Glad to hear your input!

    Call 1-800-MY-APPLE WRT media exchange program and the DVD version you have.

  • Why upgrade from Panther to Tiger on G4 iMac?

    I have two iMacs. I use a G5 recently upgraded from Panther to Leopard 10.5.5. My wife has a G4 with Panther 10.3.9.
    Now that I have Leopard I have a Tiger install license available.
    Are there good reasons to upgrade my wife's G4 to Tiger?
    She uses it heavily for e-mail, internet, and MS Word.
    She's networked to my G5 through Airport and we use printer sharing and file sharing.
    Her G4 works great, but I'm wondering about security issues.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Apple is still releasing Security updates for Panther too, isn't it?
    I think some of the Panther software is starting to show its age limitations for Internet capabilities, and things like iTunes for all the new iPods, etc. On one hand if you're not actually having problems then my feeling is an old computer best runs software designed for it. On the other hand I am not sure you would lose any functionality if you did upgrade. I think most Panther applications run on Tiger, the system requirements are pretty similar. It's not like when you upgrade to Leopard that you suddenly lose Classic support and it requires (demands?) a faster processor. From my personal perspective upgrading to Leopard really makes a big difference in capabilities both ways and may even be a negative upgrade if you run old software the way I do. Upgrading from Panther to Tiger didn't have any downsides and had several upsides in terms of software is still being brought out for Tiger.
    [Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger system requirements|http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301341]
    [OS 10.3 Panther requirements|http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106163]

  • Upgrading from Panther to Tiger. Is it worth it?

    Hi there. I have been debating this in my head for quite some time. It is worth upgrading from Panther to Tiger? What are the benefits?

    Hi dave!
    If you do decide to upgrade, Tiger is available for purchase at The Apple Store (US).
    Jaguar and Panther, are no longer available directly from the Apple Online Store, as Tiger 10.4.x is the most up to date OS.
    A Full Retail Version of the Tiger Install DVD, can be purchased rather inexpensively, at some online Apple retailers, Amazon, eBay, AppleRescue, (as cornelius mentioned) etc.
    Be sure not to purchase grey, upgrade or machine specific CDs or DVDs.
    Additional info in these links.
    Using OS X Install CDs/DVDs On Multiple Macs
    What's A Computer Specific Mac OS X Release
    Software Update, Upgrade: What's The Difference?
    Once Tiger 10.4.x is installed, you can use the PPC 10.4.8 Combo Update, to upgrade to the most up-to-date version.
    Tiger System Requirements
    Mac Model Compatibility & Requirements For OS X
    "Tiger ships on a DVD, but if your Mac doesn’t have a built-in DVD-ROM player, you’ll need CD media. When you buy Mac OS X Tiger, you qualify to purchase Tiger CDs for only $9.95."
    Download The Order Form Here. Media Exchange Program
    Shop Carefully, Examine All Documentation, And Good Luck!
    ali b

  • Be carefull when upgrading from Panther to Tiger

    If you choose to upgrade from Panther to Tiger by using the Erase and install option on the Tiger DVD install disk, your XServe RAID won't mount. The problem seems to be that the driver for the RAID won't be updated in the process.
    The solution for me was (by advice of Apple Support) to reinstall Panther. My RAID came up fine and I then did a upgrade to Tiger using the update and install.

    Mattur:When I restart to install the OS, it goes into a Kernel Panic and tells me to restart.I take it to mean that you mean you put the install disk and open it and at the prompt you restart, and it goes into the kernel panic. I notice too that you sayI can reinstall Panther with the disk the computer came with , but I can't install Tiger..In other words there is a problem is with the Tiger disk.
    Are you using a Full Retail Version of Tiger? Computer specific versions or update versions will not work.
    If you are planning to install Tiger check out System Requirements to be sure your computer complies.
    Good luck.

  • Upgraded from panther to tiger, now have several problems...help??

    Hey guys(and girls)
    i recently upgraded my iBook G4 from panther to tiger and am having some problems...first off Airport only get 2 bars...if im lucky. my room is about a good 15 feet from the router, and we are using 802.11G. i put it right next to the router and same. 2 bars. also my other problem is that my iBook tries to open .BIN files in quick time and an error pops up because quick time doesnt support .BIN. any help would be appreciated

    Hello Leesa2
    If it is Connected then please try to register your device to Wireless provider .
    KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with the wireless network
    Wait till a Registration messages comes in your message box.
    After that  perform a battery pull restart like this while the device is powered On remove your battery wait for a min. then reinsert it back.
    From your BlackBerry Browser Go towww.blackberry.com/integrate  then try adding your email  account.Please try it and let us know.
    Click " Like " if you want to Thank someone.
    If Problem Resolves mark the post(s) as " Solution ", so that other can make use of it.
    Click " Like " if you want to Thank someone.
    If Problem Resolves mark the post(s) as " Solution ", so that other can make use of it.

  • G5 killed by mail when upgrading from Panther to Tiger...HELP!

    I just upgraded one of our G5s from Panther to Tiger. When I opened mail, it began "importing" all the messages (I assume because of the update to mail.app). Now, the user who's computer I upgraded contained 9GB of mail (!!!) but the G5 had more than enough space for this. When the "importing" completes, mail.app is open and all folders/subfolders, etc. are there, but the program doesn't contain any of the messages from the import. Every folder/subfolder is empty, the inbox is empty, etc. AND, to top it off, the HD of the G5 now has zero free space (while, when before the import, it had at least 40GB of free space). Does anyone know a fix for this? Has this happened before?

    with thanks to DAVID GIMENO GOST, for answering so many people's posts about all the mail 2.0 bugs.
    hi guys,
    i love all things apple, and i have done for twenty years.
    but with respect, your build of mail 2.0 really could be a lot better.
    moving my mail from 1.0 on an ibook g3 running os X 10.3.9, over to mail 2.0 on an intel macbook 1.83 running os X 10.4.7 has been a nightmare.
    the discussion boards of many mac sites feature countless cases of people making the move from 1.0 to 2.0, with all their e-mails disappearing.
    having spent two weeks reading the knowledge forums, and learning about emailchemy, plus all the complications which, even with that third party program, still exist in moving one's mail over from version 1.0 over to 2.0, are both massive and horrendous.
    and that's for me, who has twenty years of finding my way around mac bugs.
    but this one is the most difficult i've ever seen, as well as being one of the most widespread problems in a FULL VERSION RELEASE of an apple program, which apple has done nothing to resolve during the six months in which this problem has been widespread in the mac community worldwide.
    so thank god for DAVID GIMENO GOST !
    i'm amazed that apple still hasn't come up with a patch for moving mail from 1.0 to 2.0.
    even now, while i've finally got all my mail back today, 95% is showing as unread, due to the last obstacles in the process, which i can no longer face solving.
    i've also lost hundreds of red mail flags during the transfer :o(.
    we shouldn't need to be buying third party software to move our e-mails from apple mail 1.0 up to apple mail 2.0, and even then be faced by massive hurdles to overcome, which take weeks for someone who at least has SOME idea of what he's doing.
    i pity all the people who read the numerous forum posts about how difficult it is to transfer their mail from 1.0 to 2.0, and simply give up on the spot, and have to start their e-mail history TODAY, unable to access their previous e-mail again - potentially now for ever.
    because the ironic joke is that we can't even have an access copy of mail 1.0 on our macs to read our old e-mails, unless we hack that program out of the 10.3 cd installation set, which the gurus on your own web site recommend us NOT to do !
    so what are we supposed to do, to access our old e-mail, which we can't open, even though YES, it is in our mail folder, and YES, we did full rebuilds of every mail folder, and YES, we trashed our mail preferences first.
    e-mail is now at the very center of the average mac user's digital life.
    a user's most important program should not require countless hours scrolling through the astonishing number of problems within mail 2.0, which the apple.com discussion boards evidence, with new problems being added every day.
    please sort this out, and build a patch, for the sanity of the many people who love apple, but who are unable to access any of their old e-mails.
    because i wouldn't wish the last fortnight on anyone else.
    with best wishes to everyone on the infinity loop,
    michael thorne
    london, england
    [email protected]
    ps: if you're a mac user who has been affected by the mail 2.0 disappearing bug, please post a reply to this message, and send me an e-mail to: [email protected], so that we can draw apple's increasing attention to it. thanks.
    MacBook1. 1.83 GHz. 512 MB.   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • IBook G3, thinking about upgrading from panther to tiger?

    Hello all
    This is my first apple computer that I've owned, it's my mom's hand me down after she got herself a spanking new macbook pro but it actually runs decently fine, iBook G3 500Mhz, 40gb HD, 640mb memory
    It currently runs a clean copy of panther 10.3.9, but with some effort, I think I could get my hands on tiger as well. However, before I do, would it be worth it to try to upgrade it on this laptop? I think panther runs fine, but I hear for each successive mac osx, it's been running faster, so in that case, I'd try to get it, but if I happen to find that it's about the same or worse, then maybe not worth the effort. I definitely like to be up to date with my software and such, so it would be nice if people with ibook G3's with specs similar to mine could tell me their experience going from panther to tiger.
    Thanks in advance

    Welcome To  Discussions daonesteven!
    Here are images of the Full Retail Version, of the Tiger Install DVD, referred to by cornelius, that must be used.
    If you know what to look for, those install discs, can be purchased rather inexpensively, at some online Apple retailers, Amazon, eBay, FastMac, etc.
    The discs should look exactly like the images in the above links, and not say Upgrade, CPU Drop-in DVD, or "This software is part of a hardware bundle purchase - not to be sold seperately." on them.
    As the Tiger Media Exchange Program is no longer being offered, if the iBook doesn’t have a built-in DVD-ROM player, you will have to use an alternative method of installation.
    Info here Installing Tiger without a DVD drive.
    Once Tiger 10.4.x is installed, you can use the PPC 10.4.10 Combo Update, to upgrade to the current version.
    And additional RAM may speed the iBook up.
    Shop Carefully, Examine All Documentation, And I Wish You Success!
    ali b

  • Missing accounts after upgrade from Tiger to Leopard

    I upgraded from 10.4.11 to 10.5.6 today and in Mail, all but one of my accounts and their associated inboxes are missing. I've installed the recent Mail fix file (10.5.6). All my stored old e-mails are there. I can't see any of my other e-mail addresses or any e-mails that are in them.
    I have a .mac account with 2 additional .mac mail addresses and also 3 POP accounts. In the Inbox, the only e-mail that shows up is that for my main .mac account. I've deleted the mail.plist file and re-imported the mailboxes and they still don't show up.
    Can anyone help?

    By going to my Mail folder in my Library folder (~/Library/Mail) and deleting all files except any folders and then opening Mail and re-importing, everything comes up properly.

  • Using Mailboxes on my computer when upgrading from Panther to Tiger

    I'm getting ready to upgrade from 10.3.9 to 10.4 and want to avoid all the issues with Mail that I have been reading about. In the README on the installation disk it says:
    "Using POP email accounts and On My Mac mailboxes in Tiger and Panther...
    If you have a shared home folder and you access a POP email account using Mail in both Mac OS X Panther and Mac OS X Tiger, you will not see messages that you retrieve in one version when you switch to the other.
    You will not see messages saved in a mailbox on your computer when you switch from one version to another. To avoid this problem, use separate home folders for each version of Mac OS X.
    Your IMAP account will synchronize automatically when you switch between Mail in Tiger and Panther."
    The question is – I am using an IMAP account and do not store my mesages on the server, but on my Mac. Obviously I want to be able to access all my old mail when I upgrade. How do I go about using separate Home Folders? And will doing this still enable me to access all my mail without switching back and forth between the 2 OS's?
    PB G4   Mac OS X (10.3.2)  
    PB G4   Mac OS X (10.3.2)  

    If you install Tiger over Panther on the same partition, you will not have separate Home folders/directories.
    I've been using the Mail.app exclusively since Jaguar was introduced, thru Panther and now Tiger. I installed Tiger over Panther via an Archive & Install selecting preserve user and network settings without experiencing any problems with my Mail.app data or with anything else but I backed up my data beforehand just in case which is a good idea regardless. I used SuperDuper! to create a bootable clone of my hard drive with Panther installed saved to a Firewire drive before installing Tiger.
    Most of the problems reported here with Mail.app data after upgrading to Tiger are from existing/underlying problems with Panther mbox files.
    Before upgrading to Tiger, I didn't allow any mailbox to exceed 500MB or so in size and I used the Rebuild Mailbox function on the most active mailboxes on a regular basis. I used the Rebuild Mailbox function on all Panther Mail.app mailboxes before upgrading to Tiger. If you do this, you should be fine but a backup of the entire Mail folder at Home > Library > Mail is your insurance in case something goes wrong with the mbox conversion process to Tiger Mail with one or several mailboxes stored locally on the hard drive.
    Be sure to check the hard drive for any directory problems with Disk First Aid repair via Disk Utility when booted from the Tiger retail install disc before proceeding with the installation. If any problems are reported and successfully repaired, run repair again until no problems are reported. Afterwards, it won't hurt to repair disk permissions from the same location.
    Do this along with having a backup of all important data for insurance and you should be fine.

  • Fast User Switching Hangs Computer Following Upgrade from Panther to Tiger

    Upgraded my computer (G3 B&W) to Tiger from Panther, and now Fast User Switching doesn't work. Have a family of 5 that shares this computer. Each new user can log in, but when you try to switch back to an open account, the computer hangs. It worked fine in Panther. May be just due to the fact that this is an older Mac - if so, my second question is whether there's a good way to get back to Panther? It worked great on this Mac, and Tiger is noticeably slower. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!

    Thanks for the link, baltwo!
    This got me some good info on how mail messages are stored in Tiger, but unfortunately, I still can't find the missing messages, which were in the inbox in 10.3, but didn't show up following the 10,4 upgrade. I found the inbox folder, and it only seems to have the current files, can't track down any evidence of the missing files.
    Thanks again for the reply - very much appreciated.

  • Import Address Book after upgrade from panther.

    Hello folks,
    A friend of mine recently upgraded to leopard from 10.3.9.
    Made backups but can't import her old addressbook files.
    The way i told her to do it is just to take the addressbook folder from 10.3.9 and replace it in Users > library > application support in Leopard. This has always worked in 10.4 or from 10.4 to 10.5 but this time it wouldn't.
    Any idea's ? She can't go back to Panther and needs those address cards.
    Thanks for the help

    I figured it would be the same as after an upgrade from Tiger, so i just copied the folder out of Application Support :/
    Now that Panther is gone there is no way to go back and export it to vcards or archive anymore.

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