Missing text after pdf export.

I am having problems exporting to PDF from Publisher 2007.
I am using Adobe professional 8, Publisher 2007 on Windows Vista 64.
The files are created and printed to PDF. When I take a look at the PDF there are blocks of text missing. If I re-export the file again, 9 times out of 10 the text will be missing. Periodically everything will work fine with the same document. In the most recent document I am using Helvetica 55 Roman 12pt. All the body text is identical (at least from what I can tell). This exact same document exports to PDF perfectly on a Windows XP SP2 machine using Adobe Professional 8 and Office 2007.
As far as I can tell, this only occurs in when exporting from Publisher, which leads me to believe that it is an MS problem but I have been unable to find any information about something Publisher specific.
Thanks in advance for any help. This is frustrating.

I spoke too soon.
I exported (using the adobe add-in) 8 documents. The first 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 were fine. Numbers 4, 6, and 8 had problems.
All these documents were created from the same template. I did the first and all subsequent documents were created by duplicating pages and swapping text. The page numbers vary from 5 to 16. There is no apparent connection with page count as several of the larger ones exported perfectly.
I don't know if this information is relevant at all. I am hoping that it gives someone an indication of what might be causing this.
Thanks again,

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  • Placed PDF missing text after re-exporting to PDF

    I'm using OSX 10.6 with InDesign CS3 504.
    When I place PDFs into an InDesign file, and then PDF that InDesign file, some of the PDFs are missing text.  All text boxes have been made from the same original text box, just modified for content, and shape very slightly.
    The text that is missing is most often white, where it's being used over the top of black frames.  There is one instance of black text over a white frame missing.
    I've tried exporting to .inx, and then re-pdfing.  I've also tried copying text boxes that are 'working' and changing the content, but still the same text boxes are missing their text.
    Any help much appreciated.  Thanks.
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    i already tried exporting to .inx about 3 hours ago.  unfortunately i'm very pressed for time with a meeting in about 1 hour, so i've recreated the problem text boxes.  luckily there were only about 10 of them and it only took 10 mins.
    before that i tried to isolate the problem element, but couldn't find one.  every time i removed something, i still got the problem.  the only time i didn't get the problem was when i had just the text boxes on their own, with none of the other essential page elements.
    thanks for your help, though.

  • Missing text after EXPORT from PMD to PDF

    I have a document, designed through Adobe pagemaker 70, which I would like converted to PDF. Within Adobe PageMaker 70 I performed a File-->Export-->Adobe PDF, kept all the default options and managed to generate a PDF version of the *.PMD document. However, some of the text in the PDF document is missing. I searched on the internet and discovered one can do Document-->Examine Document within Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to display any hidden text. Doing this I was able to see the missing text.
    There is an image in the source Pagemaker document, but the image is not square but cropped along it's outside edge and the text flows around the edge (hope that makes sense).  What's puzzling is that in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro the generate PDF has the image displayed in a box and some (not all) the text behind this box is shown as hidden, where as in the source document all text flowing around the image is visible.
    Can anyone please help with this problem and tell me how I can get the hidden text in my PDF document to display so it's visible in an Acrobat Reader or when printed?... I am still a bit of a newbie with both Pagemaker and Acrobat so your help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS: I have not uploaded the file but do not mind doing so if some one is able to help and requests either the source PMD file or the generated PDF file

    The "question mark" displayed may be refereed to the missing font.
    Are you trying to convert a public web page? if yes then please share a link so that i can also test it.

  • Aliased text on PDF export with blending modes

    So I've had this issue with a pdf, I tried to export it CMYK, RVB, interactive pdf, regular pdf, with tons of different other options, the text was still very aliased.
    I decided to take it back from scratch, openned a new document with the same size, and copied/pasted element after element from the old one to the new one, exporting as pdf between each copy/paste. The first exports went really well, the render was great… until I pasted a vector element that was applied with a blending mode (overlay).
    When I switched it to normal, the pdf export was smooth again. Tried every blending mode, everyone makes the text jaggy. Switch back, it's ok. So I'm 100% sure that this comes from blending modes, as opposed to what I could have read on other forums.
    This is a request, please, InDesign team, take care of this problem, this is quite annoying in many cases.
    Thank you for your attention!
    Twitted here as well : https://twitter.com/grinderlabs/status/448381486627311616

    To minmize the possibility of rasterizing or outlining text when transparency is flattened, keep the text above any transparent objects. Blending modes, along with most effects, use transparency.
    You can also minimize the risk by exporting the PDF with live transparency, which is supported in Acrobat 5 or higher compatibility.

  • Randomly Missing Text in PDF Created from FrameMaker

    This problem relates to a structured FM document, but I suspect it might be a general issue and have posted it here in the general forum for that reason.
    I am generating PDFs that are missing text somewhat randomly throughout. I tried searching the forum for solutions, but none of the suggested fixes worked and none of the posts specifically addressed the issue I am experiencing.
    I am working in structured FM. The templates we use were originally created for FM8. We use both FM8 and FM10 in our work group. We are able to duplicate the same problem in both versions and on multiple computers.
    I thought I had narrowed the problem down to certain paragraph formatting, since it only ocurs in three or four paragraph formats (a bullet list, table text, etc.) Garden variety formatting. But in most places in the document, these formats appear perfectly. The strangest occurence is a single intance where the page number is missing from the footer.
    I thought it might be a font issue, as I've had similar issues in the past. I had a missing font warning in the console, but I am pretty sure that this has nothing to do with it, since they are fonts we are not using and all the other text from the same formats appears.
    I tried turning off "Remember Missing Font Names" in preferences. No help.
    I checked that the fonts are in the local directory and appear as embedded subsets in the PDF.
    I also tried checking and unchecking the "Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts" option in the PDF output settings. Also no help.
    The randomness of the missing fonts bewilders me and I've exhausted my own troubleshooting abilities. I would be happy to share a source file if anyone thinks they could help me that way.
    Thanks in advance,

    There is a known bug in Windows XP that causes random dropped text in
    PDF. The hotfix is here, though the link does not seem to be working at
    the moment:
    However, the above link directs you to a download link that is here:
    http://support.microsoft.com/Hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=952909&kbln=en-us <http://support.microsoft.com/Hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=952909&kbln=en-us

  • Missing text in PDF when I use Acrobat 9.2 and FM 9

    I was able to PDF ok from FM9 using Acrobat 6, but when I upgraded to Acrobat 9.2,
    I'm getting some missing text in the PDF. Some non-bold text is missing. The number
    for Chapter 3 is missing in the TOC. Any suggestions?

    I was able to PDF ok from FM9 using Acrobat 6, ...
    What font name, format (TTF, PFB/PFM, OTF?) and vintage?
    Did you upgrade the fonts when upgrading the apps?
    Any chance you have multiple copies of the same typeface name installed? Historically, having both the TTF and PFM (Type 1) of the same name installed could have undesired results.
    ... but when I upgraded to Acrobat 9.2, I'm getting some missing text in the PDF. Some non-bold text is missing.
    What is "some text"? Some entire typefaces (all text thereof), or just some characters of a typeface, like, say, the ligatures in Helvetica.
    The number for Chapter 3 is missing in the TOC.
    What font is Frame looking for?
    Also, are you embedding the fonts during PDF creation?

  • Missing Logo in PDF export

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with an InDesign document when writing PDFs of it:
    When exporting a PDF with the built-in export option sometimes a logo (eps) is missing in the PDF output - here some more info:
    - the document is now CS 4/Mac, but it was edited in CS 4/Win before and originally it was built in CS 3/Mac
    - the logo eps is correctly connected - InDesign never showed a missing link, the eps' colors are the colors of the pdf output (CMYK)
    - the logo eps is working perfectly in other documents and even on an other page of the same document
    - the problematic logo is placed on a master/template page in this document - when creating new pages using this master page they seem to have the same problem
    - when exporting the PDF via .ps and Distiller it seems to work without problems
    - in some exported pdf the logo is visible in some it's missing
    Anybody ideas? Solutions? My feeling is, that the document might be somehow corrupted. Is there a way to check the integrity of InDesign documents or is there a (software) solution to repair such documents?
    Many thanks in advance

    Many thanks, unfortunately none of these ideas helped - i tried:
    - export to INX and to IDML and reimport in InDesign 4
    - placing the Logo as .ai
    - duplicating the master page and using this template
    ... without having the problem solved.
    Then I removed all other elements on this page - and then surprisingly the logo now seems to work. What I removed from the page were some Indesign vector elements (an other Logo which had been placed via pasteboard from Illustrator and which did not seem to have any problems so far). Can this be the reason? Are there known problems with vector elements imported via pasteboard (maybe in combination with exporting the document between Mac and WIN or when upgrading a document from CS 3 to CS 4?)

  • Overprint Text in PDF export

    I am using Freehand MX 11.0.2 on Mac Leopard 10.5.2
    In a couple of circumstances I noted that black text (100%K),
    even when "overprint" is selected at the text's color palette, and
    the layout exported as PDF (CMYK), but the black text does not
    overprint – at least when I check opening the PDF in
    Photoshop, the black text there is spared on the background.
    Did others note the same problem or am I just doing something
    wrong here...?
    Grafik Design Zug
    http://www.ecliptic.ch Graphics
    and Illustrations

    > In a couple of circumstances I noted that black text
    (100%K), even when
    > "overprint" is selected at the text's color palette, and
    the layout exported
    > as PDF (CMYK), but the black text does not overprint
    Thomas, you are doing nothing wrong. Freehand's PDF Export
    function is not
    suitable for professional printing jobs.
    See this technote. The last line of the technote refers to
    your problem.
    Get Adobe Acrobat Pro/Distiller.
    From Freehand, print to a Postscript file. In Freehand's
    advanced print
    settings, ensure that the correct PPD has been selected. Use
    either the
    'Adobe PDF' PPD or the PPD of the Postscript printer that
    will be used to
    print the document.
    Then use Distiller with 'Press Quality' settings to convert
    the Postscript
    file to PDF.
    Judy Arndt

  • Missing text after Adobe PDF printing

    I have put together a word 7 document with pictures then on top of the picture I have put a "call out" box with text in. After the PDF has printed and the  review of the document pops up on screen, less than half of the text is shown in the call out box and in some instances the box is blank. Its a report that has to be completed by Tuesday so your assistance would be appreciated

    General Acrobat Problem Steps
    If you are having problems creating a PDF, there are two steps you should do FIRST
    Go to the appropriate vendor web site and apply all updates to the program you are using (several recent messages have concerned problems with MS Office conversion, with the response that different versions of Office have different BUGS that must be fixed by a download from Microsoft - and MS Office products are not the only ones which may, from time to time, need to be updated to work properly)
    Apply all updates IN NUMBER ORDER
    Acrobat Update http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=1&platform=Windows
    Also, for Office 2007, see if this Microsoft product will work for you
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=4D951911-3E7E-4AE6-B059-A2E79ED87 041&displaylang=en

  • Missing items in PDF export

    Strangest thing started happening today. A fairly complicated document –lots of transparency effects– refuses to neither export anything more than the bottom layer objects NOR transfer anything else to Photoshop via copy/paste. Anything that is on top of something else is missing. I have to say I'm baffled.
    This far CS5 has been very reliable when it comes to exporting PDF.
    Anybody experienced anything like this?
    My CS5 sits on a Mac Powerbook Pro.

    I bet you think I've ignored you for the last few hours. Actually, I've been fighting with your file most of the day. First ID froze trying to update the link to the large elephant with the dark background, so I figured I'd force a r-write of all th elinns by opening in Photoshop and saving as tiff if they were .psd, and .psd if they ere tive, then doing another save as back to the original format. That solved the first freeze problem.
    I have yet to successfully export a PDF, though, either in the background or the forground. I don't mean the PDF is missing stuff, I mean I can't even get a PDF to export. I reduced the resolution on the images to have 2/3 of the current effective resolution -- I think you would have more than you'd need for a display of this size even at 200 ppi effective, but still no luck. I'm trying a forground export at the moment, but it seems to be stalled again and the last time it gave me an out of memory error after about 15 minutes like this.
    If this one fails I'm going to delete the complex vector stuff from the background. My gut feeling is that's what's overwhelming ID and placing an Illustrator gaphic might work better. (just got the failure).

  • Copy paste text from pdf exported from Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer control with Czech specific characters produced box charactex or ?.

    Used Visual studio 2012. In our project there is used the Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer control. In the report handled by the control are TextBoxs with a text with Czech specific characters e.g. (ř, ě, ...) . When exporting the report to pdf,
    characters are displayed correctly. However when the text with czech characters in the pdf if copied and  placed into the seach box in the pdf document only box characters are displayed. The TextBox in the report use the default font Arial. When the report
    is exported to Word, and then the Word document is saved as a pdf document, its ok. Coping a text with Czech charactes in the result pdf document and pasting into the search box displays again Czech characters not box characters.
    Also when in the report handled by the ReportViewer control are several Tex Boxes and some of the boxes contains Czech characters and some not, after exporting to a pdf document there is problem with text selection. When in the pdf document I'm trying to
    select several paragraphs, some with Czech characters and some without them, selection behaves strangely and jumps from one paragraph to another unexpectedly.

    did you managed to avoid those squares?
    BTW: if any such char. is encountered in a line, the entire line of text is grabbled.
    I've tried even the ReportViewer from MSSQL 2014, but got the same problem. When I've tried IL Spy, I found a code, where it is checked if the PDFFont is composite - depending on that a glyph is created. But that still only a guess.
    I've tried Telerik's reporting, they have similar problem (beside other), but not with the special characters. They produced scuares for some sequences like: ft, fi, tí.
    Please give any info you got.
    Until then my advices for you:
    a) try JasperReports (seems theyre most advanced, although it is java)
    b) Developer express has quiet quality reports - and it seems they got those special chars. right :D
    c) I created a ticket and waiting for Telerik's response (but if I had to choose reporting, I vould stick with a) or b)

  • Missing text in PDF file

    I've just receive pdf file. When I open it it doens't show some text. Not all, just some of the text. When I open the same file in Gmail, the text is there. What is the problem with preview? I don't have anything like Adobe Acrobat. Just Mac OS X.
    And also I don't see the text in iPhone/iPad.
    In Windows, everything is ok.
    Can I fix it somehow? The file I've received was invoice and some important text was missing...
    Thanks for any advice

    Given it's a problem on both platforms suggests the PDF has a specific incompatibility with Apple's core PDF rendering technologies. While it still could be a font, the only way to address this for the iPad and iPhone would be to edit and re-save the PDF.
    Adobe Reader is available for iOS, so if it ultimately is a matter of viewing the PDF then this may be the only option. The alternative is to have the creator make another version that uses different fonts or otherwise tweaks it to display properly.
    There are other PDF viewers available as well, so Adobe's is not the only solution. It's just one example of what you can do to view the PDFs.

  • Boris Title - Missing Text After Render

    All apologies if this is an ages old bug that everyone worked to fix years ago. I was a daily editor from FCP 1.0 until 2004 or so when a project caused me to walk away from cuts and edits and crashes all together. Like a masochist, I've jumped back in, but without the prior security that came with daily readings of all the proper forums. I've tried to do my due diligence (5 hours here, 2-pop, Cow, etc) but to no avail. So....
    FCP 4.5/OS X 10.4.9
    Previews of text when using Boris Title Crawl to create a crawl look fine, but after rendering, the beginning and end of each text string, no matter how long, are missing.
    So the above sentence would read:
    ext when using Boris Title Crawl to create a crawl look fine, but after rendering, the beginning and end of each text string a
    Scrolls are no problem. Only a problem with crawls.
    Again. Sorry if this has already been settled and I'm just overlooking the thread.
    Dual 1.42 GHz G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Welcome (back) to the forum.
    Have you tried...
    Deleting all renders in Render Manager, then re-rendering?
    using the crawl in a different sequence or project?
    trashing preferences?
    I'm unable to duplicate the behavior. Seems to work fine here, with that sentence.
    How are you previewing?
    Do you have improperly set 'Margins' in the 'page' tab of Boris...or any crops set in 'Motion' tab of FCP?
    Post back,
    EDIT - BTW, FCP4.5 works best with OS 10.3.9/QT6.5.2

  • Missing pages in PDF export

    In Indesign CS4, when I export a 48 page document to PDF the last few pages are always missing. I've trying anything but I can't make it print the whole document.

    I don't run Vista, so what I know is based on other posts, but the first thing to check is which folder did you install into? For Vista 64 it's important to install in the default location, which means most things should be in the (x86) Program files folder.
    Next, can you EXPORT the file successfully, and are you printing, rather than exporting, for a particular reason?
    Is it always the same number of pages missing? Is there anything common about the first page that's missing in the prints? Any .eps images? What about fonts?
    What happens if you try exporting the document to .inx or .idml, then open those in ID and print to PDF?

  • Bug: Temp files with 0-Byte size are not removed after PDF export

    Post Author: chaplin
    CA Forum: Exporting
    When exporting to PDF through the CR-API (CRPE) the temporary files epfHHHH.tmp and ctmHHHH.tmp in the windows temporary path (with HHHH = hexadecimal number with 4 digits) are not deleted when they are 0-Byte in size - even after closing the application which called the CRPE-API. When HHHH reaches its limit (hex FFFF = dec 65535) the Crystal Reports DLLs are not able to create more PDFs - the export aborts with an error and the PDFs are 0-Byte in size.
    This behaviour was tested/reproduced with Crystal Reports 8.5, but (as many other long-term bugs) might be also exist in later releases of Crystal Reports as well as on the other SDK interfaces.
    KBase Article ID:2009412, Track ID: ADAPT00011016 and Escalation ID: 1472 describes a solution for this problem and Business Objects says that using Crxf_pdf.dll, version, dated 04/25/2002 or later solves the problem. We are using a newer one from 2003 (version and still see this problem. It seems that 0-Byte-Files are ommitted from the deletion.
    Does anybody know a workaround or solution for this bug?

    This forum is for handling issues migrating from non-Oracle databases to Oracle databases.
    As this is an Oracle to Oracle issue using SQL*Developer export it would be better to open a new thread in the SQL*Developer forum -
    SQL Developer
    There will be more people there who can help with this problem.
    Edited by: mkirtley on May 14, 2010 10:16 AM

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  • Update of links in Indesign CS6 when changing asset via drive

    Hi, i am having an issue regarding the integration of Adobe AEM with InDesign CS6 via Drive: I have a indd document that has a link to an image, both are stored on a Adobe AEM 5.6.1 server and accessed via Adobe Drive 5.0.2. Now i tested the use case

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