Movies on External HDD

I transfer my movies to an external HDD to save space on my MacBook after they have been viewed. I basically just copy and paste it to the HDD, delete from my MacBook, then re-add to the iTunes library. I have the external HDD setup wirelessly through my Airport Extreme. This all works well and I obviously don't have access to them when not on my home network.
The issue is that I do this in conjunction to having an AppleTV, and I continuously get errors reporting when syncing. It will go to sync and some of the movies will error out and say that they can't be found. When I click on show in finder they pop up just fine.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this error causes them to be removed from my AppleTV, and then resynced to it which is time consuming and slows my computer down.
Thank you

I have version 10.5.3 in OSX Lion which should be the most current.
Though one thing - I've been dragging the contents of the folder over - NOT the folder itself.
Wonder if that makes a difference?

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  • Apple tv running movies from external HDD

    I have airport extreme base station (wireless N) and I am connecting my external HDD to the USB port to it and by doing so I can access it from my apple macbook pro. I am considering buying apple tv. I want to know if i can run my movies from the external HDD through the wireless connection or they have to be uploaded to the hard disk on the apple tv (only limited to 40 GB or 60 GB)

    You can either copy (sync) iTunes library material to the AppleTV hard drive or stream it (play it across the network on the fly).
    For syncing (copying) or streaming (on the fly) it doesn't actually matter where on the network the media files lives BUT it must have been added to iTunes at some stage. By setting preferences appropriately you can have material for iTunes residing on different external or network drives, or all in the same library folder.
    AppleTV uses iTunes to sync new content and also streamed content is sent VIA iTunes. The last point means that for streaming iTunes must be running, whereas it can be off for playing already synced content.
    So, so long as iTunes is running it will be able to stream music or movies to AppleTV from the connected external drive.
    In fact many of us use external drives to store all or most of our content.
    So long as your network is up to the task streaming will playback as well as synced content, though navigatiuon within a file can be a tad slower.

  • How can i Move pic from internal hdd to an external hdd

    hi everyone, i had a new Mac Book Air for a couple months ago, notice my internal hdd is getting full of pic, i would like to move them to an external HDD, how can i do that, i looked at the Iphoto library folder, nothing there, or i can not see them, any help will be appreciate it, and thank you in advance for your help...

    If you have a large iPhoto library, you can save space by moving it to an external drive, yes. You will not be able to see the individual pictures in the library file - just move the entire IPhoto Library file to the other drive, then double-click it to open iPhoto and tell the application where your new library is.
    If your image collection is not in iPhoto, where is it?

  • How do I move my iTunes library on external HDD to a new computer?

    My iTunes library has always been on an external drive.  It has moved from an eMac(10.4) to a Mac Mini(10.5) and I'm trying to move it to an iMac(10.8).  How can I do this? I've set the preferences to the external HDD, but this point and play doesn't work.  If I select an item via the folder and select open with iTunes, the item then appears in the iTunes listing.

    Connect the external HDD to the iMac, launch iTunes while holding down the Option key. Choose the option to select library and navigate to the top level folder of the iTunes media on the external. Select it and click OK.

  • Itunes and all my movies have disappeared,i can no longer add to library from my external hdd which ive always used and can only add from the laptops own hard drive,any ideas what the issue could be?

    ive recently updated, itunes and all my movies have disappeared,i can no longer add to library from my external hdd which ive always used and can only add from the laptops own hard drive,any ideas what the issue could be?if i transfer the movies from the external to the laptop they will add to the library without any problem so theres no issue with the laptop but when i go to add file in itunes i can path to the external but as soon as i select the file nothing happens, just goes back to itunes

    This happens if the file is no longer where iTunes expects to find it. Possible causes are that you or some third party tool has moved, renamed or deleted the file, or that the drive it lives on has had a change of drive letter. It is also possible that iTunes has changed from expecting the files to be in the pre-iTunes 9 layout to post-iTunes 9 layout,or vice-versa, and so is looking in slightly the wrong place.
    Select a track with an exclamation mark, use Ctrl-I to get info, then cancel when asked to try to locate the track. Look on the summary tab for the location that iTunes thinks the file should be. Now take a look around your hard drive(s). Hopefully you can locate the track in question. If a section of your library has simply been moved, or a drive letter has changed, it should be possible to reverse the actions.
    Alternatively, as long as you can find a location holding the missing files, then you should be able to use my FindTracks script to reconnect them to iTunes .

  • I have a MacBook, iPhone, Airport Extreme and external hdd. What is my best option to stream my music and movies to my hifi set and TV without having to turn on my MacBook?

    I would very much like to store all my movies and music on my external HDD, which is connected to an Airport Extreme. Could for example Apple TV access this HDD and stream either music to my hifi system or video to my tv, without having to turn on my MacBook or iTunes? And use my iPhone to control everything?

    About Wake on Demand and Bonjour Sleep Proxy
    When a Mac computer is in sleep mode, it can continue sharing services, such as iTunes and iPhoto library sharing, printer sharing, file sharing, and screen sharing.

  • HT1449 I tried to move the itune folder to an external hdd,  (precisely as written above) but after "consolidating, happens nothing

    tried to move the itune folder to an external hdd,  (precisely as written above) but after "consolidating, happens nothing

    That's because too many people confuse moving media folder with moving the library properly.
    iTunes: How to move [or copy] your music [library] to a new computer [or another drive] - - a somewhat bewildering and not always easily understandable set of options.
    Quick answer if you use iTunes' default preferences settings:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Open iTunes and immediately hold down the Option (alt) key (shift on Windows), then guide it to the new location of the iTunes Library.itl file in the moved iTunes folder.
    For the record there's this reference for iTunes 11 but it really doesn't strike me as having the specifics you need. iTunes 11 for Mac: Move your library to another computer -

  • How do i move some of the folders in iphoto library ( to an external HDD) without actually having to move the whole library and without affecting the albums i have already created in iPhoto.????

    I have been storing my photos separately in folder and importing it in iphoto without actually copying them. Now to free some space in my hdd i want to move some of those folders to an external hdd. How do i do that without affecting my iphoto albums. ????

    Well, strictly speaking, you can do this.Two ways. One is tricky:
    How are you at editing SQL databases?
    This user found a way:
    But tread very carefully - get it wrong and you'll hose everything. Make a back up first.
    The other is expensive:
    Purchase Aperture, and if you have the latest versions of both these apps, then you can open the Library with Aperture, and use the relocate Masters command.
    Or, in the end, make a managed Library. A Referenced Library is more work for zero gain.

  • HT1229 Can i move the iPhoto folder onto an external HDD? Will it work the same way after moving onto an external HDD? do I then need to have the external connected at all times, even when I don't use iPhoto?

    I have a macbook pro, but the amount of pictures I have now exceeds 500GB
    I want to have all the pictures in iPhoto, so I could see them and edit them in iPhoto.
    Which means... I need the iPhoto file folder in an external HDD to use iPhoto that way.
    Can i move the iPhoto folder onto an external HDD?
    Will it work the same way, as if the iPhoto folder is on the internal drive?

    Moving the iPhoto library is safe and simple - quit iPhoto and drag the iPhoto library intact as a single entity to the external drive - depress the option key and launch iPhoto using the "select library" option to point to the new location on the external drive - fully test it and then trash the old library on the internal drive (test one more time prior to emptying the trash)
    And be sure that the External drive is formatted Mac OS extended (journaled) (iPhoto does not work with drives with other formats) and that it is always available prior to launching iPhoto
    And backup soon and often - having your iPhoto library on an external drive is not a backup and if you are using Time Machine you need to check and be sure that TM is backing up your external drive

  • HT4106 Will this thing support if I connect external HDD's or Flash drives to watch movies or transfer photos?

    I'm very interested in purchasing this accesory for my camera but I would like to maximize it's usage. I wanna know if the camera connector (via the usb port) will support if I connect, say, flash drive or external hdd. I want to know if I can watch movies directly from the hdd/flash drive instead of buying an app to stream

    Theoretically you can put movies and videos onto an SD card, satisfy the naming requirements - all files in a DCIM folder and with a name of exactly 8 characters. Then you can use the photo app to import that video file onto your iPad, watch it and delete it.
    Does require that you have the room to it's not perfect but it does work.
    but if you want to watch a lot of movies and video files, the seagate is probably the best way to go since you can keep tons more than what fits on a 4-32 gig card (which start to get pricey after a bit)

  • Want to move LR5 catalog to an external HDD and incorporate my Aperture3 files already stored on another external HDD.

    With the demise of Aperture, and lack of space on my mac, I would like to consolidate all my LR5 and Aperture images onto ONE external HDD.
    My Aperture originals are already on one external HDD, and my LR5 images currently occupy (too much) of my hard drive on my MB air.
    Is there an uncomplicated way to join the two sets on another new external HDD?

    what I meant is that I would like to access my Aperture images via LR5, so have just the one LR5 catalog for all my images.
    This is a goal that I would recommend!
    However, I can't really state if that's what you need to do with your photos in Aperture, as I have never used Aperture. I'm sure someone else who does use Aperture will be along soon to comment, or you can try your favorite search engine.

  • If i move my iPhoto library to an external hdd, will Time Machine backup these photos as well?

    I've moved my iPhoto library to an external HDD, I was wondering if now it has been moved outside of my iMac whether Timemachine will still back up my photos, or do I have to change any timemachine preferences to accomodate such a change, any responses will be welcomed-thankyou!

    Thanks, Linc, you are the greatest!
    So I moved my iTunes library to my external disk.  When I checked Time Machine's Excluded list it was not there.  Then I entered TM and saw that the library had been backed up from the external disk.  So all is well and apparently the OS guys stopped adding external drives to the Excluded list.

  • How do I use itunes from an external HDD on a new laptop?

    This really does seem to be an unanswerable question but you guys have helped so many times in the past without me ever having to post.
    Here is my set up when I first got iTunes way back I had it on my first laptop, we'll call this PC A, but the Hard Drive was so small I moved the library to my external HDD. I say I moved it, a friend did it for me.
    For years this set up worked fine, iTunes was on the HDD and I would access it via PC A as long as the two were connected. If the HDD wasnt connected then I couldnt access iTunes, of course, as all of the library was stored on the HDD.
    I dont want to sound like I am talking to you all like idiots but Ive explained this so many times and people never know what I mean.
    So now I get another laptop. (PC B)  but obviously I cant get to iTunes from it even when the HDD is attached.
    For years I used to crank up old PC A and get to iTunes that way but now the old girl is on her last legs so I need to be able to access iTunes from PC B (this has been going on so long Im now looking for PC C).
    I do have iTunes on PC B that my iPhone is synced to and they seem to understand that each other exists but if I plug my iPod that is synced with iTunes from PC A with PC B it wipes it
    Please. Please. I just need to know what to do

    Make a split library portable
    Here are the typical layouts for the iTunes folders:
    In the layout above, with the media folder (everything in the red box) inside the library folder, the library is considered to be portable. A portable library can be moved from one path to another without breaking the links between the library and the media and being self-contained is much easier to backup.
    You can rearrange things to make a split library portable by taking a number of small steps which don't break the library.
    Before you start any media files that are outside of the media folder will need to be consolidated. If the library is in the old style layout then it should ideally be be upgraded to iTunes Media Organisation (Library > Organise Library > Rearrange files in the folder <Media Folder>) to ensure that iPod Games, Mobile Applications etc. are brought inside the media folder.
    The basic non-fatal manipulations are:
    You can connect to an alternate set of library files by holding down Shift (Win) or Option (Mac) when starting iTunes.
    You can move the library files to a new location as long as the media stays put.
    You can move the library files and the media together if the media folder is a direct subfolder of the library folder. (I.e. in this form the libary is portable).
    If you have already moved/copied the media content from a subfolder of the library folder to a different location then you only need to copy the library files for it to appear as if you have moved the entire library in the way allowed above. I.e. just copy the library files into the parent folder of the media folder.
    You can rename the media folder to iTunes Media (if it isn't already) if the media folder is inside the library folder.
    iTunes uses the name of the folder holding the library files as the window title. Having made a library "portable" you may need to take a final step of renaming the library folder to iTunes or, if the library files have ended up at the root of a drive, moving all of the library files and content folders into a new folder called iTunes.
    After each change you need to open, test and close the relevant library before attempting another change. If a change broke the library, undo it or revert to using the previous set of library files.
    In essence all you need to do to make your library portable is copy the library files into the parent folder of the media folder on the external/secondary drive and use the hold-down-shift/option-when-starting-iTunes method to connect to it. Other manipulations may be required to normalize the library so that the library and media folders have standard names.
    If you are making the library portable in advance of migrating it from one system to another, don't forget to deauthorise the old computer if you're not planning to use iTunes on it again.

  • Itunes library on external hdd for mac and pc

    I want to store my my iTunes library on an external hdd and use it with a Mac and a PC. All changes made on the Mac should be recognised on the PC and all changes made on the PC should although be recognised on the Mac - one library for both.
    I already tried to store my library from my PC on an external HDD and then started iTunes on the Mac, pressing "alt". But I wasn't able to open the library. When I choose library.itl, the Mac just opens iTunes without opening my iTunes library.
    Any ideas, how I can put all my music, videos and podcasts on the external and then use it on Mac and PC?
    Kind regards,

    The only format drive that will work with both a Mac and a PC without you using additional drivers is an older format called FAT.  Disk Utility can create this.  Otherwise if you use Windows' NTFS you need something like NTFS3G or MacFuse, and if you use OSX's HFS format you will need MacDrive on Windows (others may also work for both PC and Mac -- those are just the ones I could remember).
    Theoretically the Mac should have been able to read the .itl on the Windows NTFS drive but maybe since it found it could not write to it, it reverted to default.
    Note, if anything happens to the FAT32 drive you will need to repair it using Windows.  I also assume you aren't usign this drive for huge files because FAT32 has a 4GB filesize limit.
    You will have to completely erase the drive to partition and re-format it.
    iTunes: How to move [or copy] your music to a new computer [or another drive] -
    do not confuse moving your whole folder and library with moving just media files as in
    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder -
    Quick answer if you let iTunes manage your music:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Start iTunes with the option key held down and guide it to the new location of the library.
    Macworld - How to transfer iTunes libraries between PC and Mac -

  • Error code 50 when copying from TC to external HDD

    Hi all, I bought a 3tb TC and backed up about 1.3tb worth of data onto it from an external HDD, I then formatted the external HDD to FAT 32 as I found out that TC does not like to work with FAT 32, no matter, the hard drive ois fixed now. However, when I go to copy all the data back onto the external HDD. i get "an unnexcpected error occured error code -50" or something like that, but the error code is definetly 50. I got this error when trying to copy the movies through, they are MKV files, I checked all the names and I dont think there are any problems with them.
    the setup so far is as follows. Externall HDD --USB--> Time capsule.    All operations are being executed through an imac.
    HELP ASAP will be greatly appreciated.

    Error codes are really hard to figure out.. but i think it will be due to permissions.
    It is an error from TM but I think it comes from underlying OS..
    Can you copy files to this disk from a source other than the TC.. try copying a file from the TC to the Mac and then from Mac to the external disk.. but make sure it is plugged directly into the mac.. if you have issues look carefully at permission. And format/partition type.. do use GUID partition not MBR Or the older Apple systems.
    Re: Error Code-50 when trying to copy or delete files on external hard drive

Maybe you are looking for

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