Multiple devices with multiple users on one itunes account

How do I get my daughters iTouch on my same itunes account so we can share apps/music but so that I don't see her imessages?  Also - I don't want her messages coming across with my name.  Thanks!

It's an all or nothing feature as long as everyone has full access to the Apple ID. But every device can have a custom build. You don't have to put every bit of content in the libraries on every device.
Otherwise, you need a separate Apple ID for business.

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  • 2 users on one itunes account

    Can I make two users under one itunes account?  My son has an ipod touch and I just bought the iphone 4S and I don't want all of his games on my phone.

    This should help:
    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • Can I backup two devices (with different documents) to one iCloud account?  For example: iPad and iPhone, not everything is synced between the two, but I would like to backup each (seperately in the cloud), is this possible?

    Hello Apple Community,
    Can I backup two devices (with different documents) to one iCloud account? 
    For example: iPad Air and iPhone 5, not everything is synced between the two, but I would like to backup each (seperately in the cloud).  Is this possible?
    This way when I change from an old ipad to a new, I can restore with the ipad backup, and when I change from an old iphone to a new, I can restore from the
    iphone backup.
    Thank you in advance!

    Terminology check here. Do you really mean a "CD"?  There's a difference in Cloud behavior between content from a physical CD you ripped (which only has Cloud content if you have iTunes Match) and an "album" you bought from the iTunes Store.
    Read references for Home Sharing.
    iTunes: How to share music and video - - about Music Sharing and Home Sharing
    Home Sharing Support page -
    iOS: Setting up Home Sharing on your device - - "With Home Sharing in iOS 4.3 or later, you can stream your entire iTunes library over your home Wi-Fi network from your Mac or PC right to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch."
    The above can get pretty complicated.  You are probably best off by syncing both devices to a single library and/or updating the libraries on both computers to have the same content.

  • Multiple users under one itunes account

    I have multiple mac's (both desktops and laptops) as well as multiple iphones and ipads at home.  I am limited in itunes to only 5 devices - what should i do?  set-up a different itunes account for my kids (but then they will not be able to access the music and movies that have already been purchased).
    Unsure how to best set-up 4 people (with each having an iphone, ipad and mac) itunes.
    Any suggestions?

    Ideally, each will have their own iTunes account.
    I am limited in itunes to only 5 devices
    Each iTunes account is limited to 5 computers but 10 devices.
    So you can have content from one iTunes account on 5 computers and also 5 iDevices.
    set-up a different itunes account for my kids (but then they will not be able to access the music and movies that have already been purchased).
    Yes, they will. Just authorize each computer for the other iTunes accounts.
    Make sure you go to iTunes prefs > Store and disable Automatic downloads.
    Also disable it on the iDevices in Settings > iTunes and App stores.
    You can share content between users/libraries by using Home Sharing.
    See this -> Understanding Home Sharing

  • Multiple Facetime users on one iTunes Account?

    I have an iTunes account that I registered my iPhone and my two daughters' iTouches on (so we can share music and apps). The problem is, I can't figure out how to log them on to Facetime since it seems to want my Apple ID. I figured out how to add their email addresses to my Apple account, but it still doesn't seem to recognize them. Is it even possible for them to each use Facetime on their own iTouch if we all share one iTunes account?

    Based on my experience, I would say initially use you Apple ID to setup the FT account on each iPod . Then add their individual email address and then delete the Apple ID account. That is what I did for my iPod. My Mac uses my Apple ID while my iPod uses an alternate email address.

  • 2 iPad users using one iTunes account.  how best to manage this?

    My wife and I both have ipads, ipods, and iphones.  We want to use one iTunes account but it has proven to be very frustrating.  any advice?

    as far as we can tell, iTunes has no concept that this is iPad1 and this is iPad2.  The only to manage sharing 80% same content but diferentiating on 20% is to manage EVERYTHING manually.  With lots of apps, movies, and 80GBs of songs, this is ridiculous.  We can't be the only couple who want one account but lots of different devices with different desired items on them.
    Some syncs can't be done manually so we have to go back and delete or add after the fact. Giant waste of time.
    iTunes on the iPad is a bit of a joke.  it doesn't seem to have any relationship to iTunes on our primary computer.  It doesn't actually function the same way (doesn't actually store downloaded items) which leads to iTunes confusion, frustration, and sometimes duplicate buying.
    I'm thinking I'll just wait for the cloud service but given apple's record with iTunes, I'm a little doubtful about that.  Appreciate the response.

  • Multiple devices with multiple itunes accts on one computer.

    my son got an itouch from his dad.  My son has his own itunes account. how do I call up his itunes account so that it comes up with I plug his device to my Mac?  (right now my itunes account automatically comes up)

    you can't do it automatically. you'd need to manually sign out of your iTunes account and in to his.
    if you're sharing the computer, see method one in this support article:
    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • Would like assistance with multiple devices with multiple iTunes accounts syncing on one PC

    I have had an iPhone for some years now and have been syncing with my PC without issue (first with iPhone 3gs and now with iPhone 4s). My wife bought me an iPad 3 retina in December 2012 which syncs with the same PC as my phone and shares the same iTunes account. Apps downloaded onto one device are automatically downloaded to the other, iMessages are sent and received to both devices also.
    My Wife now has an iPad mini with retina (using her own existing iTunes account which she previously used for an iPhone she no longer uses). I synchronised her new iPad mini with my PC assuming iTunes would manage the device and related account and contents separately to my existing account and 2 devices. However this has caused an issue with the sharing of apps. Since doing so I have started seeing updates available on my devices for apps which I have never downloaded, but my wife has.  If I tell my iPad to update said apps, I am asked for my Wife's iTunes account password. 
    On doing some searching via google I now understand that I should have created a second windows profile on my PC for my wife and installed iTunes onto this profile for the purposes of syncing her device.
    I would very much like to do this, but would like some assistance on the best course of action for doing so. If I proceed and created a second profile and sync her device to this, I presume I would need to tell iTunes to treat her iPad as a new device (and wonder what would happen to her existing content)? Assuming we do this, I presume the issue of my seeing her app updates would still persist?
    Could someone advise if they have any experience with similar issues/queries?

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer
    How to Share a Family iPad
    Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers
    iOS & iCloud Tips: Sharing an Apple ID With Your Family r-family/
    How To Best Use and Share Apple IDs across iPhones, iPads and iPods
     Cheers, Tom

  • Multiple users on one itunes account

    Hi. I have 3 separate users on my Windows 7 machine with each having a unique library but all sharing the same itunes account. I want to split them up and give 2 of them new itunes accounts but obviously I want them to keep their library and if possible playlists etc. Is there a simple way to do that?

    If they each already have their own library, there is really nothing to split up.
    They can get new accounts and start buying new stuff as they wish.
    The only problem will be any "protected" content that they may have purchased from the iTunes Store.  If the "protected" content is pre-2009 songs, they can upgrade those tracks to iTunes Plus, which will play without authorization.

  • HT1206 Help on multiple devices within a family and 1 itunes account for music

    Help I have multiple devices, Iphone, Ipod, Itouch, Ipad, Nano. Some used by our kids and some used by use. How do I set the accounts so my contacts on my ipad dont go to my sons Iphone? We use one Itune music account for the family music but my ipad has a seperate account for downloads.

    I had this problem last night as well.  Only my daughter upgraded to iOS7 and she had an old phone of mine.  When she upgraded, the phone asked for my apple ID and then continued as normal.  However, after the upgrade, any text message that I recieved, she also recieved.  I am pretty sure my wife thought I was hammered when she started texting me and my daughter began answering her not having any clue what she was texting about.  Anyway, this only occurred with texts from other family members, not from texts I received from friends who are obviously not on our account (we have Verizon BTW).  To resolve this issue, and it isn't a short resolution.... there are two options...   One, simply erase everyting on the phone.... I don't like iTunes 11, so we were unable to back up her phone.  I made her go through her 600 photos, delete the ones she didn't want and email the ones she wanted to herself, and then we wiped the phone clean and rebooted it... go into Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings.  The second option, if you have iTunes 11 is to back up the phones one at a time,  and then go into Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings.  Either of these options wipes the phone clean of all information, text contacts pictures etc and then you have to re-enter all of your individual information.  When you do that, make sure that no one is on the same iTunes account.  Theoretically, after you do this, you plug back into your computer and SYNC your phone from the last back-up.  This resolved the problem for us.  I don't know if there is an easier solution, be we tried logging in and out of our iTunes Accounts, turning the power on and off, and nothing changed.  So, we had to go the more difficult route to avoid mass confusion with family texting.

  • Multiple Apple ID's tied to one iTunes account

    We have three people with Apple devices in the house: My MacBook Pro & older iPod, my daughter's iPod Touch & iPhone and my wife's iPhone and (not yet set up) Mac Mini.
    We all have Apple ID's, but am wondering how to tie them to my iTunes account so we only have one source of billing?  I sync my iPod to my MacBook, but no other local syncing is happening currently.
    We do not want to necessarily share music, just billing. Whatever we did with my daughter's iPod and iPhone seems to be working, I see her purchases, but do not see her music, nor her mine.  Not sure how we did it and don't want to screw it up going forward.
    Also - Should we sync the phones and iPods to local computers or just iCloud?

    You cannot do that. Each Apple ID needs to be tied to each separate account. Each of you must purchase your own copies of music and apps and sync to separate iTunes Libraries on the computer. The computer must have to user accounts set up - one for you and one for your fiance.
    Sharing Stuff From Different iTunes Accounts (or Computers)
    Here's how to do so using different computers:
    Transfer what content you want to the separate iTunes library on each computer. To transfer content from your library to another library do the following. We'll assume this is between husband and wife separate accounts and different Apple IDs.
    Launch iTunes under your wife's login;
    Sign her out of iTunes, then you sign in;
    Select iTunes -> Preferences -> Devices -> Disable auto-sync when an iPod/iPhone is connected;
    Connect your phone, DO NOT SYNC;
    Select Store -> Authorize this Computer (only have to do this once);
    Select File -> Transfer Purchases (all of the purchased content on your phone will be transferred to your wife's library);
    When complete eject your phone, sign out of iTunes, sign your wife back in.
    You can now sync whatever content you want to your wife's phone. Just remember all updates to apps obtained using your account must be done while signed in using your account: sign wife out, you sign in, update apps, you sign out, sign wife in, sync her phone.
    This way you can share content (permitted under the EUSLA) and still maintain your separate logins. Do the same on your computer if you want to share content from your wife's library.
    Just load whatever content you want to share on each others phones, transfer the content, then delete it from the respective phone if you don't want to keep it there.
    Contributed by user wjosten and modified by me.
    iTunes- How to share music between different accounts on a single computer

  • How do set up multiple devices with multiple graphs in labview

    I am new at LabView, and we are trying to setup a test rig to measure voltage, pressure and flow rates. We are currently using a NI-6009USB box and Labview version 8.2.  Our problem lies in setting up the actual measurements on separate graphs. How do i go about setting up the daq-assistant to measure mulitple devices, and graph them on their own graphs?  We also need to know how to program in when measuring flow, how to convert it from square wave form to a calibrated curve?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    When you configure the DAQ Assistant, you will be first asked to select the measurement type. Assuming that you have voltage sensors because you have the 6009, you select Analog Input>Voltage. You then get a list of devices. Since you only have one, it should be listed as Dev1. Expand that and then pick the channels you have connected to the sensors. Just like it says at the bottom of the of the channel window, you can select multiple channels with  <CTL> or <SHIFT> click. After you've done that, the next window is where you select your sample rate, number of samples, etc. You can also select a custom scale for each channel. This is where you would enter any formula you have from the sensor vendor in order to convert a voltage reading to scaled units.
    The output of the DAQ Assistant is a dynamic data type. You can wire this to a single graph to display all readings together or use the Split Signals function to break out individual channels for separate graphs.
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  • Unscrambling egg?  Multiple PC's, IOS devs, but ONE itunes account

    I bought Apple ipods and Ipads and macs for each of my kids. They have all sync'd them to their own computers with my one, common itunes account.   OK. This was stupid... I admit it now.  But, how do I unscramble this egg?  I would like to buy each of them their OWN itunes account.  But they've bought some crappy music and apps on my itunes account which sure as HECK don't need in my itunes account... I want to be able to give them their music and disavow all rights/authorizations to it on my itunes account.
    ARE THERE ANY KB articles or threads which discuss possible ways of descrambling this egg?

    "what becomes of the applications and music they bought against MY account previously. "
    From my first post:
    "They can then play any songs bought from your account on their computers and sync them to their ipods."
    This is true of apps as well.  Authorizing the computer gives it permission to sync/listen to the music and apps.
    "Can Itunes on their PC/Mac, handle having purchases from multiple accounts in the same local DB?"
    "If I dont want to have that PC as an "authorized computer" on MY account, can I de-authorize it and then log in on their account? "
    You can deauthorize a computer from your account if you like.
    " Would I loose access or upgrad-ability to Apps which were bought under MY account?"
    Apps must be updated using the same account from which they were purchased.
    Hope that helps.

  • Multi users on one itunes account

    Hi I have my wife and daughter linked to my itunes account with their devices, how can I turn off the contacts or lock these to only show their contacts on their devices?

    Hi Daz,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The article below may be able to help you with this.
    It sounds like your wife and daughter may need to create an iCloud account to for their own contacts, calendars, notes, etc.
    Click on the link to see more details and screenshots. 
    Using your Apple ID for Apple services
    - Judy

  • Two computers/users. One iTunes account. Different question.

    My husband and I share an iTunes account but 90% of the tunes in each of our libraries are specific to our own computers and we'd like to keep it that way. I set up iTunes match via mine, if I set it up on his (using the same ITunes store account) will the combined tunes show up on both computers? We wouldn't want that. They can live together in the Cloud, but I'd like the iTunes libraries to stay the same/

    By logging into the same iTunes account and enabling iTunes Match the music from both computers will be visible on both. However, I think that you can hide the items in the cloud by pulling down View > Hide Cloud Purchases. I'm not sure if that menu command applies to iTunes Match, though.

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