Multiple FDM Import Formats for One Location

I want to import trial balance data directly from the Oracle Financials database. I'm creating an import integration script to pull the ledgers directly via a SQL statement. My issue is that I also want to be able to write scripts to modify each individual field on the import, similar to a delimited import script where I can have a script for each dimension. Do you know if it's possible to combine import integration and delimited scripts in a single location? I'm guessing it may be a combination of the Import Format and Integration Options settings on the location, but I'm not sure which one should go where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is not possible. Any adjustments to the data would need to be done within the integration script.

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  • Multiple FDM users processing in one location, period, year, scenario

    Can more than one user go through a process flow for the same location, period, year, scenario with separate data files (i.e. different entities for different locations)? How does FDM handle the queue process?
    Any best practice suggestions for the process flow?

    Actually the answer is yes. I'm not sure why you would want to do this with one exception. Assuming that the files are in the same format, say you get one file that has balance sheet items only and the P&L data comes later. You process the balance sheet file then later you import as an append for the P&L file and process/load that data. I have seen this before. What this does is maintain your audit trail which is very important. Now say all of the bs and p&l come in one file, yet you want to load mutliple entities because each entity has it's own file. The very first file should be imported as a Replace and the remainder of the files should be imported as an append. Once you have imported all of the files you can then click Validate, then Export so that you process them all at once (you do not have to Import/Validate/Export each file) which would save you time. Again, you maintain your audit trail. However, if you import each file as a Replace, then Validate and Export each file seperately then all of your data will still load into the target system, which for example is HFM, but the audit trail only shows the data for the last file you processed. It's always best to have a seperate FDM location for each file (unless it's my first example where the data for a single entity is split).
    On another note, I'm not sure what you mean by how does FDM handle the queue process but it can import mutliple files at the exact same time, such as 5 users importing their own files to their own FDM locations. If these 5 users are importing files at about the same time then the last one to import will "win" so to speak.
    If the different entities from different files are loaded to different FDM locations then there is no overlapping because FDM keeps the data for each location seperate, by location, period, and category. It's the combination of the 3. If you have a location called Michigan, the Period is Jan - 2009, and the Category is Actual and you load data it won't overwritten by any entity unless someone takes a file and imports it to Michigan/Jan - 2009/Actual. If they take their file and import it into say, Florida/Jan - 2009/Actual instead then the two will always be seperate in the FDM database.

  • FDM Import Format Spec with multiple Amount Fields

    I'm in the process of setting up an Import specification for one of our sites and the source extract consists of the following fields:
    Source Account Description BegBalDR BegBalCr YTDDR YTDCR
    01-511-5110     Inventory Adjustment     1,754.00     0     0     14,844.76
    I'm am trying to Import Field 5 & 6 and net them if necessary (example: YTDDR - YTDCR) and I continue to get an error. I have tried several diffrent ways but it seems that I can only import one or the other. After reading the FDM Admin guide I am wondering if I need to create a custom Script to accomplish this task.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    This might be slightly complicated, but I think its the most direct solution ........
    Step 1 -
    In your Import Format, assign the Amount as :
    FieldName, Start, Length, Expression
    Amount, 1, 1, Script=NetAmounts5and6.uss
    Step 2 -
    Create an Import (DataPump) script called NetAmounts5and6 with the following code :
    Function NetAmount5and6(strField, strRecord)
    'Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
    'Created By:     cbeyer
    'Date Created:     2/13/2009 5:57:14 PM
    'Get the last two fields
    Dim tmpRecord
    Dim strCurrentChar
    Dim strYTDCR
    Dim strYTDDR
    Dim x
    'Initialize fields
    tmpRecord = strRecord
    'Ensure we have data
    If Trim(tmpRecord) = "" Then Exit Function
    strYTDCR = ""
    strYTDDR = ""
    'Get YTD CR
    'One could use the replace command to change all spaces to a delimittable field and then
    'split out the string into a one dimensional array using the split command; however,
    'This would only work best if there is an exact number of spaces between the two numbers
    'Since I do not know if this is true, instead i'm looking for numeric/numeric like characters
    'and splitting based off of that.
    For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
    strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
    If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
    strYTDCR = strCurrentChar & strYTDCR
    Exit For
    End If
    'Trim down temporary record holder to remove the previous found amount and white space at the end of the string
    tmpRecord = RTrim(Left(tmpRecord,x)) 'Remove the first number from the string and white space
    'Get YTD DR
    For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
    strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
    If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
    strYTDDR = strCurrentChar & strYTDDR
    Exit For
    End If
    'do the math
    If IsNumeric(strYTDCR) And IsNumeric(strYTDDR) Then
    NetAmount5and6 = strYTDDR - strYTDCR
    NetAmount5and6 = 0 'This will cause the record to fail on import
    End If
    End Function

  • Need to find out the Cost center for one location, one cost center

    /* Formatted on 2015/02/27 08:34:29 AM (QP5 v5.215.12089.38647) */
    SELECT DISTINCT cost_centre
      --  INTO l_cost_center
      FROM (  SELECT DISTINCT                        position,
                     haou.organization_id org_id,
                     pcak.concatenated_segments cost_centre
                FROM                              -- per_all_positions         pap
                    per_all_assignments_f pasf,
                     hr_all_organization_units haou,
                     pay_cost_allocation_keyflex pcak,
                     HR_LOCATIONS_ALL_TL l
               WHERE     pasf.organization_id = haou.organization_id
                     AND haou.cost_allocation_keyflex_id =
                     -- AND pasf.position_id=pap.position_id
                     -- and pap.primary_position_flag = 'Y'
                     -- AND haou.business_group_id=101
                     AND pasf.LOCATION_ID = l.LOCATION_ID
                     and l.language='US'
                    -- and l.organization_id=haou.organization_id
            GROUP BY haou.organization_id,
                     pcak.concatenated_segments                    --pcak.segment2
                                               ) Pos_cc
    WHERE pos_cc.location_id =
              (SELECT DISTINCT location_id
                 FROM hr_locations_all
                WHERE location_code = 'Pinelands'                  --i.branch_name
                                                 AND ROWNUM = 1)
    Please help me with this query, I am new to HRMS modules. Need to understand that why for one location it is coming multiple cost center.
    Please help me understand this. I need to pass one value in INTO of this query.
    Syed Hasan

    Cost centre is stored at the Organization level.
    And many Organizations can have the same location, so for a location you can have different cost code combinations.
    If you need just one segment(location segment), then it could be unique.
    So , instead of pcak.concatenated_segments cost_centre use pcak.segmentX  (X could be 1,2,3 etc based on your flexfield definition)

  • CalendarUI element showing different date format for different locations

    I have an input field with date calendar in my webdynpro Java form . User can select date from this calendar and fill the input field. For this I have used input field  in my layout and have binded this with one context attribute of type date. Say name of this field is requiredByDate
    Now when I build and deploy my code, I can see the the required By date field and user is able to select date values from the calendar button next to the input field. The format of the date selected is mm/dd/yyyy.
    However , when a user tests this application from other location say Malaysia, for him the format is coming as dd/mm/yyyy after selecting the date from the calendar.
    Just want to know ,is there is difference in date format for differnt locations ? For India, when you select the date its showing mm/dd/yyyy and for Malayisa its showing dd/mm/yyyy.
    Is there anything we can do by changing our system settings like timezone or dateformat in system settings.
    I am using standard UI element and binding it with context element of type date.
    Need your advice or help on this..
    Thanks and regards,

    go to
    It describes the fallback sequence followed by the Web Dynpro for Java Runtime in order to determine the current session locale.

  • Preferred import format for iphoto4

    I've got some old photos that were original scanned directly into PhotoDeluxe. Want them in iPhoto now for obvious reasons. iPhoto Import produces a text message for each photo that amounts to "Can't import".
    I can pass them through Photoshop and export them as almost any known format. But which one? I've tried TIFF, which I know to be lossless, and it apparently works well --the "before" and "after" photos look identical on the screen. But are others just as good?
    What's the preferred import format for iPhoto4 to maintain photo quality? (Is the answer the same for later versions? I assume so.)

    Had to do it myself with some old scans from PhotoDeluxe - run them through PhotoShop and save in another format. That text message means the PD file is propietary PD format - requires PD to use.
    Your export choice from Photoshop depends on what you plan to use the photo for. iPhoto is by nature a JPEG creature, but will accept and protect files in other formats.
    I open PD files in PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements and Save As a full .psd file for safekeeping and as a .jpg I import into iPhoto. I don't have use for anything bigger or better than a .jpg in iPhoto. I don't edit or print with iPhoto.

  • How to create Import format for building  version Hirerarchy and Node

    i Want to know  how to create  Import format for building version  Hirerarchy and Nodes.Can anyone  show me with example  or format  for version  Hierarchy  with few nodes for the hierarchy
    i Want to Build   this   1. Version1 (Version)
                                     2.Account (Hirerarchy)
                                     3. Balancesheet (Limb)
                                     4. Assets (Limb)
                                     5. Cash (Leaf)

    Please follow the DRM User Guide,
    Below is my preferred approach, by selecting only relation and Hierarchy sections,
    The relation section contains the Node Name and Parent Name ( you can include any other properties, but as a best practice keep the Parent Node as the last column).
    The Hierarchy ( Hier ) section contains the Hierarchy Name, Top Node and Hierarchy description
    Follow the Import steps and provide a Name for the version.
    AC_BalanceSheet AC_Account
    AC_Asset AC_Account
    AC_Cash AC_Account
    Account AC_Account AccountHier
    Note: Please delete all the special characters (TAB) created at the end of  [relation] and [hier] sections while you copy the content from an Excel sheet to a Notepad.

  • Sysresv returns multiple shared memory IDs for one database

    Shared Memory:
    ID KEY
    8 0x00000000
    9 0x00000000
    10 0x00000000
    13 0x00000000
    14 0xae2ae9d0
    Please see this 'sysresv' output. It returns multiple shared memory IDs for one database (althouth all are 0s except one). Why is this? Does it matter? It seems not eating up memory. Stop and start database didn't help.

    * System Configuration
    swap files
    swapfile dev swaplo blocks free
    /dev/md/dsk/d101 85,101 16 201342320 201342320
    * Tunable Parameters
    2055864320 maximum memory allowed in buffer cache (bufhwm)
    30000 maximum number of processes (v.v_proc)
    99 maximum global priority in sys class (MAXCLSYSPRI)
    29995 maximum processes per user id (v.v_maxup)
    30 auto update time limit in seconds (NAUTOUP)
    25 page stealing low water mark (GPGSLO)
    1 fsflush run rate (FSFLUSHR)
    25 minimum resident memory for avoiding deadlock (MINARMEM)
    25 minimum swapable memory for avoiding deadlock (MINASMEM)
    CO4P:/opt/oracle:>ipcs -ma
    IPC status from <running system> as of Monday, April 21, 2008 2:50:10 PM PDT
    Shared Memory:
    m 14 0xae2ae9d0 rw-r--- oracle dba oracle dba 481 24576 20322 25104 14:50:10 14:50:10 11:24:46
    m 13 0 rw-r--- oracle dba oracle dba 481 2030043136 20322 25104 14:50:10 14:50:08 11:24:43
    m 10 0 rw-r--- oracle dba oracle dba 481 2030043136 20322 25104 14:50:10 14:50:08 11:24:40
    m 9 0 rw-r--- oracle dba oracle dba 481 2013265920 20322 25104 14:50:10 14:50:08 11:24:37
    m 8 0 rw-r--- oracle dba oracle dba 481 2063597568 20322 25104 14:50:10 14:50:08 11:24:34
    m 0 0xcace --rw-rw-rw-     root     root     root     root      0          2  2344  2344 14:49:57 14:49:57  9:35:43                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Multiple import formats in one FDM application....?

    I wanted to know in my situation where there are 15 EBS Set of Books. whether it is possible to use only 1 FDM application to import all these data into my HFM application.
    My ERPi application is like this :
    1 source application that is EBS.
    1 target application that is HFM.
    15 EBS Set of books, for which i think i have to create 15 import formats in ERPi for each set of books. this also implies to the locations.
    then I have to do the common period mapping and category mapping.
    in the Data load Setup: I have to select each location and do the member mapping. create a data load rule for each location.
    FDM Application:
    i already have an FDM application which i am using to import data from EBS to HFM using ERPi, till now i have only used 1 set of books just to verify that everything is working fine. now as everything is working fine with the application, I want to add additional import formats in the existing FDM application to answer the import formats and locations created in the ERPi application.
    Is it possible to do like this, if so then i need your assistance in achieving this task.
    please put your comments in this regards.
    Shantan Kommera

    You can do this by specifiying the appropriate data load rule to be used by ERPi within Integration Option 1 in the location. This will kick off the data load rule you specify in ERPi that should be tied to the corresponding set of books in EBS.

  • FDM Assign import format to different locations

    Dear All,
    I have a request that we need assign a import format to 500+ FDM locations, is there a better way to do this ?

    I did not get any response for this question, the detail for this item is as following.
    We have created a FDM import group, we also create a import format under this import group, we already assign the import group to one FDM location.
    Now we want to assign this import group to other FDM locations(more than 500), how can we do that easily ? Is there a way to batch load the import group to the FDM locations ?
    Waiting for your suggestion,
    Thank you so much

  • 70-Permission denied while importing data in a specific period for one location

    I've been working with FDM without any troubles for the past months, however when we try to import data to period (2013-01-01) in a specific location we keep on getting the  70-Permission denied error.
    We've checked that the application has it's proper UNC path and the strange thing is that it all works perfectly fine with all the other periods in all location but not this period on this one location, we simply can't import data.
    I have deleted the period and created it again but we keep on getting the error. I am about to delete the only location where we get the error and then create it again to see if this solves the problem.
    Could anybody give me a clue of what could be the problem?
    Thanks and regards
    Santiago Ruiz

    Has the location / period been locked? From memory i think the option to lock / unlock is in the tools menu option, based on location / period / category.

  • FDM - Import Format (Fixed Column Type - No Delimiter)

    Question on FDM. I've built an import format and successfully imported a Fixed Column type text file. Everything imports beautifully. FYI - The format of the file looks just like a Trial Balance with a column for Debits and one column for Credits. In the import format setup, I am using the DrCrSplit script. Weird thing here is that I noticed it just ignored any of the rows where the balance was over 1 million (but brought everything else in perfectly). I've played with the Start and Length fields to no avail.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Good day,
    You can add a script as the last item to you amount import format, this will dump the values to a text file which may give you some idea of the issue. Open you file in a hex editor, there may be non printing characters.
    Function dumpamt(strField, strRecord)
    'Declare Local Variables
    Dim objFSAppend
    Dim objFAppend
    Dim strFileAppend
    Dim blnCreate
    'Initialize the file path
    strFileAppend = "\\networkdirectoy\YourFileName.txt"
    blnCreate = True
    'Open the file system object and create the file
    Set objFSAppend = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objFAppend = objFSAppend.OpenTextFile(strFileAppend, 8, blnCreate)
    'Append Data to File
    'Close the objects
    Set objFAppend = Nothing
    Set objFSAppend = Nothing
    dumpamt = strField
    End Function

  • Drill Through to HFM Works for One Location, Not Another - Same Adapter

    Good morning all -
    I have two locations that both use the same adapter to load to the same HFM application. One location produces the drill through files, one does not.
    I've seen several posts about needing separate applications for multiple adapters, but surely this doesn't apply if the adapter is the same? Am I missing a location specific setting somewhere?
    Thanks in advance,

    This was a stupid mistake on my part. I looked through the output and never saw the A, B, C files get produced, so I assumed it never worked. I failed to notice that we had also always had .err files, which prevents drill through files from being created. I answered my own question on the phone with Oracle support. :)
    Thanks for your response.

  • Best Import format for quality and size to use on iPod and to burn

    I want to import from CD's to primarly download to iPod but also to occassionly burn a CD. I would like to be able to set import format 1 time for best results for both. If this is not possible then what would be best format for iPod (smallest/best quality) and best format for burn's (size doesn't matter, ha!ha!) but quality does.

    It all depends on your personal preferences and your ears (the quality of your hearing).
    Recalling some recent topics in this forum, I remember one person, who insisted to rip all his tracks into a full (lossless) format and another person who was happy with converting all his tracks in 48 kbps.
    As for myself, I rip all my CDs in Apple Lossless, which result in full audio quality files having about half the file sizes of AIFF and WAV (which both are uncompressed).
    Then I apply the proper tags, artwork and (sometimes) lyrics and convert them to AAC 128 kbps files for 'daily' use on the iPod, iTunes and burning on Audio CD for the car CD-player. I then store the Apple Lossless files on an external disk for archival purposes.
    In your case, if size doesn't matter, I would rip them in AIFF or Apple Lossless.
    AIFF has the advantage to be a universal format, which can be read by every application that works with audio files.
    File size comparison (average MB/minute):
    AIFF and WAV: 10 MB
    Apple Lossless: 5 MB
    AAC 128 kbps: 1 MB
    Hope this helps.
    17' iMac fp 800 MHz 768 MB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   Several ext. HD (backup and data)

  • All Possible Import Formats for iMovie

    I was wondering if there is a complete list of import formats. I want to edit a clip using iMovie, however, the program does not recognize the file format. What is/are the possible format(s) of movie files that can be imported into iMovie for editing? Thank you!

    No version of iMovie is a general video importing tool.
    eg You can not directly import from DVD ( iM'08 had a work around a while I THINK )
    (DVD needs mpeg-component to QuickTime Pro to be converted - or I use Roxio Toast™ to do this)
    So what kind of material do You want to Import/Capture ?
    I use
    video - miniDV tape Cameras - streamingDV - and via QuickTime Pro I can convert many formats to this as QuickTime .mov that then imports nicely into iMovie.
    audio - ONLY .aiff 16-bit 48kHz (from Camera) and 44.1 from Audio-CD (NO .mp3 or anything else - all converted to .aiff) - THIS saves a lot of troubles
    photo - .jpg (.bmp results in very red toned photos to me)
    AIC - is also a supported video-format - especially if exported to FinalCut ! as it needs much less rendering than video from iMovie (directly).
    .avi - containing Iv50 - IS NOT compatible but needs a Window PC and needs to be converted to .wmv first then to streamingDV in QT to work.
    There are Video Converting programs to buy - I have non of them.
    FinalCut is not so much better.
    So please - be more specific - there are lot's of codecs out there
    .avi, .mov, .wmv, .mp4 - ARE Containers and can contain any strange Codec. So one needs to find out what the true Codec is.
    Yours Bengt W

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