My 27" iMac displays vertical green lines when turned on and then will not boot up

Can anyone tell me why my 27" iMac displays vertical green lines when it is turned on and then will not boot up?

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The display or graphic card are damaged. The only thing you can do is to take your computer to an Apple Store or reseller to get your computer repaired.
If you use an external display with your Mac, connect it to your computer and see if these lines appear on the external display. If so, it's a graphic card problem

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    Hello, I have a imac G5 17" and it will not boot up...... There isn't any chime when you turn it on and the led light will come and fade out a little but will stay on and the screen will stay black. Does any one have any suggestions on what's wrong and how to fix it?
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    The bottom of that article says to contact an authorized service technician.  You may also find that simply replacing the PRAM battery (the coin shaped battery) helps.   Note: if you have any capacitors that are labelled X on their top (as opposed to just K), you may have the problem of the leaking capacitors which required a power supply and/or logicboard replacement.  The leaking capacitor was an industry wide problem.

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    Try downloading the songs from a different device. If you are doing it from your iOS device, try form your computer.

  • HT3743 my iphone 4 i bought was jailbroken to ios 6.0.1 redsn0w but i tried to restore the iphone and now it keeps saying connect to itunes but when i connect and try to restore an "unknown error" occurs and it will not boot up whatsoever. please help!

    my iphone 4 i bought was jailbroken to ios 6.0.1 redsn0w but i tried to restore the iphone and now it keeps saying connect to itunes but when i connect and try to restore an "unknown error" occurs and it will not boot up whatsoever. please help!

    If you want to solve your problems, unjailbreak. And don't do it again, because jailbreaking causes problems as you read about in that article. You can try Recovery Mode:

  • 24" iMac displaying small green lines

    I'm having a big problem with my iMac 24" when I'm using Aperture or iTunes music videos in full screen mode.
    I am getting groups of little green lines about an inch long and a pixel or two deep, stacked in groups of five or six on top of each other like a small wavey flag. These little "flags" are spread all over the display and make for one annoying interuption of either the video I'm watching or the photos I'm editing in Aperture.
    Sometimes when I'm scrolling through my shots quickly in Aperture the lines become much larger and then red and blue blocks of lines appear, they disappear again when I give the scrolling a rest for a minute or so.
    I'm using 2Gb RAM, the 9600 graphics card and all my software is bang up to date.
    Any ideas any one?
    iMac 24'   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2GB RAM, 256Mb,

    Clean erase and reinstall to factory conditions did not help with the graphic corruption/glitches.
    Here are the actions I've performed so far:
    •Got iMac on Tuesday (three days ago) and proceeded to immediately install all updates, including the EFI 1.1 firmware update
    •Installed Aperture, the problem started showing itself sporadically
    •As I imported more and more Aperture projects the problem started getting more widespread, it started showing up in Dashboard (problem is equal on both internal and external monitors)
    •World of Warcraft started showing the flags/squares/lines in the menus, as well as major geometrical corruption in the 3d views (planes intersecting the world, characters warping, etc.)
    •Reset SMC (unplug all cables, wait 15 seconds, plug back in without holding power button)
    •Reset PRAM/NVRAM (several times)
    •Ran without any software in background
    •Ran Memtest (5-pass, single user mode for max available RAM) all tests passed
    •Ran Apple Hardware Test three times, once the standard test, twice the extended, none show any errors
    •Wipe drive, reinstall from restore discs, no updates installed whatsoever, no additional software installed, and it still exhibits the error inside of PhotoBooth, just as it did before, and just as it did for Janet in the post I link to above. PhotoBooth seems to show the most artifacting when the effects are turned on.
    I'm taking it in tonight, we'll see what they say. I will keep this thread updated with my actions and any responses I receive.
    One thing I feel I should mention is that I don't think it's Aperture's fault. It's just the main indicator for us since we all use it and it makes heavy use of the GPU.
    Also, my problem started out small and got bigger over the 2/3 days I was using the machine, indicative of a developing hardware issue. If it was a software glitch, it would be less likely to behave that way.

  • CRIO startup directory was typed STARTUP and now will not boot. How do I recover from this error or how do I rename the directory when my proxy server is read only due no startup files?

    I loaded files on the cRIO but used upper case letters for the startup directory.  Now I cannot access the RIO since it didn't boot. The proxy server comes up read-only so I can't reload the files or change the directory.  I tried the RS232 port but I can't get it to respond to commands even though I can see the processor boot.

    lockmas wrote:
    I loaded files on the cRIO but used upper case letters for the startup directory.  Now I cannot access the RIO since it didn't boot. The proxy server comes up read-only so I can't reload the files or change the directory.  I tried the RS232 port but I can't get it to respond to commands even though I can see the processor boot.
    There is NO need to put your entire question into the subject line of your post.
    cRIO will not boot is a suitable subject line

  • HELP!! iMac display vertical colored lines at startup!!

    Hi, my iMac Intel CoreDuo 20", display vertical lines at startup and isn't possible to log-in in the system.
    If I turn off and turn on the iMac many and many times, sometimes I can resolve this problem.
    Does anybody knows this problem?
    Is the Ati x1600 broken or the lcd monitor??
    Here some photos of the described problem:
    Imac Intel CoreDuo 20"   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   2GB ram

    But the reason is known? Is the video card broken or completely working?
    Imac Intel CoreDuo 20" Mac OS X (10.4.7) 2GB ram

  • Imac 6,1 intel based core 2 duo (running Lion) will not boot.

    I hope this isn't too much insight - I have never posted (not being very good with computers and not having had a problem before) - but often see frustration when someone posts sans detailed t-shooting information.
    My 2006 model Imac (Intel core 2 duo, 2.16GHZ, 4 MB L2 CPU cached/shared, running OS 10.7 Lion) suddenly shuts down during each boot.  I still have my original installations disks, plus the Leopard and Snow Leopard disks on hand).    I do not have Time maching but have a 500GB external HD I had before Time maching came out.  Alas- it was a Sipleshare NAS drive - and I have some items on the Imac not back-up that I need (I know.. hindsight stings).
    So - in order, here is what I have tried so far:
    Step 1 - Apple hardware test:  installed orig install disk, held down D as Imac booted.  Ran test - all successful. 
    Step 2 - manual that came with Imac said to:  press power button, ad then simultaneously press Command, Option, P, & R keys until I hear start-up sound a second time.  Heard the 2nd start-up sound.  It starts to boot, a progress bar starts, and then shuts down.
    Step 3:  Tried to set Imac in Target mode (using my 2009 Macbook Pro as host with 800-800 firewire with these instructions ( ) to get to the data and save.  No dice.  Imac displayed the slowly bouncing target mode icon (which excited me) - but Macbook did not see a firewire connection.
    Step 4:  Tried an 800 - 400 firewire connection with target mode (since imac supports both) just to try another cable.  Macbook still does not see firewire connection.
    Step 5:  I inserted my original Mac OS X install disc 1 that came with the Imac in 2006 and held down the "C" key.  It booted to the "Mac OS X Installer" screen.  From there I ran Disk Utility - with the following results:
    Step 6 - verify disk:
    Verifying volume "Macintosh HD"
    Verifying HFS plus volume
    Checking Extents Overflow file
    Checking Catalog file
    invalid node structure
    The volume Macintosh HD needs to be repaired
    Error:  The underlying task reported failure on exit
    1 HFS volume checked
         volume needs repair
    Step 7:  Tried to repair disk
    Verifying and Repair disk "Macintosh HD"
    Checkig HFS plus volume
    Checking Extents Overflow file
    Checking Catalog file
    invalid node structure
    Volume check failed
    Error:  The underlying task reported failure on exit
    1HFS volume checked
         1 volume could not be repaired because of an error
    Step 8  - within this same "Disk Utility" - if I select (from top menu) "Images" and "verify" - or "convert" -  I can browse and actually see my files - but they are excruciatingly grayed out (tantalizingly close but unreachable).  I would love dearly to be able to access these files but I have as yet not cracked that nut.
    Step 9 - Selected "utilities - Startup Disk" - and three options are avail:
          Step 9A:  tried starting from HD (which I knew would not work, but tried just for t-shooting thoroughness)
           Step 9B:  tried starting from "Mac OS X, 10.4.8 install disk 1" (which just loads the same "Mac OS X Installer" screen I was already in).
          Step 9C:  tried starting from the final option "Network startup" (I have an ethernet connection to my router for internet, which I know is online as this Macbook Pro is connected to the same router).  Once I restart in "Network Start-up" mode - a flashing globe appears for a minute or so, followed by the Apple logo.  A progress bar appears below for about 30 seconds, and then I simply see the Apple logo with the gray "wheel" spinning below it - even 90 minutes later with no sign that it is succeeding.
    Summary:  I feel like I have exhausted whatever I can feebly attempt, but I'm a neophyte when it comes to computers and all of this has been just me searching, reading, and methodically trying one thing after another.  I'm hoping that the far smarter here in this forum who have had the patience to read all of this might have a recommendation that will at least allow me to salvage the data I can "almost" see when in Disk Utility/Image/Verify browse mode! Thanks so much for the help and insight!  Joe.

    Here are the full OS X Mavericks: System Requirements
    Learn about the system requirements for OS X Mavericks.
    To install Mavericks, you need one of these Macs:
    iMac (Mid-2007 or later)
    MacBook (13-inch Aluminum, Late 2008), (13-inch, Early 2009 or later)
    MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or later),
    MacBook Pro (15-inch or 17-inch, Mid/Late 2007 or later)
    MacBook Air (Late 2008 or later)
    Mac mini (Early 2009 or later)
    Mac Pro (Early 2008 or later)
    Xserve (Early 2009)
    Your Mac also needs:
    OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, or Snow Leopard v10.6.8 already installed
    2 GB or more of memory
    8 GB or more of available space

  • Imac told me to restart and now will not boot up?

    I have an imac 20" intel (not the new aluminium one but the white version) which I have had for a few months. Today i was using it and all was normal until I had a grey swoosh thing come doen over the screen from top to bottom and then a black box telling me in several different languages that i had to re-start my mac by holding down the power button. I did this but now my imac will not turn on at all. When I hit the power button, all that happens is the white light at the bottom of the screen lights up and stays on constantly?
    I have tried booting up in Safe mode (by holding down shift), single user mode (apple + s) and tried booting off of the install disc ( by holding down C) but nothing happens.
    I have even tried mounting the hard drive on to my powerbook using target disc mode but the imac never gets past the stage where the light comes on - I do not even hear the start up chime?
    I am thinking my hard drive has packed up but am not sure? any ideas?
    Can anyone help?

    Hello Steve, 
    Unfortunately you suffered a Kernel Panic. The best guide I know troubleshoot them is this (link)one by Apple Discussion's user Dr Smoke.
    It's worth disconnecting all 3rd party devices during inv and removing any RAM you've added recently.
    Good luck.

  • Firefox will not open a new window for a website when it is supposed to and then will not close properly. I have un-installed and re-installed and problem persists, why? How is it solved?

    When I go on to some websites and click on certain things it wants to open a new window to display the information etc.
    I.E. On an agency job search site I click to do a detailed job search which should open in a new window, but this will not happen now on my Firefox.
    Firefox was working perfectly ok on Saturday 11th September but for some unknown reason has acted up since Sunday.
    There have been no Windows updates which could effect this and the laptop is otherwise working perfectly ok.
    Nothing has changed from Saturday Night to Sunday Night that I can see.
    I have even tried to do a system restore to solve the problem but with no success.

    I also have this problem. I cannot open links from a discussion board I frequent nor can I open links from my email. Also after opening my email, I cannot go to any other sites except my home page. I can then go no where else.
    When I close Firefox and try to reopen it, it does nothing! I have to bring up the Task Manager and end the Firefox process before I can get back in.
    To the best of my knowledge, this problem started with the new update to Ver. 3.6.9. I am running Windows XP Media Center 2005

  • I have restored my iMac from backup and it will not boot

    I restored my iMac from an external drive using time machine and when it restarts, it sit with the grey screen and petals rotating.
    The restore was used as I had tried to share be two iTunes libararies and manged to loose the content links within iTunes, so thought the restore would take me back, pre user error.
    I have tried. 3 different restore points and checked the disk, using disk utility, that was ok. Repaired the permissions ok  on the disk and still the machine will not reboot.
    It goes through the restore ok then just sits on the grey screen after reboot.
    Any ideas or have I really screwed it up?

    Reinstalled OSX lion overnight and recovered ok, most of the files were intact.
    Would not let me use the migration tool from tm as it would nor show the bak up drive, even though it is backing up to it.  Still miffed why the restore would not work, as the mac came with lion installed from new and I had backed up from day 1.
    I do not have much faith in the tm backup.  I just hope that if there is a next time, that I can retrieve my information.
    I bought a mac thinking I would not be having theses issues, I hope this is nt a sign of things to come!
    Thanks for your support and confirming I was doing the right things to try and recover my situation.

  • Why does my mac book pro screen go black when it goes to sleep and then will not light up again unless I unplug the power cord

    When I either leave my mac book pro open, but idle long enough for it to go to sleep or close the top and put it to sleep, the only way to light up the screen again is to diconnect the mag. connect power cord. Any ideas why and/or how to  correct this problem?

    So this is what I got when I took my computer into the apple store to have it diagnosed.
    After the apple technician performced several tests, the only thing that fixed the issue was an SMC reset. Based on this he figures it is probably a software or firmware issue that is going on. He is a little concerend how ever that the fans of the comupter don't reach maximal rpm when the computer is displaying the issue. So he recorded the problem, and told me to just perform the SMC reset as needed for the next couple months and wait for a new update from apple. If the issue persists I am to go back to the apple store and they will take the appropriate steps.
    He said an SMC reset doesn't hurt the computer in any way, so its safe to do. I am gonna contact blizzard and let them know about the issue as well because if it is software, it could be their game (Diablo 3) that is causing the issue as well. If I hear of anything new i will let you know. So get on the blizzard form and let them know of the issue to fix the problem faster.
    Thanks for your help,

  • IMac super slow and now will NOT boot up

    My iMac G5 (non-intel, non-isight) has been slow for a few days. I've tried to isolate it to an application but couldn't really find anything. We didn't install any new applications before it started slowing down.
    So I ran software update, installed 10.4.8, shut down, and then it never restarted! It goes to the gray screen with the Apple mark and the little circle loading indicator. But it gets stuck there.
    Apple Care is closed for the weekend so I need help. Help!

    To Apple Discussions!
    Which model G5 iMac with no isight? How to identify your iMac
    See Mac 101-Lesson 2: Startup Setbacks.
    Click on the topic link(s) that pertain to your issue(s).
    Good luck!

  • Macbook air's fan not turning off and it will not sleep when the lid is closed?

    I downloaded OS X Mavericks yesterday.The fan will not turn off. It runs whenever i turn on the computer. The computer does  not turn off when i close the lid, and the fan still runs. There is also no battery icon anymore on my home screen. Is this just a bug with Mavericks? My computer is a mid 2012 edition.

    Resetting the System Management Controller

  • Flash crashes all the time, firefox crashes too and then will not work period, or my computer will say it is open when it is not, and I cannot open it. When I get on firefox it will not load anything! Explorer still works but not firefox!

    I keep getting the error message, problem loading page, even for firefox home! I need help, I hate explorer, I want my firefox back!

    Certainly disable FlashPlayer in your plugins by using
    * Firefox Button -> Add-ons -> | Plug-ins
    You need to get Firefox working again before you are going to be able to do anything with Firefox.
    See if you can get Firefox to open in [[safe mode]] noting that when you get a window with a list of options just click on continue.
    Also have a look at the articles
    * [[firefox hangs]]
    * [[firefox is already running but is not responding]]
    *[[managing the flash plugin]]
    Sorry but at present there are many possible causes of your problem and you will need to try Firefox's SafeMode &/or some of the suggestions in those linked articles in order to narrow it down a bit.

Maybe you are looking for

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