My FTP works but is very slow, hangs on 'waiting for server', fix???

Hi guys
My FTP connects but its constantly hanging and saying 'waiting for server', eventually it connects.
My other ftp clients connect instantly, its just DW, sometimes my filezilla may halt but not as bad as DW does.
I can use port 22 and its instant but reading this will tell you why I can't use port 22.
Not sure what to do here, ive tried changing loads of settings and I get the same thing, I dont want to have to use an external FTP client as that would slow my workfllow considerably.
Also I think its a mac issue, if i try this in another building on windows 7 it connects instantly.
If i set my timeout to something really high like 90 seconds it eventually connects.
Anyone got any ideas??

So using a separate FTP client is out of the question? I ask because my workflow uses a separate FTP app - it makes it much easier to troubleshoot FTP, server, and file permission issues. And it doesn't crash Dreamweaver. So again, are you sure you can't adjust your workflow to use a separate FTP application? (I use Transmit on the Mac and it has some wonderful features including a built-in Sync capability)
How do you have Dreamweaver's FTP functionality set-up?
Are you using Passive FTP?
Are you using a reverse proxy server in your network?
Have you tried the Mac Network Utility to ping your FTP server?
What kind of ping times are you getting?
Do you experience network latency issues frequently?
Do you have Mac OS X's Firewall enabled and have you tried disabling it before an FTP session - does this effect anything?
Have you tried unchecking Dreamweaver's Use FTP performance optimization? (Site Definition->Advanced->Remote Info->Server Compatibility)?
Do you have any network engineers in your IT department? Can they look at their information and maybe see what might be happening on the network?

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