My iPad 1 is not responding. I restored to factory settings and when it says to hook up to I tunes it still won't work. I have restarted I tunes and uninstalled and installed and still not working. Help!!!!

I restored to factory settings and when it says to hook up to I tunes it still won't work. I have restarted I tunes and uninstalled and installed and still not working. Help!!!! Before I reset it it would say not charging but it was still charging. This could be a hardware problem with the I pad.

Explain exactly what "it won't work" means. The iPad does not respond at all? Does it turnn on? It is not recognized in iTunes when you connect it to your computer?

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  • Is there anyway to reset ipad passcode without having to restore the factory settings?

    My little brother has locked himself out of his ipad. Although I am aware we can restore the factory settings he would very much like to save his photos.
    The ipad has never been synced or backed up.
    Is there anyway to do this?

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen

  • IPad will not update or restore to factory settings.

    My iPad Air is stuck in recovery mode. I was using my iPad to watch Netflix when all of a sudden the screen display had lines going through it and then the device shut off. I plugged it in to charge, since it was almost dead and left it for a few hours. When I came back and tried to turn it on, it would not turn on. After a few attempts it did. and seemed to be working fine for about 5 minutes, until I tried to close a few apps, and same thing happened, lines through the display and then turned off. I tried to plug my iPad in to my computer to update it, but it must have malfunctioned while updating because then it went into recovery mode. I tried to restore the iPad to factory settings and I keep getting an error saying it can not update or restore.
    I then brought my iPad in to the Apple store for some technical support. The "technician" was less than helpful and only did what I had done at home: plug into computer and try to update & restore using itunes. Needless to say it did not work. He then told me it must be a hard drive problem and since I was 2 months out of warranty that I could get a replacement iPad for $299 +tax. I asked for the manager and of course "he was busy" and said this was my only option. I asked him how thsi could've happened and he told me he had no way of knowing and didn't know what caused these things to happen.
    I have been an Apple user for 10+ years and have enjoyed every product I have ever bought there. I am extremely disappointed that by me using my iPad normally, never dropping it, never spilling water on it and then their product failing that I have to pay almost $300 to get a replacement. It seems that this problem could not have been avoided, since they don't know what causes these things and that this was Apples fault for selling faulty products. I would have never bought the iPad to begin with had I known I would need to purchase a replacement only 13 months later.
    I am wondering if anyone has gone through something similar and if there are any other options for me.

    Did you put the iPad into Recovery Mode? Follow the steps in this Apple support document:
    If you can't update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
    It could be an internal hardware failure though, as the Apple technician explained. While not common these things do happen. If that's the case you options are to replace the iPad with an identical model using the Out of Warranty replacement process and paying the $299 fee or purchase a new replacement iPad.

  • I have been given an ipad as a gift. Im sure it is one of the first models. It has been restored to factory settings. When i open the app store it does not list the apps. it opens the page shows the headers but no list of apps. Help please

    I have a used ipad ,set back to factory settings. I open the app store, it connects and brings up the headers but there is no list of apps. Please advise.

    Hey Jackysmack, any luck? I have the same exact issue. Have you got your app store to work yet? If so any tips I can try. Thanks

  • Ipod will not update after restoring to factory settings

    I was having some trouble with my ipod, so I restored it to factory settings and updated to ITunes 7. Ever since then, nothing has updated to my Ipod. The IPod remains on "Do not disconnect" mode, while ITunes says, IPod update complete.
    If I go ahead and disconnect anyways, my Ipod is empty.
    Any advice?

    no, let's leave things as they are there at the moment. (the "do not disconnect" would have been normal if you had either "manually manage music" or "enable disk use" checked in there.)
    how about your Music tab? under "Sync Music", do you have "selected playlists" selected? if so, do the playlists that you have selected contain any songs?

  • While restoring the factory settings on my 7th gen iPod classic, my computer blue-screened. Now, my iPod just keeps continually restarting and cannot be recognized by my computer or iTunes.

    Is there a way I can make my iPod stop restarting and be recognized by my computer so I can continue to use it?

    Hello GraceSchaff
    Try putting your iPod Classic into Disk Mode and then in iTunes click restore when it shows up to take care of that process again.
    Putting iPod into Disk Mode
    -Norm G.

  • Ipad mini needs to be restored to factory settings after ios7 what will i lose

    young daughter updated ipad mini with ios7.3. ipad now showing only itunes logo and image of connection to computer.  connected to computer and itunes saying that ipad is in recovery mode and must be reset to factory settings and i will lose all data.  It also says that ipad software is up to date. Not sure what to do, any suggestions?

    If it is showing that message, there is no other option other then to restore it in iTunes.  That process will wipe everything off it and return it to as it was out of the box.
    If you have backups in iTunes or iCloud, you can restore from those once it is working normally again.  Anything other than audiobooks purchased from the iTunes or App stores can be re-downloaded if needed.

  • IPad stuck after doing a restore to Factory settings.

    I bought an iPad from someone and they didnt restore it to factory settings. So I went to general settings on the iPad. I selected erase memory and rest settings. It has been running for about 20 hours. Is this normal and if not ,what do I do? Thanks

    No, a restore to factory setting takes but a few minutes. So something is wrong. I would force quit the iTunes app and disconnect the iPad from the computer.
    Then run Apple Software Update on your PC and make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of the iTunes app. If Software Update shows new versions of both iTunes and QuickTime, do not install them together. Windows users report issues with this, especially with XP. Install QuickTime first. Restart your PC. Then install iTunes second and restart your PC.
    While doing the above, try to fully reset the iPad. Press the Power button and start the iPad. Then press & hold the Home and Power buttons together for 10+ seconds, ignoring the red power-off slider, until you see the Apple logo appear.
    With iTunes up-to-date, connect the iPad to the PC and try a factory restore again.
    Let us know what happens. BTW, is this iPad 1 still under warranty?

  • I am selling my iPad 3, how do I restore to factory settings

    How do I restore my iPad 3 to original settings.  I purchased iPad Air, and am selling iPad 3.  thanks for your help. 

    Before Sellings iOS Device...
    If desired, move photos/videos off the Camera Roll:
    If desired, backup the device to iTunes or iCloud:
    Then, on the device...
    Settings > Messages > iMessage > Off
    Settings > FaceTime > Off
    Settings > iCloud > Delete Accout (this only unregisters and deletes it off the device)
    Settings > iTunes & App stores.  Tap the AppleID and sign out.
    Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings
    Unregister your device at
    More Info...

  • Daughter IPOD Touch 4th lost all music from itunes, Itunes suggested to restore to factory settings. Have done so last few days, all showing 20 hours to restore then times out and starts back to 20 hours again. Will not sync at all. HELP

    IPOD TOUCH(4th gen) MUSIC DISPLAY has wiped out all my music. The music I have is all still on ITUNES but will NOT SYNC. When attempted a displayes message appeared- Cannot read contents of IPOD (my IPOD name), go to Summary tab to Restore to factory settings. When I click OK it takes me to a CLICK on RESTORE OPTION, which I did. Then it explains that I will lose all APPS, etc.. to restore. I clicked OK again and it shows my IPOD is Downloading Software Update. The only thing being it has done this for 3 days now. It starts by stating will take 20 hours, goes down to 12 or 10 and prompts OUT and when I redo the thing again it starts back up at 20 hours but continually times out. *Also, in case it matters ,the SYNC option on my IPOD in ITUNES is Highlighted as to where I cannot use that option. Everytime I start it back up I get the same message (Cannot read contents of IPOD, go to Summary Tab,etc..) Help.
    There have been some problems accessing pages on the Apple web site.  If the hyperlink gives you a "We're sorry" message, try again.
    Please do not post with large italic font.  It is very annoyint.

  • How do I restore my itunes library? My computer was restored to factory settings and I couldn't find a restore date that allowed my to get access to all of my files. Now my itunes library is empty minus the songs we've recently purchsed!

    MY computer was restored to factory settings. Is there a way to get my previous itunes library back? I don't have an Ipod or other device that I saved my itunes library to.

    Restore the media from the backup of the computer.
    If it was simply restored via the Windows restore point, no data on the computer should have been affected.
    If the computer was formated and Windows re-installed, no data remained on the computer and will have to be added back by the user.

  • Ipad Restore: If I restore to factory settings do I lose my game data?

    I was having some issues with my iPad. The keyboard was slow and sometimes non-responsive. I have found a temperary fix but would like my iPad to be back to normal (or more so then now). I went to simply computing and was told to try restoring to factory settings. Needless to say I forgot to ask what would happen to my data. If I restore my iPad to factory settings will I lose my game data? Will I have to start all over on my games? I have been playing some games for about a year and really don't want to have to start from the beginning... Please any information will help.

    iOS: Transferring information from your current iPhone, iPad, or iPod ...

  • HT1414 My imac will not authorize movie downloads to my ipad. I have tried 'authorize this computer' and that hasn't worked. So far I have only authorized three out a possible 5 computers. Should I restore to factory settings on my ipad? many thanks

    My imac will not authorize itune movie downloads to my ipad. I have tried 'authorize this computer' and that hasn't worked. So far I have only authorized three out a possible 5 computers. Should I restore to factory settings on my ipad? many thanks

    Mdgc wrote:
    My imac will not authorize itune movie downloads to my ipad.
    What exactly does this mean? Your iMac doesn't authorize anything. Are you getting an error message or what message are you getting with regard to authorizing? The iPad is not authorized? What?
    No do not restore yet.

  • My daughters ipad mini is frozen and will not swipe.  I have reset and the restored to factory settings

    my daughter ipad mini is frozen.  it will not let me swipe.  I have rebooted and then restored to factory settings but I am still unable to swipe.
    She has had problems with this ipad in the past and told at the reading store, by a pretty rude guy that we needed to buy a new one as it kept switching off.  it is only 14 months old and I do not ant to buy a new one if it will only last for this short time.   it has been working pretty much ok for the last month since our trip to the store but now it has totally frozen
    please can someone help me as I can not afford to buy another

    If you have restored the device as new, not from a backup and it is still malfunctioning, then you have a hardware problem. The warranty on the device is one year, but if you take it to the Genius Bar of the nearest Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service provider and it is determined there is a hardware fault, then you may qualify for an out of warranty replacement, which is at a reduced price, depending on your location.

  • After installing the 64 bit version of itunes my iphone still won't sync. I get the explantation that I mobile driver application did not download and i need to remove and reinstall itunes (which I have done numberous times).  Any help?

    After installing the 64 bit version of itunes my iphone still won't sync. I get the explantation that I mobile driver application did not download and i need to remove and reinstall itunes (which I have done numberous times).  Any help?

    Let's try a standalone Apple Mobile Device Support install. It still might not install, but fingers crossed any error messages will give us a better idea of the underlying cause of why it's not installing under normal conditions.
    Download and save a copy of the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64setup.exe) installer file to your hard drive:
    Download and install the free trial version of WinRAR:
    Right-click the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64setup.exe), and select "Extract to iTunesSetup" (or "Extract to iTunes64Setup"). WinRAR will expand the contents of the file into a folder called "iTunesSetup" (or "iTunes64Setup").
    Go into the folder and doubleclick the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi (or AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi) to do a standalone AMDS install.
    (If it offers you the choice to remove or repair, choose "Remove", and if the uninstall goes through successfully, see if you can reinstall by doubleclicking the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi again.)
    Does it install (or uninstall and then reinstall) properly for you? If so, does your device connect without that message now?

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