My iPhone 5 won't connect to my macbook pro retina over bluetooth?

My iPhone 5 won't connect to my macbook pro retina over bluetooth?

Ah, sure it actually won't.  I have the same problem, and I contacted Apple Support.  They told me that there is an incompatability between the iphone 5 and MacBook Pro Retina such that Bluetooth pairing is not possible.
The Support Agent actually had the audacity to tell me this was part of the design of the OS on the MacBook Pro, like Windows people saying, "That's not a bug.  It's a feature!!"
Personally, I think this is insane.  While I was trying to tether the iphone to the MacBook Pro retina for an internet connection, there are other reasons related to file transfers for which one would want to pair the iphone 5 with the MacBook Pro retina.
I am hoping this "feature" is fixed in iOS 7, and/or in some dot release of Mac OS 10.8.
By the way, the personal hotspot feature on my Verizon iphone 5 works great either via a wifi or USB connection.  There are occaisions, however, when one would 1) not have a USB cable, and/or 2) have another wifi relationship between the phone and a network that one would not want to have to "forget" in order for it not to connect to that wifi network.  The Macbook will not find the iphone as a wifi hotspot if the iphone is connected to wifi in the first place.  At least mine won't.
WWSJS???  What Would Steve Jobs Say???!!!

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    Try restoring via iTunes. I really think it's time for an upgrade. You should really consider an iPhone 4 AT LEAST since they aren't so expensive used. If you check on Craigslist, you can find one for $100. The Retina Display part is so much better than standard resolution on the 3GS and below's screen.

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    Try turning your wireless router off for about 2 minutes & back on.

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    This is more about your modem then anything. Sometimes you'll need to unplug and plug back in your modem. Consider it a glitch from the ISP or just the modem in general.
    when I need to turn something off then on I try the modem first. This when I'm not doing any ware and tare to the device.

  • My iphone 4s is not connecting with my macbook pro via blue tooth

    my iphone 4s is not connecting with my macbook pro via blue tooth

    Hi pogster,
    Thank you for responding. Everything was working a short while ago. Apple tv, iPhone 4s and macbook pro on blue tooth and now nothing works. The assistant looks at the network as not there. but, the macbook pro works fine wit the blue printer??
    Philippe Lepetit
    [email protected]
    La vie est belle.
    (250) 744-4557

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    I have a feeling this is a Yosemite bug (or iOS 8). I'm getting the same error message, and I also have 2 copies of my macbook air (2013) showing up on my phone (iphone 6 plus) . Bluetooth is on for both devices, its just still telling me it cant get network access even after momentarily saying its connected and giving me a pair code.
    Update: Unpairing the phone and re-pairing doesn't fix anything. Still get a pair code, then it immediately disconnects.

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    Is there a fix?  Can I get my bluetooth speakers to work?  Or are these more things (along with my Apple Remote) that I have to scrap?

    Me three.  Does not work at all, extremely frustrating for an educator who relies heavily on this technology

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    Hi Zerr222,
    Try unplugging the router from the power for 30 seconds, plug it back in and allow it 2 minuts to fully start.
    Next turn the printer off and back on and check for any difference.
    If the issue remain, may you changed a wireless router lately? what is your exact router brand and model?
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  • ITunes cloud purchases not showing up when iPhone 5 (ios7) is connected to a MacBook Pro 13" running Mavericks.

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    You need to purchase this
    Make sure you MacBook meets the minimum requirements for both Snow Leopard and Lion.

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    BB OS
    BB Desktop Software v.2.1.3
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    When I plug in my micro USB to my laptop, the BB icon appears on the desktop but in my BB Desktop Software, it shows that it's not connected. Is there any way to fix this?
    Thanks for your help!

    Hi alecshimizu,
    Welcome to BlackBerry Support Community Forums.
    Have you already tried using different USB ports on the Mac or a different USB cable? If so, try connecting again after rebooting the Mac and reinserting the battery in the BlackBerry. If this does not resolve the connection issue, try uninstalling the Desktop Software then reinstalling the latest version from and testing again.
    Hope this helps,
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  • How do I connect a 2013 Macbook Pro Retina to an Epson Power Lite 61p LCD Projector?

    I am trying to attach an Epson PowerLite 61p LCD Projector to my 2013 Macbook Pro Retina, but I cannot find which type of adapter I need. I would assume whichever adapter is required it must connect via thunderbolt. However, I do not know if the required adapter is a "Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter," "Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter," or a "Thunderbolt to VGA Adapter." I would deeply appreciate your help and guidance. Thanks!

    It does not matter whether you get an Apple adapter or a third pary one.  What you have there is a Mini Displayport to VGA adapter, but as you know, your new MacBook no longer has an MDP port!
    Thunderbolt to VGA adapters do not exist but there are plenty of HDMI to VGA adapters out there:

  • IMovie and iPhoto won't update on Used Macbook Pro Retina

    I purchased a used macbook pro retina and did the usually initial setup for the laptop. My issue is that these two stock apps won't update in the app store. I recieve a message asking me to login using the ID that was used to purchase the app. I am assuming this is the ID of the previous owner , which of course I do not have. Any Ideas ???

    The MBP needs to be disassociated from the original owners Apple ID. The original owner needs to call Apple Care to request that. Or if you have a sales receipt that proves you legally have purchased the MBP they may do it for you.
    Then the MBP needs to be wiped clean and the most recent version of OS X that shipped with the Mac installed using OS X Recovery. You can also reinstall the iLife apps, which you should accept into your Apple ID in the Mac App Store on the Purchaes pane.

  • Power button and voice control buttons won't work on my macbook pro retina

    I found that my power and voice control buttons won't work on my new Macbook pro retina. I can't shut it down or restart it in any way. And Im afraid if I force to shut it down I can't turn on it cuz the power button won't work. What should I do? Any idea???

    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    Back up all data.
    Quit Facetime and  Messages if either is running.
    Step 1
    Hold down the option key and select
    Go ▹ Library
    from the Finder menu bar. Move the following item from the Library folder to the Trash (either may not exist):
    Leave the Library folder open. Log out and log back in. Try the applications again. If they work now, stop here. Close the Library folder.
    Step 2
    If you still have problems, quit again. In the Preferences subfolder, there may be several files having names that begin with any of the following strings:
    Move them all to the Trash. There may also be a file with the name "". Move that to the Trash too.
    Also in the Preferences folder, there's a subfolder named "ByHost". Open it and do the same thing.
    Log out and log back in. Test again.

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    all devices have the correct, up to date software. When I connect my iPhone or iPad into MBP, it says… The iPhone “Ellen Heathwood’s iPhone” cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 10.5 or later. Go to to download the latest version of iTunes.

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