My Server 2012 R2 Windows Phone App now available!

Hi, All,
Greetings!  I am very pleased to announce that the My Server 2012 R2 Windows Phone App
has been published to
Windows Phone Store. This version is targeted to work with the new released Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and the Windows Server Essentials Experience server role in Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard & Datacenter. To
try out the new version, search ‘My Server 2012 R2’ from your windows phone and install it. Let team know if you have any feedback on this app.
Windows Server Essentials Team

Great option guys! Now I can REALLY centralize my media without reliance on third party products.
For Phone App, it's great to have it but it seems to be lacking in UX. i.e. there is no option to start slideshow or even go from one photo to next in the list. It's very inconvenient to go from one photo to next by backing out to the list and clicking on
next photo.
Another feature I would love to have is integration on Photo/Video/Music hub. That way I don't have to explicitly launch app to access my music/photo/videos.
Keep up good work and I hope to see much more functionality and tighter integration in future updates.
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  • Connect SQL Server 2012 from Windows Server 2003 with native client 9.0

    I currently have a setup where ETL tool Ab Intio, running on a Linux server, connects to the SQL Server 2005 through a passthrough Wintel server with Windows Server 2003 OS using SQL server native client 9.0
    Now I have the requirement to upgrade the SQL server from 2005 to 2012.
    My question is, will it be possible to connect to SQL server 2012 through Windows Server 2003 with native client 9.0?
    As per the specs, I need native client 11.0+ to fully support SQL Server 2012, but then, as per specs, native client 11.0 doesnot run on Windows server 2003. OS upgradation is currently not on the cards.
    So will it be possible to the run the basic queries we use currently, if we can connect SQL server 2012 through Windows Server 2003 with native client 9.0/10.0, without updgrading the OS of the Wintel server?
    Thanking you in advance! 

    Hi Soumya,
    Yes, you can use the SQL Server Native Client shipped with SQL Server 2005 to connect to a SQL Server 2012 instance, and there is no need to upgrade the operating system.
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • Why am I getting the message "Your app isn't identified as a universal app in the Store." when I have already associated my Windows Phone app to my Windows Store app?

    I associated two Windows Phone apps to their respective Windows Store apps yet one of them is giving me this message on the pricing tab...
    "Your app isn’t identified as a universal app in the Store. Publish a Windows app with the same name, and you’ll enable the universal app icon, with all the associated benefits. If you’ve already published a related Windows app, this icon may not 
    be appearing because of restrictions you’ve set on your app.
    Learn more about  these restrictions."
    I have checked under "Learn more" and I am meeting all the requirements for the icon to show.  Please help as I really think having this icon on the Phone store will help downloads and I want my users to know there is a Windows partner app.

    I downloaded the new OS X Yosemite.
    Not sure what you mean by new, since Yosemite was released about 9 months ago.
    When i  try to open it i get this message, The version of iPhoto installed on this Mac is not compatible with OS X Yosemite.
    iPhoto version 9.6.1 is the latest version of iPhoto that is compatible with Yosemite. If you're just now updating to Yosemite from an older version of OS X, then you may have missed your window of opportunity to upgrade iPhoto to the latest version.
    So i go to the Mac App Store i get this message, "The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store."
    With the release of the 3rd Yosemite update,10.10.3, which includes Photos, iPhoto is no longer available for purchase.
    I would recommend that you use Photos.

  • Application Insights is not recording any data from the released version of my Windows Phone app

    I released my first Windows Phone app a week ago, and Application Insights worked perfectly to collect usage data whilst in a debug build. However, the released version of the app is not returning any data at all. Is this a common problem for new apps or
    is there a problem that I need to address?
    I configured Application Insights for my app using the information on this guide -
    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your help.

    Hi Bernard, thanks for your reply.
    I tested the data using a release package of the Windows Phone app deployed directly to my phone from Visual Studio and the data appeared after around 10 minutes. However, once I published the exact same package to the Windows Phone Store and started using
    the version downloaded from the store, no usage data has been uploaded even after several days of waiting.
    I am using SDK 0.7.1 and Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio v1.3.2. The app is built for WP 8.0 and running on WP 8.1.
    The instrumentation key is 757eeaff-605e-44a2-8eaa-6abf498bfcf5.
    Thanks for your time and help, I really appreciate it.

  • Server 2008 R2 with WSUS need to specify location for Feature install for Server 2012 and Windows 8

    Having a problem where we need to add .net 3.5, amongst other things, in server 2012 and windows 8.1.  We're using WSUS on server 2008 R2, so when I go to add roles or features, I'm not able to as it tries to use Windows Update but it's set to use WSUS.
    I'm aware in server 2012 gpo's that you enable the policy 'specify settings for optional component installation and component repair' in Administrative Templates>System, however that setting is not available in Server 2008 R2.
    I've downloaded the templates from but the setting is still not there.
    Any suggestions on how to do this/allow feature install with Server 2008 R2?

    To upgrade the Administrative Templates, please run the downloaded msi file, then copy the needed admx files and adml files to the PolicyDefinitions folder.
    For detailed information, please refer to the link below,
    Managing Group Policy ADMX Files Step-by-Step Guide
    Best Regards.
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  • Lumia 620 & Windows Phone App Connection Problems

    I've been having problems with a Lumia 620 connecting to the Windows Phone App on my Windows 8 laptop. The App keeps reporting that the phone has a problem and is not playing nicely. I've eliminated the laptop as the issue as my Lumia 920 connects without a hitch. I'm guessing the issue is with the Lumia 620's software as it was recently updated in the past two months. Any solutions out there apart from resetting the phone?

    you could try to uninstall the windowsphone app from your laptop and reinstall it to see if maybe it wasn't connecting and loading the drivers correctly.

  • Installing Windows Phone Apps to Windows 8.1

    Are Windows Phone applications supposed to installed on Windows 8.1 Pro?   The 8.1 Start menu includes the Store application, but most of the apps I need to install refuse to install and insist that they need a Windows Phone account.

    Each device processor has it's own architecture (a set of instructions that is supported by a processor), referred by a unique name. So, in the case of desktop, the architecture is x86 (or x86-64). In the case of phones, it's ARM (Advanced RISC Machines)
    architecture. Hence, the apps developed for Windows Phone will not be able to run in Windows desktop, and so you're seeing the error message.
    Hence, as britishdhez says, you can use the phone emulator. The emulator emulates the ARM architecture in the desktop PC, so Windows Phone apps will run on the emulator without any issues.
    Balaji Kundalam

  • Is there a 32 Bit edition available for windows server 2012 and windows server 2008

    Dear All,
    Is there a 32 Bit edition available for windows server 2012 and windows server 2008?

    All editions of Windows Server 2008 R2 are 64-bit only.
    Reference link below(session Supported upgrade paths):
    And based on MS official description about system requirement for Windows Server 2012/2012 R2, we may find out that they only has 64 bit OS.
    Best Regards,
    Eve Wang
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  • Windows Phone app based on website

    Hey, I want to make windows phone app and don't know where to start. Actually, I don't need help with how to make wp app, but how to get data from website. My app should look something similar to the Microsoft Facebook app (except that it will not be Facebook).
    Let me try to explain it a bit. In facebook app you click a button (for example "news") and magic happens - content from facebook appears. My question is, how? What do I have to do to "communicate" with website, to get content or even trigger
    website functions. So far I've been only able to work with websites that I have access to database. I assume "magic" is going on using GET and POST functions, but I don't think that are the only two functions to do awesome app such as Facebook
    (developed by Microsoft)...

    You would have to add a webservice on the web site you can call to get the data.  I would recommend using the web api for this.
    If your website has an rss feed you can use that to get data from the website also

  • Is it possible to Silent Push a Managed Windows Phone App from the Store?

    Is it possible to silent push a Windows Phone app from the Store? We have a requirement to install a couple of apps after enrollment. Some of those apps are in the Store some are Enterprise apps.
    Mark Monster
    Mark Monster Silverlight MVP

    No it is not currently possible, In Windows 10 a new business portal will be introduced that should solve this.
    -- My System Center blog -- Twitter

  • Need help installing sql server 2012 on windows server 2012 core

    Hi Guys 
    I am having trouble installing sql server 2012 on windows server 2012 core. I am doing this on VM and my VM is not connected to internet. 
    This setup is part of preparing lab for sql serve exam 70-462. I would really appreciate your help.
    I am including the links to the log files that were generated after installation. There are following 2 files
    Component Update and

    Regarding to your original question, you can work around it according to Prashanth’s post or unclick the “Include SQL Server Product Updates" checkbox when installing SQL Server on your VM.
    Regarding to your second question, I make a test using TechNet Virtual Lab and everything works as expected . Below are my steps.
    1. Choose Web client after laughing the Lab.
    2. Choose SQLONE machine and “OPEN CHARMS” as follows, then search SQL Server Management Studio, use it to connect to the default instance (which has been installed in the lab).
    From your description, you get error message “Device not ready”. Could you please post more details? Are you installing SQL Server 2012 on the TechNet Virtual Lab?
    Lydia Zhang
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    Lydia Zhang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Pass values between Windows phone app and wpf

    i am creating a windows phone app where it is like a remote for desktop app which have timer start stop and break
    where start should activate the desktop applicaition timer like that.
    what are the possibility that i can control wpf(desktop) app with a windows phone app directly without any database sort of thing.
    thank you

    For help with the WPF side of this you'll be better off posting in the WPF forum.
    There isn't any remote control system built in, but you can use standard networking to implement your own. From the phone side take a look at the
    Connecting to networks and web services documentation. In particular, the
    Adding support for networking and
    Connecting with sockets sections are likely to get you on the right path.

  • HT201317 i have recently installed icloud on my pc & have activated photo stream on my iphone.  only a portion of the photos from my phone are now available on my pc.  Why haven't they all transferred over?

    i have recently installed icloud on my pc & have activated photo stream on my iphone.  only a portion of the photos from my phone are now available on my pc.  Why haven't they all transferred over?

    When you turn on photo stream on a device that is the source of photos, only the photos you take in the future will sync to the stream, not the photos currently in the camera roll. 
    When you turn on photo stream on a device or computer that will receive photos from other devices, only the photos that have been on the servers for the past 30 days will sync, all older photos have been deleted from the servers.
    To sync camera roll photos that weren't part of photo stream, you need to sync them manually using itunes.

  • Finally I-phone 3GS now available in Egypt.

    Finally I-phone 3GS now available in Egypt at Vodafone & Mobinil Stores, as you can visit the below links for more info and knows the prices.
    Amr Kamel
    Message was edited by: Amr Kamel

    Best way to check and get a valid answer is to call O2.

  • Windows Server 2012 and win 8 app on terminal server

    On a windows 2012 server, is it possible to install a windows 8 app that can be accessed (via terminal services/remote desktop) by client computers running prior version of Windows, such as 7, Vista and maybe XP? (Obviously without the touch capability).
    In other words, can a  windows 8 app be accessed via terminal server by other versions of Windows or it must be only Windows 8? 
    Also, I read that the new RDC can also be downloaded from the Windows Store to a tablet, but what tablet? "Surface" , iPad, Android?
    Thanks so much 

    Windows app store is only available on the windows 8 platform.So it is not possible to install a windows 8 app that can be accessed (via terminal services/remote desktop) by client computers running prior version of Windows, such as 7, Vista
    and maybe XP.
    Also, I read that the new RDC can also be downloaded from the Windows Store to a tablet, but what tablet? "Surface" , iPad, Android?
    It is available in the windows app store on Surface which is installed with windows 8 RT.
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