Need Conversion Agent Java API Reference document

Hi all,
Can any one provide Java documentation for doing conversion agent?
actually "Conversion Agent Java API Reference" had been refered by Conversion Agent User guide. I couldn't find that one...
Any inputs are great.......

All the guides for Conversion agent are present in the
solution DetailsSAP NetweaverSAP Netweaver in detailExcahnge Infrastructure-Media Library---documentation

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  • Conversion Agent Java API

    I'm looking for Conversion Agent Java API. Would you please advise where I can find this API.

    Java API programs should use the library CM_JavaAPI.jar, which is located in the
    Conversion Agent api/lib directory.
    The CM_JavaApi.sda J2EE library exposes the Conversion Agent Java API. A SAP
    NetWeaver component can call the API to run Conversion Agent data
    For further details, you can check "Conversion Agent Engine Developer's Guide".

  • SAP BC Java API Reference

    I want to program my own Java service in the SAP BC.
    SAP mentioned in their documentation to the BC that there is a 'SAP BC Java API Reference' document. I have searched for this document for a couple of hours now, but I can't find it anywhere.
    Did anyone of you know where I could find this documentation?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Benny,
    I've seen this in the SAP BC documentation 'SAPBCDeveloperGuide.pdf'.
    But I've already found it in the SAP BC Developer folder under 'opt/sapbc47/Developer/doc/api/Java/index.html'.
    Thanks for your help

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Mobile

    Where can I find "Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Mobile"?
    Thanks a lot for your time.

    Hi, this is referring to the JavaDocs for Java methods/classes supported by ADF Mobile. You can typically right (or ctrl) click on any ADF Mobile specific Java method and select "JavaDoc". You can open up a sample app that contains any Java class - for example the HR sample app, and find any method with name "adfmf*". You should be able to see the Java doc for the ADF Mobile related methods/classes.
    Joe Huang

  • Where can I find the complete Oracle Business Rules Java API Reference ?

    Does anybody know where to get the complete Oracle Business Rules Java API Reference ?
    The version on is incomplete. It is missing the entire "oracle.rules.sdk.ruleset" package.

    The oracle.rules.sdk.ruleset package is only for internal operation. The public interface to creating rules is oracle.rules.sdk.editor.ruleset , and this is included in the javadoc.

  • Update center _ALWAYS_ wants to update Java API reference

    why is it that even if I run the update for JSC back to back in two consecutive sessions it will always want to update the Java API reference? it is changing that often??

    Hi jakeochs,
    This problem still persists. I have opened a change request on your behalf. Thanks for bringing it to notice.
    Creator Team.

  • Needed Ultrasearch Query java API document

    Where i can find/download the complete ultrasearch java api documentation (i have java document only for one package i.e "oracle.context.isearch.query").
    The one which is shipped with Oracle9iASv2 is incomplete. It would be great if i can have some sample code also.
    Thanks for your help,

    The UltraSearch manual for Oracle 9.2 is here and for 901 is here.

  • Conversion agent-edi850 purchase order document

      i saw a blog which shows the conversion of EDIFACT to IDOC byy using conversion agent in XI.
    i want to convert a EDI850 a   ANSIX12  document into IDOC......
    Can someone help...........?

    Hi Mithun,
    I think you are aware of the fact that SAPXI system doesnt understand the EDI messages directly.....So in u r case u need to first tranform EDI data into XML format in whcih the XI can understand...........So for EDI -to->XML...u need SEEBURGER (BIC Design mapper tool do define the mapping between EDI and XML) by which u can convert the message into XML.
    And in XI system u can convert the tranformed XML into IDOC using mapping editor.............
    So u cant directly convert the EDI messages into idoc in XI....
    Sai Ganesh
    Reward with points if helpful

  • Java API: IFS Document Versions

    I'm trying to list all versions of a document in an web page, and provide a link to each document version (I'm currently using JSP and IFS Java API Classes as interface from Web to the IFS system).
    To download a specific document version I need to know it's version because we are using different version atribution and I need to match our versions with IFS versions.
    How can I get the version of a specific Document (Java API)?

    okay folks, I've tried something and it seems to work:
    Selector sel=new Selector(IFSSession);
    PublicObject result=(PublicObject)sel.nextItem();
    and voila !
    typecasting is the key to OOP ;-)))
    regards, F. Leeber

  • Oracle vm agent java api

    need api
    Edited by: [email protected] on Feb 25, 2009 4:46 AM

    Hi John,
    We've got an application with some reports defined and now we would like to start to OBIEE instead of the current solution. As far as I can see now we can't really give any access to the Answers to the user (because it would be too complicated for them to build a query with filters) so we have to prepare the queries and show them ourselves. I use executeXMLQuery() method to get the XML with the results of my XML query. However, I couldn't find any specification of such queries so I'm not sure how I should compose the filters. Can you give me any source of such information?

  • MDM 5.5 Java API Library Reference Guide

    hi friends,
    I need MDM 55 Java API Library Reference Guide  pdf file
    please forward to me
    its urgent

    That is for pdf. I thought once you're signed on here, that should work, too. However, here is the online help (same docs):
    In Programming Interfaces on the left you will find the Java API guide.

  • Creating API Reference

    Is there an application that generates API reference from .java files? I'm working with an application that has many custom java classes, and their API reference is in the same format as that of the Java API reference. I was wondering if there was anything that can generate all of this automatically?

    Do you mean something besides javadoc?
    Javadoc will do all that you asked. You can added additional notes and information to the docs by inserting /**...*/ style comments just before the methods or classes you are documenting. If you don't insert any notes, javadoc will just document the method and parameters.

  • User defined Metadata for XML DB using Java API

    I have been looking through and reading the documentation for Oracle XML DB. I am trying to find out if there is a way to create user define metadata using a Java API. when I look in the XML "Java API Reference (Javadoc)" setProperty(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String value, int type) it states: Sets the specified (single-value) property to the specified value. If the property does not yet exist, it is created. I have tried several ways to do this and have not been successful. I have looked for java examples in the XML DB Developer's Guide, XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide.
    Is there a good example out there as to how to create user-defined metadata that can be populated using the JCR API.
    Thanks in advance.

    We need to create the 2 xml schemas, one for request and the other for response of selected operation in the WSDL.
    This we need to do dynamically. There will not be any java classes generated, the xsd files need to be created on the fly.
    Please suggest xml schema creation in this sequence.

  • Intradoc API Reference

    We have received some custom code from one of the consultants that implements some classes of the "intradoc" library.
    We need to modify some of this code but cannot locate an intradoc Java API reference. There is a Javadoc reference for CIS (Content Integration Suite) on the UCM documentation page - but this appears to be a different library than the intradoc library.
    Does anybody have any idea where to find a reference for the intradoc Java classes?

    In the How to Components there is a directory called documentation that contains a bunch of JavaDocs for things like DataResultSet and DataBinder and a bunch more. Maybe that will help you?

  • Do you have the java api on your computer?

    Just an observation.
    Earlier when i started java programing, i used alot of books and tutorials which i still do. when i was faced with a problem eg. a method to do this or that, i used to look for tutorials for how to do it, and sometimes i couldnt get. After Many months, i stumbled upon java api, a documents that cointains all methods, classes and interfaces in java. my output increased, posts in this forum to seek help reduced, and am happier now?
    Dou you have this api in your computer? i personally think newbies can accelerate their learning path by having this two references
    1. the java tutorial
    2. the java api
    your thoughts?

    your thoughts?That it's time for you to stumble across the downloads section of this site and download You can download the Tutorials here
    edit Lousy link parsing. Just go to the Tutorial home page and click the link provided.
    Are https links not allowed? Crazy.
    Edited by: Darryl.Burke

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