Need help with infinite loop in recovery mode in Creative Zen 20

I'm having this problem with my Creative Zen 20 GB:
When I turned it on, it goes immediately to the rescue/recovery mode. Not sure why. Will do that even when I reset the device.
So, I selected cleanup. After cleanup, it remained showing the menu of the recovery mode. I selected reboot. After reboot, it went back to the rescue/recovery mode. And it goes on and on like an infinite loop.
Finally, I decided to do a formatAll. Again, it remained in the recovery mode menu after the formatAll action. After reboot, it again went back to the rescue/recovery mode.
I have never updated the firmware. So, I thought maybe that will help. However, when I connected the device to my PC, the device went to rescue/recovery mode and the PC could not detect the device connected via USB. In short, I am currently not able to do anything at all with the device except charging it.
Would appreciate help/advise.
Tks in advance.

huggiebear wrote:
I connected the device to the PC and after the PC tried to load the library, it said "Player is not connected".
What library are you loading? After you have run that reload os option, you need to connect the player to the computer and run the firmware update software. If you haven't download that, you can go to the download section and download it. If all else fail, the player is probably faulty and you would need to get in contact with Customer Support then.

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    To get the phone out of recovery mode you will need to connect it to a computer with iTunes installed on it and restore it.

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    warnerja wrote:
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    I currently have a program that allows a user to enter a password protected site and it will return all the images on that page.
    I�m trying to allow the user to type in the root URL, i.e. and have the program pull all the images in all of the child directories. i.e.
    I got an inner class similar to the one pulling the <IMG> tag, that pulls the <A> tag. The class adds all the links to a linkList Arraylist. In my main method I call image.getInfo(image.getLinkList()); hoping that I can just pass all the links back through the program and find all the <IMG> tags.
    The problem is that, I get the desired output but it displays in an infinite loop, and the program never ends as it searches linkList over and over for <IMG> tags.
    So, I tried to adding two different Do, While loops.
    Main Method:
    }while(test != 1);This one does not change the output. Infinite loop continues.
    Inner Class:
    HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback callback;
    callback = new HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback ()
               public void handleStartTag(HTML.Tag tag, MutableAttributeSet attributes, int position)
                                        if (tag == HTML.Tag.A)
                                                    link = (String)attributes.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.HREF);
                                                   if(link != null && !link.startsWith("javascript") && !link.startsWith("#") &&        link.startsWith("/"))
                                                                link = root + link;
    public void handleSimpleTag (HTML.Tag tag,MutableAttributeSet aset,int pos)
    {if (tag == HTML.Tag.IMG )This one never allows the first URL to be checked, and the program just sits there.
    Do you see anything I�m doing wrong, or anyway I can stop the infinite loop?
    I think the problem is that both of the searching tag classes are inner classes but I don�t know how to make them their own classes without messing up the whole password checking.
    Any advice would be helpful!

    HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback callback;
              callback = new HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback ()
                public void handleSimpleTag (HTML.Tag tag,MutableAttributeSet aset,int pos)
                        if (tag == HTML.Tag.IMG )
                            src = (String)
                                         aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.SRC);
                            alt = (String)
                                         aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.ALT);
                            height = (String)
                                         aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.HEIGHT);
                            width = (String)
                                         aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.WIDTH);
                            //System.out.println("SRC = " + src);
                            //System.out.println("ALT = " + alt);
                                src = src.replace("../", "");
                                src = root +"/"+ src;
                                src = root + src;
                                src = root +"/"+ src;
                            if(alt == null)
                            URI uri = null;
                                if (!uriBase.toString ().endsWith ("/") &&
                                    !src.startsWith ("/"))
                                    src = "/" + src;
                              uri = new URI (src);
                                uri = uriBase.resolve (uri);
                                System.out.println ("uri being " +
                                                    "processed ... " + uri);
                            catch (URISyntaxException e)                           
                               System.err.println ("Bad URI");
                            // Convert the URI to a URL so that its input
                            // stream can be obtained.
                            URL url = null;
                                url = uri.toURL ();
                            catch (MalformedURLException e)
                              System.err.println ("Bad URL");
                            //InputStream is;
                            //String filename = url.getFile ();
                            //int i = filename.lastIndexOf ('/');
                            //if (i != -1)
                            //    filename = filename.substring (i+1);
               public void handleStartTag(HTML.Tag tag, MutableAttributeSet attributes, int position)
                            if (tag == HTML.Tag.A)
                                link = (String)
                                             attributes.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.HREF);
                                if(link != null && !link.startsWith("javascript") && !link.startsWith("#") && link.startsWith("/"))
                                        link = root + link;
                                        link = root +"/"+ link;
                                        link = root + link;
                         HttpURLConnection urlConn = null;
                        //URL url = new URL(server);
                        // Build the string to be used for Basic Authentication <username>:<password>
                        String userPassword =  "testmlr" + ":" + "stage1-7000";
                        // Base64 encode the authentication string
                        String encoding = new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode (userPassword.getBytes());
                        urlConn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
                        // Enable writing to server ( to write request )
                        // Enable reading from server ( to read response )
                        // Disable cache
                        // Set Basic Authentication parameters
                        urlConn.setRequestProperty ("Authorization", "Basic " + encoding);
                       // test(server);
                        BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(urlConn.getInputStream()));
                  new ParserDelegator().parse(in, callback, false);
                  System.out.println(in + "test123412341234");
              catch (ChangedCharSetException e)
                  String csspec = e.getCharSetSpec ();
                 Pattern p = Pattern.compile ("charset=\"?(.+)\"?\\s*;?",
                  Matcher m = p.matcher (csspec);
                  String charset = m.find () ? (1) : "ISO-8859-1";
                  // Read and parse HTML document using appropriate character set.
    public ArrayList getLinkList()
           return linkList;

  • Need help with while loop format

    I'm building a form - everything works but I would like to change the way the data is output into the table.
    In other scripting languages, like PHP, you had 2 different ways of dealing with a loop:
    do while xyz
    do something here
    - OR -
    <? do while xyz:?>
    do something here
    <?end while ?>
    I would like to do something similar to the 2nd example in .jsp but I'm not sure of the format or how to stop the loop. From the tutorial, I'm using
    UId = SQLResult.getString("uid");
    FName = SQLResult.getString("fname");
    LName = SQLResult.getString("lname");
    out.println("<tr><td>" + UId + "</td><td>" + FName + "</td><td>" + LName
    + "</td></tr>");
    Could anyone point me in the right direction? I'd prefer it if I didn't have to build the table like this if I don't have to but haven't found anything anywhere telling me otherwise.
    Thanks so much.

    Sorry - the answer was in JSP:Java Server Pages by Barry Burd. I had just gotten the output format wrong.

  • Need help with while loop and shift registers

    I have a large data set and need to read in the data at maybe 200 samples at a time, process these samples through my VI, and have it append and concatenate a separate lvm file.  The part where I am confused is the shift registers. How do I limit the number of samples read in an iteration? How do I get the while loop to stop when all the data are read in?
    I've attached my diagram, maybe there is something wrong with my technique?
    Go to Solution.
    shiftreg.JPG ‏56 KB

    This will give you an idea.  There are plenty of other (probably more efficient) methods.  This is a basic, quick and dirty solution to help you grasp the overall concept.
    Using LabVIEW: 7.1.1, 8.5.1 & 2013
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  • Need help with the loop

    I'm a beginner. I'm trying to get this output
    Initial number of stars:
    Here's my program. What's wrong with it? Please help
    class starWedge
    public static void main (String[] args ) throws IOException
    int numStars; // the number of stars
    int row ; // current row number
    int star; // the number of stars in this row so far
    BufferedReader userin = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
    String inputData;
    // collect input data from user
    System.out.println( "Initial number of stars:" );
    inputData = userin.readLine();
    numStars = Integer.parseInt( inputData );
    row = 1;
    while ( row <= numStars )
    star = 1;
    star = numStars - star;
    star = star + 1;
    System.out.println(); // end each line
    row = row + 1;

    Okay the one thing that I see immediately is that your while loop never actully exits. Not once. Why? Well simple your exit condition is the row <= numStars, yet nither numStars nor row actually change their values within the loop. In short row always equals 1 and thus never is equal to greater than numStars and the while loop does not terminate.
    Second thing is that your star drawing logic is not correct. Meaning you have not told to draw the specific number of stars in one given line. For starters the System.out.println() command should be in the loop not outside it. For your purposes a for-loop nested within a while-loop is much better.
    If you think you know what's wrong your program than read no further and go try it on your own. But if you still have no clue below is my modification of your code that actually produces the pattern you want, it might provide you with more hints.
    class starWedge{
    public static void main (String[] args ) throws IOException{
         int numStars; // the number of stars
         int row ; // current row number
         int star; // the number of stars in this row so far
         BufferedReader userin = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
         String inputData;
         // collect input data from user
         System.out.println( "Initial number of stars:" );
         inputData = userin.readLine();
         numStars = Integer.parseInt( inputData );
         row = 1;
         while (numStars > 0){
         for(star = 1; star<=numStars; star++){
         numStars = numStars - 1;
         System.out.println(); // end each line

  • Need help with while loops

    Hello let me first explain what im trying to achive:
    I want a moving square that you control with the arrow keys on the keyboard. It has to be smooth ie able to move fast without looking like its jumping and it has to be able to move diagonaly aswell. Think of that arcade game Raiden know the birds-eye view plane flying game...another thing! I'd prefer if it didnt use timers - i made one already using 4 timers and it works great but 4 timers is a little extreme - SO NO TIMERS !
    I was thinking while loops, but i cant seem to get it working. I dont want to put in all the code so ill just say that I have 4 booleans: up, down, left right and the following code:
    public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) {
    if (e.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.VK_UP) {
    up = true;
    if (e.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.VK_DOWN) {
    down = true;
    if (e.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.VK_LEFT) {
    left = true;
    if (e.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT) {
    right = true;
    For the KeyReleased part i have the same as above exept it sets the booleans to false.
    Soooo in theory if i set up a while loop like this (using the up direction as an example) :
    while (up == true) {
    [move square up]
    So therefore when i press and hold the up arrow the loop will keep going untill i realease it right? WRONG ! it just keeps repeating indefinatly and it doesnt even do the " [move square up] " bit. I put a System.out.print in the loop to test and it kept printing out the message but it still didnt do the actual " [move square up] " bit.
    Im not sure if im putting the while loop in the right place either....If anyone has any idea on how to use while loops in this way please heeeelp ! Its so annoying because it just doesnt work ive tried so many ways...
    any help would be greatly apreciated !!!!

    Maybe you want something like this? You have to pause during the loop to allow for other events to happen, like if y ou release a key or whatever.
    while( true )
       if( up ) moveUp();
       else if( down ) moveDown();
       if( left ) moveLeft();
       else if( right ) moveRight();
       catch( InterruptedException e )
          System.out.println( "Thread interrupted!");

  • Need help with User Defined Aggregates - Statistical Mode

    I would like to use User Defined Aggregates (UDAG) to calculate the Statistical Mode. The mode is the most frequent value among a set of observations.
    In my application I aggregate an address level table of 130 million records to a ZIP4 level table of roughly 36 million records. Some ZIP4s will have 1 record, some may have 1000+ records. I need to use statistical modes to pick the most frequent values for some of the attribute fields.
    Presently I am using an approach from AskTom using the Analytic functions combined with nesting subqueries. The code works but it's cumbersome. I feel user defined aggregates should be able to perform a simpler more straightforward integration into SQL queries.
    I've reviewed several of the other posts in this forum on User Defined Aggregates. I feel I could write a procedure that calculates and average or merely concatenates strings. But this particular application of the UDAGs is stumping me. Rather than just increased a running total or count or concatenating a master string, you'd have to keep every distinct values and a count for how many times that value occured. Then evaluate those items to pick the most frequent to pass to output. I'm finding it difficult as a novice.
    Any, I'll post a quick example using the present approach that I want to replace with a UDAG:
    Here's a small table:
    DRD> desc statmodetest
    Name Null? Type
    1* select * from statmodetest
    DRD> /
    1 TX W
    2 MN W
    3 CA W
    4 VA E
    5 VA E
    6 KY E
    7 MN W
    8 FL E
    9 OK W
    10 NC E
    11 TX W
    12 WI E
    13 CA W
    14 MI E
    15 FL E
    16 FL E
    17 TN E
    18 FL E
    19 WI E
    20 MA E
    Now here's a query approach that gets the MODE State value for each Region.
    1 SELECT DISTINCT region, mode_state, mode_state_cnt FROM (
    2 SELECT region,
    3 FIRST_VALUE(state) OVER (PARTITION BY region ORDER BY stcnt DESC) AS mode_state,
    4 FIRST_VALUE(stcnt) OVER (PARTITION BY region ORDER BY stcnt DESC) AS mode_state_cnt
    5 FROM (
    6 select id, state, region, COUNT(state) OVER (PARTITION BY region, state) AS stcnt
    7* from statmodetest t ) )
    DRD> /
    W CA 2
    E FL 4
    What I'd like to be able to do is have a UDAG that supports this style query:
    SELECT region, UDAGMODE(state)
    FROM statmodetest
    GROUP BY region ;

    This is not what you want..?
    SQL> select * from test;
            ID STATU REGIO
             1 TX    W
             2 MN    W
             3 CA    W
             4 VA    E
             5 VA    E
             6 KY    E
             7 MN    W
             8 FL    E
             9 OK    W
            10 NC    E
            11 TX    W
            12 WI    E
            13 CA    W
            14 MI    E
            15 FL    E
            16 FL    E
            17 TN    E
            18 FL    E
            19 WI    E
            20 MA    E
    20 rows selected.
    SQL> select region,max(status) keep(dense_rank first order by cnt desc,status) st,
      2         max(cnt)
      3  from(
      4       select region,status,count(*) cnt
      5       from test
      6       group by region,status)
      7  group by region;
    REGIO ST      MAX(CNT)
    E     FL             4
    W     CA             2
    Or I misread..?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Need help with nested loop (c:forEach) tags. Can I break from inner loop?

    Hi all, I have this annoying problem and I am looking for any suggestions.
    I have 2 select boxes. One is for all available users, and second - for selected users (designated as admins). The list of all users is available in a collection (2 properties userId and userName displayed in the code below). The list of admins contains only userId (as strings).
    I have no problem with populating selected users (admins) list, reusing pretty much the same logic below, but I cannot find a way to break out from the nested loop once the match is found, to avoid repetitions leading to incorrect display of results.
    <select name=available>
    <c:forEach items="${users}" var="user" varStatus="outer">
        <c:forEach items="${adminIds}" var="adminId" varStatus="inner">
            <c:if test="${user.userId!=adminId">
                 <option value="<c:out value="${user.userId}" />"><c:out value="${user.userFullName}"/></option>
    <select name=selected>
    <c:forEach items="${users}" var="user" varStatus="outer">
        <c:forEach items="${adminIds}" var="adminId" varStatus="inner">
            <c:if test="${user.userId==adminId">
                 <option value="<c:out value="${user.userId}" />"><c:out value="${user.userFullName}"/></option>
    </select>Can anyone help, please? I am also restricted to JSP 1.2

    Double post:

  • Need help with while loop

    I'm running a while loop to run through some results of a search. Anyway I know how to list the strings but my last item is a JComboBox (drop down box.) How do I go about changing that so its right for a drop down box. Its the one with questions marks in the code below.
            while (
            //Get the values for each field in this row
            String projectName = srs.getString("PROJECT_NAME");
            System.out.println("Project Name = " + projectName );
            String projectOfficier = srs.getString("PROJECT_OFFICER");
            System.out.println("Project Officer = " + projectOfficier );
            String projectDescription = srs.getString("PROJECT_OFFICER");
            System.out.println("Project Description = " + projectDescription );
            String paymentSchedule = srs.getString("PAYMENT_SCHEDULE");
            System.out.println("Payment Schedule = " + paymentSchedule );
            String banksInvestment = srs.getString("BANKS_INVESTMENT");
            System.out.println("Banks Investment = " + banksInvestment );
        ?   String paymentsMade = srs.getString("PAYMENTS_MADE");
        ?   System.out.println("Payments Made = " + paymentsMade );Thanks.

    Yeah the Payments Made part is a JComboBox with 3 so called strings inside it. I wanna know instead of srs.getString what should I put in to replace String to get the results from a JComboBox?

  • Need help with simple loops

    Hi I am having a very very difficult time. for thos that have it I'm using the Intro to Java Programming 6th Edition by Y.Daniel Liang Book. I am on page 124 Ch 4 Problem 4.18
    what it wants you to do is make and use nested loops that print
    Pattern 1
    Pattern 2
    Patern 3
    654321 ( I know this is crooked but you get the idea )
    Pattern 4
    1 (once again crooked but you get the idea )
    Ok so here is my code thus for and it includes pattern 1 and pattern 2...Keep in mind I'm just simply printing them out one right after the doesnt have to look all pretty or nothing like that ok...thanks
    public class Patterns
    // Print Pattern I */
    public static void main(String[] args)
    for (int i = 1; i <= 6; i++)
    for (int j = 1; j <= i; j++) ( NESTED FOR STATMENT)
              System.out.print(j + " ");
    // Print Patter II
         for ( int i = 6 ; i >=1; i--)
              for ( int j = 1; j <= i; j++) (NESTED FOR STATMENT )
                   System.out.print ( j + " ") ;
    If yall could somehow give me hints as to how to get number 3 and number 4 thanks

    package src;
    public class Escada {
        public Escada(){
            for (Integer i = 1; i <= 6; i++){
                for (Integer j = 1; j <= i; j++){
            for (Integer i = 6; i >= 1; i--){
                for (Integer j = 1; j <= i; j++){
            for (Integer i = 1; i <= 6; i++){
                for (Integer j = i; j >=1; j--){
            for (Integer i = 6; i >= 1; i--){
                for(Integer j = 1; j <= i; j++){
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            new Escada();

  • Help with do loop

    if((orderType != 'g') || (orderType != 'w')){     
    System.out.println("Please enter g or w only.");
    }while((orderType == 'g') || (orderType == 'w'));
    I need help with this loop... I have to make sure it will be able to pop the input back after the invalid input... i tried to fix it...wont stop and stay in same loop till it gets the valid before go to other loop... how? am i missing something?

    I know you've already been answered, but just a bit more...
    if((orderType != 'g') || (orderType != 'w'))That would always be true. All characters are either not equal to 'g' or not equal to 'w'.
    'x' : neither 'g' nor 'w'. Evaluates to true.
    'g' : not 'w', still evaluates to true.
    'w': not 'g', still evaluates to true.

  • HT201263 i need to get my iphone into recovery mode with a broken home button and is disabled, my exgirlfriend has the laptop i synced it with, what should i do??

    i need to get my iphone into recovery mode with a broken home button and is disabled, my exgirlfriend has the laptop i synced it with, what should i do??

    i have the same probelm did u get it solved if yess how ?

Maybe you are looking for

  • No content on iPod, but it shows in iTunes

    This problem started either yesterday or the day before. I plugged my iPod into my computer, it synced and recharged, but now when I go to listen to any music or audio books, it tells me no content. I can see the music in the iPod menu in iTunes, but

  • How to convert per device cal to per user cal

    Dear Sir We've installed windows server 2008 r2 on our server & configured rdsh for the same(as per user cal). I want to  use my erp software through rds from my other office. at a same time i want to use  it from my 3 machine remotly, pls advise me

  • "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError "Error message

    Could someone please me out with regards to the below shown error messages? I successfully compiled a java program called "" but got the error messages below when i tried to run/execute the java program in question. How could i rectify


    Hi everyone i have a problem with a LSMW,  this lsmw fills a table control and i have a recording in this way RMIPM-CYCLESEQIND(01)          1 RMIPM-CYCLESEQIND(02) RMIPM-POINT(02)                                     POINT The problem with this is wh

  • PLEASE HELP - MobileDeviceHelper

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