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Hi All
I'm in a greenfield implementation for FICO module. We are going to implement SAP in ECC 6.0. My doubt is that whether i can activate the new features in Ecc 6.0 (since i read that we need to activate the new G/L features only at the time of the start of new fiscal year & we are going to go live in the mid of fiscal year) or just go for SAP 4.7 features alone? Plz advise on the approach.

If your implementation is a new implementation then the New GL accounting should be activated from the start.  It doesn't really matter, if you Go-Live in mid of the fiscal year or at the end.
If the project is an upgrade from a previous version of SAP then it's better to activate New GL at the start of new fiscal year.

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    I have the exact same problem. I thought this was the whole point of smart objects with layer comp states. Without this feature it seems pointless. 
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    When will the upload function for dashboards created with the power BI Designer be available in Austria? It says there is no support for my region yet.

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    Where you can select the option field for decision operation then select the filed which you want like personal area, subarea, employee group and subgroup.
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    Kalman Toth Database & OLAP Architect
    Free T-SQL Scripts
    New Book / Kindle: Exam 70-461 Bootcamp: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    Enhanced query processing for better performance without app changes.
    Buffer Pool extension to SSDs for faster paging.
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    Enhanced Always On now supports 8 secondary for better HA (High Availability

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    YESSSSSS! Making sure that all the year folders were checked seemed to do the trick. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

  • "Create New Film Roll" feature in iPhoto

    The "Create New Film Roll" feature is no longer available. It is continuously grayed out. Has anyone experienced this before? And if so, how did you correct the problem?

    You'll be more likely to get a quick and applicable answer if you ask in the iPhoto forums rather than here in the iTunes forum.
    Good luck.

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    AIR is not required for the new silent update feature.  You also won't ever have third party applications added without first being allowed to opt out.

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    I installed the Product Portal Sample Database and went to page 21. Very nice looking. Is there any tutorial for this Sample application? In other words, is there a tutorial that uses this application as its basis?
    What I am really looking for (my apologies if I have not been clear) is a tutorial that steps you through the process of setting up the new feature of Data Upload in APEX 4.1. I would like to create a new application on my test workspace and learn how to set up the Data Upload page.
    Seeing the Data Load in action is very helpful though. Thanks for pointing me to this.

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    Try to contact the seller of that app about an update.

  • After Effects CC - can't see new Cinema 4D features

    I have subscribed to the Creative Cloud for After Effects only. On the Apps page I selected and downloaded After Effects but during this time I realised that I had a trial version of CS6 on my mac so I deleted the folder. Obviously I didn't realise that this would be a problem as I thought that the new version would create its own AE CC folder. So, the Application Manager was telling me that AE is installed and ready but I had no files on my mac. So I re-installed the trial CS6 version and registered it but I cannot see any of the new Cinema 4D features in my version of the software -
    Can anyone suggest anything?

    You can't see anything because CC is not available yet. June 17 is the day.

  • Rotate canvis unintuitive, hot key limitations, new adjustment layer features? Brush size slider bad

    I've been using photoshop for a while, as well as a number of 3D  applications. Speed and efficiency have always been very important, and I  usually customize my software a lot to make it work for me. These are  some of the things photoshop could do better in comparison to the user  interfaces in some 3D programs.
    Rotate canvas unintuitive: 
    While having a center pivot seems more intuitive at first, it actually  causes me nothing but trouble having to always figure out where the  center is, and then deciding how close i am (which will change speed of  rotation). I would like at least an option to simply drag left and drag  right for clockwise and counterclockwise at a specific speed. 
    Hot Key Limitations: 
    alt R and control R and shift R cannot be assigned to different things. I would prefer it if i could customize all of these. 
    new adjustment layer features: 
    often when painting in photoshop, i create an adjustment layer over all  the layers. If i like how it looks, and want to continue painting, i  have to either turn it off while i work and switch it on at the end  again, flatten the entire painting loosing the layer separations, or  duplicate the adjustment layer and setting it next to each pre-existing  layer and then merging each set of 2 layers(the original + the  duplicated adjustment layer). 
    It would be really wonderful if the process of duplicating the  adjustment layers and flattening each set of 2 could be automated. a  sort of Flatten to all individually button. 
    Brush Size Slider: 
    Zbrush has a very wonderful brush size change. I never appreciated it  until trying photoshops. (previously to this i used another piece of  hardware with a scroll wheel to change brush size. and still do. why the  heck is the first brush size jump 10 units!?! simply a linear brush  size change would have been awesome. although including a brush size  slider is already pretty awesome 
    These things have been bothering me for a long time, and i always assume  these problems that are obvious to me are probably obvious to everybody  else and therefore will be fixed without my small intervention, but i  figure this cant hurt. Thanks for all the hard work and the wonderful  product!

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    Anyway, off to upgrade!

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