No batch rename?

I like to re-arrange photos (i.e. weddings into ceremony, reception, etc.) before renaming. The stacking feature will be excellent for this. Is import the only place in aperature to re-name files other than manually doing it in list view? I am hoping that I am just overlooking this somewhere. If batch re-naming after import, stacking, and rearranging master images is not available, aperture's usefulness is greatly reduced for me. Might as well go back to Bridge and ACR.

thanks for replying. I am still having a problem though. After sorting (stacking) by image date, time taken, I then manually sort some of the images (groups and formals taken after ceremony with formals before, etc.) In other words, sorting by time taken gets me in the ballpark but then I further re-sort some images the way I want them, some may actually be out of order from time taken. Then, when I batch rename with metadata batch, aperture still renames all files by the date and time and ignores any manual sorting I did. Bridge did not work this way - after manually sorting and getting images in the order I wanted them, the batch rename would sequentially name them in the order I arranged them in. It's all just a new workflow for me, I may eventually figure it out. I really want to like aperture! Unlike some others, I do like the raw conversions I am getting (Canon 5D and 1DMkII)

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  • Adobe Bridge Batch Rename Stopped Working

    ive been using bridge exclusively to rename/
    organize my files and today for some odd reason it just will not work. i select the files i wish to rename and then select batch rename and name/numer the files as ive always done before and when i click rename nothing happens at all. i cleared out my cache to no avail and im now officially stumped. any help is appreciated. thanks!

    Your problem does seem odd.  Difficult to troubleshoot by remote, so run a few tests and see if you can narrow the problem down.
    By any chance are you trying a batch re-name of files on an external drive?  If so may be permissioning problem.
    Do you have this problem in all folders or just one?  If one there may be a contaminated file or name (i.e. flower.jpeg.jpeg)
    To avoid fouling up your files copy a dozen or so and put in "test"  folder then run these tests.
    Can you do a simple rename of one file?
    Can you do a batch rename of one file?
    If the above is true can you do batch rename for all files in this folder?
    If so does the extension make any difference - jpeg, psd, etc.?

  • Adobe Bridge CC: Batch Rename using any metadata field

    How can I add certain Metadata fields to the pull down menu in the batch rename function?
    I need to do a batch rename of files, but using metadata fields that are not available as an option on the pull down menu.
    Hoping to use any or all of these:
    Audio : Artist, Album, Genre
    IPTC Core : Description, Keywords, etc..

    I don't think there is any way in which you can add to the built-in functions…
    Unless this is actually provided by one of the Adobe start-up scripts… ( I've not see it when digging about )
    You would probably need a scripted solution that can give you drop down menu of the extra options you want.

  • How can I Batch Rename Files in Aperture?

    Yesterday I imported some new photos and accidentally used the settings from my last import which named my images in a way that needs to be changed. I have already rated and edited many of the images so I don't want to reimport them from my memory cards.
    Is there a way to batch rename the images - preferably to the original file name from the camera? If not a custom name would be fine.

    Metadata->Batch Change

  • Batch Renaming with Counter

    I am trying to do batch renaming with a counter. Unfortunately every time I try to use a counter, it stays the same number.
    For example/
    I have two clips that I want to rename Ceremony 1 and Ceremony 2. When I do the batch renaming, the clips change to Ceremony 1 and Ceremony 2. The counter doesn't work.
    I could do keyword collections or rename them individually, but I have too many clips.
    I hope someone could help me.

    I figured it out. As you saw above, I wasn't having a problem batch renaming the title of the clips. I was having a problem with the counter. I learned in a previous posting that when you change the name of a subclip of a clip, it changes the name of both the original clip (clip in event browser, not hard drive) and the other subclips associated with it. It doesn't matter how you rename the clip (changing the name in the Name box of the Inspector, change it by clicking the name of the clip once in the event browser and typing it in, or using custom naming (click on the gear button in Inspector to find it), the name will always change correctly. For some reason (I guess a FCPX thing lol), you can't use the counter in custom naming correctly unless you change the original name through custom renaming. If you change the original name of a clip the other two ways, then try to change the new name of the clip using custom renaming with the counter, the counter will always stay the same number.

  • Batch rename in Adobe CC Bridge does not work. Is there any fix for this problem?

    I'm using Adobe CC Bridge to batch rename a folder of RAW files. Version  I've got the latest Mac Pro running Maverick.  I set up the parameters in the Batch Rename tool, but when I hit Rename, nothing happens.  Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Adobe can you fix this bug?

    I am experiencing this same (or related) bug with using the batch rename inside of Bridge CC (Mac OS X 10.9.5).
    First I filter out a subset of a folder of images that I want to batch-rename, then on the 12 or so thumbs I selected, I invoke the "batch-rename" dialog box... it presents its usual options, which work the first time. Subsequent attempts fail.
    I close the search filter, I re-type my filter, I close the bridge window, re-open the bridge window, etc. to no avail.
    It's interesting to note at this point, the program won't quit; it has to be force-quit.

  • Batch Rename Sequence Letter Doesn't Start with A

    I'm using Adobe Bridge CS3 to rename files.
    Several of the files require me to use the SEQUENCE LETTER function under BATCH RENAME.
    However, the names of the files contain a sequence of letters that start in the MIDDLE of the ALPHABET (i.e.  C, D, E, F, G, etc...)
    I can't find an option to let me start lettering form a letter other than A.

    I have 3 monitors hooked up and running, the only port not in use is the mini display port (I do not have an adapter).
    All 3 screens are blue and the mouse and key board are not responsive.
    If i take out the other card (ATI Radeon HD 2600) it Tells me I need to restart. Every time i do it comes up with the same thing.
    Is the card Bad or something else?

  • Adobe Bridge CC Batch Rename and File Extensions

    I use Adobe Bridge CC on my macbook pro that is running OS X 10.8.5  When I batch rename files within Bridge it automatically drops the file extension. I am able to add the extension within the naming process but would prefer if it simply defaulted to the existing extension of the files being renamed. On occasion it does do this and then the next time it is gone. What am I doing wrong?

    I don't think there is any way in which you can add to the built-in functions…
    Unless this is actually provided by one of the Adobe start-up scripts… ( I've not see it when digging about )
    You would probably need a scripted solution that can give you drop down menu of the extra options you want.

  • Batch rename

    Hello Adobe community,
    I want to batch rename about 50 pics but the Problem is that the part I want to edit is at every Pic different.
    For example:          _0000_00 Loadscreen      _0001_01 Default       _0002_02 Productdetail      and so forth
    The Part I want to delete is _0000_ ist this possible in Adobe Bridge? Or with any other programms?
    The best way would be able to select the first 6 cyphers? Is this Possible?
    Thanks for your help

    Haha Lol just asked a friend if he knows how to and he told me the same thank you!!! Really awesome tool!!

  • Batch rename files preserving the original file name in metadata

    How can I batch rename files while preserving the original file name in metadata? (Don't want the old file name as part of the new file name)
    (Adobe CS Bridge can do this with some success, but I don't want to be dependant on this software. Results are inconsistent.)

    With a simple terminal script. More details needed, though.

  • Batch rename, name changes after frame 99

    Hi, I put a folder into bridge to do a batch rename and called the text MILAN/SYRIA and gave for first number 00.
    After frame 99 the name changed to a weird  Adobe Bridge Batch Rename Temp 10037
    Which you can see better in the RAW windows, the 99 and the following one.
    Photoshop doesn't like to open a name like that, can't blame her.
    of course I strongly suppose that I should have given 3 digits in Batch rename, and l am looking for your confirmation, and while I am here
    why was my card full at 0485 pictures when a folder I think takes as many as 9999, how do you finish a folder if your card is full?
    i suppose you change card and you keep going with the same folder? Sorry about the camera question, couldn't keep it, thanks dona

    no,no, i started with 00 two digits only, batch rename changed to 623  after i put the folder back in just in order to take the screenshot, i dont know why but that always happens if i put the folder back in after usage, but i do know for life now that if I am going to take over 100 shots, which is most of the time, i should start with 001 or 000.
    See, this is the first number that was given to the first file,  01,WHICH actually became  00, i don't have it here.
    So it rest to know where is "Preserve file name " in current metadata, and would that make it possible  to revert to the original CR2 number?
    Why not to change name straight from the new name? thanks

  • Batch rename is not working

    I attempted to batch rename files in Adobe Bridge CC. Nothing happens. I force quit as Bridge will not quit on command (which is strange as Photoshop will). When I reopen Bridge the files have been renamed "AdobeBatchRenameTemp(than the file name I asked it to write)".
    Any ideas what is wrong with Bridge? Thanks

    Are you using Mac Or windows  please mentioned some of the  system specification as well as it will be helpful
    if you are using mac . please go to a location ~/library/cache/adobe      "there will a folder by the name of Bridge CC please move it to desktop and then restart the bridge. this should take care of the cache issue.
    if you are using windows , please go this location C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CC   and move the cache folder to the desktop
    and restart the Adobe Bridge CC

  • Batch rename in bridge

    i am having trouble with batch renaming. it was working fine previously and not sure what happened to cause it not to work. i am using a mac osx 10.6.3/ CS4.
    basically when i click on batch rename, it won't let me select "rename in same folder". it also will not highlight MAC OS in the compatibility line. i have restarted the program, computer, and cleared the cache. (same problem when i try to rename in a different folder)  any ideas?

    I am not familar with the workings of a Mac computer.  You would get a better response to post in the Mac Bridge forum.
    I suspect you need to reset the preferences which in a PC is press and hold the Ctrl key and click on start icon for Bridge.  You will get a reset window with 3 options.

  • Batch rename - adobe fail

    My batch rename function is no longer working. I have purged and restarted - still no luck.

    Hello. It worked at first but now will either not rename or rename some leaving others with a temp batch rename. CS5, OS lion. File types are jpgs.

  • Batch rename stops working after initial folder

    So I have a tonne of video frames to rename.
    I batch rename the first folder with about 1000 images. Everything works fine.
    I go to next folder, click batch rename...nothing happens. I try everything including purging cache and trying again...nothing.
    Only thing that works is when I restart Bridge.

    This can be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

  • Issue with Adobe Bridge batch rename crashing

    Hi, I have been trying to rename photo files in Adobe Bridge CC using the batch rename tool. I have just started using CC apps. All the updates are done. It crashes after doing just a few files. Started with 40 files at a time, crashed. Empty folder cache. Tried with 20 files, worked for a few times then crashed again. Tried 10 files and it crashed immediately. I found directions online (unfortunately it was for CS5, but I assume it's similar to CC). Any ideas on what to do differently? I really need to get these photos renamed and to a client tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Video card is updated, though I've been getting an error message on it.
    I'm not sure what this should have to do with your batch rename problem. Your specs seem more then sufficient and batch renaming does only save the files you already have cached.
    First check if you have enough free space left on your disk (at least 10 - 15 % free space is needed for good operation of your system and apps) and also try to reset preferences for Bridge by holding down contrl key while restarting Bridge. Check reset preferences from the pop up window and try again.

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