No Camera Raw enabled in Bridge

Running CS6 on a Mac Mavericks.  When I click the Camera Raw iris in Bridge this error occurs.  "Not enabled.  Camera raw editing requires that a qualifying product be launched to enable this feature."  I have opened Photoshop which does read raw (DNG) images.  But Bridge won't?

You have to launch Photoshop and open at least one raw image through that application.

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  • No Camera Raw Support in Bridge CS3

    Hi Folks,
    my special Situation is that i first bougth CS3 Web Standard and now months later i installed the additional update for photoshop c3. My old cs2 standard is still installed.
    but now, when i use the bridge, i miss all menu entries - supporting camera raw. e.g. for opening JPGs in camera raw. my raw-files will work with camera raw, cause i checked that box in photoshop preferences. there is another checkbox for jpgs, but i didn't want to open JPGs always in Camera RAW.
    What to do?

    This is a user-to-user forum. If you would like to notify Adobe of the problem you are having, use the information on the following page to contact them:
    Most of the key factors about this issue have been noted, but I will summarize and add as I am able.
    - I am assuming that everyone here is talking about CS3 Bridge, and so the following information has been tailored to the current version.
    - In my experience, to have Camera Raw features in Bridge, you must have installed Photoshop, a Creative Suite, or After Effects; installing Bridge with any other program will not include this feature.
    - The Camera Raw plug-in (Camera Raw.8bi) should be installed to the common files directory (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS3\File Formats), and all other instances of the plug-in should be removed. Also note that having any other files in this common files directory, including an .EXE file or a .DLL, can prevent the plug-in from loading.
    - Verify that Bridge is up-to-date with version In addition to this update, Bridge requires that you have installed the Version Cue 3.1.0 Client update and the Asset Services 3.1.0 update for it to run correctly. All of these updates can be obtained through Adobe Updater (Help->Updates in Photoshop) or on the following page:
    - Check that you are running the latest version of Camera Raw. At the time of this writing, it was 4.4.1.
    - If you can access it, and you are having problems opening TIFF or JPEG images in Camera Raw, open the Camera Raw preferences (under the Edit menu). Make sure the two options on the bottom are checked ("Always open JPEGs..." and "Always open TIFFs...").
    - Try enabling the following options in the Bridge preferences and then restart the application before trying again:
    Click Edit--Preferences...
    Under the General section, check the "Double-Click Edits Camera Raw Settings in Bridge" option.
    Under the Thumbnails section, check the "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF Files" option.
    - Try resetting the Bridge preferences and cache to see if that resolves the issue. To do this, hold down CTRL when you launch Bridge, check all three options in the Reset Settings dialog, then click OK.
    - Try Steps 3, 4, and 11 in the following document:
    - Create a new user account on the computer, log out of your current one, log into the new one, and then see if the Camera Raw items in Bridge function correctly there. If you are in an office environment, create a local account that does not log onto the network domain. (You may have to contact your IT department to have rights to create local accounts.)
    If you current user account in Windows is a "standard" or "limited" then compare to how it works in an administrator account. If it does not function in an existing admin account, create a new admin account and try it.
    I hope this was of some assistance.

  • Can't open files in Camera Raw while in Bridge CS6

    Believe this issue/problem happened after automatic update from Adobe (but can't be sure).
    Have always uploaded files from camera into Bridge then do some editing by opening JPEG and RAW (NEF) files in Camera Raw from Bridge. 
    Now, "Open in Camera Raw" is greyed out and I am unable to find a way to open files with Camera Raw from inside Bridge CS6.  This seemed to happen suddenly and without any new software or applications being added to computer.  All other apps/software working well.
    Have tried various fixes found on Adobe community discussions without success.  Problem now ongoing for over a week +.
    Am able to open files in Photoshop with no problem but want to be able to do some quick edits using Camera Raw opening files from Bridge CS6. 
    I'm using Bridge CS6 Version  (as part of Adobe Creative Suite 6).  Updater states I have most current version of Bridge installed. 
    I'm using an iMac computer with Intel Core i7 processor
    OS X 10.8.5
    Have found others with this same or very similar problems on forums but either can't understand patches/directions or unable to complete instructions on my computer.
    for example see:  Camera RAW update issue with Bridge CS6
    From that link/discussion, one finds this "solution": 
    After you update to Camera Raw 8.4, Bridge CS6 in Mac OS doesn't display image metadata or allow you to edit images in Camera Raw.
    To the top 
    Manually install the Camera Raw 8.4 plug-in.
    Exit Adobe Bridge.
    Download the file below.
    Locate and double-click the downloaded file to decompress it. The resulting file is Camera Raw.plugin.
    Navigate to the Macintosh HD folder.
    Open the Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS6/File Formats folder.
    IMPORTANT: Navigate to the root Library folder on your hard disk, not the Library folder under your user folder.
    Copy the Camera Raw.plugin from step 3 into the File Formats folder.
    IMPORTANT: This new file overwrites the file already in this folder. It's important that only one Camera Raw.plugin file is in this folder.
    Open Adobe Bridge.
    Mac OS Camera Raw 8.4 plug-in for manual installation 
    However, when I try the above, I have these issues:
    1.  When I double click on the downloaded file, my computer opens PhotoShop and an error message is displayed that states "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file."  (I suspect this may mean my computer has automatically decompressed the file, but I am not certain of that).
    2.  Not completely certain I know how to "Navigate to the Macintosh HD folder" as suggested in step 4. above (OK, I'm new to Mac; long-time PC user….)
    3.  When I am in "Finder" and click on "GO" while holding down "Option" key, I find "Library".  within that, I can find "Library/Application Support/Adobe" but there is no "Plug-Ins" folder within the "Adobe" subfolder. 
    4.  Not sure how to tell if I am in the "root Library" on my hard disk vs. "Library under my user folder".  (Again, new to Mac….)
    I have NOT yet tried doing an "Uninstall" and then Re-installing the whole Adobe Creative Suite 6 and would like to avoid that if possible. 
    Would absolutely LOVE it if Adobe would simply push an update that would fix this problem or if someone would explain to me how I could restore the earlier version that worked perfectly for me. 
    Any help, suggestions (in very basic, simple terms that any idiot new to the world of Macintosh can understand) would be appreciated.  Very frustrated with Adobe at the moment. 
    Mostly have liked the switch to Mac, but with this and my photo workflow coming to a screeching halt, having second thoughts.  (But I suppose Adobe update for PC may cause problems as well.)
    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

    Literally minutes after I posted the above, I figured this out myself and now I'm a happy camper and things are back to normal!
    Here was my error/issue:  as a new Mac user, I was not negotiating/finding files on my hard drive correctly. 
    In case there are others out there with this same issue (and as dense as I apparently am ):
    Here is what I did that resulted in a fix:
    First Steps:
    1. Quit/close Bridge
    2. As noted in post above, go to this link to download Camera Raw Plugin file:
      Camera RAW update issue with Bridge CS6
    Link to get to download is near end of instructions, but I will attempt to insert that link to download here:
    3.  Once file has been downloaded, find it by using "Finder" Click on "Finder" and look on list of options on left side of Finder window to find "Downloads".  On my computer, when clicking on "Finder" these options appear in the list at the left:
    All My Files
    4.  Download you just did should be at or near the top of your downloads list and should be named as "Camera Raw.plugin"  and will be 83.5 MB in size
    5.  I right-clicked (two fingers on touchpad) to bring up drop down options and selected "Copy 'Camera Raw.plugin'" from that list to copy file.
    Now, you have copied the plug in that will fix this issue.  The second set of steps below will walk you through how to replace the file that is on your hard drive with this plug in file that you have copied.
    Second set of steps (and this is where, as a new Mac user, I was confused initially)
    1. Again, click on "Finder" on your Mac
    2.  On top of screen, find "GO" and click on that.  (You should see "Finder" in the upper right corner of your screen, then "File, Edit, View, GO, Window, Help"  Click on the GO
    3.  In drop down menu that appears, click on "Computer" 
    4.  Then, double click on "Macintosh HD" to open your hard drive
    5.  Next, double click on "Library" folder to open that.
    6.  Next, click on "Application Support" folder to open that.
    7.  Then, double click on "Adobe" folder to open that.
    8.  Then, double click  on "Plug Ins" folder to open that
    9.  Now, double click on "CS6" to open that folder.
    10.  Finally, double click on the "File Formats" folder that appears.
    11.  NOW, you should see this: 
    12.  Right click (two finger press if using a touch pad) to open window with options.  Select "Paste Item" by clicking on that option. 
    13.  You will be prompted with an option to keep existing file OR replace the file.  Choose "Replace" to past the new "Camera Raw.plugin" file to this folder. 
    Finally, if you now go back and open Bridge CS6, you should be good to go. 
    Hope that helps someone out there. 
    Hopefully future updates will from Adobe will be better. 

  • Cannot open DNG files in Camera Raw hosted by Bridge?

    I used Adobe DNG converter on a batch of NEF files (D300). The conversion was successful and the .dng files show up in Bridge with the right preview. However, when I double-click on any of these files, it launches Photoshop and opens the file in CR hosted by Photoshop. This in spite of having my preferences set to "Double Click Edits Camera Raw Settings in Bridge" in the Bridge preferences. Furthermore, a right-click (or control-click) on the file's thumbnail shows the Open With... item only has "Open with Adobe Photoshop CS3 (default)", and not the option to "Open with Camera Raw" that other RAW files have. Interestingly, if I do some editing in ACR, and click on "Done", then, right-click on the thumbnail, the missing options in the Open menu in Bridge re-appear!
    I don't think this was happening before. Is this the expected behavior, or am I missing something?
    My setup:
    Camera Raw 4.3.1
    My computer:
    Model Name: iMac
    Model Identifier: iMac6,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 4 MB
    Memory: 2 GB
    Bus Speed: 667 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: IM61.0093.B07
    SMC Version: 1.10f3

    Problem solved. I had to delete the preferences file (resetting preferences by pressing the required keys when launching Bridge did not solve the problem).
    I am glad I learned that trick by visiting this forum!

  • Problems using Camera Raw function in Bridge CS5.1

    Hey so I don't know what the heck is going on, but Camera Raw was working perfectly for me when I got this computer. It's a work computer, and all the programs were recently installed. I like using Camera Raw because of the easy basic editing and mass rendering (from .nef to .jpg) because I do a lot of shooting as a journalist.
    Like I said, it was working fine for me the past three weeks. Now I get this error message:
    Camera Raw editing is not enabled
    Camera Raw editing requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature.
    I just installed the program, alongside PSE 12 Editor, and I have no idea how to fix this. Obviously, I've opened both Bridge and PSE, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now.
    Please please help. It's a MAJOR pain in the arse to have to edit every photo manually in PSE.

    You can use PSE with multiple Raw files also but Camera Raw in PSE has very limited options compared to the full ACR and also you can't save as jpeg via PSE.
    But do you have Photoshop CS5 installed because I can't find any info on that in your posts??
    Bridge CS4 was the only version that worked with PS elements (PSE 8??) but after that they discontinued the connection and since then PSE again uses its own organizer. So it is either using PSE for your work or you have to use Photoshop and Bridge.
    Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is a plugin that comes with Photoshop. But Bridge has the option to also use this same plug in but it uses the PS version itself. If you open a Raw file in Bridge the normal way it opens in ACR via PS.
    If you choose right mouse click menu 'Open in Camera Raw' it uses ACR via Bridge. You can use both ACR at the same time. e.g. open multiple files in Bridge to load them as 'filmstrip mode' in the ACR window. Make your changes and choose 'save image'. While this jobs is running you can't use PS until the saving has finished.
    however if you return to Bridge and select another bunch and open this via 'Open in Camera Raw' the ACR window opens via Bridge. So while the first job is running in the background via PS you can start the second job via Bridge.
    Be sure to have the latest updates and the latest ACR version for Camera Raw (in your case it should be both PS and Bridge CS5.1 and ACR 6.7)
    In PS go to menu Photoshop / About Plug In / Camera Raw and this provides a window with the version of Camera Raw you are using.

  • Lightroom 1.1 - Adobe Camera RAW 4.1 (Bridge, Photoshop CS3) problem

    Dear all,
    I am having some problems with the appearance of files developed in adobe lightroom 1.1 or in adobe camera raw 4.1 from e.g. bridge or photoshop cs3. When developing in lightroom the images look great, however when using acr 4.1 and the same xmp sidecar settings imported from lightroom, the image in acr looks very pale in comparison. For example when using the export into photoshop option in Lightroom, the image in PS3 looks very pale to the one in lightroom. The same problem persists with developing using ACR 4.1 from bridge. I have turned autotoning in ACR off. Also in the color management of PS CS3, the desaturate checkbox is UNchecked.
    I am using an icc profile for my 30" cinema display, calibrated with colory eyes pro and a spyder2.
    Has anybody had similar problems with ACR 4.1 or am I just doing something horribly simple wrong?
    Thanks for your help!

    thanks for your reply. In Mac OS X Preview the images look all good and very much like what I see in Lightroom. In any case not as pale or like with a slight white overcast to what I see when using ACR 4.1 from Bridge or Photoshop CS3. In PS color settings, preserving embedded profiles is checked. Yes, it seems to me as well that this is some color management issue. The 30" Cinema display was calibrated using Color Eyes Pro and Spyder2 to Gamma 2.2 and 6500 temp. However, even when reverting to the standard Apple color profile for the monitor, the problem persists.
    No luck so far...

  • Camera Raw Preview in Bridge Collections (CS4)

    I am working in Bridge CS4 and have created several Collections of .cr2 photos that I am editing in Camera Raw. When I open the files in Camera Raw from the Collections panel and click "Done" after making adjustments, the changes do not show up in the Bridge Preview panel. However, when I view the same file from the Folders panel, those changes show up. This situation is a real pain as I have to keep moving back and forth between Folders and Collections - can anyone help fix the problem? I have purged and maximized the cache in both Bridge and Camera Raw Preferences and it's not helping.

    First Aid for Bridge is always restart holding down option key and choose refresh preferences. After this reset prefs to your wishes and try again (sometimes restarting Bridge is needed to let the changes take effect).
    If this is not working repeat this procedure but now first quit Bridge and delete the Com.adobeBridge3.plist file from the preferences folder in the user library and the again refresh and reset the prefs.
    It should work normally, it does so on my system ( you are not working on a network btw??)

  • "Camera Raw Preferences..." / "Open in Camera Raw" broken (using Bridge

    I'm having some trouble getting Bridge to see my Camera Raw plugin -- oddly enough, I can double-click on a raw file and it'll open in
    ACR via Photoshop, but it won't load in
    ACR on its own. On top of that, Bridge isn't showing me the thumbnails for any of my raw images (though it will show thumbnails for JPEGs) and both the "Camera Raw Preferences" and "Open in Camera Raw" menu items are grayed out:
    For what it's worth, I'm running Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS3 10.0.1 on a MacBookPro running Leopard 10.5.2. Here's what I've tried so far:
    I've read over the entire "
    ++ Debugging ACR Installation Problems ++" thread and I've done my best to precisely follow the directions there...
    As mentioned in that thread, I've installed "Camera Raw.plugin" to Macintosh HD:Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS3/File Formats/ (and I've also searched my hard drive to confirm that this instance of "Camera Raw.plugin" is the only one on the drive) :
    (If you click on the screenshot, you'll see a larger version.)
    I've also checked Photoshop's About Plug-in menu and I've confirmed that "Camera Raw" appears exactly once:
    After clicking on "Camera Raw" from the plug-in menu, I can confirm that it's version 4.4.1:
    I've also run "Tools->Cache->Purge Cache" for various folders that have raw images and, along with that, I've tried manually deleting the Users/[Username]/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge folder.
    Just for good measure, I've also tried starting up Bridge while holding down the Option key and then choosing the option to delete all the prefs from the dialog box that comes up.
    Any ideas on where I've gone wrong?

    I started experiencing this same problem three days ago when I installed ACR 4.5. I have been through the forums, trying anything and everything that has worked for other users. Finally, I hit on one crazy possibility.....and it worked.
    ACR was working fine in Photoshop, but suddenly in Bridge it would not display thumbnails for my CR2 images or allow me to open them in Camera Raw.
    So what fixed it for me? Remember, I had tried everything mentioned in all the posts and none of it fixed it. But one user pointed out that they only had "Camera Raw" show once in Photoshop's "About Plug-In" menu. I had noticed I had it appearing four times, once for 4.5 and once for each of the three previous versions! Working on a hunch, I went to the folder where CameraRaw.8bi exists and found that I had a "save" folder there as well. The save folder contained the three prior versions. I moved the save folder outside of this location -- AND ACR WORKS AGAIN IN BRIDGE!!!
    So now I'm left to wonder only one thing -- did this work okay until I added 4.5, or did I somehow create the save folder (and add previous versions of ACR) in my sleep when I installed 4.5? In the end, I'm just happy that it works again.
    I hope this helps a few others of you out there!

  • Cannot view RAW files in Camera RAW in Adobe Bridge.

    I have the following installed:
    Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0.1 ( 20131024.r.34 2013/10/24:21:00:00) x64
    Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit
    Version: 6.0 Service Pack 2
    Bridge Camera Raw v7.0.0.308
    I uploaded a plugin (can't remember which one) and now cannot view any of my RAW images through Bridge.
    I have tried installing updated Camera RAW plug-ins - v8.6 = not usable as it is for WIN7 only, v 8.2 & v8.4 = doesn't work
    Which plugin must i upload and where do I find one to download?

    Moving this discussion to the Adobe Camera Raw forum.

  • Can't view Camera RAW files in Bridge or Photoshop CS4 after upgrading to Mac Mavericks X OS.

    After upgrading my Mac operating system to Mavericks X I can no longer view Camera RAW images on either Bridge or Photoshop CS4!
    I'd already fixed the issue of not even being able to launch Photoshop by installing Apple's Java applet, but this doesn't seem to have helped with the Camera RAW situation.
    I've tried invoking "Update" in both Bridge and Photoshop, and both indicate there are no updates.
    I even went to Adobe's Camera RAW area, and downloaded and installed the Camera RAW plugin specifically for my cameras (Canon 5D Mk ii) and Photoshop CS4, and that hasn't helped at all!
    I feel that it's just another silly Java applet, but I haven't any idea how to proceed from here!
    Thank you,

    Did you download and install the camera raw 5.7 update?
    Adobe - Photoshop : For Macintosh : Camera Raw 5.7 update
    There are also other updates you should install, such as 11.0.2 for photoshop and the bridge output module update, if you need them.
    Product updates
    Adobe - Bridge : For Macintosh
    Adobe - Creative Suite : For Macintosh
    Adobe - Photoshop : For Macintosh

  • PSE 6 Opening JPEG & TIFF in Camera Raw using Adobe Bridge

    Hi there,
              I just purchase PSE 6 for mac. This comes with Adobe Bridge CS3. I have purchase a tutorial book as I am brand new to Photoshop. I have become stuck at chapter 1 !!!!!!
    I am trying to open a JPEG image using Camera Raw within Bridge, according to the book all you do is select the image and press cmd +R to open camera raw. I cannot get this to work, it does nothing at all. It also claims that you can open the image you can use open as and select camera raw, I do not seam to have this option
    Any help would be appreciated

    Try asking in the PS Elements forum.

  • After update to Camera Raw 8.x, Bridge CS6 can no longer build TIFF previews

    I just updated Camera Raw 8.x via Adobe updater.
    Even though this should only affect Photoshop, Adobe Bridge cs6 can no longer build previews for TIFFS.
    JPEGs still work.
    I purged the cache.
    Did not work.
    All TIFF thumbnails are half the size of regular thumbnails, and the preview is equally stamp sized.
    If you select a TIFF, no building of a preview is going on. The stamp sized preview just stays stamp sized.

    Solution found:
    This was a botched Adobe update.
    There has been already a whole thread about the Camera Update disabling many of Bridge CS6 features like previews of TIFFS.
    But, obviously, someone did a very poor job at Adobe, and still pushed the bad update out via Adobe update.
    Here is the solution of the problem:
    This was a blunder of the worst kind, and I wish I could bill Adobe for the time lost!

  • Camera Raw Photoshop CS2 & Bridge Parsing Problem

    I am having an issue with Photoshop CS2. I am trying to work on a .tiff file that I have used the HDR automate tool from. The HDR renders files in 32-bit and therefor I render back to 16-bit once I have compressed the files and save as a .tiff file.
    I then use bridge to try and open the .tiff file and the camera raw file is shaded grey. I also have tried opening in PS CS2 and this message comes up when I try and force Camera Raw to Open..."Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file".
    PS will open the tiff file on a compressed version and not in the Camera Raw Function.
    I have read numerous posts on this kind of problem and people say to update your camera raw plu-in and I have done that and am having the same problem.
    Any suggestions I would very much appreciate it.

    Hi Patrick,
    You need CR 4.x and Ps CS3 in order to open non-camera raw TIFFs.

  • Different versions of Camera Raw launch from Bridge

    I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8, Bridge CS 4 (, Camera Raw 5.0, PSE8, and using a Nikon D5000. I have .jpg files and .nef files. From Bridge I double click on a .nef file and Camera Raw launches - but with limited options (only three tabs for editing - Basic, Detail and Camera Calibration). If I click on a .jpg and choose Open in Camera Raw I get an instance of CR with many more options (Basic, Tone Curve, Detail, HSL / Grayscale, Split Toning, Lens Corrections, Camera Calibration, and Presets).
    Wondering how to get the full set of options when editing a .nef file.
    (I've tried updating the version of Bridge, resetting preferences and clearing the cache already).

    Actually, on looking closer:
    When I open the .nef files (double click from Bridge), CR 5.5 launches.
    When I open .jpg files (CR icon on toolbar or "Open in Camera Raw" menu option, also from Bridge), CR 5 launches.
    How / why would I have two versions - and with different menu options?

  • Camera Raw - Enable RGB Tone Curves

    In Camera Raw, the Tone Curve Channel selection is disabled.  How can I enable it to allow me to adjust specific colors in Camera Raw?
    I’m using Photoshop CS5, Camera Raw version on a Windows Vista 64 bit system, and my camera is a Nikon D90.

    I don't think you can...ACR 6.7 was a crossover version tho have compatibility with LR 4 when it was released, as a result it was set to allow processing of certain features that were in LR 4 (and ACR 7). While the RGB curves show up dimmed, I don't think ACR 6.7 allows actually adjusting the RGB curves. I think the only way to get them is update to CS6 and ACR 7.x.

Maybe you are looking for

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