No create Plant button at the Set "Delivery Completed" Indicator" config

Dear Gurus,
I would like to do the configuration to set the Delivery Completed indicator. Therefore, I went to the following menupath:
SPRO -> Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical inventory -> Goods Receipt -> Set "Delivery Completed" Indicator"
The problem is, I can't find the button to add Plants. Is there even one in the first place ? If yes, where is it ? If no, why not ?
Currently, the only Plant that I can see over here is 0001 - Plant 0001. The delivery completed checkbox is ticked.
Please take note that all the Plants have been setup and the system has Gone Live.

Hi ,
It seems that the plant is not configured properly.Anyhow u can create ur own at  the following path.
Spro-MMInventory Management and Physical InventoryPlant Parameters
Set all the indicators applicable to that plant for IM.
Ramesh Ch

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  • Delivery completed indicator for STO cannot be set!

    Dear colleagues,
    There are number of STO’s those goods issue quantity > quantity of goods received. Because of this delivery completed indicator cannot be set due to message “06 848 - Delivery completed indicator cannot be set for item XXXXX”.
    There is an OSS note (167795) that allows to set delivery completed indicator for such purchase orders. Even though our SAP release is 6.04, report RM06EV70 does not exist (yet BADI ME_ARCHIVE_ACTIVE is active) in the system and OSS note cannot be implemented.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    PS. Please do not provide answers like “the goods receipt must be first posted via the entire goods issue quantity; then you can post a scrapping via the shortfall quantity” since there are backdated STO’s.

    Find STO created for which plant in t.code:ME23N and check MRP parameter maintained for that plant in t.code:OPPQ( also check entry of that plant in t.code: OMCD).
    Also cross check which Field Selection Key assigned to your STO PO document type and check “Delivery completed" indicator” available as Optional entry in GR/IR control segment in your Field Selection Key.
    SPRO - > MM - > Purchasing -> Define Screen Layout at Document Level
    Biju K

  • MIGO Process order-Delivery completed indicator by default as "2. Set"

    Hi all,
    Can We have the MIGO Process order-Delivery completed indicator by default as "2. Set" instead of Set automatically by any configuration.
    Pls suggest.

    Hello Subbu,
    Go to SPRO --> MM --> Inv Mgmt & Physical Inv --> Goods Receipt --> Set "Delivery Completed" Indicator
    Deselect the "Delivery Completed" indicator for your Plant. Then go back & do the MIGO and check.
    Hope it will help.

  • What is the pre-requisite of getting  delivery completed indicator in PO

    Hi ,
    I we have done complete GR against a PO item still delevery completion indicator is not set for this material in PO,
    Is there any other condition to be fulfllled to get this indicator?
    we don not have any over delivery tolerance .
    Thanks in Advance

    Based on the under delivery tolerence ( if set ) or if Receipt Qty = your ordered qty then system will set Deleviery completed indicator.
    Before that please check in config, whether to automaticlly set delivery completed indicator is activated. ( below given the path )
    IMG-Material Management-Inventory management and Physical Inventory-Goods Receipt- Set Delviery completed Indicator
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    Hi Malka,
    It's possible set the system to mark automatically the delivery completed indicator.
    First you need to set the under delivery and over delivery tolerances.You do this in customizing:
    Materials Management under Purchasing -> Material Master -> Define Purchasing Value Keys.
    Once you set this, you can insert this value keys on Material Master Record for the materials.
    When you create the PO with a material with this value keys set the system will check the under delivery and over delivery set on customizing.
    In customizing you also have the option to let the system mark automatically the delivery indicator based on delivery tolerances set.
    In Customizing for Inventory Management and Physical Inventory under Goods Receipt -> Set Delivery Completed Indicator, you can determine for each plant whether the system automatically sets the delivery completed indicator for delivery quantities within the underdelivery and overdelivery tolerances.
    You can test setting the under delivery for 0 (with a warning message) and see if the system will only mark delivery complete only for over delivery.
    You can also work with the following Badi: MB_GOODSMOVEMENT_DCI. This Badi also allows custom logic for setting the delivery completed indicator in a PO item.
    Message: M7 433 (The "delivery completed" indicator is set for the purchase order item)

  • "Delivery Completed" Indicator in Goods Receipt

    While doing GR, we want to check the "Delivery Completed" on the Goods Receipt Screen if we are expecting no future receipt against the Purchase Order.
    Currently we are not able to check the Delivery Completed Indicator as it is not in editable mode.
    Is there any issue if we enable the Check Box on Goods Receipt Screen. If no, how can we enable the Check Box.
    Please guide.

    This is handled by the system automatically. you can change only in purchase order.
    Refer SAP note 1093582 for more info
    About delivery completed indicator functionality
    The purchase order item is considered closed, even though the total
    quantity may not have been delivered.
    o Although a further delivery is not expected, it is still possible.
    o At the time of the next goods receipt, the system suggests the item
    as unselected.
    o The purchase order item can be deleted, even if the total quantity
    was not delivered.
    Although the "delivery completed" indicator is not set, a purchase order
    item is still considered closed if the full quantity has been delivered. In
    this case, the "delivery completed indicator" is not required.
    In Customizing for Inventory Management/Goods Receipt/Set Delivery
    Completed Indicator, you can define at plant level that the "delivery
    completed indicator" is set automatically in the order if:
    o the total quantity was delivered
    o the underdelivery or overdelivery lies within the tolerances
    Hope it helps

  • PO delivery completed indicator

    Hi All
    I notice that some of my po shows the DCI ticked once the delivery gets completed.but some don't get ticked even the delivery gets completed.Whats missing here?Your input will be appreciated.

    Hi ,
    From your message it seems that the automatic DCI is not set for all the cases.Please check if it so happens for some specific Plant .If so check whether auto DCI is not ticked against that specific Plant .For this go to Spro-MM-Inventory Management & Physical Inventory- Goods Receipt- Set Delivery Completed Indicator . Here check whether all Plants are checked or not.

  • Delivery Complete Indicator

    Dear All,
    I have set delivery complete indicator in customizng for Plant in Inventory Management and also in Purchase Order still I am able to post multiple material documents with reference to the same Purchase Orde Item.
    What do this delivery complete indicator actually means.
    Vikas Sehra

    Hi Vikas,
    It is the correct system behaviour, It is programmed like this only and is standard system behavior.
    As proposed by sap:
    To stop the system from proposing a quantity in Transactions MB01 or MIGO and to prevent a GR posting, you can proceed as follows: ( choose any of these, best option is third one)
    1. Reduce the purchase order quantity to the previous GR quantity.
    2. Block the purchase order item.
    (ME22N: Block pushbutton; ME22 Menu -> Edit -> Block)
    3.Fill the date field for the 'Latest Possible Goods Receipt' (LEWED) in the purchase order item Delivery tab. If you do this and you enter a GR document after this date, the system issues message M7163, which you must set as an error message in Customizing ( T.code: OMCQ)
    4. A warning message can also be set T.CODE OMCQ: M7 244

  • PORDCH idoc outbound Delivery Completed Indicator

    Hi all,
    I am using PORDCH02 for sending PO changes. I have selected this IDoc due to I have to send the delivery completed indicator. I have to send PO changes when the delivery completed indicator has changed. But there are two situations when the indicator changes:
    - When we change manually the indicator in the PO
    - GR is updated of the whole quantity
    Anyone could tell how I can send the IDoc when the delivery completed indicator is set automatocally based on GR?
    I am evaluation to use a change pointer (BD52) in order to send the PO changes based on the delivery completed indicator, anyone could tell me more detail in order to create a change pointer based on delivery completed indicator for PORDCH?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Marta,
    Automatic updating of Del. completed indicator is not a change in the PO and hence we cannot set a change pointer for this.
    Please check if you can take help from technical team in creating a program to check the history of the po lines and if the field is marked for the completion, trigger the idoc.

  • GR after setting Del Completed Indicator

    Hi Friends,
                            I have created PO for 5 Qty. I have received 3. AFter that I have set Delivery completed indicator in PO. Now it is allowing for GR of rest of 2 Qty. Please suggest, how to avoid this?

    I hope you cud control this by not using manual setting of completion indicator...
    Follow this path..
    SPRO>MM>Inventory Management and Physical Inv> Goods Receipts> Set Delivery Completed Indicator
    If this indicator is set, the system suggests the "delivery completed" indicator as a default value when a goods receipt is posted with reference to a purchase order or order (provided that the quantity delivered falls within the under/overdelivery tolerances).

  • Delivery Completed Indicator  - Open PO Quantity Issue

    Hi All,
    I have an issue relating to our Open Purchase Order Report.  I have some POs which are appearing on the report eventhough they are marked, 'Delivery Complete' ie NOT open. The example of a PO is where the PO Quantity is 100 and the Goods Receipt is 99.  The user knows that there will be no further deliveries and therefore marks the PO 'Delivery Complete'
    In the Extractor to BI we have extracted this field ELIKZ 'Delivery Completed Indicator'.  The structure of our datamodel is
    PSA -> DSO (Write Optimised DSO) -> Cube
    We calculate the Open PO Qty by taking 'PO Qty' minus 'Goods Receipt Quantity' I have checked the example PO in the cube & DSO.  I can see that for the infoobject 'Delivery Complete Indicator' that it has been marked 'X' but only on the records relating to the Goods Receipt for this PO.  The original PO record is added to the cube eg on 1st Jan and then the Goods Receipt record, including the delivery complete indicator is added to the cube on 31st Jan, but the original record is not updated by this indicator.  Therefore at the moment I cannot use this to filter out records in my query.  See below how it looks in the Cube;
    Created Date - PO No - PO Line - Del Complete Indicator - PO QTy - Goods Receipt Qty
    01.01.2011       123      10             (Blank)                             100
    31.01.2011       123      10                 X                                                         99
    What should I do?  How have you created this report?
    Just to let you know I have already read the post Delivery Completed Indicator(ELIKZ:0COMPL_DEL) in 2LIS_02_SCL
    Many thanks for your help,

    Hi Kalyan,
    Thanks very much for your message,
    In my case if the Order Qty is not equal to receipted this does not always mean that it is open.  Sometimes the receipted quantity can be over or under (not equal) and the PO can be closed.  What do you mean by confirmed quanity?  Also, this is a Purchase Order report not a Sales report.
    You have said...
    "Then I would suggest to still keep the condition on the Net ord qty and Net confirmed qty and exclude the del compl indicator as X and also the status as open "
    I don't understand how this will work.  My issue is that the indicator is not on all the records of a PO only the receipted records.
    Can you help again please?
    Many thanks

  • DELIVERY COMPLETED indicator for Services Purchase Order

    hello experts,
    i'm working in SAP with R3 4.7 for developing funtion / BAPI for a mobile web application for services purchase order.
    i have a big problem:
    is it possibile to set the DELIVERY COMPLETED indicator (<i>ELIKZ</i>) in services purchase order via BAPI or Function Module?
    <i>I'm working with BAPI_PO_CHANGE but and i succeded with material PURCHASE ORDER but not with SERVICES PURCHASE ORDER</i>.
    can anyone help me?
    thanks in advance,

    For material:
    Delivery completion (DCI) tick available at line item level for each material (EKPO- ELIKZ)so you can check for the each material in PO the DCI is available or not.
    For Services:
    As Service code (Service line items) are maintained in details screen of Header line item. So whenever the DCI (Delivery completion indicator) marked for that Header line item it means that all the service line items are marked as DCI for that Header line.
    DCI indicator can mark manually in Change PO mode and automatically when service entry done as final for that Header line.
    So you can check the DCI for service same way as you do for material
    Hope it will help you

  • Delivery completed indicator not working..

    HI SAP expers,
    some purchase orders not getting chick mark of  Delivery completed indicator ater receiving goods
    i have PO with 100 qty .  then GR 100 qty  .  but its not taking in the purchas eorder
    Delivery completed indicator not check automaticalley. i did all the configuration in spro-mm-inventory-GR-indi  extt...
    most of th ePO or  getting but some POs or not getting.. is there any settings behind MATERIAL MASTER or any .?

    Try the following config..
    1. Set Delivery complete indicator at plat leve
    spro - mm --inventory mgmt -
    Goods receipt -
    Set delivery complete indicator
    2. COntrol field selection for MIGO to disable users from changing it.
    spro --> Materials Mgmt --> Inventory Mgmt --> Settings for enjoy Transaction --> Field Selection for MIGO
    set field : "Del.Completed" Ind.     GOITEM-MIGO_ELIKZ    to Display

  • Good Receipt after Delivery Completion Indicator on

    Dear ALL,
    In our Client there is a setting that if Delivery indicator Tick is on then the system is allowing the Goods Receipt . I want that if Delv. indicator is on then System should not allow GR.
    Please provide the Config setting.

    This is a standard functionality  incase PO qty is 100  and you set delivery completed indicator when goods receipt done for  90.then system will still allow receipt of another 10 qty. but not more than that.i.e. total receipt can be 100 only.
    But can use user exit to stop further goods receipt after delivery comple indicator is on.

  • Delivery completed indicator in MIGO

    Hi all,
      During the goods receipt(MIGO), the indicator "Delivery completed" has three options : set, not set, set automatically. In our client, the default option is "set automatically" which needs to be changed to "set". Please let me know the configuration / master data to be maintained for this purpose.
    thanks & regards
    Chaitanya Rayaprolu

    change the settings under the menu path:
    here u tick off the indicator.

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