No multi-channel audio from DVD Player or Quicktime?

I have the A52Codec 1.7.6 installed. The codec preferences are set to output multi-channel audio. I have my Audio MIDI setup speaker configuration setup for multi-channel audio and the speaker assignment tests are all perfect. VLC plays back files with AC-3 soundtracks in perfect 5.1 multi-channel sound. Final Cut plays multi-channel audio properly as well.
When I watch a DVD, it is decoded to stereo. The dialog on 5.1 always comes from the left and right speakers and never from the center channel. It doesn't matter whether I remove the A52Codec and try again the result is aways the same, 5.1 audio in Quicktime and DVD Payer gets decoded to stereo. It is not that extra channels are missing, if that were true I'd get no dialog at all.
What do I have to do to make the DVD and Quicktime multi-channel audio decode as multi-channel audio and not stereo.

I'm not sure if this will resolve your issue or not, but have you configured it using /Utilities/Audi MIDI Setup ?

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    Mac Pro
    OS X 10.4.8 - QuickTime 7.1.3 -
    Having a strange problem when trying to play DVD's.
    DVD Player plays the images but I get no audio.
    I've fiddled with the DVD's language options and
    the DVD player controls but still nothing.
    So far I've had this problem with all twelve DVD's I experimented with.
    CD's, QuickTime, MP3, etc. files play fine - no problems so the problem seems to be DVD Player.

    I am having the same problem with my G5. It just started today. The most recent update I have done was yesterday to the latest version of iTunes. I have also updated my Powerbook but it hasn't seemed to have affected it yet. I have tried playing DVD's in the VLC media player and at first I get no audio as well but if I change the audio setting from "built-in (encoded)" to just "built-in" it pays back the audio fine. Any ideas?

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    is it possible to get multi channel audio outputs from a laptop such as 5.1 or 7.1 for watching Movies or television while using Windows media Center.

    Ok so i order to help anyone who is interested.
    The only ironic solution to this problem i found was to use a plugin called xto7 to convert the xml to the old fcp7 format.
    i then imported this into premiere pro.
    this was then able to export an OMF that when imported into logic 10 that was using the correct 6ch mono setting as separate tracks.
    Insane but it works until Apple fixes the incorrect meta data import in FCPX that sets the xml export to the default import that is always surround.
    this is the only way i was able to send stems with all the edit points and fades for the sound editor.
    If you don't have premiere lying around you maybe able to do it with fcp7 too we just didn't have it in this studio.
    Fingers crossed Apple fixes the fcpx xml export.

  • AAC and multi-channel audio

    Can AAC be used to encode multi-channel audio, such as DTS-HD Master Audio?
    DTS-HD Master Audio is an optional audio format in Blu-Ray. It uses lossless compression.
    There are other audio formats from Dolby Digital, for example, that are used to encode HD audio in Blu-Ray. Can AAC be used to encode those as well, without any loss of information?
    Is there any work in progress to make HD audio such as DTS-HD Master Audio available discretely on disc, like what the older DVD-Audio format made possible for 5.1 channel surround sound on disc?

    What adjustments do you want to make?

  • Multi channel audio output

    i am trying to output a wav file from a avi file.
    this file has multi channel audio, in this case 4 channels, though when outputting the audio by
    After Effets, mono or stereo is the only available choice.
    In this case, which channel will be extracted from the avi file?

    I'm 99% sure that only the first 2 channels will be imported. I've seen some weirdness where multichannel audio has been bounced to a stereo pair on import causing a jump in levels. Your best bet is to use Soundbooth (or Premiere) or an audio/editing app to do the conversion.

  • Multi Channel Audio Instrument [Kontakt 2]: Auxes not working?

    I've searched the forums and come up with several posts about using multi-channel audio instruments, but none seems to exactly address the issue I'm seeing (and being confused by). I'm trying to set up Native Instruments' Kontact 2 sampler in multi-channel mode in Logic Pro 7. I perform the following steps:
    1. On an available audio instrument object, I click the input drop-down, select Multi Channel -> AU Instruments -> Native Instruments -> Kontakt 2.
    2. When Kontakt 2 opens, I load, say, three different instruments.
    3. In Kontakt 2's Outpus area, I create three outputs, labelled "st. 1", "st. 2", "st. 3". I cable these to "Plugin Output 1" and "Plugin Output 2" for st.1, "Plugin Output 3" and "Plugin Output 4" for st.2, "Plugin Output 5" and "Plugin Output 6" for st.3.
    4. In Kontakt 2, I assign the output of instrument 1 to st. 1, the output of instrument 2 to st. 2 and the output of instrument 3 to st. 3.
    5. Back in Logic Pro, I create two new (stereo) audio objects and assign them to channels Aux 1 and Aux 2 (and name them accordingly).
    6. In my Aux1 object, I select its input drop-down and choose Instrument1 -> Kontakt2 3 & 4.
    7. In my Aux2 object, I select its input drop-down and choose Instrument1 -> Kontakt2 5 & 6.
    Okay, so basically I'm set up now, right? So to test this out, I set the MIDI receive channel of all of my instruments in Kontakt 2 to omni and click on the built-in keyboard in Kontakt 2. I can see the volume level indicators on all three instruments light up. I can also hear all three instruments coming out of my speakers. However, when I look at the environment page where I've created these objects, I find that they're all coming as a stereo sum from the original audio instrument object. The Aux1 and Aux2 objects are just sitting there doing nothing.
    What gives?
    Dual 1GHz PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver)   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   MOTU 828

    Okay, I found the solution to this, and it's odd enough that I figured that I'd post it just in case anyone else ran into it.
    It turns out that the multi-channel thing does not work at all when you play Kontakt 2 from the built-in keyboard (in K2). Visually, K2 still shows all the audio going out on the corresponding channels, etc., but I guess it's summing it and outputting in stereo only when you do that. If you send it data from Logic, it works just fine. So I had this setup correctly all along.

  • Multi Channel Audio Setup

    I've been trying to follow various tutorials for setting up multi channel audio insruments and I always get stuck at the point where you select Output 3-4, 5-6 etc. from the Aux 1, 2. 3 etc. objects. I never have more than Output 1-2 to choose from. I usually use the built- in audio or sometimes a Lexicon Omega. Do I need another interface to accomplish this or am I doing something wrong. I've accomplished quite a lot of things with Logic, but this has been hanging me up for a year now. Any thoughts?
    G4 iMac 1Ghz   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    multi channel audio instrument doesn't require a special card or interface
    any interface with stereo output should work
    you need to make sure your audio instrument supports multi channel
    logic pro only has Ultrabeat and EXS24 as multi channel
    under the plug-ins choose multi channel instead of stereo or mono then choose what ever is under multi channel
    example BFD, RMX, KORG LEGACY and other 3rd parties that support Multi

  • Wanted: Multi-Channel Audio Interface for iMac & GB (USB)

    I am looking for an affordable multi-channel audio interface for my iMac for use with Garageband. My goal is to playback old songs from my old computer (Atari ST) through my Yamaha gear and record the audio into GB so I can mix it. (READ: Not interested in transferring MIDI.)
    My goal is to get at least 4 and ideally 6 channel/track recording in GB. I’m not sure if the multi-channel units I see, such as the Alesis MultiMix 4 or the Behringer Xenyx Q802USB send all channels to the Mac or if they mix it down to two channels first.
    I’d prefer to mix all the channels in GB rather than pre-mix it. Also, I’d prefer to have 1/4” jacks; XLR would be a nice bonus. USB; since Firewire is going away and Thunderbolt is too new.
    Any suggestions? I’m trying to keep this under $100. (Also, I know I can use multiple low-budget devices and aggregate them in Audio/Midi, but I do NOT want to go that route.)

    As you imply, keeping it below $100 makes it tough.
    Generally only the two channel interfaces are close to $100.
    Check out Hang Times FAQ:

  • This is a very simple question about multi-channel audio playback

    I have an mp4 file that i made and i made it 7.1 surround sound, and i'm pretty sure that this 7.1 surround sound works, as it can be played in VLC. i'm using netstream to load my files now. How do i make it so that flash can playback all 8-channels of sound? I suppose kglad would know the answer

    Flash doesn't support multi-channel audio (yet?)

  • How can I Import 2 channel audio from a Sony PMW300 camera?

    How can I Import 2 channel audio from a Sony PMW300 camera?

    Terry Woolf
    Thanks for the reply.
    The link to your prior thread is
    I suspect that the issue of no audio for your .mp4 file goes to your conversion method MXF to .mp4.
    Please excuse if I am saying what you already know. When you import your video into Premiere Elements (in your case 12 Mac), a project
    preset is established, either by you manually or the project automatically. That project preset contains a description of the project settings
    for audio as well as video. Unless you select one of the project presets which are described for use with 5.1 channel, your audio in video audio
    imports into a stereo project. It is in the export area that you will find your opportunity to customize (if necessary) the settings for audio.
    In the project, if applicable to your situation, you can duplicate an audio channel (See Fill Left or Fill Right under fx Effects/Audio Effects).
    Please let me ask this to make sure of the details.
    If you import your .mp4 with 2 channel audio (derived from your .mxf convert and dragged to Video Track 1/Audio Track 1) and cannot hear the sound....
    a. do you see any evidence for an audio file in the Timeline Audio track 1?
    b. if you do, how many wave forms do you see, one or two?
    c. if you have the audio meters opened while you are playing back the Timeline content in Edit area, do you see 1 or 2 channels and is
    there activity in both.
    d. when you import the file into Project Assets, do you observe any conforming activity going on in progress bar in the lower right cover of the workspace...if
    so, do you wait for it to go to completion before continuing on?
    We could also try deleting the conformed audio in the Media Cache Files Folder to force the program to re-conform the audio. See Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks should show you the location of the Media Cache Files Folder whose contents you will be deleting.
    Please review and consider, and then let me know if I targeted your question. If not, please do not hesitate to let me know, and I will rethink my reply based
    on your response.
    Thank you.

  • Always asynchronous audio if I export an MXFop1a file with 8 channel audio from Premiere 2014.1 for delivery to XDCam HD U1 Sony.

    I try now for hours to export an MXF op1a with 8 channel audio from Premiere CC2014.1  and with AME 2014.1 to copy the file on my XDCam drive u1 to a disc.
    The file is always asynchronous after 20 or 30 minutes. The project is synchronous and also other codecs are synchronous if I export them. So I think it's a bug...
    I use the newest Sony XDCam drivers. Also parts with no audio can't be render with intelligent render. If I use this option, Premiere or AME crashes...
    I work on a mac system with 10.8.5 OSX.
    Does anybody have the same problems or any ideas to solve my problem...
    Best regards,

    The following will answer both your questions a) and b).
    Click on your master timeline and press cmd+0 (zero) to bring up Sequence Settings, then click on the Audio Outputs tab on the right. Click on the Outputs option and change it to 6. You can leave them as Stereo pairs.
    Now, back on your timeline, you need to make sure all your audio is organised so each track. A1, A2, A3, A4 etc has all the relevant media on it.
    Then, on the left of the timeline you see the Destination toggle buttons, then you see the Padlocks to lock tracks, then you have the Toggle Auto Select squares. If you right-click on the Toggle Auto Select squares you bring up a little sub-menu, at the top of this list you'll see Audio Outputs, which will show the stereo channels for that particular track. As you've changed the number of Audio Outputs in the Sequence Settings, the list will show: 1&2, 3&4, 5&6. You just tick whichever channels you want.
    In your case, you have dialogue on the first 4 tracks, no problem, just go down through tracks 1,2,3 and 4 as described above and assign these to Audio Outputs 1&2.
    Then just go down through your music and effects audio tracks and assign them accordingly.
    Now, when you export your timeline as a self-contained media file, it will have different audio channels.
    I hope that makes sense. When you change the number of audio outputs as described in the first step, I believe the rest of it is fairly self explanatory, once you know where the settings are.

  • Multi-channel audio mapping and adjusting.

    Hello All,
    I am trying to understand the concept of multi-channel audio and the way premiere handles the files.
    I have an MXF file which contains 4 channels of audio.  I am able to get premiere to view all 4 channels with an adaptive track, however, how do I make adjustments to each track? 
    EX: Say I want to adjust one of the channels within that adaptive track, how would I do that.
    Former FCP user thanks you.
    - Ryan

    What adjustments do you want to make?

  • How do I get good audio feed from DVD player to my MBP using an optic cable

    I have successfully recorded audio off of concert DVD's using Sound Studio 3 by connecting my DVD player to my MBP using left/right outputs to a 35mm input. I purchased an optical cable, connected it to my DVD player and used a 35mm adapter to connnect it to my MBP input. All I get is a weird popping interferance type sound instead of clear audio. Any tips on what is going on? I have correct settings in system preferences (recognizes an optical connection) but all I hear is noise?
    Thanks for any help!

    I just use mac the ripper with the following instructions 530884489333
    It gives you a few options for audio, I generally save as AAC though you can rip as AIFF and then encode into just about anything with quicktime.

  • Multi channel audio not exporting from fcpx xml as mono to logic always comes in a mixed surround

    I have a long edit cut with 24 bit multi channel wav files (i.e 6 microphones on separate tracks but in a single wav file.)
    This is very a very common production practice.
    when i import into fcpx it defaults to seeing the files as surround. I change this to mono so i can mix and spit the audio between each mic.
    The last step in the edit is to hand the mix off to the sound designer in logic.
    however no matter how i export the xml file for logic. it always comes in as a surround file again instead of mixed mono files.
    it shows up in logic as 6 tracks but all but generally only the top track has a mono mix of all 6 and the rest are blank.
    it shows that all 6 are seen as 5.1 surround indicated by the icon.
    interestingly if i just import the file directly into logic it comes in as 6 mono files. (the icon for mono showing and all are separate microphones)
    Any ideas on how to get fcpx not to export the audio xml as surround? (it seems that it is locked to that on import no matter how i modify after)

    Ok so i order to help anyone who is interested.
    The only ironic solution to this problem i found was to use a plugin called xto7 to convert the xml to the old fcp7 format.
    i then imported this into premiere pro.
    this was then able to export an OMF that when imported into logic 10 that was using the correct 6ch mono setting as separate tracks.
    Insane but it works until Apple fixes the incorrect meta data import in FCPX that sets the xml export to the default import that is always surround.
    this is the only way i was able to send stems with all the edit points and fades for the sound editor.
    If you don't have premiere lying around you maybe able to do it with fcp7 too we just didn't have it in this studio.
    Fingers crossed Apple fixes the fcpx xml export.

  • Can't record sound from DVD player

    I just built a new DAW with a Gigabyte MoBo that has the Realtek sound chip on board. I installed an M-Audio external Fast Track Pro connected to the computer with USB 2.0. With the two sound devices I can play Band in a Box (my main band) through the Realtek and out put to my mixer. I then use my Line 6 Pod XT as a preamp to my guitar that also goes to my Behringer mixer. I connect the main out (R&L) from the mixer to the 1 and 2 inputs on the M-audio. I set Audio Hardware setup in AA3 to use the M Audio device for input and am able to record mixer output to tracks in AA3. I tried several configs and this is the only one that I found that works. All is good so far.
    I installed a SATA DVD player (Lite on 24x) that works fine, but it plays through the M-Audio via USB, bypassing the Realtek chip, and the sound does not show up in AA3. I'm thinking I need to route the DVD output to the mixer to use the channel that is already set up. I've been trying to output the DVD player through the onboard Realtek but can't find any way to direct it to do so. I don't necessarily need it to play through the Realtek, but I want to be able to record from the DVD player.
    So, does anyone have any idea how to direct the output of the DVD player to the sound card of choice? I'm stumped.

    Thanks for your reply. Realtek audio works only in playback. There is a stereo mix in the mixer but the recording controls are not operable with no sliders in the mixer for any recording option. Slider controls appear to be grayed out. Can't figure out how to enable them. Downloaded newest drivers to no avail.
    The M Audio control panel has no apparent option for recording stereo mix. Adobe ignores the sound from the DVD or CD and shows flatline.
    I'm trying to record the sound from the DVD not rip the track.
    When I go to Audio Driver Setup and select Audition 3.0 windows sound, there is no input device installed.
    I'm thinking of going back to a decent internal Soundblaster card like I have on my 8 year old machine I am replacing.

Maybe you are looking for

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    adobe crashes when working on certain PDF's that require editing.  Have updated to latest 11.0.09.  Hangs when trying to save file.  Didnt do it with previous versions.  Running W8.1 Pro.

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