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I just updated to a canon mark iii from a mark ii and therefore had to update my version of Lightroom. I downloaded the trial version of LR 4.4 and imported my first set of images.  However, the images are not in the order in which I shot them. I attempted to go to View--Sort--Added Order and Capture Time, but neither of these rectified the problem.  Can someone please help me?  Thanks so muc

I tried that as well, but it doesn't seem to sort them in the order they were taken. I still have the images on my card in my camera and I can see the order in which I took them, but this doesn't match no matter how I sort them.  Can it be a lemon version of Lightroom that I downloaded?  I am so frustrated.  Thanks for your help!

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  • Reversed order of images emailed from LR5 on a Mac

    This has been a problem ever since LR3 and on previous versions of the MacOS. I hoped that it would be fixed in LR5, but not yet. When I select multiple images for email in LR5 on a Mac running Mavericks, the preview shows the images in the correct order, but in the email message itself, the order is reversed so that the last image is first and the first image is last. Nothing helps. If you select the images in a different order, the result is the same backwards order. Others have noted this problem, see messages from Bud, AJ, and SC in the middle of this page of comments on Julianne Kost's blog starting in December 2012: Lightroom – How Do You Change the Order of Images, Before Renaming? « Julieanne Kost's Blog
    The only workaround is to create a separate export for each image or to export a folder of images and manually add them to a single email. I can't imagine that this would be a hard bug to fix, so please, Adobe, do so!
    In addition, it would be helpful if there were a space between images in the email so that the images don't all run together in one long strip. There should be a way to have this happen by setting up a style or template so that it does not have to be done manually.

    SASanderson wrote:
    Do you have a suggestion for automatically adding a space between images?
    I don't think you have control if using the native email feature (but I could be wrong). I'm not a Mac expert, but I suspect the solution would be something like exporting to an applescript and having that talk to apple-mail. Or running an apple-script after exporting to the emailer to add the space post-facto. Or, if you could find a special Mac email plugin which had more flexibility..
    I use an Outlook macro for formatting messages with emails exported by Lightroom, but that wouldn't help you on the Mac (other than perhaps conceptually).
    Sorry I can't be more help.

  • Why does Image Capture stop recognizing Epson scanner after scanning several images? I have to stop and start the scanner in order for Image Capture to recognize it again.

    Why does Image Capture stop recognizing Epson scanner after scanning several images? I have to stop and start the scanner in order for Image Capture to recognize it again.

    Karen ...
    Might be corrupted preferences (.plist)
    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type or copy paste the following:
    Click Go then move the com.apple.image_Capture.plist file to the Trash.
    Restart your Mac and your scanner and try scanning an image.

  • Slideshow - Order of Images - Sorting

    The only sorting optons for collections and playing a slideshow are:
    Capture time
    Import order
    Edit time
    Edit count
    Color Label
    File Name
    File Extension
    File Type
    Aspect ratio
    User order
    Through a combination of ratings and color labels, I have trimmed 2400 photos to about 500. For the most part, I want the photos arranged in the order of the capture time. But for wide and closeup shots of the same scene, I want the wide shots to appear first in the slideshow, followed by the related close-up shots. At this point, and given the large number of photos for the slide show, the only alternative above that allows for rearranging the order is "User order".
    I don't see where the user specifies the input field or metadata for "user order." I thought it may be related to the order the user clicks images into the collection, but this is not the case.
    It appears there is no way to drag and drop or insert images using a mouse to rearrange the order. That would be ideal and consistent with the visual design of Lightroom.
    Can anyone help with rearranging the order? I don't want to edit the image capture time solely to rearrange a slideshow. This would be very cumbersome.
    San francisco

    After more testing with a smaller sample, the user order is the sequence the photos were added to the collection. When I first experimented with this, the user order of my test sample was the same as image capture time because I did a massive import to the collection (rather than photo by photo). When I was expecting a different sort order for image capture vs user order, I did not realize the sort order in my particular situation would be identical.
    So the work-around to specify a precise order is to first select and edit all of the photos for inclusion or exclusion from the slideshow. Then add the draft slide show picks into a second collection one by one in the exact order desired in the final slideshow. For sorting the final collection, select the last option - User select.
    There should be an easier way to accomplish this task. With 500 photos to arrange in order, it would be easy to make a mistake and miss a photo or put one in the wrong place. Perhaps you could change the color code after adding a photo to a collection to help in keeping track of the rearranging / sorting. This adds time to the already slow and tedious process.
    Any other ideas?
    San Francisco

  • Save manual ordering of images in a project?

    Hi there,
    I have a project with images from lots of different cameras which I have edited down ready for making up an Aperture book. I have also laboriously re-ordered the images, into rough "chapter" order. The little indicator at top left correctly enough has the ordfer labelled as "manual" - my question is, can I close down Aperture and have the images appear in the same order when I open the programme again? Ideally, I'd like to pull the whole lot into the book and have them arrange themselves in the same, manual order in the book, so I can then resize, finetune etc.
    Thanks for your help!

    The little indicator at top left correctly enough has the ordfer labelled as "manual" - my question is, can I close down Aperture and have the images appear in the same order when I open the programme again?
    This is an undocumented feature - at least I have never seen a written guarantee-, but so far Aperture has always preserved my manual ordering of images in library items, like projects, albums, slideshow,... and always shown the same sequence of images as before after quitting and reopening.
    But what is your Aperture version? Your profile signature says Mac OS X (10.5.6). I have never used Aperture on this system, so I cannot make any guarantees for earlier Aperture versions. I only tested on Aperture 3.2.4 and later. And in some cases Aperture will shuffle images around when using manually arranged images for a product, like for a slideshow. The recommended workflow is to do the manual arranging in the final album, not before adding to the album, this is safer. Or to add tags to the images that you can use for sorting, like numbered version names or headlines.
    But if you already have decided on the images you want to use, why not create the book with these images at once, before you quit Aperture? You do not have to finish the book in one go - my books ususally take a full month to finish
    To create a book from the images in your project select them all at once in the Browser and use the command "File > New > Book". Then check, if they arrived in the correct sort order in the book album and quit.
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  • ID CS6. Fluidly adjust order of images/items in a catalog?

    ID CS6. I'm creating a catalog of identically-sized images. I need to add new images as well as adjust their order periodically.  I'm intending to auto title the images with Live Captions (so they won't need to relate to any separate objects). Is there a way to setup the file so that I can add an image and it will automatically bump all the images after it 1 space to the right (or down to the next row). I'm essentially looking for some sort of functionality akin to most back end shopping cart systems where you can drag and drop items to adjust order.  Is this possible in InDesign CS6?

    I know plenty of people run into the issue of not being able to see their images while in design view, but mine is the exact opposite.
    My images show up as a tiny blue question mark box in Live View... As well as when I preview it in a browser localy on my machine.
    I think I know why it might be happening but dont know how to fix it...
    When I insert an image DW codes it as such:
    <img src="/images/madintro.jpg" width="470" height="267" />
    The problem seems to lie in DW adding the "/" in front of "images"
    when I manually go in and take out the "/" the image shows magically shows up as it should.
    Why has dreamweaver suddenly defaulted to making bad code? what did I do to cause this issue? And obviously how can I change it back to work again and make the image show in my DW workspace?
    Yes, the slash is exactly the problem. That is known as a Site-root relative link.These types of link are good to use in Templates because they are always the same. They don't need to be "fixed' when you generate a page from your Template into a different folder.
    The downside of using Site-root reltive links, is that you can't access the files locally. You must get the page from a web server. One exception to that is using Preview in Browser (PIB) "Temp" files.
    Read this Tech Note about setting up a Testing Server so you can see these files in Live View and PIB:
    If you want to switch back to using Document relative links, then setthe Relative to: field to be "Document" in the "Browse for file" dialog (folder button next to Link field in PI). This setting is sticky, so all future link will use the same setting.
    Hope this helps,

  • Order of images in slideshow ...

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find the answer with google or here.
    I'm using lightroom 3 - how can I change the order of the images in a slideshow .... I'd love to be able to drag and drop the images into the order that I want but that does not sem possible .... so how do I do this please?

    You can order your photos in Library Module, in Grid mode. To be able to establish a user sort order, you must be either
    In a collection (not a smart collection)
    In a bottom level folder (no more subfolders underneath it)
    In a non-bottom level folder, but without having "Include Photos from Subfolders" marked
    A collection is my prefered way for slideshows, since you can
    Select the photos you want
    Order them as you like
    Beat Gossweiler

  • Creating a manual sort order for images in LR?

    So I have been using LR for a few weeks now, and generally once I am done editing and processing, I amend the order of the images by manually dragging the images about in either library or develop mode. I find sorting them into like groups makes it easier for others to look through them. Now, suddunly, LR is letting me 'drag' amd image, but it wont 'drop' it in the desired spot.
    I feel like I must have accidently pushed some strange button...but I can't figure out where?

    Hey! I solved my own question!  In case anyone else is stumped, here is the answer:
    There seem to be two issued LR is picky about:
    1. You need to select the image, not the surrounding grey 'slide mount' area.
    2. Near as I can figure, it wasnt letting me sort because I was in  'previous import', under catalogue. When I selected the 'date' of the image under 'folder' it worked!

  • Cs6 photomerge preferred order of images

    I have taken an 8 shot Panorama from the same spot on 2 different occasions but the resulting images are totally different.  Is there a way I can decide on which image I want to be at the start as I have tried loading them in a different order but to no avail - still comes out the same, Thanks

    If, for some reason, perhaps because of the similarity of the images, the order is the merge is compromised.  Since you know the proper sequence, Photomerge the first 2 images of the panorama. When completed, merge it with a third image, then merge that with a another until you have merged them all.
    By the way, the reason for this mixup is often traceable to the fact that the original photography did not overlap sufficiently. A safe overlap is 25%-33%

  • Scrambled order of images via Apple TV from shared folder

    When I select a folder of images on my computer which are sorted in ascending number in the folder, the set of images I then view on my TV is partially scrambled!  Why don't they appear in the numeric order which I created in the folder?  I have added numerals from 001- on up, to the beginning names of the image files, in order to show them in the order I chose.  What is going on??

    You can try...
    Express Lane (select your country, navigate to iCloud help and enter the serial number of one of your devices)
    However, since this is how it's supposed to work, I'm not sure what they can do for you.
    I'm not sure why you don't want to use iPhoto, but I can put my photos in any order whatsoever using it.

  • Poor resolution and random order of images

    Im using idvd for the first time. I have noticed that the image quality on stills is very poor.
    Also the load order seems random. Is there any way to set a higher res on the images and also,
    without going thru all of the images one by one, to set the order as "in order they were shot"

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. To get the photos in the order you want assemble them in an iPhoto album and put them in the order you want.
    In iDVD locate the album in the Media/Photos pane and drag the album icon into the slideshow pane on the left.
    Where are you seeing the lower resolution, in iDVD or after burning? Are you cropping the photos to the 4:3 ratio before adding to iDVD. Most cameras produce photos at that ratio but photos from other sources may not be. The encoding process produces images that are 640 x 480 in size. That's standard for DVDs. If you play a DVD full screen on the computer it certainly won't look as good as the displaying the photos on the monitor by another method.

  • Can I sequence the order of images in a smart collection by the dates the images were taken

    I understand you can not move images around in a smart collection, but my question is, "Can I establish the order by date taken at the time the smart collection is populated, starting with the earliest date in the smart collerction?

    You can select capture time at any time from the toolbar (to the right of Sort:)
    Click on your smart collection and if you can’t see the toolbar press “T” once or twice to show/hide the toolbar.
    Click the A/Z symbol to reverse the order if required.

  • Create a New Order for Images - Then Rename

    I have PSE 5.0.2
    I use Windows XP.
    I have a series of jpg's that I would like to put in a different order by drag-n-drop into a different arrangement - then batch rename them with a sequential naming convention.
    Can I re-arrange images in PSE by drag-n-drop?
    Is there a renaming feature that is user defined?

    I have PSE 5.0.2
    I use Windows XP.
    I have a series of jpg's that I would like to put in a different order by drag-n-drop into a different arrangement - then batch rename them with a sequential naming convention.
    Can I re-arrange images in PSE by drag-n-drop?
    Is there a renaming feature that is user defined?
    You did not say WHY you want to rename the jpegs. A common reason is that you want to use these photo files in a different program that will not "know" the sequence which you established within PS Elements.  If that is the situation, I would
    1- In the PSE 5 Organizer make a PSE Collection of those photos. You can drag and drop the thumbnails within the display of the Collection to establish sequence.
    2- Then with the thumbnails of the Collection displayed and selected, use the Export command on the File menu of the Organizer and use its Common Base Name option (which will use the Base that you enter and number according to the sequence of the Collection).
    FYI - The above process does make an additional copy of the photo files which it processes and allows you to choose the Windows folder in which they are saved: it does not rename the existing files.
    I suggest that you look in the PSE 5 help and read topics on Collection and Export. If you have additional questions then post back here.

  • How to invert order of images in CS4?

    I got a range of frames, starting -130 to zero .
    When played, its like my animation plays backwards.
    How to invert the order of the images?
    zero to 160 plays fine.
    thanks for your time.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Are you saying that you have your still image sequence on the Timeline, starting with still # 1 through # 130, in that order, but that when you play the Timeline, it plays from # 130 (the last frame) back to # 1 (the first frame)?
    Is the CTI (Current Time Indicator w/ the red Edit Line) playing backward from the End to the beginning of the Timeline?
    Thanks for that info,

  • Order of images / Figures

    I am nearly finished with my first eBook but I noticed that on some pages the order of the images (configured as figure) is "off". For example it is Figure 5 on the beginning of the page and Figure 4 at the end of the page.
    Is there a way to manually correct this ? What decides on the order ?
    Ingo Hilgefort

    thanks a lot for your answer but that is why I asked, because it does not seem to be like that.

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