OWB 11g  Process Flow - How to see variables and how to create variables

Dear All,
I have recently migrated from 10g to 11g rel 2.
In 10g when I open a proces flow I can see all the parameters and variables I created on each activities on "Explorer" window. this allows me to craete new parameters and variables as well.
But ones after I migrated to 11g, I cant see explorer window and there is no place to enable it as well.
How Can I create variables, parameters in processes flow on 11g?
Thanks in advance.

In 11g "Explorer" window renamed as "Stucture" and same details as 10g shows in Structure window. This window can enable and dissable (Show and Hide) using Menu => View=> Stuture option.

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    In OWB 10.1 processflow the IN parameters for the procedure in can be passed in the activity view which appears on selecting the procedure in the processflow. How to enter the IN parameters in case of OWB11gr2. In property Inspector no options are there. Any help is highly appriciated

    select the transformation activity. In the structure window, select the parameter. Then you can set the binding or the value in the property window.
    Sometimes, the property window is not updated when the parameter is selected. Double click the window bar of the property window to maximize it.

  • How to run an OWB 11gR2 process flow using OEMS Jobs?

    How to run an OWB 11gR2 process flow using OEMS 11g Jobs?
    In other words iam trying to create an Oracle Enterprise manager job for scheduling and running an OWB Process flow.
    Can any one of you please route me to a documentation for the same,or enlist the steps involved?

    look at OWB API Reference (it is of 11gR1 OWB release but you can apply this procedure to OWB11gR2 as well)

  • Exact process flow  for   Material management  (MM)  and  UI  Tcodes.

    Hi  Gurus,
    Could  any one tel me Exact process flow  for   Material management  (MM)  and  UI  Tcodes.
    ALL   BAPIs  for   MM  module.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Check the threads:
    MM  flow
    For tcodes:
    Hope it helps..

  • OWB Process Flow - How is the best  version control tool ??

    HI all,
    I just start work with OWB and I have a question to know how is the best way to do something.
    Imagine the scenario below:
    If I have 2 or more requests for example:
    Request 1: Create a Dimension City.
    Request 2: Create a Dimension Products.
    I Have ONE process flow and i need put my changes inside. This is my problem.
    In my scenario I don't know what Request goes to Prod First.
    If I put the Request 1 and Request 2 in my PROCESS FLOW, maybe I need change is someone decide change MY REQUEST PRIORITY.
    There is something in OWB to "control the version or changes" ?? For a mapping I export the MDL and commit on SVN, but I dont know haw can i do with the process flow.
    Something to agree multiples peoples work in different mappings and a SAME PROCESS FLOW ??
    What is best way to work with process flow and version control.
    What are the best practices when it comes to version control?

    Are you really doing this in 10.1.3.x and not 11g?
    At any rate, I don't see how #2 and #3 relate whatsoever to your choice of a version control system. OK, maybe in #2 if there is some "maintenance" activity to be done against the version control server. Subversion is the open source alternative that you listed there and is pretty commonly used. If your company is already using one of the mentioned tools, why change? About the only thing I'd mention is to advise you NOT to use CVS for well documented reasons (JDev does support it) - if you would have picked CVS otherwise, choose Subversion. As far as question #1 - I've only used Subversion (well, I did use CVS for a while) with JDeveloper, so I can say it was "effective enough for me." In 10.1.3.x, I also used the external svn tools for doing lots of things like merging and so forth; in 11g, the support is much much better.

  • Process Flow: how to install OWF for OWB?

    Hi all,
    I installed OWB 10.2 and I don't know how to install OWF, or better:
    - I installed OWF 2.6.4 server from OWF CD
    - I crated the OWF location
    - I registered the OWF location
    - I created a Process Flow but when I deploy it, it appears this error message:
    ORA-01924: role 'OWB_O_OWBRT_OWNER' not granted or does not exist
    ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_SESSION", line 132
    ORA-06512: at line 1
    How can I mange it?
    Is not possible to install OWF from OWB Reposiroty Assistant?
    Or what kind of grants does it need?

    You have to make the workflow manager schema as an OWB user.For that goto global explorer -->user-->right click on it select your workflow manager schema and click finish ...that should do the trick

  • Executing 11g process flows

    Hi everyone
    I am working with OWB 11g and have successfuly created several hundreds of mapping and process flows to manage them. The process flows all work fine when run from within OWB.
    What I want to do now is take this to the next level and manage the running of the process flows from outside of OWB. We have a mix of Linux on the server where presumably CRON jobs could be run. We also have Windows servers.
    Does anyone have any documentation or website links that you point me in the dirction of to make this work?
    Presumably Oracle Workflow would be one of the answers so if you could give me some pointers as to how to get this up and running, for example in a Windows environment, I would be grateful.
    Best wishes

    several methods for executing processflow and mappings are described in OWB API and Scripting Reference (chapter "Using SQL*Plus to Schedule and Execute Jobs"):
    1) with using SQLPLUS_EXEC_TEMPLATE script
    2) with using WB_RT_API_EXEC.RUN_TASK stored function

  • OWB-OWF - Process Flow Deployment - Database Link

    Hello there,
    This post is basically related to my problem with Process Flow deployment.
    Could someone please shed some light on the following:
    When we create a Process Flow, during this process OWF creates a Database Link. For some reason, this link is not functional unless I remove the part after "." in that defines the "HOST" in the DB Link definition. How do I know it is not functional - I know because following query does not work:
    select * from [email protected]@WB_LK_WF_PKG
    Here is the link definition:
    create database link [email protected]_LK_WF_PKG
    connect to RR
    identified by "<pwd>"
    MODIFIED (it works - above query runs OK):
    create database link [email protected]_LK_WF_PKG
    connect to RR
    identified by "<pwd>"
    My second question is "using what userid/pwd should this link should have been created? Should it use "Runtime Repository Owner" or "OWB Repository Owner" or "Runtime Access User" or "OWF_MGR"?
    No matter what userid I use, it works when I run the query but I always get following error when I try to deploy the "Process Flows" in OWB:
    RPE-02085: Failed to test wb_rti_workflow_util.initialize through deployed Workflow Database Link [email protected]_LK_WF_PKG2. Please check that "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" privilege is set and that the OWB Runtime is available.
    - ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object [email protected]@WB_LK_WF_PKG2
    ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
    I have already granted the "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" to OWF_MGR. I am not sure, though, what is meant by the "and that the OWB Runtime is available" part of the error message above.
    I have also tried to fix this by running the "catrpc.sql" script but it did not help either.
    I am stuck on this step for past few days. I would highly appreciate help in fixing this problem. Here is the configuration I am using:
    o Source database : Oracle 9i (9.2) on my local PC
    o Target database : Oracle 9i (9.2) on my local PC
    o OWB 9i
    o OWF 2.6.2
    o OWB and OWF repositories are on the TARGET database
    I am able to successfully deploy and run my MAPPINGs.

    Hello Oracle support,
    Should I open a TAR to get this problem resolved?

  • OWB 10gR2 Process Flow returning status = Complete and Result = Null

    I have a process flows i ran lot of times with success (it shows status = complete and result = OK). It invokes a lot of mappings and other flows
    Sometimes one of invoked mapping or flows shows status = complete and result = Null and main process too.
    The main process i invoked by a PLSQL store procedure using wb_rt_api_exec package. When status = Null the store procedure hangs and I have to kill it.
    When it happens, owb service restart (new record in WB_RT_SERVICE_JOB_LOGS).
    Can anyone help me?
    The configuration that I am working with is as below ---
    OWB client version :
    OWB repository version :
    Oracle Workflow Version :
    Database version : 10g Enterprise edition release

    Sometimes transitions in process flows get scrambled and you have to fix them by hand.....this happens and I dont know why.
    Basically what happens is: every operator in process flow has three outgoing transitions (in general) marked as 0, 1 and 2, when you take a look at details property of your operator then in the outgoing transitions tab you should have ORDER collumn 0, 1, 2 for warning, error and success.
    If this is not the case (0,1,2) process will not know what to return as value, and what is more bizzare this works until it does not :)
    I dont know if this is your case but it's worth checking.

  • OWB embeded process flow - parameter binding problem

    I've installed and Oracle 10g Database, after the database installation I added the Oracle Workflow server software. To complete the installation I ran the wfca.
    Later I get to define a process flow in OWB (cheesy) and the process flow seems to be working well (I've done all the registrations necesary also ), but when I am trying to do the parameter binding is not working. I do get the window prompt for the parameter and I enter the date parameter ( I tried different formats like 'YYYY/MM/DD' 'dd-mon-yyyy'), but after I check the runtime in the web browser the parameter is not pass to next process. I tried many things for the last week but I cannot get it to pass the parameter from one process to another.
    Any ideas,
    HELP !!!!!

    did u manage to resolve this issue? we are facing the same problem.

  • Process flow - How to deploy

    I am new to OWB and have created lot of maps and running maps one by one manually to load data.
    Now I want to automate it with process flow and workflow. I created a location for workflow and tested the connection.
    I have created a small process flow . Now from control center when I select the process flow and click on start it says I have to deploy it before executing it. If I tell yes for deployemnt it says no objects for deployment (rtc-5170).
    What is the procedure for executing a process flow.
    any documentaion will help

    Within the control center right click on your process flow, set action, create. Then deploy the process flow. Then run the process flow.

  • Sale process flow of SBO E-Commerce - What documents are created in SAP B1?

    Dear All,
    Can any one please confirm the sale process flow of SBO E-Commerce, when a customer submits an Sales Order and pays the amount online?
    I am mainly interested to know about the documents, which are created in SAP B1 after the said Payment against the Order through the Web tools?

    As I understand it, out of the box WebTools simply creates a B1 Sales Order from a WebTools order during the scheduled synchronization.
    If you are accepting credit card payments and have configured a credit card gateway (Paypal, Skipjack, etc), then you can choose to authorise the payment only for capture later or capture the payment immediately at the time of order. Neither of these events creates any document in SAP B1. You process the order as normal and post a payment manually as part of your workflow.
    If you have a credit card add-on (CitiXSys or similar) installed and specified in the WebTools Synch Manager, the normal SAP B1 processing of the Sales Order (creating a delivery document)  will trigger the capture of a previously authorised credit card payment, creating and posting an A/R invoice and an associated payment document in B1.
    Hope this helps you in your question.
    Dave Bragg

  • ADF -11g : Question on how to create a pivot table

    I am trying to create a dynamic pivot table (the number of column and row layers change for each request) and I cannot use a data base structure to back it up.
    I thought of doing it through a managed bean but in order to do it I need to know how to create the PivotTableModel.
    The pivot table model requires a data source object and I do not know how to create it to support multiple row and column layers.
    Is there a default data source object that I can extend, or better yet is there a written example on how to create a pivot table model using a managed bean.
    Edited by: user638363 on Dec 18, 2008 7:02 AM

    beyond the documentation, the pivot table is described in
    I am not aware of any sample that directly meets your requirement

  • Step by step process for how to  creating the Admin wizards through NWDS

    I have requirement of creating the wizards.
    i have seen the help of the sap site in the followin url.
    This link has not explained how to create the wizard project in NWDS.
    It has explained that
    Each wizard contains a wizard component, whose Java class extends AbstractWizard. This class is descended from AbstractPortalComponent, making the wizard a standard iView that can be displayed in the portal administration pages.
    AbstractWizard requires you to implement one method, setupWizard(), which is passed an IConfigurableWizard object. In this method, the wizard does the following:
    My basic question or like
    Which component need to be choose in nwds to create the wizards?
    In document it has given that , The class need to be extend the AbstractWizard class. so do I need to create the plain java class or AbstractPortalComponent.
    The steps which are given is really confusing.
    Can anybody have step by step creating of wizard develpment and deployment is available?
    Pelase help me to finish my task.
    I saw in the sap help document , the following .jar file is essential for developing the wizards ,How to download or get the following jar file
    1.     com.sap.portal.admin.wizardframework_api.jar

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  • OWB Process flow, how to change created by in process properties?

    How can I change created by, and last updated by data in process properties (general tab)?
    Where is the table with metadata in database?
    How can I manually change created by data for process?
    I have found WB_RT_WAREHOUSE_OBJECTS table in REP_OWNER shema but this is only data when process is deployed in database.

    You have to make the workflow manager schema as an OWB user.For that goto global explorer -->user-->right click on it select your workflow manager schema and click finish ...that should do the trick

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