Partner function Payee in SRM

Hi All,
I think there is no business partner function in SRM for "Payee". Is this correct?
In such case, is it possible to create in SRM? Furthermore, is it possible to assign this business partner function when we post invoice from SRM?
Thanks for you help

<b>In SRM, please go through this -></b>
Maintainence View - BBPV_PARTNERFUNC
Function module - BBP_PDH_PARTNER_GET_FUNC
<b><u>In R/3 system, please go through this -></u></b>
Table - TPAR
Function modules ->
Do let me know.
- Atul

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  • Partner functions  for vendor master in SRM

    We in SRM40 and extended classic scenario.
    we would like to implement Partner functionality in SRM.
    Do share the steps for configuration with details,

    Which SRM version are you using ?
    SPRO Path ->
    SRM SPRO - Configuration Path for maintaining Partner Functions
    SPRO -> Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Define Partner Functions
    Refer to following IMG Configuartion path and ensure that Goods Recipient entry is maintained in the system.
    Function Function_type Usage Description Abbrerviation Created by
    00000020 0002 B2B Goods Recipient GR XXX
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    Hope this will definitely help. Do update me.
    - Atul

  • Does SRM support Vendor Partner Functionality from ECC?

    Does SRM support or sync up with Vendor Partner functions in ECC such as OA, VN, PI, etc.?
    Initial look at SRM does not suggest that SAP has made it easy to replicate partner functions in SRM.

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    <b>Pls reward points for useful answers.</b>

  • Partner functions OA and IP missing for Vendor in Extended classic PO

    As part of current Classic scenario, we have maintained OA (Ordering Address) and PI (Invoicing Party) for a vendor in R/3. We have also maintained different ordering addresses for multiple plants in the Vendor master: Partner functions screen --> Alternative data.
    I would like to acheive the same functionality in Extended Classic scenario. We have replicated the vendors from R/3 to SRM. After activating Extended Classic scenario, we see only VN as the partner function in R/3 PO.
    Q1. How can we enable OA and PI partner functions in R/3 PO (Extended Classic) ?
    Q2. How can we enable different ordering addresses for multiple plants in R/3 PO (Extended Classic) ?

    Which SRM Server are you using ?
    <b>You need to maintain Partner Functions in the SRM Server - SPRO Transaction - Configuration Settings.</b>
    <u>Here is the Path from SPRO Transaction -></u>
    <b>Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Cros Application Basic-Settings -> Define Partner Functions</b>
    <u>Maintain Similar entries as mentioned below.</u>
    Function      Function     Type    Usage     Description                           Abbreviation  
    00000016     0013     B2B     Requester               RQ
    00000017     0007     B2B     Contact Person               CP
    00000018     0011     B2B     Bidder                    BI
    00000019     0012     B2B     Vendor                    VD
    00000020     0002     B2B     Goods Recipient               GR
    00000025     0014     B2B     Portal Provider               PP
    00000026     0008     B2B     Responsible Employee          RE
    00000027     0017     B2B     Ship-To Address               DP
    00000028     0003     B2B     Invoice Recipient               IR
    00000029     0015     B2B     Invoicing Party               IP
    00000030     0018     B2B     Ship-From Address          SP
    00000034     0002     B2B     Plant                    PLNT
    00000038     0001     B2B     Sold-to Party               ORDR
    00000039     0026     B2B     Preferred Vendor               PRVD
    00000051     0019     B2B     Purch. Org. Auth. For Release     AREL
    00000074     0025     B2B     Service Agent               SERV
    00000075     0031     B2B     Location     LOCA
    00000097     0034     B2B     Invoicing Party Employee          IPEm
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    Classic Scenario PO has multiple OA Partner Functions for Vendor
    <u>For 2), see the pointers -></u>
    <u><i>There is an article written by Jason Didday at entitled "mySAP SRM and SAP R/3 Partner Functions: Supporting OAs, VNs and IPs" that you may find useful.</i></u>
    <u>In SRM, there is no standard relation betwwen plant and vendor master data.
    You can use BBP_GET_VMDATA_CF BADI to add backend data in SRM while using BBPGETVD and BBPUPDVD transactions.</u>
    Replication of Ordering Address from R/3 to SRM
    Re: Adding Partner Function to R/3 PO from SRM in Classic using BADI
    Partner function Payee in SRM
    Adding Partner Function to R/3 PO from SRM in Classic using BADI
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Partner function in SRM and R3

    hi  Experts,
    we are having SRM 7.0.(ECS).we have a requirement as mentioned below.
    We maintain multiple Ordering adress(OA),IP in R3 for a vendor master.When we replicate this vendor ro SRM.we dont ahve this data copied to BP in SRM?
    But we have a provision of definfing New partner fucntion and Partner schema in SRM.Can we link these partner functions with the ones in R3? If we configure the parnter functions and partner schema in SRM ,then we replciate vendors . At this time will the partner functions be transferred?
    How can we use the partner function facility in SRM?
    please send us your valuable points.

    Hi Subhash,
    Business Process is as follow:                                                                               
    1. In ECC vendor has Ordering Partner, using standard functionalities        
    2. When a user is creating a Scheduling Agreement in ECC using these         
    vendors, the system is proposing the list of Ordering Address to be          
    3. We replicate the Vendor Master Data from ECC to SRM                       
    4. In the replication the relationship between Vendor and Ordering           
    Address is lost, but these are creating as two separated BP                  
    5. When the user creates a contract in SRM using one of this vendor,         
    there is no proposal about the Ordering Address, only way is insert          
    manually in the Partners TAB in Header (but no search help is provided,      
    all the vendor are shown).                                                   
    In SRM we do not have the option of selecting the Invoicing party or      
    Ordering address for a Purchase Order. This works only in R/3.                                                                               
    So the idea of maintaning the invoicing parties relationship for a        
    vendor does not have a neccessity.In SRM each of these Invocing parties   
    are replicated as BP and you can select the respective BP in the PO       
    depending on your preference for the invoicing party.      
    Hope this helps,
    Kind Regards,

  • Partner Functions in SRM 4.0

    Hello All
    Is it Possible to have Partner functions implemented in SRM 4.0 ( EBP 5.0).
    We are using Extended classic scenario.
    Currently The Invoicing Parties are not being Replicated to SRM.
    When the Vendor presents invoice, the Remit to Address is usually different.
    So the A/P processor has to search with the address and Vendor Name,
    to find the correct Invoicing Party.
    Also Is there any change in ECC side, which can help the A/P processor to find the Invoicing Party with Ease.
    Any configuration in ECC, which can make this happen?

    Hello All
    I went through a document by Kathirvel Balakrishnan posted in SDN articles, which provides step by step process
    for setting up vendor defined partner functions in SRM 5.5.
    I checked in our system that , some of the config steps mentioned in that document were not available.
    For e.g. "Define Partner Schema' was missing in our system.
    Hence we cannot carry out those settings.
    Even if we could, the sourcing cockpit in SRM doesn't provide the functionality to change the PO details except for a few basic things like Vendor, Price etc.
    I am looking for a definitive answer, whether partners can be implemented and sent thru SRM documents in extended classic scenario in SRM 4.0

  • Partner function in vendor account to pay two vendors(payee)

    We have a Purchase vendor against whom we raise the invoice .However payment has to be made 50% to this vendor andanother 50% of the same invoice amount to another vendor.
    Is it possible in partner function that we could have to payee vendors.How to make config for this or is there any other alternative.
    Please advice.

    Partner functionality does suppport the rquirement given.

  • SUS: Vendor not created in SRM with partner function 19

    I am using SRM 5.0 MM-SUS scenario. The issue is related to vendor migration from ERP and updation in SRM.
    When i migrate a vendor with account group VEND from ERP then in SRM the vendor is properly created and a corresponding entry is updated in table CRMD_PARTNER. The vendor is alotted partner function 19.
    However when i migrate a vendor with acount group VEIN from ERP the in SRM vendor is getting created and is updated in vendor organisation but its entry in table CRMD_PARTNER is missing.
    Does this mean that only account group VEND is considered as vendor in SRM and thus assigned partner function 19 and gets a entry in mentioned table.
    Request your inputs.

    Vendor data is maintained in table CRMD_PARTNER only when transactional documents exist for the vendor.

  • SRM partner function proposal and determination

    Hi experts,
                      This might be a basic question, i wish to know where and how different partner functions in SRM are proposed?
    For example,
    When I create a shopping cart with one item,  5 partner function at item 1 are created (which are 19,16,20,75,27). I understand that fct: 20 (Goods recipient) is always the requestor, but how do system determines fct: 27 (Shiip-to-adress)?
    Is it derived from company code, produc category etc.
    Where is the logic written to propose this automatically by SRM system?I presume it is coming from ECC backend, but would like to know how?
    Amit kumar Jain

    Hi Amit,
    Partner Function 16 corresponds to requestor who is the SC creator
    Partner Function 20 corresponds to goods recepient who is the SC creator again since he will confirm the goods
    Partner Function 75 corresponds to plant under which the SC is requested. This is picked from BBP_LOCMAP table once you have replicated your plants from ECC as locations in SRM)
    Partner Function 19 corresponds to supplier who is assigned in the SC
    Partner Function 27 corresponds to delivery address which is picked from org structure attribute SHIP-TO-Address.
    Hope this helps,

  • Partner function config for PO in SRM 4.0

    Can you please let me know the steps for hiding partners "service agent", "Delivery Point" and "Goods Recipient" in the PO header->basic data->partner overview section. in SRM 4.0
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Vineela,
    There are generally three ways of hiding standard fields in the SRM:
    1. Using BBP_UI_CONTROL_BADI ( but in your case i am not very sure whether it will work as the fields to be hidden are on the partner screen).
    2. Using screen variant. transcation SHD0. In this transaction you can check whether screen variant exists for that particular partner screen. If it is there then you can copy that screen variant to a custom screen variant and after checking the fields to be hidden you can call thecustom screen variant using the BBP_SCREENVARIANT BAdI.
    3. The last option is to go for the HTML changes. But this is not considered as standard practice.
    The fields that you want to hide are on the following screen:
    Internet Service: BBPPARTNER
    Screen: 1000


    hi experts ,
    iam using lsmw, batch/direct input method using object "0050", method "0000", program name "RFBIDE00". iam sucessfully able to map field values for the mandatory fields for transaction"xd01", but while executing the session, in the last screen the system ask's me for the partner function values, iam unable to assign/map values to the partner function from the flat file....
    pls help me out on resolving the issue ...
    Valuable answers will be rewarded.......

    Hi James,
    Did you map the partner functions like sold to party(SP), Ship to party(SH), Bill to party(BP) and payee(PY) functions on your sheet. If so, what is the error msg u r getting??


    I want to add more partner functions to customer master through lsmw in change mode. I developed a LSMW for this using transaction code XD02 with recording of partner function screen only. when i run the batch input session, it shows all the records processed sucessfully. But actually it does not add any record to partner functions. Can you help pls as how to add more partner functions to customer master in change mode using LSMW
    thanks in advance
    Best Regards,

    Hi James,
    Did you map the partner functions like sold to party(SP), Ship to party(SH), Bill to party(BP) and payee(PY) functions on your sheet. If so, what is the error msg u r getting??

  • Use of business partner functionality in combination with dual control

    Is there a generally agreed upon procedure to use the business partner functionality in combination with dual control? The problem is that when you block a business partner, the customer/ vendor master data aren't blocked automatically. You can then still use them in transactions, which leads to problems.
    So is there a way to make this work or a procedure to do this?
    Niels Vanwingh

    Thanks Masa,
    I did notice the 'Add external supplier from' in create supplier or bidder option. However there is a small catch and your experience may help.
    Let me explain the requirement and scenario here in SRM 7.
    We are implementing the Registration of Supplier scenario; both ROS and SRM are in same client. When a potential supplier registers themselves in the registration system, a BP number is created (an Internal number range is defined for this). After accepting the potential supplier in pre-select screen the purchaser has two options to transfer the potential supplier from the ROS system to SRM
    Option 1: He can select the accepted potential supplier from the supplier directory option and transfer the business partner to SRM. In this case the business partner number of the potential supplier is retained in SRM and a business partner with supplier and bidder tag is created. However the purchaser does not have any option to select which type of business partner he would like to create like supplier or bidder.
    Option 2: Purchase can go to create supplier or bidder option and choose the u2018Add external supplier formu2019 from the ROS system and create the business partner. The ROS business partner details are copied to the create supplier screen, but the purchaser have to provide an external business partner number for the supplier. This is because we have defined external number range for business partner for the vendors that are replicated from ERP to SRM.
    Objective is the ROS business partner should be retained in SRM with option to create as supplier and bidder and then manually create ERP supplier with same SRM BP number and map against SRM supplier.
    Is there any way we can achieve this?
    In SRM 5.5 with Manage business partner functionality we could achieve as system give us the option which business partner type we would like to create as well as retains the ROS BP number in SRM.

  • Classic Scenario PO has multiple OA Partner Functions for Vendor

    I have a 'design' issue. My R/3 Vendor has many OA Partner Functions for the different Branches they have and the PO needs to be Faxed to the OA Partner Function number, but the PO needs to be created against the VN Partner Function.
    So, how do i do this in SRM? I was going to have a seperate Catalog link for each OA Partner function, but this is not creating the R/3 PO with VN Partner Function of the 'core' Vendor number.
    Does anyone have any advice for this?
    regards Adam
    Using SRM 5.0 (Server 5.5) SP 8 and R/3 4.6C in Classic Scenario - my catalogs are external vendor.

    Please see these links, which might help ->
    Partner function missing in backend PO
    Re: Error in transmission while PO cration
    "Multiple" partner data at PO header
    Partner functions in plan driven MM-SUS
    Re: Partner function not found
    Number range for business partner
    Re: Problem with BP. Assignment: Business partner person to user not unique
    Error in creation of Employee for Business Partner
    Re: enter exactly one partner of type vendor
    Re: Business partner as Vendor and Invoicing Party
    Partner functions in EBP for extended Classic Scenario
    - Atul

  • Vendor Master Partner Function

    Vendor Master Partner Function - Alternate/Permitted payee configuration pls tell me configuration

    For Creating Vendor master, refer to SAP Best pratices
    For Vendor Master Partner Function
    For Permitted Payee in Vendor Master, refer to
    vendor permitted as payee
    For Alternate Payee in Vendor Master
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assign points if useful.
    Sridhar M

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