PDF Not Displayed After Parameter Form Submitted

We are moving a Forms6i application to web deployed Forms10g. Reports with parameter forms are being called using web.show_document(...) with the oracle.reports.utility.FrmReportsInteg JavaBean to hide database login credentials, as described in the Forms/Reports integration white papers.
On our development server this process works as expected: the form displays a new browser window containing the parameter form with URL http://server/reports/rwservlet?userid=&report=report&desformat=pdf&destype=cache&paramform=yes, the parameter form is submitted, and the report output is displayed as a PDF embedded in the new browser window.
However, on our customer's test server, after the parameter form is submitted, the Oracle Reports OracleAS Reports Services - Servlet Command Help page is displayed. Executing the rwservlet/showjobs command shows the job as being successfully completed. Clicking on the Job Name link redisplays the parameter form, and submitting this returns to the Oracle Reports OracleAS Reports Services - Servlet Command Help page.
I have not been able to trace any other posts describing the same behavior on Metalink or OTN. Has anyone else seen this?
Development server is OracleAS 10g ( on Red Hat Linux, customer server is OracleAS 10g ( on Solaris.
Anyone explain this difference between the two servers?

wonder if your problem is the host.domain name?
It has to be the same name as the "host:" name that was entered in the "Register with Oracle Internet Directory" screen - while installing AS. Reason is that: when the .html is running, it has no connections to the AS, OID, SSO or anything else - it runs independentally. For it to go back into the oracle 'system', the full host.domain name is needed. So, if when the AS was installed, the "fully qualifed" domain name was not given, you may have problems and could need to reinstall AS again. (speaking from sad experience :) )

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  • Forms not displaying after ATG 7 patch

    Forms not displaying after ATG 7 patch., 11i Linux OS.

    AFAIK no, i also cant see this info at below doc
    About Oracle Applications Technology 11i.ATG_PF.H.delta.7 (RUP 7) [ID 783600.1]
    Please check upper note below part and be sure you have all those steps on your issue:
    -Known Issues
    -Instructions for Applying Oracle Applications Technology Update for 11i.ATG_PF.H.delta.7
    -Implementation and User Documentation

  • Calling report from form and after parameter form trigger

    Hi, I've also posted to this to the reports forum but because it works from Reports Builder it may be a forms issue which is why I'm x-posting. Apologies.
    I have a report that creates a file, desname is set in the after parameter form trigger (it uses one of the parameter values).
    The problem is file is not created using the path and filename set in the trigger, the file is created in the bin folder with the name account_by_service_type.txt (account_by_service_type.rdf is the report definition).
    If the desname is set in the before parameter form AND a field with the source=desname is added to the parameter form then the file will be created with the correct path and name however it won't have the relevant parameter incorporated into the file name obviously.
    I've noticed in other reports that where the desname is being set in the after parameter form that I've had to pass the desname from the form but obviously I cannot do that here either.
    Am I missing something obvious?

    Hi Frank,
    It's WebForms. Below is the code:
    -- call from menu item
    -- run_report_0bject procedure
    PROCEDURE run_report_object_proc (p_screen IN BOOLEAN,
                        p_report_filename IN VARCHAR2,
                        p_desname IN VARCHAR2,
                        p_destype IN NUMBER,
                        p_desformat IN VARCHAR2,
                        p_paramform IN VARCHAR2)IS
    v_report_id     report_object;
    v_report     varchar2(100);
    v_job_id     varchar2(100);
    v_url          varchar2(1000);
    rep_status     varchar2(20);
    hidden_action     VARCHAR2(2000)     :='';
    v_report_id := find_report_object( 'report2');
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&report='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report_id, REPORT_FILENAME);
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&destype='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report_id, REPORT_DESTYPE);
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&desformat='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report_id, REPORT_DESFORMAT);
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&userid='||GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY(username)||'/'||GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY(password)||'@'||GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY(connect_string);
    if p_desname is not null then
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&'||p_paramform||'&desname='||p_desname;
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&'||p_paramform;
    end if;
    hidden_action := '/reports/rwservlet?_hidden_server=rserv1'||hidden_action;
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report_id, REPORT_OTHER, 'pfaction='||hidden_action||' '||p_paramform);
    -- SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report_id, REPORT_OTHER, 'paramform=no');
    v_report := run_report_object( v_report_id);
    IF p_screen THEN
         v_job_id := substr(v_report,instr(v_report,'_',-1)+1);
    while rep_status in ('RUNNING', 'OPENING_REPORT', 'ENQUEUED')
    end loop;
    if rep_status='FINISHED' THEN
         v_url := '/reports/rwservlet/getjobid'||v_job_id||'?server=rserv1';
         message(rep_status||' error running report');
    end if;     
    end if;
    -- report after parameter form trigger
    function AfterPForm return boolean is
    :desname := 'c:\service_type_'||:p_service_type||'_'||to_char(sysdate,'DDMMYYYY')||'.xls';
    return (TRUE);

  • Images are not displaying in the forms run time.

    Hello All,
    I am using forms and database 11g in the windows XP platform.
    I am not able to see the images in the buttons at the run time. I have done the following setup for the same but still I am not able to display images in the buttons. I have gone through all the previous threads for the same. Can any body suggest where I am doing the wrong?
    1) Created one JAR file with the below command putting all the gif files in a folder (All the GIF files are in lower case). Kept this jar file in the forms/java folder. (When I am extracting the JAR file getting all the gif files and one more folder META-INF).
    jar cvf icon.jar *.gif
    2) Modified the formsweb.cfg file as follows.
    3) In the buttons property Iconic = Yes and Iconicfile name = icon_print (gif file name).
    4) Modified the Registry.dat file in the path "forms\java\oracle\forms\registry\Registry.dat" as follows.
    Start the OC4J instance, and run the application, but still not able to see the images in the buttons. After I modified the regedit file I am able to see the images in the design time but not in the run time.
    Any thing more needed to do the same. All the suggestions are welcome.
    Edited by: User [email protected] on Nov 23, 2009 11:25 AM

    Create a virtual directory icons in your /forms/server/forms.conf file
    In the registry.dat file change
    Re: icons not displaying in oracle forms.
    Re: Icon deploy issue in 10g forms
    Re: cannot show icon images
    Re: Step by step creation of iconic buttons

  • How do you display a parameter form built from a report?

    Does anyone know how to display the parameter form from building a customized report, as a portlet on a page? Everytime I try, I get the report, which will return no records because it does not first ask for the query parameters.

    You don;t select Run to Run the report with
    parameters - you select the Customize option.
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sarah Lo ([email protected]):
    Does anyone know how to display the parameter form from building a customized report, as a portlet on a page? Everytime I try, I get the report, which will return no records because it does not first ask for the query parameters.

  • Want to Create View as per Condition Fires After Parameter Form.

    Hi ..
    I want to create a report from a view,and that view would create after parameter form of that
    I want to select max(sal) of each Dept.where employee hired between 1-jan-2007 and 31-jul-2007'
    I want when i Passes dates in Parameter FOrm
    a view i.e select empno,deptno,sal, from emp created.
    that means that view contains only data about that certain period
    SO in Report Query i can write
    select deptno,max(sal) from vw_employee
    group by deptno.
    This is just an example....my real problem is very hard and only can be done by doing create a view as per given dates in Report Parameter Form.
    Waiting for Reply
    Danish Hayder

    Wrong ideea.
    You should have the parameters in the report's query:
    select empno,deptno,sal, from emp where hired between :p_start_date and :p_end_date
    Why do you want to create a view in the report, seeing that it's best to use parameters.
    Moreover, think that the oracle user running the report would have to have the priviledges to create views, which may not be good security policy.
    Still, if you insist on creating the view when running the report, then you'd better create the view from a stored procedure, that would receive as parameter the SQL select for creating the view.
    So, you'd have the stored procedure:
    proc_view(p_select in varchar2, p_view_name in varchar2) is
    execute immediate 'create or replace view '||p)view_name||' as '||p_select;
    You then would compose the select in the afterpform trigger and call the proc_view procedure.
    Note that I did not allow proc_view to execute immediate any SQL one would pass, for that would be really dangerous. What if one would pass to the procedure executing dynamic SQL the following: 'drop table my_table cascade constraints'?

  • Not getting Reports Parameter Form in web-forms environ

    I am not able to get a report parameter form to appear for a
    report called from forms via a 'run_product' command. It works
    fine in client/server mode. In web-forms the report just goes
    ahead and runs without the needed parameters. I have tried
    explicitly passing a parameter list with the 'paramform' set to
    'yes' and this did nothing. I have this on a NT box with latest
    Dev2 patches applied.
    1. Is the reports parameter form supposed to work in web-forms
    2. How do you set it up to work, if it is supposed to work?
    Thanks for any replies.

    I guess you have to use web.show_document - I found this article
    on DevConnect:
    Article-ID: <Note:68647.1>
    Circulation: PUBLISHED (EXTERNAL)
    Platform: GENERIC Generic issue
    Subject: How to show Reports HTML PARAMFORM when
    calling Reports
    from Forms
    Modified-Date: 09-AUG-1999 18:02:04
    Document-Type: BULLETIN
    Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN
    Impact: MEDIUM
    Component: SQLREP
    This bulletin explains how to overcome the current restriction
    of calling an Oracle Report from Oracle Forms and showing a
    PARAMETER FORM. This is currently not possible when using the
    RUN_PRODUCT built-in with
    When you call an Oracle Report from Oracle Forms using
    RUN_PRODUCT in Client-server, you can specify an optional
    parameter called PARAMFORM to display the parameter form defined
    in the Oracle Report.
    For web-deployed applications, the PARAMFORM parameter can be
    set to HTML to produce a HTML version of the parameter form.
    When calling Oracle Reports from an Oracle Form using
    RUN_PRODUCT and specifying PARAMFORM=HTML in the parameter list,
    the Oracle Reports parameter form doesn't show the in the client
    browser. If the Oracle Reports Cartridge/CGI is used and
    PARAMFORM=HTML is specified, then the Oracle Reports parameter
    form does appear in the client browser.
    Oracle Forms does not use either the Cartridge or the CGI with
    RUN_PRODUCT, and it's these thin clients that produce the HTML
    Oracle Reports parameter form.
    As a workaround to this problem, you can use either the
    Cartridge or the CGI with the WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT Oracle Forms
    builtin. This does require either the Oracle Reports Cartrige
    or the CGI to be installed. Neither of these are necessary if
    the parameter form isn't required.
    The following items need to be installed:
    1. Oracle Reports Multi-tier Server.
    2. Oracle Reports Web Cartridge
    Oracle Reports Web CGI.
    Here is a typical URL that can be specified in a browser
    to run a report using Oracle Reports Cartridge implementation:
    destype=cache+desformat=html+userid=scott/[email protected]+paramform=ht
    For CGI implementation:
    userid=scott/[email protected]=html
    The Oracle Reports parameter form now is shown. This can be
    used with WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT issuing the request to execute the
    report to the Oracle Reports Multi-Tier Server instead of using
    The following code may be added to a program unit, which then
    issues the request to run the report:
    IF get_application_property(user_interface) = 'WEB' then
    /* Use Cartridge configuration with WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT. */
    userid=scott/[email protected]=html', '_self');
    /* OR for CGI configuration. */
    userid=scott/[email protected]=html', '_self');
    /* use RUN_PRODUCT for client-server with PARAMFORM=Yes. */
    Add_Parameter(plid, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'YES');
    Developer/2000: Guidelines for Building Applications, Deploying
    Applications on the Web (for detailed instructions on setting up
    the Oracle Reports Cartridge and CGI)
    Laura (guest) wrote:
    : I am having the same problem with Dev 6 on NT. The parameter
    : screen for reports works in client/server but not web using
    : product. I am getting error REP-0788: Warning the value of
    : restricted LOV parameter is not among the selectable values.
    : Any reports without a parameter screen work fine with run-
    : product.
    : Any help would be appreciated.

  • Using ref cursor in after parameter form in reports

    hi everyone,
    I have problem in usage of ref cursor in after parameter form. My actual requirement is I have user parameter :p_minval, :p_maxval. The values into these user parameters will be coming dynamically using sql_statement as shown below
    select min(empid),max(empid) into :p_minval, :p_maxval from emp where empid in (:p_emp);
    I will be writing this query in the after parameter form
    :p_emp is a lexical parameter as per me but the after parameter form is taking it as a bind variable. so I decided to define a ref cursor and then use it for retrieve. But when I use ref cursor it is returning pl/sql error 591 saying that this is not supported by client side can anyone help me plz..
    The following is the code i tried to use in after parameter form
    function afterPform return boolean is
    type rc is ref cursor;
    l_rc rc;
    sqlstmt varchar2(512);
    sqlstmt:='select min(empid),max(empid) from emp where empid in ('||:p_emp||')';
    open l_rc for
    select max(empid) from emp where empid in ('||:p_emp||')';
    fetch l_rc into :p_maxval;
    close l_rc;
    thanks & regards

    I ran into the same problem. any body knows why?

  • Difference between After parameter Form Trigger and before Report Trigger

    Can some one tell me difference between After parameter form Trigger and Before parameter trigger.
    Why do we need both these trigger , why can't we use any one of them because after parameter trigger will obviously fire before report trigger and similarly before report trigger will fire after parameter form.

    i will make it clear..!
    Actually, we have four type of triggers in reports..!
    Before Parameter -- fires before params are suppied to the calling report..
    After Parameter -- fires after params are suppied to the calling report..
    Before Report -- fires before report is generated..
    After Report. -- fires after report is generated..
    Before Report and After Report triggers are used for formatting the report design..
    like u can specify a report to be displayed based on a condition in the Before
    Report trigger and u can specify some backend updations in the after report trigger
    which fires after report is generated..

  • After Parameter Form Problem

    I'm trying to allow a user to select either 1 or 2 from a drop down list along with either C or D
    from another drop down list. '1' can have version C or D and '2' can also have version C or D. I need to change headings based on
    the selection. It also needs to default at 1 - Version C. The list of values for 1 and 2 are found by a select statement and C and D are static variables.
    Heres what i have:
    --After Parameter Form
    if :p_id = '1' and :p_version = 'C' then
    :p_title := '1 - Version C';
    :p_title := '1 -Version D';
    end if;
    if :p_id '2' and :p_version = 'C' then
         :p_title := '2 - Version C';
         :p_title := '2 - Version D';
    --Main Query (Two queries- version C and version D)
    where x.id = :p_id
    where :p_version = 'C'
    where :p_version = 'D'
    --L.O.V. for 1 & 2
    *hide first col
    select x.id
    from store x

    So what is the problem now? Or what is the problem you are facing?
    Anyway the code is AfterParameterForm is not fine enough in my eyes..it can be...
    :p_title:=:p_id||' - Version '||:p_version;-Ammad

  • After Parameter Form issue - Oracle Reports 10g

    Hi All,
    I have compiled an .rdf report to an .rep file and when
    I run this file I get the "REP-1247: Report contains uncompiled PL/SQL" message.
    The issue is I have built the report with dynamic XML customizations in the after parameter form trigger. When I remove this piece of code from the trigger both files .rdf and .rep works fine.
    Notice that the .rdf file works fine with the after parameter form XML customization.
    Please, can enyone advice me how can I have a .rep file that contains dynamic XML customization (using the srw.add_definition).
    Thank you in advance.

    In Your code there is a line:
    which actually disables the report parameter form.
    The line:
    WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT ('/reports/rwservlet/getjobid'|| vjob_id||
    bedman/[email protected]'||'&paramform=yes','_blank');
    displays the report to which vjob_id refers. At this point the report is competed so the parameters userid and paramform are useless.
    Hope this helps.
    Bekcic Aleksandar

  • Report Builder 6i returns ORA-01483 in after parameter form trigger ?

    Can anybody help me ?
    I've been working on a report with report builder,
    and whenever i run the report the after parameter form trigger
    returns REP-1401 and following ORA-01483.
    I've been trying to change the values of some user parameters
    from within the trigger code, none of them is a date or a number
    parameter, these are character variables who would be referenced
    lexically to change a table name dynamically when the trigger
    fires. Aditionally I'm using a cursor to obtain data and then
    modify the parameters.
    How can i get this thing to work ?
    Thanks in advance for your reply...

    this might be related to the usage of number(1) as type/length
    of your parameter. this is a known problem. it should be solved
    by using e.g. number(2) as the type/length of your parameter.
    the oracle reports team --pw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Calling a report from another report in after parameter form

    I'm calling Emp.rdf report with deptno as parameter and if the parameter is '10' then i have to call dept.rdf
    function AfterPForm return boolean is
    if :p_deptno =10 then
         srw.run_report('report=c:\reports\dept.rdf destype=screen p_deptno='||:p_deptno);
         end if;
    return (TRUE);
    But, now i'm getting an error as
    REP-1428: afterpform': Error while running SRW.RUN_REPORT
    Could you please help on this. thanks Bcj

    Hi , I have tried destype=file , didn't work for me. same time i tried with background=yes , that time report crashed.
    Actualy what i'm trying to do is,
    whenever the main report received an incorrect user input , i have to run a different report based on that particular input value and to show the users the actual input values.
    so the coding would be like this in the after parameter form,
    IF :P_ID between 1000 and 5000 then
    --here i'm only changing the paramter value ,
    --here i'm calling the new report
    srw.run_report('report=c:\reports\emp.rdf batch=yes destype=file desname c:\reports\id.txt background=yes p_new_id='|| :p_id);
    Any help....

  • Difference between AFTER PARAMETER FORM and BEFORE REPORT in Reports 6i

    Hi Aii,
    What is the difference between AFTER PARAMETER FORM and BEFORE REPORT in Reports 6i.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Balu.,
    As per my findings the After Parameter is fired after the Parameters are given to the report and Before Report fires when the queries are parsed and data is fetched.
    Vijay G

  • Oem web page will not display after O/S dst patch

    The Grid web page will not display after we DST patch for the o/s.
    All below start fine without any errors:
    emctl start oms
    emctl start iasconsole
    opmnctl startall
    emctl start agent
    The Grid web page is not displaying. What might happened after the o/s dst patch that might cause this? Our GRID is 10204 with a 10104 repository. The 10104 has not yet been dst patch.
    What logs should I be looking at to figure why the web page is not displaying? Thank you.

    Provide the output of these comands:
    $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl status oms
    $OMS_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl status
    $AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl status agent
    $DATABASE_HOME/bin/sqlplus "/ as sysdba" << EOF
    $DATABASE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl status LISTENER_NAME

Maybe you are looking for

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