Please help RE retrieval/transfer of imac hard drive to imac Part 2

Absolutely any assistance would be gratefully appreciated thank you. I am computer illiterate and I need assistance retrieving data from a imac hard drive (rest of computer isn't working) to a newer imac. Previously had received help from the forum and found out I needed an external casing (thank you again to all those that helped), but no shops near me sell them, sales person told me Sata HDD Docking (OTB) would be able to do a similar thing. I really suck with technology, so I humbly ask if any patient persons more intelligent than me could help me with some basic questions to help me retrieve/transfer data. Let me know if I need to give details. Any links to guides or tutorials welcome as well, but I tend to second guess myself and fail at basic terms often, there are probably 6 year olds with better computer skills and knowledge than me, so yeah, pity welcome, help even more so. Oh first question am I still suppose to use Migration Assistent or do I just turn on computer with old HD in dock connected?

Okay, I apologize for throwing you the following curveball - it appears the shop assistent I was talking to may not have been as knowledgeable as I had hoped, because I don't think my imac is compatible with USB 3.0? I tried putting it into the dock but nothing happened - it gave me four options, transfer from another Mac, transfer from a PC, transfer from a Time Machine (and something else) and forth option was not to transfer now.
I attempted to transfer from Mac and Time Machine options, but with both the loading dial spun for 10 mins with each with no change. So I decided to try and set up the computer anyway. The internet set up part came up but at the time I didn't know how to set it up, and now with retrospect I assume I have to set that up before I "register this computer" as no hard drive is showing onmy computer at the moment? Sorry for the sudden and strange switch in problems but now that I have set up the internet - could you or anyone else please tell me how I can register the computer details (or why the hard drive icon is not appearing assuming those things are connected - when I did fill those details out before it told me it couldn't send them now and would have to be done later?)
Sorry for being so clueless - any help appreciated.
I am looking up my imacs specs now to see if it actually can access this dock. (thank you once again)  

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  • PLEASE HELP .... Tosiba hard drive problem or dead ???

    Hi ... I never had a hard drive die before.  So I am not sure how this would occur.  Not sure if I purchase a new Toshiba hard drive would solved the problems I am coming across.
    I am using a Toshiba MX4019GAX 40GB h/d for my notebook for about 5 1/2 years.
    Error Message#1: 
     Intel(R) Boot Agent FE v4.1.09
       (c) 1997-2002, Intel Corporation
       Intel Base-Code, PXE-2.1 (build083)
       (c) 1997-2002, Intel Corporation
       PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
       PXE-M0F: Existing Intel Boot Agent
       Operating System Not Found
    This is partially solved.  But comes back after a couple of crashes and sometime when I turn on the notebook. 
    After selecting F10 for BIOS boot setup, hard drive is listed as first selection.  The "Primary Master" shows "none" every now and then.  Sometimes it will pick up and list the Toshiba hard drive.  I did see the Toshiba drive listed with garbage (!!!! after Toshiba MX4019GAX) a couple of times.  Already opened the HDD drive bay and checked connections/tighten cable.  Looks okay to me.
    Problem #2:  Notebook crashes while I'm on the internet.
    Error:  States a serious error has occurred and the system will shutdown
    to prevent serious damage (the dreaded blue screen).
    After restarting the notebook.  I get ..... Cannot find file .... c:/windows/system32/config ....
    So I reinstalled the prepackaged windows xp os through setup along with drivers and application programs.  It worked for a while and then crashes again.  I reinstalled again, then I get the error ....
    Error:  Faulty driver discovered by plug and play.
    Blue Screen tech info: Setup: 0x000000CA (0x00000001, 0x812c5B10, 0x812c5E30, 0,x000000000)
    Now I cannot even get to windows.  I also disable plug and play through the BIOS
    setup.  I still cannot get to windows.
    Problem#4  While going through Windows setup ........
    Error:  Windows XP require a hard drive volume with at least 492 megabytes of free space ....... Setup was unable to locate such a drive with the required amount of free space.
    I just get a blinking cursor on a black screen now.
    I did not hear any rattling or loud noises like most users do. 
    Question #1:  How do users usually know a hard drive is dead?
    Question #2:  What occurances tells a user that a hard drive needs to be replaced (what do the see happen on the screen)?
    Question #3:  Are users coming across the same problems I am having (are these the signs)?
    Question #4:  Checking the C:\ with DOS .... why don't the full 40GB show.  Only see a 100,000+ bytes listed.
    Please advise.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Everything you are seeing is indicative of a failing hard drive.  Ensure that you have backups of any critical data immediately before it fails completely.  Then replace the drive.

  • Please Help - Can't send to External Hard Drive

    I am in the project manager - I am copying and sending to new location - E Drive, external hard drive.
    But, when I try it stops and says this:
    "There was a problem... please make sure you have enough disk space..."dude, i got 500gigs and the project is 13 gigs (so that's not the problem) ... then it says: "make sure you have the correct user privileges to complete the operation."
    This is my software, my license, my computer, and my project. of course I have user privileges.
    Please help...

    There's a chance that nothing's wrong with your drive, and that it's one particular piece of media in your timeline that's choking the project trimmer & causing it to abort with a generic error.
    I'm guessing that you're probably cutting an hour-long DV project. Are any of your clips not DV? Anything ripped from a DVD, perhaps? If you suspect certain clips are tripping you up, try removing them temporarily (make a backup of your master project file, just in case!) & try the trimmer again.
    If you can't make an educated guess, you can fall back on this method: make a copy of your project. Delete half of the timeline; trim again. Does it fail? If so, split the remainder in two, trim again. Keep going until it doesn't fail anymore. In this manner, you'll be able to narrow down what clip(s) is giving you trouble.
    If you do pinpoint a particular clip that won't trim, please let me know what it is. I'd like to take a look...

  • My PC won't find my airport extreme.  Please help so I can access external hard drive and printers and internet.

    airport extreme (newest version)  has external HD connected and two printers.  everything works fine from my MBP.  My PC on the other hand wont even access the internet while connected to airport via ethernet.  Please help me.

    Sorry I don't really understand.... there are no partitions on the drive.  How do I repartition it?
    And should I use "erasing free space" or "erase" for wiping clean my drive of everything?  Erase seems to be faster last tiem I tried.

  • I am getting ERROR -50 when trying to export my 3 minute video. PLEASE HELP!  I have 11G on hard drive, but comp seems to run slow on start up.... can I export or copy it in some other fashion?  Desperately need help.  THANK YOU!

    Oops, Looks like I said most of what I wanted to in my title. Sorry ppl, my first time here.
    So, my vid won't export.  And I need it soon.  I'm kind of in a panic.  First time I've had this problem.  The music from iTunes also aliases at times, but I can get it to play without that problem on occasion.  (What causes that?  That does happen with frequency, but then goes away at times.)
    BUT, is there ANY WAY TO EXPORT or move a copy of the video somewhere else?  (How, if so?) 
    And what does ERROR -50 mean?
    Also, please know I am fairly computer illiterate, so if one could speak in the simplest terms possible, I would really dig that.

    This is an easy Q: to set - but there is no simple and plain answer only a lot of more or less plausibly suggestions.
    Error -50 = paramErr  Error in user parameter list
    Can there be any external hard disks - if so How is/are it/they formatted ?
    If so it Must be Mac OS Extended (hfs) if used for Video.
    UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange - works for most but not for VIDEO.
    What this means in Your situation is above me.
    • free space on internal boot hard disk 11Gb is on the limit to work when You select Export and might be it.
    Video used - there are several video formats/codecs and iMovie can not use all of them, they evolve to fast.
    • So try to find out by opening a raw video in QuickTime-player and then open Inspector (cmd+I) and read
    Video Format/Codec: nnnnnnnn
    What does it read ?
    • in what format ? .jpg, .bmp, .tif, else ?
    • from where/what format ? iTunes, .avi, .mp3, .aiff, else ?
    I convert all audio to .aiff - in iTunes I burn out as an Audio-CD .aiff (not .mp3) and use the files on this in my movie projects.
    Some times it's needed to trash the "" file in You USER-Library/Preferences (not Library on Root level (when opening Macintosh HD) - but the one in Your home folder.
    Many users has not observed that there are TWO libraries.
    • Library - at root level
    • Library - in user/account folder - THIS IS THE ONE to look into
    from Luke Burns
    I fixed the problem.. but it was very, very strange. I had a very long section for credits and set the line spacing to 1.0.. for some reason this caused it. I removed it, and it worked fine. I put it back, and I couldn't preview or play the video.
    I don't know why that could cause that big of a problem, but it did..
    Yours Bengt W

  • Please HELP!!  Brand New iMac- Won't turn on!!!!!

    Someone please help!!
    I JUST purchased a brand new iMac today, no more than 4 hours ago! I brought it home and followed the set up instructions and pressed the "power" button.
    The fan comes on- it sounds weak to me, then it slows down, the little white light at the botton right hand side comes on, but the screen remains BLACK!!! Nothing comes on my screen!!
    I am NEW to Apple, so I am CLUELESS as to why this is happening or what is going on- not to mention EXTREMELY AGGRAVATED that I cannot find any tech support AT ALL- not on the phone, not on chat, not anywhere!!! I have waited almost 2 yrs to purchase a new computer- I chose an iMac, and this is the crap I get.
    Please help!!!!
    iMac 17inch   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   New

    Having suffered my share of 'difficult' products, I can understand your frustration. This is compounded by the financial restraint you exhibited for 2 years of saving. Your experience should not just be good, it should be exceptional.
    There may be something wrong with your machine. The white light is on when the machine is booting or the display is sleeping. The light will softly flash on and off while the machine is sleeping.
    The fan should be as quiet as possible, to the point of being a low rumble/whisper or not even heard. It sounds like your computer is stuck in a startup mode.
    Calling Apple will get this issue resolved to your satisfaction in a timely manner. If you state the issues they should be more than helpful. You can try a few things for now.
    Press and hold the power button on your machine for a while and see if it reboots.
    If you look on this page:
    You will notice the instructions for zapping the pram (keys held down when you press the power button and held continuously) : Press Option-Command-P-R until you hear two beeps (release)
    Try that next. Your machine should be restarting when you toggle the power button.
    Another quick thing you may want to try is shutting down the machine, unplugging everything (every cable including the power cable), waiting about 2 minutes, then plugging in just the keyboard and mouse and starting the machine with the power button.
    Good Luck,

  • Please help me retrieve my security questions answer. I forgot my security questions answer.

    Please help me retrieve my security questions answer. I forgot my security questions answer.

    If you have a rescue email address (which is not the same thing as an alternate email address) set up on your account then you can go to and click 'Manage your Apple ID' on the right-hand side of that page and log into your account. Then click on 'Password and Security' on the left-hand side of that page and on the right-hand side you should see an option to send security question reset info to your rescue email address.
    If you don't have a rescue email address (you won't be able to add one until you can answer 2 of your questions) then see if this user tip helps :
    e.g. you can try contacting iTunes Support : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Account Management , and then try Apple ID Account Security
    or try ringing Apple in your country and ask to talk to the Accounts Security Team :
    When they've been reset, and if you don't already have a rescue email address,  you can then use the steps half-way down this page to add a rescue email address for potential future use :

  • I deleted the mail app and now could not reinstall. Mail repeatedly quits. Please help reinstall mail app on imac. Thanks.

    I deleted the mail app and now could not reinstall. Mail repeatedly quits. Please help reinstall mail app on imac. Thanks.

    Re-install the OS, the only sure ay to get it back working.

  • I need to transfer the old hard drive to an empty one.

    My old iMac G5 from 2004 died recently (fan burned out after wauranty expired) I would like to transfer the old hard drive into an external (empty) case and use it as an external hard drive. Can anyone reccomend a decent external case the old hard drive can be installed into that I can purchase on-line? Is it difficult to do?
    Brian in Palm Springs.

    Welcome to Discussions Brian - it's not hard to do, go to [] or [] or [, and look for enclosures there, you can Google for instructions, just make sure all the cables are properly connected and you should be fine.

  • Changed hard drive... How do I transfer from old hard drive to new hard drive

    hanged hard drive... How do I transfer from old hard drive to new hard drive.
    I have installed the new hardrive on my macbook and reinstalled the software... how do I transfer the information form the old drive to
    the new one.
    ?can I put the old drive in another macbook and connect via firewire???

    Put the old hardrive in an external hardrive this...
    .....this is just an example their are less expensive models....

  • Need help & advice RE transferring from a hard drive to a new imac.

    Hello, firstly I apologize if I am setting up this question in the incorrect location, I am technology illiterate even as far as forums. Recently my 2007 Imac stopped working, repair people removed the hard drive (I believe) from it for me as it was too expensive to fix the machine. My big worry now is hopefully files from my old computer can be transferred to a new Imac? Also if so, is it something I can be walked through, as there aren't really a lot of reliable tech repair businesses in my local area? Is there also anything I should be mindful of when purchasing a new computer? My old system was 20"Mac, 2.0GHz, 1GB, 250GB capacity, I am assuming as long as my new system has better specs a transfer would work, but I really have no clue? Is there any special equipment I would have to buy, should I be aiming to get a new computer with certain specs? (get a system with 320 GB capacity, as opposed to 250GB for example) Sorry for all the questions, more so if they should be obvious, any help much appreciated!

    Hello and thank you kindly for taking the time to offer assistence. I believe its intel based, it is this model as linked to here. m-specs.html
    Please bare with me so I can see if I have this right. Migration Assistent is an application or feature on the Imac I will be getting (will be a newer model than the one I posted above) - my newer computer would be considered the host and my older computer the target? Here is a bit I get a bit unsure. When the last repairmen gave me back my computer, they gave it back with the hard drive seperated - is that a factor or something worth mentioning? I am assuming that I need a wire of some sort or can a transfer be done wirelessly? I have tried figuring all this out and seen firewire cables mentioned a bit, but err I can't even find any sockets on the hard drive given to me by the repairmen whick makes me wonder if I am even looking for the right kind of info. Oh and I ~ to be continued ~

  • Please help with video transfer

    I just got a Canon HF200 camcorder but can't figure out how to transfer to my iMac. It came with transfer software for the PC, but nothing for Mac...ugh!. I can transfer *.mts files to my desktop, but nothing opens them.
    Can someone please help!!???

    You need to plug in your camera to wall power, not batteries. Connect via USB. Turn camera on to the correct mode for transfer to computer according to owners manual. Then start iMovie and the import screen should come up.

  • Transfer to External Hard drive gone wrong. Help!!!

    I improperly transferred my Itunes, with all my music, to my external hard drive. Not knowing that I had to consolidate my library before hand, I just moved the Itunes application and my Music folder (which contained all of my current music plus a past library from another computer) to the hard drive. When it worked just the same as the Itunes on my internal, I deleted both my original Itunes application and music folder, only to find that after they were deleted, the external Itunes no longer worked as it had before. Now I have all my music and the Itunes application on my external hard drive, and I know there must be an easier way to put them back together then replacing each file one by one. Can someone please help a serious SNAFU? Thanks, at3.

    If they're still in two folders (iTunes app and Music) on your external, can you not just copy those two back to the internal drive and expect it to work properly again? It's my understanding that music you wish to be active in iTunes must be on your internal drive.

  • How do I transfer contents of hard drive on PPC iMac G4 to a new quad-core Intel Core i5

             Although my PPC iMac G4 still works OK, I am beginning to realise the time has probably come to get a current model in order to keep up with all the advances that have happened since I bought it about 8 years ago: I will probably get the new quad-core Intel Core i5.
             As this will only be my second computer, I am wondering how I can transfer all the stuff on my hard drive onto a new computer and how easy it will be,given the apparently outdated connections on my G4 like USB 1,and possibly other things I don't know about.I am running 10.4.11.
              Any tips gratefully received.

    As Allen indicates, Setup Assistant appears automatically, since you do have firewire, the transfer should be speedy, depending on how much data are on the G4.  The firewire on your G4 is FW400, your new Mac has FW800, but you can get an inexensive adaptor that will allow the connection, since the ports are different.
    You don't need an external now, but I strongly advise getting one, with a drive as large or larger than your new Mac, you should clone/back up frequently, I use SuperDuper!  which will allow automatic backups.

  • Need help with using new ipod as hard drive. please!

    Hi. Has anyone had any problems using the ipod as a hard drive between two systems? I have an old 4th generation ipod which I used on my PC. That ipod worked great between macs and pcs as a hard drive. But recently it is completely screwed up. Anyway, I got a new Mac book pro and a 5th generation 60gb ipod.
    Now, I'm trying to get some stuff off my pc and transfer it into my mac. In my pc it comes up in "my computer" but keeps asking me to format the hard drive whenever I do the drag and drop of files into it. I've already formatted it for my mac, but haven't put anything on it yet. So I guess I could just do that for the transfer and reformat it for the mac and then put my music on it.
    I just want to know, it worked so well between mac and pc as a hard drive when originally formatted for my pc. will it not work the other way around? Will I have to keep reformatting it for the pc every time and then lose any information and all my music if I want to use it in that way? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? I would really appreciate any help at all that anyone could give me. Who really needs a 60gb anyway, if not to be able to transfer files back and forth between home and work, right?
    Dell Dimension 4400/MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   Windows XP on the PC

    Thank you for your reply. It cleared up a lot of confusion for me. But I have one more question.
    See, I looked both of those software applications up, and it seems those are to be installed on the windows operating system. My plan is to eventually stop using my PC and give it away to goodwill, however, for work purposes- which is freelance- I'd need to use the ipod as a nice small portable hard drive- I'm a photographer, and work with big files, so I need the larger space that a flash drive can't give me.
    So, is there any type of mac formatting on the ipod that can also be read by the pc? Or is there a 3rd party software that can be installed on the ipod that will enable it to be read on the pc and mac while retaining its mac formatting?
    If not I guess I'll just have to go back to the old and extremely inconvenient way of doing things. I really wish mac would have mentioned these things before in all their descriptions.

Maybe you are looking for